Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – I Hope He Won’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Shan Liang was quite excited when he first learned about the parent-child activities of the kindergarten. He hadn’t participated in parent-child activities with Keke yet.

But after thinking about it more, he gave up the idea. As soon as his appearance was seen, it was estimated that the parent-child activities in the kindergarten would be ruined.

Why was he made to look so scary? And with the scars on his face, he surely doesn’t look like a good person.

Shan Liang has suffered a lot because of his appearance. Because of his fierce look, he easily scared others. Sometimes a casual glance from him made some people feel that he was provoking them. Because of his appearance, it was very easy for him to be regarded in society, some people even come here to worship him like the top of the mountain and recognize him as the boss.

Shan Liang was distressed for a long time.

Being considerate again and again, Shan Liang got into a lot of trouble as a result. Even he didn’t know how he got mixed up on this road.

The scar on his face was left at that time, but he quickly realized that what he was doing was wrong, so he persuaded the group of brothers who followed him to reform.

But in this kind of work it was easy to get in and difficult to get out.

It wasn’t easy to get out completely.

Shan Liang also thought about giving up, but during that time he met Keke’s mother. The feelings he developed strengthened his determination to live a proper life.

Shan Liang finally succeeded. After leaving that road behind, he got together with Keke’s mother. The two had always been in love so they embarked on the hall of marriage.

Within a few years, Keke their daughter came to the world.

Seeing the little child in his infancy, Shan Liang’s heart was soft and confused.

But unfortunately, his wife’s health kept getting worse. In the end, she was diagnosed with late stage cancer and passed away within two years.

On the day of his wife’s death, Shan Liang felt as if the sky had collapsed. If it weren’t for Keke’s presence, he wouldn’t even have the courage to live.

Shan Liang’s only support now was his daughter, and what he values most was his daughter.

But now he can’t even participate in a parent-child activity with Keke, which made him a little frustrated.

When Shan Liang was thinking about how to explain it to his daughter, Keke was already running up to him, very excited, saying that he would be going to the event with her.

“Keke, Dad really wants to go too, but if I go, it will scare the other children.” Although Shan Liang really wanted to go with his daughter, there was nothing he could do about this.

As she blinked her big eyes, Keke said to Shan Liang: “Don’t worry, Dad, we have already figured out a way!” Keke told Shan Liang the plan they have thought of today.

“I also invited Xiaoyi to come and play on Saturday.” Keke hugged her princess doll and happily circled around the house. This was the first time she had invited another child to play at home.

“Is that so? Shall we prepare a small gift together to welcome her?” Shan Liang couldn’t help but be happy for Keke when he saw her happy expression.

“Yes!” Keke said excitedly. After all, this was the first time a friend would come to visit, she had to take out everything she liked! Keke completely forgot that her purpose of inviting Xiaoyi was to make the story for the show.

After Xiaoyi got home, she regretted that she had promised to go so quickly. She hugged her mother’s waist and smiled as if she was planning something mischievous.

In fact, from Keke’s description, Xiaoyi was still a little scared. She didn’t know if Keke’s father was really that scary. But Teacher An An said that what was promised must be done, and she should be trustworthy.

Although she was a little scared, Xiaoyi still said very strongly that she was going, even under the questioning of her mother. Originally, her mother planned to say that she could simply let Keke come to their house, but seeing Xiaoyi’s firm expression, she dispelled this idea.

Sometimes it wasn’t bad to let the children try things by themselves. Xiaoyi’s mother thought that since she was going to be a guest, she should definitely bring something over, but for children, it would be better to bring some small biscuits or something.

“Then let’s make some cookies together? You can take it to Keke’s house and eat it with her on Saturday.” Mom went to the kitchen with Xiaoyi, who was a little reluctant.

Although she was a little unhappy, Xiaoyi still helped her mother make cookies very seriously.

Shen Muan, who was at home, was also making small biscuits, but the small biscuits he made were for White Gloves. Ruirui was helping at the side, watching the small biscuits slowly rise in the oven, he couldn’t help swallowing.

“I also want to eat cookies.” Ruirui touched his somewhat deflated stomach. He felt that he could still have some snacks.

As soon as Shen Muan cooked the rice, he glanced at the time and said, “Then you can only eat one piece, we will be eating soon. ”

Ruirui nodded and ran to the living room to get a biscuit. White Gloves squatted in front of him and stared at the biscuit in Ruirui’s hand.

“White Gloves, your biscuits are not ready yet, this one is mine.” Ruirui moved the biscuit, and White Gloves moved with him. One person and one cat were in a stalemate.

Ruirui opened his mouth and wanted to eat the biscuit in one bite. But White Gloves seized the opportunity and jumped up, took a bite at the biscuit, and ran away with it. The movement was so fast that Ruirui couldn’t even react, and his biscuits were gone.

Ruirui was frozen at his eating posture, there was nothing but air in his hand.

Shen Muan, who heard the movement, couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this scene. He took another small biscuit and gave it to Ruirui.

“Okay, it’s okay, it robbed your little biscuit. I will deduct a little biscuit for him today.” Shen Muan touched Ruirui’s head and comforted the little guy.

Ruirui learned a lesson this time. He followed Shen Muan, looked at White Gloves vigilantly, then ate cautiously. He was afraid that he would be robbed again.

After cooking dinner, Shen Muan asked Ruirui to go eat dinner first. He glanced at the news on his mobile phone and made another bowl of noodles.

“Brother, do you want noodles?” Ruirui leaned over curiously and watched the white noodles slowly turn with the chopsticks in the boiling pot.

“No, this is for someone else.” Shen Muan explained, “Go eat quickly, or it will get cold.”

“I’ll wait for you.” Ruirui shook his head. He sat at the door of the kitchen with a small stool and watched Shen Muan cook noodles. Suddenly, he remembered his parents.

After a while, the noodles were cooked.

Shen Muan put the noodles in a heat preserved container and closed the lid.

Ruirui ran out to the small stool and sat at the dining table. He was a little curious about who the bowl of noodles was for. He asked, but Shen Muan didn’t answer, he was only told to eat obediently.

Shen Fangqi had changed his clothes and came out of the room. He was wearing a black suit with a very solemn expression.

“I’m done, you can bring this over.” Shen Muan touched Ruirui’s head. If it were still only the two brothers at home, he would go with Shen Fangqi.

But now that they had Ruirui, he couldn’t leave Ruirui alone at home.

“OK.” Shen Fangqi nodded. He picked up the container and went out, without even taking a bite of the meal.

At this time, Ruirui discovered that the meal prepared by Shen Muan today was only for two people.

“Brother An An, where is Brother Fang Qi going?” Ruirui grabbed Shen Muan’s hand and asked. He didn’t even eat, thought Ruirui

“He’s going to deliver a meal to his comrades-in-arms.” Shen Muan looked out the window, it would be dark in a while.

Ruirui asked puzzledly: “Why didn’t you ask him to come home to eat dinner?”

“He can’t come.” Shen Muan suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Ruirui, “I hope he won’t be afraid of the dark.”

Shen Fangqi drove to the address given by the Bureau.

It was a tombstone with no name, no photo, nothing. But there were many people standing next to that tombstone. They had solemn expressions, heads lowered, and no one spoke. Everyone mourned silently for the young man on the ground.

Shen Fangqi stood silent. He walked over with the food container and placed it in front of the tombstone. As soon as the container was opened, the aroma of food came out, but no one present reacted.

“You liked to eat.” Shen Fangqi looked at the tombstone as if was seeing the young man, with a string of words floating in his mind.

“My favorite food is Yang Chun noodles.”

That was what the young man said to Shen Fangqi before the incident. Although it was said in passing, he remembered it.

Never forget…

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