Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Ruirui’s Goal

Soon, the day of the funeral of Ruirui’s parents arrived.

Early in the morning, Shen Muan woke up to find a small black suit for Ruirui to wear. Ruirui had been in a very downstate since he got up.

But Ruirui didn’t cry. He knew that crying was useless. Although he hadn’t completely accepted the death of his parents, he was no longer the child he used to be before.

Staring at Shen Muan beside him, Ruirui felt a bit better but still scared as if he had found some confidence.

Shen Muan held Ruirui’s hand and took him downstairs where Shen Fangqi had already driven out front to wait for them.

None of the three people spoke along the way, it was very quiet.

Ruirui continued to grab Shen Muan’s hand. He felt that doing this would give him more courage.

There were a lot of people at the funeral. Few of them knew Ruirui, but they came to mourn for Ruirui’s parents since the two were indeed good people.

Ruirui’s father and mother were very gentle and kind. They often helped the people around them as much as they could, so the neighborhood’s relationship with them was excellent.

Most of the people who went to their shop would surely come again.

No one expected that a kind and friendly couple would meet such a tragic death just because of some trivial matters. 

They cursed the murderer and felt sorry for their young child, but this event has already been set in stone they couldn’t do anything else about it.

Shen Muan had been with Ruirui the whole time. Observing him, Shen Muan seemed to see the image of his young self overlapping with Ruirui. At that time, it was his brother who was standing next to him, but now it was himself who was standing next to Ruirui.

During the funeral, everyone kept silent, they stood in the spiritual hall mourning peacefully for the couple.

But there was a sudden noise at the entrance, and a group of people swaggered in. They held things like baseball bats in their hands and looked particularly vicious.

The people in the spiritual hall immediately panicked, they subconsciously avoided the thug-looking people.

Only one person directly walked forward and blocked the gangsters.

Shen Fangqi stood in front of the group of people and looked at them coldly: “What do you want?”

Those people were not afraid when they saw Shen Fangqi. The man in the lead was holding a long bat and yelled aggressively: “It’s none of your business, get out of the way!”

Ruirui subconsciously grabbed Shen Muan’s arm tighter, he was scared.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid, just leave it to us, can you go over there first and stay with your grandparents?” Shen Muan didn’t panic at all.

Ruirui nodded and walked over to his grandparents. The first reaction of Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu was to protect Ruirui. They looked at Shen Muan with some worry but were met with a soothing smile.

“Who sent you here?” This was the first time Shen Fangqi had seen such unruly people, he felt a bit choked with them here.

Although Shen Fangqi was a criminal police officer, he was still very famous in this area. Many street idlers knew of his reputation, and no one dared to hit Shen Fangqi’s muzzle. Today, these people were quite courageous.

“Who do you think you are? Are you looking for a fight?” The man picked up his bat and tried to hit Shen Fangqi on the head.

Shen Fangqi didn’t even try to block, he grabbed the oncoming baseball bat with one hand. The way this action looked so at ease made the gangsters a little dumbfounded.

The force he used was not light, it could even be said that he used a lot of strength just now. But it got caught so easily.

They suddenly realized that they might have picked the wrong spot this time.

But they were a group of ethical gangsters who took money to do things. Although they were a bit discouraged, they stabilized their mentality and planned to continue making trouble.

“What’s the problem?” Shen Muan walked over and asked.

When the gangster on the opposite side saw Shen Muan, he suddenly became energetic. This person seemed to be quite easy to bully!

A gangster came over with a stick when Shen Muan was not paying attention. Out of his conditioned reflex, Shen Muan kicked the opponent in the stomach making him fall to the ground.

At this moment, the group of people started huffing. Seeing that a fight was about to break out, Shen Fangqi took out the police officer’s badge from his pocket.

The fists and sticks that had been outstretched were instantly hidden, several people were immediately discouraged. Although they just thought they would only take the money, they didn’t want to move involve the police and go to jail.

“Eh, I’m sorry, brother, it’s all a misunderstanding.” The leading gangster hid the baseball bat behind him, with a smile on his face, which was a large contrast to the fierce look he had when he first came in. After apologizing, they wanted to leave but were stopped by Shen Muan.

“Who sent you here?” Shen Fangqi asked again.

This time they didn’t dare to continue to be arrogant, and honestly said the name of the person who asked them to make trouble.

The name Shen Fangqi heard sounded a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it.

After knowing who sent the other party, Shen Muan didn’t continue to block them.

As soon as Shen Muan got out of the way, the gangsters slipped away as fast as frightened rabbits. It looks extraordinarily funny.

Seeing those people gone, everyone in the spiritual hall breathed a sigh of relief, especially Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu. Both of them were very grateful to the Shen brothers.

Without them, the funeral of their son and daughter-in-law would have been ruined today.

A young girl hesitated for a while before walking up to Shen Fangqi, “I know the person they mentioned… It was a relative of the person who killed Uncle Gu and Aunt Gu..”

“It seems that they are related to some boss. I’m not sure, but I heard someone mention it once before.” The girl was a little nervous. She knew that if she said this, and those people found out, she would be in trouble, but she couldn’t tolerate the other party doing such a thing at the funeral of the victim.

“Thank you very much for the information you provided. I will check it out.” Shen Fangqi nodded and gave the girl a look of approval.

The girl smiled, then ran back to her mother, whispering.

Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi glanced at each other, he knew what his brother wanted to do.

“Leave this place to me, you can go.” Shen Muan knew that Shen Fangqi was going to catch a thief, so he took the initiative to speak. He was not worried that something would happen to Shen Fangqi.

Shen Fangqi nodded, went to say goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma Gu, and left.

Ruirui ran to Shen Muan nervously, so Shen Muan touched his head.

Because of what happened just now, many people left the funeral for the fear of getting into trouble.

But the funeral continued.

Ruirui watched his parents be buried with his own eyes, but he didn’t cry. He knew that crying was useless. Ruirui wanted to be like Brother Fangqi. He wanted to become a good person and a policeman on the side of justice!

Now, this had become Ruirui’s goal.

TL Note: Another chapter later <3

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