Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Complaint

Shen Fangqi has been busy lately. He was at the police station every day, leaving only Shen Muan, Ruirui and White Gloves at home.

Ruirui liked White Gloves very much. Even when he ate, he brought the cat’s rice bowl to the chair next to him so they could eat together.

White Gloves would take two bites of its own food, then straighten up to put its front paws on the table. Doing so, he looked at the food curiously. White Gloves would then lick his mouth and jump on the table. As soon as its claws aimed at the food on the table, it would smell a terrifying air and would immediately hide under the table on Shen Muan’s feet.

Ruirui was taken aback by White Glove’s reaction. He looked at White Gloves under the table and asked worriedly, “Brother An An, what’s wrong with White Gloves?”

“Chu Yi has frightened it.” Shen Muan was a little distressed but found it a little funny. He put White Gloves in his arms, “Ruirui, go open the door.” ”

“Ok.” Ruirui got up from the bottom of the table and ran to the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Chu Yi who was about to ring the doorbell.

Chu Yi asked in surprise: “Are you going home?” He didn’t know that it was already decided for Ruirui to live in Shen Muan’s house. He thought the child was preparing to go back now.

Ruirui shook his head: “Brother An An asked me to open the door, he said you were here.”

Ruirui made room for Chu Yi to enter. After Chu Yi came in, he closed the door again.

“You’re here.” Shen Muan walked to the entryway, his clothes were bulging, and a black tail could be seen poking out. He didn’t even need to shake it.

“White Gloves?” Chu Yi remembered what Shen Muan said to him last time. He was curious to see this little guy again, but the other party seemed to be very scared. Chu Yi was about to retract his outstretched hand, but Shen Muan caught it.

Chu Yi was taken aback. He looked at Shen Muan’s face, but found that the opponent’s attention seemed to be on the little cat in his arms.

When Shen Muan grabbed Chu Yi’s hand, White Gloves’s level of fear slowly decreased. Under Shen Muan’s comfort, it finally popped out its head from Shen Muan’s arms.

“What happened to White Gloves?” Ruirui looked at White Gloves and felt worried. This was the first time he had seen White Gloves react like this. Even when Brother Fangqi scolded it, it had never been this afraid.

“It’s okay, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.” Shen Muan smiled faintly at Ruirui, “Ruirui, will you go and get some snacks for White Gloves?”

“Okay!” Ruirui agreed, turned around and went into the kitchen.

“Is this child still in foster care at your house?” Chu Yi asked suddenly as he looked at Ruirui’s back.

“Yes, his grandparents have too poor health to take care of him.” Shen Muan grabbed Chu Yi’s hand and put it on the furry head on his chest.

White Gloves sniffed Chu Yi’s wrist. With Shen Muan’s breath on him, the breath that scared him seemed to fade away slowly.

The character of White Gloves was very good, especially in front of Shen Muan, his temper was way better than usual. Since it was Shen Muan who grabbed Chu Yi’s hand and put it on his head. He was no longer afraid, nor did he lose his temper.

This was the first time Chu Yi had touched such a well-behaved cat, he found it incredible that it was so well-behaved. He felt the furry touch and looked at Shen Muan’s smiling eyes with surprise.

“I thought that our physique might be the same as ordinary people, but it seemed that what I thought was different.” As he said this, Shen Muan suddenly let go of his hand. White Gloves immediately shook off the hand on his head wanting to drill into Shen Muan’s arms again.

This time, it was Chu Yi who grabbed Shen Muan’s hand first.

Ruirui stood at the door of the kitchen with a small bag of frozen dry food, looking here and there, with a blank expression. He didn’t understand what they were doing.

To be honest, Chu Yi was quite excited. With his physique, even mosquitoes were reluctant to come over and bite him. Where he lived, let alone bugs, there were not even ants.

The flowers in the yard could only live well thanks to the careful care of the gardener.

But today Chu Yi found that he could neutralize his physique when he was in contact with Shen Muan, which made him feel pleasantly surprised. He realized that he and Shen Muan were really a good match for each other, weren’t they?

Chu Yi grabbed Shen Muan’s hand. He wanted to take White Gloves out of Shen Muan’s clothes with his other hand but as soon as he stretched out his hand, he felt a pain in his calf.

Looking down, he saw Ruirui pointing at Chu Yi with the frozen dried food in a menacing manner and exclaimed, “Rogue!”

It was Ruirui who kicked Chu Yi just now. He felt that Chu Yi’s movements were strange. He remembered about the people like this on the TV show he used to watch with his mother. His mother said, the people who did this kind of action were all gangsters!

In order to protect Brother An An, Ruirui rushed up regardless of whether he could beat Chu Yi or not.

Chu Yi never expected that he would be regarded as a hooligan one day. Shen Muan was almost unable to straighten his waist due to laughing so much.

Ruirui was a little confused. He watched Brother An An who kept laughing, and realized he may have made a mistake. Ruirui hurriedly ran to Shen Muan’s side, tugged at Shen Muan’s trouser legs and asked, “Brother An An, did I make a mistake?”

Chu Yi looked at Shen Muan helplessly. He couldn’t understand Shen Muan’s smile, but he liked to see this smile. Every time he saw Shen Muan’s smile, Chu Yi’s mood would inexplicably get better.

Today was no exception.

It didn’t matter if it was himself who was laughed at, as long as Shen Muan was happy.

“Chu Yi just wanted to hold White Gloves, you misunderstood.” Shen Muan rubbed Ruirui’s head. He was very happy that Ruirui wanted to protect him.

Ruirui blushed and apologized to Chu Yi somewhat embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I made a mistake…”

“It’s okay.” Chu Yi wasn’t bothered much by it.

White Gloves rushed out of Shen Muan’s arms and snatched the frozen dried food from Ruirui’s hands. He ran to the sofa and bit the packaging bag with his mouth.

Ruirui immediately followed: “White Gloves, don’t bite. I’ll open it for you. ”

“Meow! Meow~” White Gloves rolled over and moved its body that was pressing down on the frozen dried food. Its two eyes kept watch on the food, for fear that Ruirui would eat it.

Shen Muan smiled and moved his gaze back which fell on Chu Yi’s hand. Chu Yi was still holding his hand.

Chu Yi quickly let go and smiled embarrassed. He found that Shen Muan didn’t resent contact with him at all.

Just when Chu Yi wanted to say something, Ruirui suddenly shouted out, holding the empty bag. He complained about how excessive White Gloves was.

Chu Yi stared at Ruirui’s back for a while, then turned his head to make a call to his nephew.

“Siyuan, Ruirui is still with Teacher An An, would you like to come and play?” Chu Yi said.

Hearing that Ruirui was still at Teacher An An’s house, Chu Siyuan couldn’t sit still for another second. He clamored to come to Teacher An An’s house.

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, Chu Yi sent a message to the driver telling him to bring Chu Siyuan over.

“Siyuan said he wanted to come and play with Ruirui.” Chu Yi put the phone back in his pocket and said to Shen Muan.

“Eh, is that so? Then let’s have dinner together in the evening.” Shen Muan smiled and opened the dried food Ruirui had just brought and put it on the ground. White Gloves rushed over immediately, but Shen Muan grabbed the back of its neck.

Chu Yi watched as Shen Muan put White Gloves in the cage, and then put the food outside the cage. White Gloves could reach it with his claws, but couldn’t eat it.

Although Shen Muan was usually very gentle and lenient, he wouldn’t condone such actions. This was punishment for bad behavior.

Ruirui felt a little distressed by White Gloves. Listening to the pitiful meows of White Gloves, Ruirui wanted to open the cage for it, but he had to listen to Brother An An.

So Ruirui simply hid far away, pretending that he couldn’t hear the cry of White Gloves.

It seemed that because Chu Yi had stood close to Shen Muan for a while, White Gloves was not as scared as before when he saw him approach, but he still couldn’t help being a little scared.

This situation was still much better than before.

Chu Yi stretched out a finger through the cage, trying to touch White Gloves, but was evaded.

“Ignore it, the more you ignore it, the more vigorous it will be.” Shen Muan went to pour Chu Yi a cup of tea. Chu Yi had already been here for a while, but only now did he remember this.

Chu Yi took the cup and sat on the sofa, his two long legs overlapped, and his whole body looked extremely handsome.

Shen Muan gave a silent sigh of admiration from the bottom of his heart. As expected of being the biggest pillar behind the villain, he was on another level.

“Is Siyuan already on the way?” Shen Muan asked.

“Yes, he was clamoring to come. He probably found out that I came here secretly. He originally wanted to invite you to dinner.” Chu Yi thought that he could finally ask Shen Muan out for dinner alone, but they would again be accompanied by two light bulbs.

“Let’s eat here tonight. I’ll make it. It just so happens that my brother has been busy recently and won’t be coming back.” Shen Muan said with a smile, “I still need someone to help me wash the dishes.”

“I’ll help you.” After Chu Yi said this, he seriously recalled the last time he washed the dishes.

Chu Yi, who had a good memory, finally pulled out a memory of washing dishes ten years ago from his mind. Such a simple matter was no big deal.

“Okay, then thank you.” Shen Muan started to plan out the diner menu. It’s good that last time he bought some spices. Today he could just make some things that the children would like to eat.

White Gloves was still trying hard to eat the food outside its cage. When he figured he wouldn’t be able to do it, he could only lie on the mat pitifully, making aggrieved sounds.

“Why don’t we let it out?” Chu Yi couldn’t bear hearing such a pitiful cry. After all, this was the first time he had been able to be so gentle with a little cat, he felt very distressed.

“Don’t get used to it.” Shen Muan’s simple words made White Gloves lose a chance to come out.

Although Chu Yi felt sorry for the little cat, Shen Muan had already spoken, he must listen to Shen Muan.

After a while, the doorbell rang.

Shen Muan wanted to open the door, but Chu Yi pressed him back.

“It must be Chu Siyuan, I’ll go.” Chu Yi said.

Shen Muan thought so too.

As soon as Chu Yi opened the door, a figure rushed over like a small cannonball. When it was about to rush into Chu Yi’s arms, Chu Siyuan stopped. 

He walked around his uncle with a look of disgust. He quickly took off his shoes, and ran barefoot to Teacher An An, who he had been in his heart the whole trip.

“Teacher An An! 

“I’m here!”

“Uncle and Ruirui can leave now, I can stay with you!”

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