Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Sleeping

“Uncle and Ruirui can leave now, I’ll stay with Teacher An An.” Chu Siyuan said this very ruthlessly as he leaned his head on Shen Muan’s arm.

He originally thought that he and Ruirui were in an alliance, but he didn’t expect that Ruirui, like his uncle, wanted to grab Teacher An An from him!

At the thought of having two enemies, Chu Siyuan’s nervousness increased.

Chu Yi suddenly felt regret from calling Chu Siyuan over. He originally thought that Chu Siyuan would be able to deal with Ruirui, while he enhanced his relationship with Shen Muan. Unexpectedly, this guy would actually be the one to attack indiscriminately.

Sure enough, Chu Siyuan wasn’t reliable at all, it was better to rely on himself.

Ruirui hadn’t figured out what happened yet, why did he suddenly ask him to leave?

“I live here.” Ruirui looked Chu Siyuan in the eyes and said this to him in a serious manner.

Hearing this, Chu Siyuan immediately became restless. The way he looked at Shen Muan changed. Shen Muan almost thought he had done something to Chu Siyuan that he should be sorry for.

Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Muan dissatisfied and said, “I want to live with you too!”

“Siyuan, what are you saying?” Chu Yi wanted to bring Chu Siyuan over to him, but before he could even touch him, he already fell into Shen Muan’s arms. The child looked extremely upset.

The more Chu Siyuan thought about it, the sadder he became, and tears couldn’t help but fall.

“Little Brother Siyuan, don’t cry.” Ruirui took a tissue and wanted to wipe Chu Siyuan’s tears, but Chu Siyuan avoided him.

Ruirui was a little hurt by Chu Siyuan’s rejection, but he didn’t think too much about it. He just regarded Chu Siyuan as having a pettyl temper.

Shen Muan felt that Chu Siyuan’s whole body had stuck tightly to him, like a piece of plaster, that he couldn’t tear off.

“Siyuan, stop crying. If you have something to say, it’s useless if you keep crying.” Shen Muan took the tissue in Ruirui’s hand and wiped away Chu Siyuan’s tears.

Chu Yi felt more and more that it was a wrong decision to let Chu Siyuan come. This kid owed him a lesson. As soon as he came, he had to act like this.

“Brother An An is right.” Ruirui agreed immediately.

“Why can he live with you?” Chu Siyuan pointed to Ruirui feeling very dissatisfied. Was he not cute enough?

Shen Muan and Chu Yi went silent at the same time, it felt like they walked into a turning point of the plot.

Ruirui looked at Shen Muan subconsciously, a little nervous.

“Because Ruirui’s grandparents are not in good health, so he has to live with me.” Shen Muan replied. He finally got Chu Siyuan off of him and asked him to sit on the sofa. Shen Muan still felt his body was a little sticky.

The adoption procedures were not so easy to handle. Even with the consent of the two guardians, Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu, they still had to undergo complicated documents and processes. At this time you could only consider it as foster care.

Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Muan, he believed Teacher An An’s words with no doubt, and then said seriously: “My uncle’s health also isn’t good, I want to live with Teacher An An.”

“…I am still here.” Chu Yi wanted to laugh from anger, where was he in bad health? Was he maintaining his eight-pack abs for nothing?

Moreover, seeing Chu Siyuan’s very skilled appearance, it shouldn’t be the first time that he had slandered him.

Chu Yi picked Chu Siyuan up and said to Shen Muan, “I’m going to educate the child.”

“Bye bye.” Shen Muan casually took Ruirui into his arms and waved at the uncle and nephew, without any intention of saving Chu Siyuan.

Ruirui leaned his head on Shen Muan’s shoulder which felt a little wet, so he changed sides.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan rubbed Ruirui’s head, his voice very soft.

“Does Little Brother Siyuan hate me very much?” Ruirui asked anxiously, he was afraid of getting a positive answer, but judging from Chu Siyuan’s attitude, his guess might be correct.

“How could that be?” Shen Muan patted Ruirui lightly on the back, smiled and comforted: “He’s just jealous.”

Listening to Chu Siyuan’s wailing, Ruirui couldn’t help but tremble. He shrank into Shen Muan’s arms in fear.

“Is Uncle Chu Yi hitting Siyuan?” Ruirui asked nervously, a little worried that Chu Siyuan would be beaten by Chu Yi.

Shen Muan was not very worried. He believed that Chu Yi was very disciplined, although sometimes he also found Chu Yi to be unreliable.

“It’s okay.” Shen Muan comforted Ruirui, “Chu Yi wouldn’t beat children.”

That being said, only Chu Yi knew what the incident inside actually looked like.

It didn’t take long for Chu Yi to come back out with Chu Siyuan, who looked like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Ruirui hurried over and hugged Chu Siyuan, hoping that he would not be so uncomfortable.

Chu Yi took advantage of the situation to put Chu Siyuan on the ground, and ask Ruirui to comfort Chu Siyuan, who was upset.

As soon as Chu Yi sat down, Shen Muan leaned over and asked in a low voice, “What did you do? He sounded so miserable.”

“I didn’t do anything.“ Chu Yi put up his index finger and put it in front of his mouth, “It’s a secret.”

Seeing Chu Yi’s appearance, Shen Muan became more curious. But he didn’t seem to have any plan on telling him so Shen Muan could only temporarily suppress his curiosity.

Chu Yi was still waiting for Shen Muan to continue asking, but he didn’t expect the other party to just change the subject. Chu Yi could only give up.

Ruirui comforted Chu Siyuan whose cheeks were slightly red. He avoided Ruirui, and ran to sit down next to Shen Muan. He wanted to hide in Shen Muan’s arms.

“Teacher An An, can I stay the night?” Chu Siyuan asked.

Shen Muan: “You have to ask your uncle if he agrees.”

Chu Yi looked at Shen Muan and nodded subconsciously. After nodding, he reacted: “Will it bother you?” ”

“It’s okay, Siyuan can sleep with Ruirui.” Shen Muan pinched Chu Siyuan’s soft face. He remembered that Chu Siyuan’s sleeping position wasn’t good. Ruirui was very good when he slept. The two were completely opposite.

“No, I want to sleep with Teacher An An!” Chu Siyuan did not hesitate to refuse Shen Muan’s proposal. He didn’t want to sleep with someone who wanted to rob Teacher An An! He may be a good friend but in the end, he still had to fight him for Teacher An An with him! This couldn’t be exaggerated.

“Let’s sleep together.” Ruirui leaned over. He seemed to understand what Chu Siyuan’s character was called. It was the tsundere character in the TV series! So even if Chu Siyuan was not happy, Ruirui regarded him as a tsundere.

In fact, Chu Siyuan was really unwilling to sleep with Ruirui, but Ruirui didn’t notice this at all. He directly decided that Chu Siyuan was a tsundere.

Because of this, he continued to insist.

Chu Siyuan wanted to cry out, he really didn’t want to sleep with Ruirui!

The author has something to say: I feel that I’ve written a lot of words, but when I saw that the number was only 1300 emmmm fell into contemplation.

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