Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Fighting

Shen Muan sat up and listened to the movement at the door while he rolled White Gloves to the corner of the sofa. White Gloves opened its eyes, glanced around and adjusted its posture to continue to sleep.

The movement at the door became louder and louder. Shen Muan carefully stepped on the ground with his bare feet. He walked over and looked outside through the doorhole. A man in a black raincoat was standing there, holding an unknown object in his hand.

“Forgot to bring the key?” Shen Muan easily recognized the person standing outside the door. He opened the door and stared at Shen Fangqi, tightly wrapped in his coat. Shen Muan felt that his brother’s current emotions seemed a little strange.

Indeed… Could something have happened?

Shen Fangqi remained silent. He stretched out his arms and hugged Shen Muan. The rain that had accumulated from the raincoat soaked Shen Muan’s pajamas.

Shen Muan was taken aback by this sudden action but not caring about the rainwater that was soaking him he hugged his brother back. He didn’t know what happened, but he could feel that his brother was very upset right now.

After a while, Shen Fangqi finally started to open his mouth.

“Today… We lost a policeman from the anti-drug unit today.” Shen Fangqi’s mood was heavy. He was not familiar with the policeman who died, but their hearts were the same.

Before becoming a policeman, Shen Fangqi knew that this profession was full of dangers, and was not as prestigious as it seemed on the surface. On the day he became a policeman, Shen Fangqi prepared himself to face various difficulties. The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was death.

Shen Fangqi couldn’t imagine how Shen Muan would live in this world if he died one day.

The rain outside continued to pour heavier, and the sound of thunder could be faintly heard.

This rain, maybe it fell for the policeman who died, even the sky was crying.

After a while longer, Shen Fangqi let go. Shen Muan’s pajamas became not only wet but also crumpled, it looked a little embarrassing.

“You go and change clothes.” Shen Fangqi pushed the person in, took off his raincoat and went to the bathroom.

Observing that Shen Fangqi was in a better condition, Shen Muan obediently went to change his clothes.

Both Ruirui and Chu Siyuan slept soundly. Shen Muan glanced at them while changing and found that apart from their poor sleeping posture, they didn’t kick at the quilt.

After changing, Shen Muan went to the kitchen to cook. He figured that Shen Fangqi shouldn’t have been able to eat much today, he didn’t know if he could even handle it.

In the bathroom, Shen Fangqi could feel the hot water flowing on his skin, but there was no warmth in his heart. The image of his fallen comrades-in-arms was still vivid.

He slammed the wall hard and let out a roar full of resistance. These events had strengthened his determination to catch those drug dealers!

He will one day make those people pay the corresponding price!

By the time Shen Fangqi came out of the bathroom, a delicious meal was already prepared on the table. Shen Muan had already made some dishes earlier for him and put them in the refrigerator. He was just waiting for Shen Fangqi to come back so he could fix them up for him.

Shen Fangqi went to look for his brother’s figure, and found him lying on the sofa with the cat in his arms, yawning. He seemed to be very sleepy.

“Why don’t you go to sleep?” Shen Fangqi sat in his seaf, and smelt the aroma of the food. He hadn’t eaten proper food for several days, so now the feeling of hunger has been suddenly aroused.

“Ruirui and Siyuan are sleeping in my room. I thought you might come back today, so I waited for you on the sofa.” Shen Muan closed his eyes as he said this. White Gloves struggled for a while, and found that there was no way for him to escape, so he could only accept his fate and continue to sleep.

As Shen Fangqi ate, his cold heart gradually warmed up, and a smile finally appeared on his face.

Shen Muan fell asleep on the sofa, with one hand hanging on the edge, breathing steadily. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

After eating, Shen Fangqi cleaned up and walked to the sofa, looking at Shen Muan. His brother was sleeping so deeply he couldn’t bear to wake him up.

Shen Fangqi put White Gloves down. He wanted to take Shen Muan back to his room, just like when he was a child. But Shen Fangqi forgot that Shen Muan was now an adult, he wasn’t the child he used to be.

As soon as he picked him up, he fell forward immediately because the other was too heavy.

A loud bang rang out.

Ruirui and Chu Siyuan, who were sleeping soundly in the room, were startled.

The next morning, when Chu Yi knocked on the door with breakfast in hand, Shen Fangqi, who had a circle of gauze around his head, opened the door for him.

“Officer Shen… You… Are you okay?” Chu Yi asked, looking at the bandage on his head.

Shen Fangqi’s body stiffened for a while, and shrugged his head: “I’m fine, come in.”

After Chu Yi came in, he found that Shen Muan’s left wrist was also wrapped in gauze. Chu Yi, not even caring about the food in his hands, put it on the table and ran over to Shen Muan, “Are you injured? What happened? Does it hurt?”

“I’m fine, I just accidentally bumped it.” The smile on Shen Muan’s face showed he was slightly embarrassed. He glanced at his brother and was at a loss at what to say

“That’s good.” Chu Yi breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that Shen Muan wasn’t in a bad condition, he was relieved, “You have to be careful.”

“I will, what breakfast did you bring?” Shen Muan didn’t want to talk about this topic anymore, so he changed the subject.

But Chu Yi kept looking at the gauze on Shen Fangqi’s head, and then at Shen Muan’s hands. Why did they both get injured?

Shen Fangqi felt very awkward right now, he didn’t expect Shen Muan to weigh so much that they would fall all at once. He ended up knocking his head, and Shen Muan’s hand was also cut.

Ruirui and Chu Siyuan both ran out in a daze. The two little guys ignored Chu Yi who was standing in front of Shen Muan, and walked directly past him. They then threw themselves into Teacher An An’s arms.

“Oh, Teacher An An, I had a nightmare yesterday.” Chu Siyuan didn’t have a clear memory of what happened in the middle of the night. He only remembered that he heard a loud noise and then nightmares soon followed throughout his sleep.

Ruirui was a little better now, but he was also frightened by yesterday’s noise.

Shen Muan didn’t care much about the injury on his hand last night, he had to comfort the two children for a while. But even now, they were still a little scared.

“Brother An An, why are you hurt?” Ruirui wanted to hug Shen Muan’s hand, but found that his wrist was wrapped in gauze.

After mentioning this, Chu Siyuan discovered that Shen Muan was injured. The two little guys immediately became anxious and wanted to take him to the hospital to have it checked.

“I’m fine, it’s just a small wound. It will be fine in two days.” Shen Muan comforted the two children, while Shen Fangqi, who was next to him, couldn’t wait to go back to his room and hide.

Ruirui glanced to the side and also found the wound on Shen Fangqi’s head.

His realization made him startled, his eyes became covered with mist, and with a choked voice he asked, “Did you guys fight?”

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