Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Sleepover

Knowing that he had no choice but to sleep with Ruirui tonight, Chu Siyuan thought it was useless to act coquettish. He ate two large bowls of rice with tears in his eyes, his stomach started to resemble a small bomb.

Shen Muan gently touched Chu Siyuan’s belly. He didn’t dare to push hard, for fear that Chu Siyuan’s belly would blow up as soon as he did so.

“Will you be able to carry it?” Chu Yi poked Chu Siyuan’s stomach. Chu Siyuan bounced, holding his stomach with his two short hands, he looked at his uncle vigilantly.

“I hate you.” Chu Siyuan looked disgusted. If his disgust could be materialized, Chu Yi would’ve already been buried by Chu Siyuan’s disgust a long time ago.

“I care about you.” Chu Yi said solemnly, but it seemed no one would believe him.

Chu Siyuan just kept watching his uncle. No one noticed how White Gloves was quietly approaching. White Gloves raised his head, curled up its front paws, and slowly stood up. Its two big cat eyes stared at Chu Siyuan’s stomach.

It first stretched out its paws to touch Chu Siyuan’s stomach, then suddenly jumped up and stepped on the stomach. He used the stomach to jump onto the table to pick up a piece of meat and then ran away.

Chu Siyuan almost vomitted, which startled Shen Muan and Ruirui.

Shen Muan took the trash can and patted Chu Siyuan lightly on the back. Chu Yi calmly handed a cup of water to Chu Siyuan, letting Chu Siyuan take a sip, to slightly suppress the feeling of vomiting.

“I’ll get you some stomach medicine.” Shen Muan reluctantly went to find Chu Siyuan some medicine. He had already reminded him to be careful, but he still let himself end up like this.

Ruirui grasped White Gloves and criticized it very seriously but White Gloves didn’t even lift his head. It was only thinking about the meat in its mouth. As for the two-legged creature next to him, it was completely ignored.

Whatever Ruirui said, White Gloves wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. White Gloves ran away from Ruirui’s hold very easily. It climbed onto the cabinet and looked at Ruirui condescendingly, as if taunting Ruirui to catch him.

Chu Yi rubbed Chu Siyuan’s stomach in disgust. His nephew might be a bit stupid, others would usually stop eating when they’re full. But with Chu Siyuan, when he was finally full, he would still want to eat another half a bowl. If this habit continues, it was estimated that it would not be long before Chu Siyuan becomes a ball.

Round and round, the kind that can be kicked and would bounce.

Shen Muan gave Chu Siyuan the medicine according to the instructions. Chu Siyuan was very reluctant to take them. He thought it was medicine, but after taking it in his mouth, Chu Siyuan found that it actually tasted sweet and delicious.

Chu Siyuan finished the medicine but looked at Shen Muan wanting to eat more.

Chu Yi felt a bit supportive of this thought, but he was a little embarrassed to ask Shen Muan to give him some medicine as well. The food made by Shen Muan was really delicious, not to mention Chu Siyuan, even he couldn’t hold back eating a little more than usual.

Just when Chu Yi was still tangled about this decision, Shen Muan simply gave medicine to each of the people there, except for Chu Siyuan, who had already eaten them. Ruirui ate just enough food earlier so he wanted to give Chu Siyuan his share, but with Shen Muan’s gaze on him, all he could do was give up this plan.

Chu Siyuan lowered his head in disappointment, and looked at his uncle with expectation.

Chu Yi was not as good as Ruirui. In front of Chu Siyuan, he ate all the stomach medicine in one bite.

“Bad uncle.” Chu Siyuan said in a whisper-like voice, only Shen Muan, who was sitting next to him, heard it.

Shen Muan pinched Chu Siyuan’s nose: “You can’t do that.” 

Chu Siyuan was surprised by this, making him sit obediently and not continue anymore in his restlessness.

After a short break, Chu Yi began to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, Shen Muan also helped him clean up. But he was only responsible for taking the dishes to the kitchen, right after he came out to lean on the sofa and watch TV with the two children.

Chu Siyuan felt that the TV show wasn’t any good, so he took Shen Muan’s iPad to play. He clicked on the iPad randomly, and accidentally clicked on a WeChat video call.

As soon as it rang, the opposite side connected.

“Yo, why did you think about calling me today?” The man on the other side of the phone asked with a smile, but he was taken aback when he saw a child on the opposite side. He looked at his mobile phone. It was Shen Muan…

Shen Muan, who heard this voice, fell to Chu Siyuan’s side and leaned on Chu Siyuan’s thin shoulders.

“The kid pressed it accidentally.” Shen Muan looked at the other party and said with a smile, he then hung up the video call directly.

Chu Siyuan was a little confused. He stretched out his hand, hugged Teacher An An’s head, and whispered, “Teacher An An, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have messed up.” 

“It’s okay.” 

With that said, the other party called back.

Shen Muan refused the call, and closed the WeChat app. He slid from Chu Siyuan’s shoulder to his lap. While laying on it, Shen Muan asked, “Am I heavy?” 

“Not heavy!” Chu Siyuan replied without hesitation, “Teacher An An is thin, like…” Chu Siyuan couldn’t find an adjective for a while, and finally shouted out, “It’s like a bamboo pole!” 

Shen Muan settled down on Chu Siyuan’s laugh, and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. This didn’t feel like a compliment, but Chu Siyuan was young, he wouldn’t know about such things.

Ruirui was a little envious as he watched the interaction between Shen Muan and Chu Siyuan. He couldn’t help but climb onto Shen Muan’s body and successfully attract the attention of the two of them.

Chu Siyuan pushed Ruirui with his hand and asked him to come down. Ruirui refused, and the two of them got stuck in a stalemate.

In the end, Shen Muan couldn’t bear it anymore, and separated the two little guys who were almost about to fight.

“Okay, take a break.” Shen Muan rubbed the small heads and suppressed the two little guys.

The two little guys glanced at each other and decided to fight later when Teacher An An was away.

Seeing that both of them had calmed down, Shen Muan let them go play. Because of Ruirui, Shen Muan bought a lot of toys such as building blocks and put them at home. He got it just in time for the two children to play with.

Looking at Ruirui, Shen Muan was a little worried. Now that Ruirui was still young they could sleep together, but when he got older they needed to sleep in a separate room. The problem was there were only two bedrooms in their house…

Shen Muan was considering whether he should take out the money he had saved to buy a new house, and then sell this one.

When his brother was free, they would discuss this.

Shen Muan glanced at the time and found that Chu Yi had been in the kitchen for almost an hour, so he ran to take a look.

As soon as he entered, he saw that Chu Yi was wiping each bowl carefully, until it was shiny, and he had also been scalding it with boiling water.

“Actually, you can just install a dishwasher.” Chu Yi proposed this very sincerely, he even wanted to ask someone right now to send the dishwasher directly.

“I’ll think about it later. I’m considering changing houses, I have to discuss it first with my brother.” Shen Muan waved his hand. He had actually thought about the dishwasher, but their current house was a bit small and there were only two of them before so it was not very cost-effective to have.

“Why are you suddenly thinking about changing houses?” Chu Yi finished up the bowl, washed his hands with hand sanitizer, and wiped them. The whole process was very smooth.

Shen Muan roughly said that it was because of Ruirui’s problem. After all, when he bought this house, neither he nor his brother had considered that there would be children living with them in the future.

After listening carefully, Chu Yi said, “Our company has had some real estate projects before, and there are a few who are good. If you want to buy a house, I can give you an internal discount price.” 

“Really?” Shen Muan’s eyes lit up, he put a hand on Chu Yi’s shoulder, “Thank you, brother!”

The smile on Chu Yi’s face stiffened, he suddenly felt a little heartbroken.

After chatting in the kitchen for a while, the two of them came out and took the children to take a bath, so they could be ready to go to bed.

Before going to bed, Chu Siyuan resisted in every way he could. He was still unwilling to sleep with Ruirui, but fell asleep within ten seconds of touching the bed.

Chu Siyuan was lying on the bed, holding a small dinosaur. Ruirui hugged the little bear doll that Shen Muan gave him before, and slept very sweetly.

After confirming that the two little ones were asleep, Shen Muan and Chu Yi slowly slipped out of the room.

The movements of the two of them were very light, for fear of waking up the two little ones who were sleeping soundly.

Seeing the two of them come out, White Gloves ran over decisively. He rubbed against Shen Muan’s legs, trying to get an extra meal by acting coquettish.

“You can’t eat anymore.” Shen Muan couldn’t help but touch the belly of White Gloves. If this cat ate again, he would end up fried.

Chu Yi glanced at the time and picked up his coat: “I will go back first. I will pick Chu Siyuan up tomorrow morning.” Although Chu Yi wanted to stay, he had nowhere to sleep. Shen Muan’s bed was occupied by the two little guys, and with Shen Fangqi’s room, Shen Muan would obviously not let anyone in.

Shen Fangqi would sometimes bring some information on his cases back home, so Shen Muan had to lock Shen Fangqi’s room when he wasn’t there.

It’s not that they doubted their friends, but it was to ensure safety.

After all, what his brother was in charge of would not be ordinary cases.

Chu Yi was still a little reluctant to leave. He hadn’t been this relaxed for a long time, where he thoroughly could stop thinking about the company.

He felt that it would be good for Shen Muan to change to a larger house so that he could stay overnight. Chu Yi decided that when he went back, he would ask his assistant to sort out the information for Shen Muan. It would be better if he could live opposite him.

Chu Yi felt that this idea was very good. Anyway, he didn’t want to continue living in the old mansion. If it weren’t for taking care of Chu Siyuan, he wouldn’t have moved back.

This is great, let’s see if we can be neighbors next door or something.

After sending Chu Yi away, Shen Muan lay directly on the sofa in the living room with White Gloves.

Touching the soft hair of White Gloves, Shen Muan looked at the ceiling in a daze. It was false to say that he was not worried about Shen Fangqi, but he couldn’t express the worry in his heart.

Shen Muan counted the days with the cat’s paws. His brother hadn’t been home for almost a week.

Not knowing how his brother was doing, Shen Muan thought about whether he should make something and send it over. His brother would definitely be eating only fast food and instant noodles during this period of time. That’s how he got a stomach problem before. It wasn’t easy for Shen Muan to help him get rid of it, so he didn’t want to make that mistake again.

Thinking of some of the messy things that happened in his mind, Shen Muan slowly fell asleep with White Gloves on his arms.

White Gloves obediently laid beside Shen Muan, his head on Shen Muan’s arm. They slept very peacefully, one person and one cat.

Two hours past midnight, Shen Muan faintly heard a voice coming from the door…

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