Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Do you want to Transfer?

After the funeral, Grandpa Gu personally handed Ruirui to Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi. He looked at his grandson with tears in his eyes. Although he couldn’t bear to let him go, he knew that this was the best way.

Ruirui would have two older brothers taking care of him in the Shen family, which was way better than following an old couple.

Shen Muan originally thought that Ruirui should stay with his grandparents for a while, but Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu wanted him to start with a stable life as soon as possible.

Grandpa Gu turned to Shen Fangqi wanting to say something to him, but he kept glancing at Ruirui as if not wanting him to hear. Shen Muan saw this so he simply took Ruirui to another place, leaving room for the two to talk.

As soon as Shen Muan took Ruirui away, Grandpa Gu suddenly knelt in front of Shen Fangqi. Shen Fangqi was baffled and immediately stretched out his hand to help Grandpa Gu up.

Grandpa Gu knew that Shen Fangqi would stop him from doing this, so he deliberately exerted force, but he didn’t expect that his full force was no match at all for Shen Fangqi. Shen Fangqi easily held him up at once.

For a while, Grandpa Gu stood dazed forgetting what he wanted to say.

“Ruirui is a good boy. An An and I like him very much.” Shen Fangqi knew what Grandpa Gu wanted to say. They didn’t make this decision because of sympathy, but because they really liked the child.

It was because of this that Grandpa Gu wanted to thank the brothers even more. Without them, they wouldn’t know what could happen to Ruirui in the future.

“Brother An An, I feel that Grandpa is acting weird.” Ruirui grasped Shen Muan’s hand, a little uneasy. He didn’t know why but he had a bad feeling.

Ruirui was very worried about his grandparents. He knew that his grandparents were hiding something from him. In order not to worry them, Ruirui pretended he didn’t know about it, but this didn’t mean he didn’t worry about it.

Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu thought they were hiding it well, but in fact, even the five-year-old Ruirui could detect their strangeness. But Ruirui didn’t dare to ask, because he was afraid this would make his grandparents sadder.

“Why don’t you guys have a good talk?” Shen Muan understood that Ruirui was worried, and he also knew they were hiding something from Ruirui. But he felt that although Ruirui was only five years old now, he already knew a lot of things, and was very sensible. Instead of worrying about each other, it was better to talk about the worries on both sides.

“But… I don’t want them to be upset.” Ruirui didn’t dare to ask more questions because of this, but he saw everything his grandparents did. He knew how happy they looked after Brother An An and Brother Fangqi said that they were going to adopt him.

“It’s because of this that it’s even more important to clear up the misunderstandings of both sides.” Shen Muan said, “Being secretive is not the best way in treating another, it would only make both parties more worried. Even if you can’t fully clear it up, it’s still better to let out everything in your heart.” When Shen Muan finished, he suddenly remembered his quarrel with Shen Fangqi last time, because they hid their problems from each other, they ended up quarreling like that.

Ruirui listened to Shen Muan earnestly and nodded from time to time. He felt that Brother An An was right.

Before going back home with Brother An An and Brother Fangqi, Ruirui seriously walked up to his grandparents and told them everything he thought in his heart.

Grandpa and Grandma Gu saw for the first time how much this child had grown up that they didn’t even notice. He should only be thinking of having a happy childhood, but instead, he still worried about the old couple.

This was what they didn’t want to see.

Ruirui repeated what Shen Muan had said to himself to his grandparents. He didn’t want to be protected all the time, he also wanted to protect his grandparents.

They were a family and should have borne all things together.

Ruirui’s words moistened the corners of the elderly pair’s eyes. It was the first time Grandpa Gu had heard such words, even his son had never said this.

Father Gu was a restrained person. Although he may have thought this in his heart, he couldn’t express it. In contrast, Ruirui could easily express his thoughts and feelings.

Shen Fangqi took a can of iced coke and put it on Shen Muan’s neck, freezing the person to a halt. Shen Muan took the drink and stared at his brother in disgust: “How old do you think you are? So childish.”

“No matter what, it wouldn’t be as childish as you.” Shen Fangqi said with a smile. How can he be considered childish? The most childish person here should be Shen Muan.

Shen Muan opened the drink and took a sip, feeling much more comfortable.

“I know what you said to Ruirui.” Shen Fangqi said suddenly.

Shen Muan nodded and continued to drink without any reaction. If you know it, then you know it, it’s no big deal.

“But you still haven’t told me everything.” Shen Fangqi continued. He sat down next to Shen Muan. Shen Muan was still hiding something from him about Ruirui.

“If I could say it, I would have said it a long time ago.” Shen Muan explained helplessly. He also wanted to tell his brother what changes had taken place in this world, but he couldn’t tell him about it, he couldn’t even mouth it.

Shen Fangqi didn’t understand this well, but Shen Muan didn’t want to say it, and he didn’t want to force the other party: “Still, if there is anything where you need brother’s help, you must tell me, understand?”

“I know, I’m not that stupid.” Shen Muan has never been a fool. He was very self-aware. He wouldn’t act brave for things he couldn’t do.

Seeing Shen Muan nod, Shen Fangqi let go of the worries in his mind.

“By the way, how are those punks?” Shen Muan thought of the group of people earlier who barged into the funeral to make trouble. He really couldn’t understand what these people were thinking.

“Detained.” Shen Fangqi rubbed his fingers. It was this hand that found a kilogram of illegal drugs from the eldest brother of those gangsters.

This was not a small amount, this much could have them sentenced to death.

He originally thought it was just normal combat with the evil forces. He didn’t expect that such a big show would come up, and the anti-drug team would have to get busy.

Shen Muan found that Shen Fangqi’s expression had changed. He knew that this time it might not just be as simple as catching a punk. Even as a family member, he shouldn’t be nosy about some things. So he didn’t continue to ask, and instead changed the subject with a laugh.

It didn’t take long for Ruirui to bring his grandparents over to thank Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi. There was no excessive etiquette, and he was not as exaggerated as Grandpa Gu before. It was just a sincere thank you.

Looking at the little guy, Shen Muan suddenly asked, “Does Ruirui want to transfer to the kindergarten I work at?”

“Yes!” Ruirui agreed without hesitation.

The author has something to say: I was brainwashed by the anti-drug adaptation of the “Mojito”[1]It’s probably the adaptation of Jay Chou’s Mojito, it went viral a while back. Here is the link if you wanna check it out -> Mojito video today.  _(:з」∠) 

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1 It’s probably the adaptation of Jay Chou’s Mojito, it went viral a while back. Here is the link if you wanna check it out -> Mojito

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