Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – He’s Taking a Bath

“Did you guys fight?”

Hearing these words, Shen Fangqi couldn’t help but cover his face.

Chu Yi pondered over it a while ago, but remembering how the two brothers got along, it was impossible for them to have physically fought. Unexpectedly, this little guy dared to ask directly.

“How could that be?” Shen Muan couldn’t help but pinch Ruirui’s face with tears in his eyes from laughter. He didn’t know how this little guy could assume that the two of them fought, “The two of us would never fight.”

“But I heard a loud voice last night.” Ruirui clenched his fists at the corner of his clothes. He indeed heard a loud noise last night. Adding to the fact that when he woke up he found that Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi were injured. He instinctively thought that the two had a conflict.

Chu Siyuan scratched his little head. He seemed to have heard something in his dream, were they really fighting?

“Teacher An An, did you win?” Chu Siyuan asked, his focus was not on the fight, but on who won or lost.

“… I already said no fight happened.” Shen Muan felt helpless, he glanced at his brother who avoided his gaze and kept pretending that nothing happened. You would think that he didn’t know anything and wasn’t even involved.

Chu Yi had been holding back a smile at the side. When Shen Muan’s eye fell on him, he tried to hide his smile with a cough and looked away.

“Really?” Ruirui still asked anxiously.

“Yes.” Shen Muan rubbed Ruirui’s small face, “We won’t fight.” Even if they did fight, it was impossible to get only such small injuries.

Moreover, Shen Muan’s skills were only self-taught. He could beat ordinary people, but he could never beat his brother.

Reminiscing the last time he fought with his brother, it should’ve happened many years ago.

Ruirui only let go of the matter after Shen Muan’s repeated promises.

It turned out there was no fight so Chu Siyuan was a bit disappointed. Chu Yi saw his nephew very focused on a thought so he tapped on his small head.

Chu Siyuan covered his head and hid, a look of displeasure could be clearly seen on his face.

“Okay, okay, let’s eat first” Shen Muan was already hungry. He urged the two children to come to the table while Chu Yi had already begun to take out the food in the bag.

“Brother, won’t you eat?” Shen Muan looked at Shen Fangqi. He had been standing there for a long time, straight and upright. It looked like he was standing in the standard military posture.

Shen Fangqi slowly moved over. He couldn’t have known he would fall like that yesterday. He would surely be very eye-catching when he goes to the Public Security Bureau today.

The breakfast that Chu Yi brought over looked quite simple, but it tasted much better than the ones they bought outside.

Chu Siyuan ate three soup packs in one breath and also drank a bowl of porridge. Shen Muan was a little afraid that he would overeat it again. Shen Muan stretched out his hand to touch Chu Siyuan’s belly. Chu Siyuan looked at the hand and tried to shrink his belly.

“You ate too much again, didn’t you?” Shen Muan felt the belly for a while. Chu Siyuan’s belly was bulging, although it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

Chu Siyuan held his bowl and refused to let go: “But I’m not full yet.”

“Eat more later.” Chu Yi directly took the bowl and put it out of Chu Siyuan’s reach.

“You won’t be able to digest it properly if you eat too much.”  Shen Muan rubbed Chu Siyuan’s stomach, and suddenly thought of something, “Do you want to eat so much because you want to ask me for more of the stomach medicine you took yesterday?”

After Chu Siyuan’s hidden thoughts came to light, he ran guiltily to the side and went to play with White Gloves.


This action immediately proved that Shen Muan’s guess was correct. He actually made himself eat so much just to get the stomach medicine. Shen Muan didn’t know how to think of this.

Chu Yi thoughtfully glanced at his little nephew. He then picked up the phone and sent a message to his brother, making a short report.

It was estimated that when his brother came back, Chu Siyuan would definitely be able to have another long-lasting memory from his childhood.

After Ruirui felt he was full, he ran to play with Chu Siyuan. Shen Fangqi observed the two children and was in a good mood.

Shen Fangqi hurriedly went out as he finished breakfast. The gauze on his head was so eye-catching that people who passed by couldn’t help but look at him. People who were familiar with him even asked what was wrong, Shen Fangqi could only make his excuse over and over again.

When he arrived at the Public Security Bureau, the other police officers who saw him thought that Shen Fangqi had been injured during the operation yesterday, and they just didn’t notice. Someone immediately pulled him in to check.

Shen Fangqi could only explain again helplessly, saying that he had accidentally fallen and injured himself.

Facing everyone’s suspicious gaze, Shen Fangqi could only bear it. He couldn’t say that he just tried to carry his brother and then fell, right?

It was simply too embarrassing.

When Shen Fangqi left, only then did Shen Muan remember that he had to tell him about the issue of changing houses. But it seemed it wasn’t a good idea to casually mention it now.

Shen Muan thought they could talk about it after his brother’s busy period.

But when Chu Yi came today, he had already brought a lot of information about the houses. This was according to Chu Yi’s plan, when Shen Muan finally chose a house, he would directly buy the house nearest to it.

“So many?” Shen Muan was a little surprised with the thick stack of information.

“Not that many, we can go through what you like.” Chu Yi didn’t think this was much at all. He deliberately asked his assistant to pick only the houses that met his conditions and where it was also vacant next door. He actually thought this amount of information was quite small.

“I’m really bothering you, thank you so much.” Shen Muan took a look and put it down, “I’ll go through it together with my brother when he comes back.” After all, he wouldn’t be the only one to live in the house.

Chu Siyuan and Ruirui were quite curious about this topic. They sat on the carpet, picked up one of the papers, and started turning it over. Although they only knew limited words, they mainly looked at the pictures above.

The discussion between the two people were in full swing, those not in the know would think it was the two of them who were planning to buy a house.

Shen Muan and Chu Yi sat on the sofa as they chatted. No matter what Shen Muan said, Chu Yi could easily pick up where he left off. The two chatted very comfortably.

But this pleasant atmosphere didn’t last long. It was interrupted by the sound of a phone call.

Looking at the person’s name displayed on the phone, Shen Muan frowned slightly. He didn’t want to answer this call at all. Chu Yi noticed that something was wrong and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t want to pick up the phone.” Shen Muan sighed. He shouldn’t have added this person back just because of the leader’s intervention last time.

Chu Yi glanced at Shen Muan’s mobile phone and asked, “Do you want to help?”

“Help?” Shen Muan looked into Chu Yi’s eyes suspiciously, “How can you help?”

“It’s very simple.” Chu Yi smiled mischievously and asked for the phone. After Shen Muan nodded in agreement, he pressed the answer button.

“Hello, hello.”

There was silence on the other end for a while, then a question was asked, “Who are you? Where is Shen Muan?”

“He went to take a bath, is there anything wrong?” Chu Yi’s voice had a bit of a lazy feeling to it, as if he had just woken up and was still in bed.

Shen Muan blinked and understood what Chu Yi meant, but he felt that the effect of this plan wouldn’t be too good.

After all… That person was a bit abnormal.

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