Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Promise

Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi had a good talk. When the two of them went to bed, it was almost three o’clock in the morning.

Although it was only an impulsive word at first, after the two people thought about it more, they finally made up their minds.

Shen Muan felt that he couldn’t let it go, he didn’t want Ruirui to be the kind of person in the book. He didn’t want the day to come where Ruirui would be arrested and brought to justice by Shen Fangqi.

Ruirui thought too much. He was too worried about others that he forgot about himself.

He was still just a child, he shouldn’t think too much about things that the adults worry about.

Shen Fangqi went to Grandpa and Grandma Gu, after he said what he and Shen Muan decided on, the grandparents became very excited, almost kneeling for him.

Their once unrealistic fantasies have come true

They were extremely thankful.

Neither Grandpa Gu nor Grandma Gu wanted to leave Ruirui to their horrible relatives.

It was not an impulse that Grandpa Gu fell out with his family at that time, but their disagreements accumulated over the years and then finally broke out.

Grandpa Gu’s elder brother was a very terrifying person. He had lived under his shadow since he was a child. Everyone thought that his brother was a kind and positive person, but only Grandpa Gu knew that his brother was not as kind as he seemed on the surface.

Grandpa Gu once saw with his own eyes how his brother peeled off the skin of a cat with a knife. As he peeled the cat, he even had a smile on his face. 

Since discovering this, Grandpa Gu’s life had undergone earth-shaking changes. His once kind brother began to bully him and accused him of the messed-up things he had done.

False accusations from family members, alienation from friends, and discrimination from the teachers.

All this overwhelmed Grandpa Gu that he almost couldn’t breathe but only thought about fleeing the family when he met Grandma Gu.

Grandpa Gu dared to take the person he liked and escape from that devil-like place. Before leaving, Grandpa Gu made a scene and told everyone about what his brother had done. He left the home in disbelief and came to Zijin City with Grandma Gu.

Although life here was a bit bitter, he was more relaxed and happy.

But what was happening now was beyond anyone’s imagination.

In fact, in the book, Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu did not plan to give Ruirui to his brother’s family, but because of their sudden death, they couldn’t leave any last words. Ruirui’s relatives were only the children of Grandpa Gu’s brother, so there was no other choice.

Now that Shen Fangqi and Shen Muan were willing to take Ruirui in, both the old people felt very relieved and fortunate.

When Shen Muan woke up the next morning, he found that Ruirui’s state was a bit down, as if he knew something.

Could it be… Ruirui heard their conversation?

Although Ruirui was usually quite quiet, today’s quietness was a bit strange, which made Shen Muan a little suspicious.

“Ruirui, do you know?” Shen Muan grabbed Ruirui’s arm and asked directly.

Shen Muan’s frankness made Ruirui a little overwhelmed. This reaction proved even more that Shen Muan’s guess was correct.

“You don’t want to live with me and Brother Fangqi?” Shen Muan asked. As soon as he said this, Ruirui shook his head violently.

“It’s not like that!” His tone was very eager, it could be seen that it was not like what Shen Muan had said.

Ruirui’s reaction was expected by Shen Muan, he had already guessed why Ruirui was like this.

“I don’t want to be a burden.” Tears gushed from Ruirui’s eyes. He didn’t cry out loudly, but wept silently, this kind of crying made people feel even more distressed.

“You won’t be a burden.” Shen Muan hugged the fragile child in his arms. Ruirui hugged Shen Muan back very tightly, not wanting to let go.

“You have never been a burden Ruirui.” Shen Muan said softly, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the child, “Ruirui, you have to learn to think more of yourself.”

Ruirui knew this, but at the same time, he didn’t understand Shen Muan’s words.

He had to consider himself.

Ruirui had considered himself, but he considered others more, such as Shen Muan, Shen Fangqi, and his grandparents. He didn’t want to cause trouble to anyone, nor did he want to affect others.

Ruirui was so sensible it was heart-wrenching.

A child the same age as him, would be up to mischief by this time, but Ruirui had only learned to consider the people around him.

“Ruirui, don’t think about other things. Tell me honestly, do you want to live with me and Brother Fangqi?“ Shen Muan asked Ruirui to look into his eyes and said very seriously, “As long as you want it, we will do our best.”

Ruirui looked into Shen Muan’s eyes, and finally said the truth he had been suppressing in his heart.

“I want to live with Brother An An and Brother Fangqi.” Ruirui threw himself into Shen Muan’s arms again, sobbing non-stop, “but… Am I really not going to be a burden?”

“You will never be a burden.” Shen Muan patted Ruirui on the back and said softly, “You are Ruirui, the baby of Fangqi and me.”

Shen Muan’s words were like a reassuring thought that had a miraculous effect on Ruirui.

He slowly stopped crying. Although his eyes and the tips of his nose were red, he looked much better now.

“But what about my grandparents?” Although Ruirui wanted to live with Shen Muan, what would his grandparents do? He also wanted to live with his grandparents.

Shen Muan touched Ruirui’s head: “Your grandparents are getting older, it would be very difficult for them to take care of Ruirui.” Although Shen Muan was not a medical student, he could also see that Ruirui’s grandparents were now in their last days. Coupled with the contents of the book, Shen Muan felt they might be able to live a bit longer if they ate fewer snacks.

“We can go see your grandparents during the holidays.” Shen Muan said.

“Ok.” Ruirui nodded. He was still a little worried about his grandparents, but he could still go see his grandparents often, just like the times when his parents were still here.

Thinking of his parents, Ruirui lowered his head. He still couldn’t forget it, but he had learned to be strong. He knew that Brother Fangqi would never let a bad guy go!

Ruirui believed in Shen Fangqi very much, he believed that he would punish the bad guy who killed his parents.

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