Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Find a Way

Shen Muan told Chu Yi of his worries, telling him to pay a little more attention to his surroundings. Chu Yi agreed, and turned his head. He asked someone to check who Zhuang Yiran was.

With Chu Yi’s ability, it was very simple to find someone’s information. In less than 24 hours, Zhuang Yiran’s information was already placed on his desk.

Chu Yi frowned as he finished reading Zhuang Yiran’s information. He now understood why Shen Muan had that expression.

Chu Yi felt a little distressed for An An. He thought that Zhuang Yiran was his friend, but it turned out to be such a person.

What Shen Muan knew about was only a part of it. The information in Chu Yi’s hands contained some more terrifying things about Zhuang Yiran that Shen Muan did not know.

“Have some people watch Zhuang Yiran, don’t let him approach An An.” Chu Yi threw the information on the table, and the assistant next to him nodded and noted down the matter.

Shen Muan wouldn’t usually let people he hated occupy his heart, so he quickly forgot about Zhuang Yiran’s affairs.

Moreover, parent-child activities were currently happening in the kindergarten, it was a busy time.

The children were very excited. They wanted to participate in kindergarten competitions with their parents. Especially the children whose parents were usually busy.

Ruirui looked at the excited children next to him, feeling a little down, but when his gaze fell on Shen Muan, he quickly felt refreshed. Although he no longer had his parents, he still had elder brothers An An and Fangqi, as well as Grandpa and Grandma.

Because Shen Muan was responsible for many things, Ruirui had to participate in the competition with Shen Fangqi. It was normal for Shen Fangqi to become too serious during games, so Shen Muan repeatedly told him that this was an entertainment project, so he shouldn’t take it too seriously.

He was afraid that as soon as Shen Fangqi got serious, the other parents wouldn’t even need to play.

The children would probably be dumbfounded as well, it would be over before it even started.

Shen Fangqi promised, but as for whether he wouldn’t suddenly become serious at that moment. He didn’t know for sure.

Ruirui was actually quite looking forward to it. No, it should be said that all the children were looking forward to it, except Chu Siyuan and Keke.

Zhizhi glanced curiously at Chu Siyuan, who looked dejected with a bitter and vengeful expression. He was a little confused. What could be the matter?

Feeling it strange in his heart, Zhizhi asked directly: “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to participate in the competition with my uncle.” Chu Siyuan said unhappily, “He will definitely drag me down.” When Chu Siyuan said this, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it. He really thought that Chu Yi would drag him down.

Xiaoyi, who was listening next to him clearly heard this, she didn’t know how Chu Siyuan could complain like this. She felt that it must be Chu Siyuan who would be dragging his uncle. In Xiaoyi’s heart, adults were very powerful, how could they drag children’s hind legs?

“What about you, Keke?” Zhizhi ignored Chu Siyuan’s words, he turned his head to ask the worried face next to him. After a long time of interacting with each other, Zhizhi could now face Keke normally.

Keke propped up her chubby face filled with baby fat with one hand, sighing she said worriedly: “I’m worried that my father will come over and scare the other children to tears. There will be no way for us to compete. ”

“……” Zhizhi was taken aback, how terrifying was Keke’s father? He felt that his psychological shadow had increased again. Zhizhi combined what he found scary, and made up an image of Keke’s father in his brain.

He was two meters tall with dark skin, half of his face was only bones, and with his big bloody mouth he could eat a small child in one bite.

Zhizhi was successfully frightened by the picture that his brain churned out, so he silently moved to Chu Siyuan’s side. Chu Siyuan pushed Zhizhi back in disgust: “Don’t get so close.”

Zhizhi was a little scared, so he straightened up with a dead face. Although he still disliked Chu Siyuan a bit, at least he could rely on him.

So he shouldn’t be too scared.

Chu Siyuan already felt disgusted with his uncle, and Zhizhi was acting so attached to him that he began to be disgusted with Zhizhi as well.

The two of them fought and quarreled so much that they forgot about their troubles.

Keke was still a little worried. She didn’t know what to do. She really wanted her father to be with her, but if he scares the other children and affects the event, it wouldn’t be good. But if Dad didn’t come, who else could come?

Keke was half-lying on the table, a little sad, she had no mother, there was only her father. Although Dad looked scary, he was a good dad, he would coax her when she was down, tie her braids, and take her out to play.

However, only Keke knew these things, the other children wouldn’t know about it. It would be normal for them to be afraid of her father.

But Keke was still very sad.

Xiaoyi glanced at her a few times. She didn’t want to pay attention to Keke, but after entangling her thoughts for a while, she leaned over and said, “Why don’t we ask Teacher An An?”

Keke’s eyes lit up instantly, she immediately stood up and nodded vigorously. Keke grabbed Xiaoyi’s hand and wanted to go together with her to find Teacher An An.

Xiaoyi felt confused for a while. She didn’t like Keke, but right now she was holding hands with a person she didn’t like, it made her feel very conflicted.

Keke took Xiaoyi to the office to find Teacher An An. After listening to Keke’s words, Shen Muan touched her head.

“Don’t worry, let’s find a way together to let the children know that Keke’s father is a good person, okay?” Shen Muan comforted Keke, thinking of a solution in his mind.

Humans were visual animals, and the impression left at the first glance was difficult to change, especially when one looked like Shan Liang. Everyone would be frightened at first sight, and they would no longer stop to think whether the other party was good or bad.

Only some were able to not judge a person based on their appearance, they usually only cared about the beauty of their hearts. But the children didn’t understand these things yet.

Keke hugged Shen Muan’s thigh, her whole body was practically lying on it, seriously considering a plan with Shen Muan.

Shen Muan thought for a while, and felt that if he wanted the children not to be afraid, he had to let everyone know that Keke’s father was not a bad person.

So that everyone could understand easily.

The best way was a story.

A performance.

“Why don’t we think of a story, show it to everyone, and let everyone know that Keke’s father is a good person?” Shen Muan asked, touching Keke’s pigtail. He felt that in this way, the children could quickly accept a very fierce person.

“Good!” Keke nodded vigorously, she thought it was okay.

“But I can’t make up stories…” Keke was excited for a while, then became a little frustrated.

At this moment, Xiaoyi suddenly said, “I can.”

Keke immediately let go of Shen Muan, grabbed Xiaoyi’s hand, blinked her big beautiful eyes and asked, “Xiaoyi, can you help me?”

After Xiaoyi said those two words, she regretted it a little, but when she saw Shen Muan’s encouraging eyes, she nodded and agreed: “Okay ”

She wants Teacher An An to see that she was also very good!

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