Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Decision

Shen Muan looked very excited. He grabbed Shen Fangqi’s arm and firmly repeated what he had just said.

He had never thought that besides Zhizhi and Chu Siyuan, there were other villains in this world. Shen Fangqi’s words just now hit him like a thunderbolt. Shen Muan started to contemplate Ruirui and Keke’s backgrounds.

If only one child appeared he wouldn’t think much of it, but with everything put together, he found that it was almost the same as the setting of the book he had read.

Based on the plot of the book, after Ruirui’s parents passed away, almost half a year later, his grandparents would also pass away one after another. Then Ruirui would be entrusted to the family of Grandpa Gu’s elder brother, but with the sudden appearance of a child, no one welcomed him.

Even if there was compensation, they treated Ruirui with contempt.

Ruirui had a very miserable time at his uncle’s house. Except for the first few days, where everything was still normal, they slowly exposed their true nature.

Scolding and abuse…

They drilled into him all the things that adults disliked about children. Ruirui was like a servant of their family, they treated him like a punching bag.

Even the youngest child of the family could command and bully him at will.

At home, they were like demons, but outside, they acted like they cared very much about Ruirui. They preached to everyone how good they were to this sudden child.

At the same time, they also quietly spread lies about Ruirui. They rumored that he had a bad temper and liked to beat people, bully children, steal things, etc. The surrounding neighbors all had a bad impression of Ruirui.

Due to Ruirui being continuously bullied by his uncle’s family, he became taciturn. In the eyes of others, this actions convinced them more to believe in the lies of the family.

Most of the people believed the lies about Ruirui. When their belongings were lost or damaged they immediately blamed Ruirui and went to look for him.

Ruirui wanted to argue and defend himself. He wanted to say he didn’t do it. But before he could speak, he would be forced to apologize by his uncle, saying that the children were ignorant. His uncle’s family didn’t care about the truth. With their lofty attitudes, they only wanted to see Ruirui make a fool of himself and be blamed.

Ruirui’s childhood was destroyed by this maliciousness little by little. The beauty at the beginning could only become good memories.

In the end, the last bit of pureness in his heart was finally destroyed by them…

A blood-stained family portrait was torn to pieces and thrown in the trash can. All the things left by his grandparents were smashed to pieces with a hammer.

At that moment, Ruirui learned of hatred.

The idea of revenge appeared in his heart.

The child who used to smile softly disappeared, and developed a malicious heart.

Ruirui continued to endure. He was not in a hurry to retaliate but instead observed all their actions very carefully.

Later on, a murder case made the headlines of numerous websites and newspapers. A family of five had died, and only their nephew survived who was still in the hospital due to injuries.

This was just the beginning of Ruirui’s path to becoming a villain.

Shen Muan remembered a reader’s comment on the book that made a big impression on him.

‘He was the kindest person in the beginning, but after all the kindness disappeared, he became one of the most evil.’

In that book, Ruirui was the most calculative villain and Keke was the opposite. She was arrogant, domineering, and acted recklessly. She grew up under the love of her father, and was a proud girl of heaven. As the story progressed, because of her feelings for the male protagonist, she began to frame and bully the female lead.

Keke thought she would win, but the male protagonist only had the female lead in his heart, so Keke was abandoned. In despair, she became Ruirui’s, right-hand woman. As the end came near, they had the opportunity to get rid of the male and female protagonists, but Keke couldn’t do it and showed mercy. This lets the male protagonist turn defeat into victory.

Finally, Ruirui killed Keke and jumped off a cliff. Whether he died or survived, this was uncertain.

In Shen Muan’s view, the beginning of all this was because of Ruirui’s experience in his uncle’s house when his grandparents died.

This was why he was so excited.

Looking into Shen Fangqi’s eyes, Shen Muan didn’t know how to explain. He thought about telling Shen Fangqi all he knew, but it wouldn’t come out of his mouth, as if something was restricting him.

Shen Fangqi looked into Shen Muan’s eyes and said slowly: “I don’t approve of this matter either. I have investigated it. There is a deep disagreement between Ruirui’s grandfather and his brother. Ruirui’s uncle is not a good person. He is only proficient in eating, drinking, and gambling. If Ruirui is sent there it would be like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth.”

Grandpa and Grandma Gu’s health were already in a bad state. Coupled with the death of their son and daughter-in-law, they would’ve been greatly stimulated and their health has deteriorated. How much longer could they take care of Ruirui?

Shen Muan was silent for a long time, then suddenly asked, “Can we…adopt him?”

When he said this, Shen Muan felt the pressure. It wasn’t just a cat or dog, it was a living person. As a kindergarten teacher, he knew very well how much mental energy and financial resources it would take to raise a child.

The living room suddenly became quiet. Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi looked at each other and could only hear each other’s breathing.

Time passed little by little, Shen Muan felt that his proposal might be a bit excessive, but he didn’t want to see Ruirui become the cruel and bloodthirsty villain in the book.

The villain was burdened with despair and pain for a lifetime and then fell into the icy sea.

Just when Shen Muan thought Shen Fangqi would refuse, he nodded: “It would be a bit troublesome, but we can try. ”

“Although I don’t know what you are hiding from me, I agree with your decision and will support your decision.” Shen Fangqi hugged his younger brother, “I don’t want a kind-hearted child to end up in that kind of family.” ”

“Tomorrow, I will talk to Ruirui’s grandparents, and you can talk to Ruirui.” Shen Fangqi said.

Shen Muan put his forehead on Shen Fangqi’s shoulder and said in a muffled voice, “Okay.”

What neither of them noticed was that in Shen Muan’s room, Ruirui was sitting on the carpet in front of the door. He had been listening to the conversation between the two.

He was happy in the beginning, but when he realized he would be a burden, he became afraid.

Whether it was his grandparents or Brother An An’s brother Fangqi, he didn’t want to be a burden on them.

But what could he do?

Ruirui’s eyes were full of bewilderment.

He was scared…

The author has something to say: I checked the law and I am confused. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just pretend they can adopt him privately.

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