Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Performance

The parent-child activity day of the kindergarten was about to begin. Shen Muan and other teachers took the children to make origami and decorate the classroom.

The children were very excited. They fully let out their imaginations and dressed up the classroom like a fairy tale world.

A snow white made of paper, a little bird made of plasticine, and a crystal coffin made of disposable transparent boxes decorated the room. There were also pieces of green wood, where the children were discussing what to draw in the forest.

Looking at the cheerful and lively children, Shen Muan’s mood brightened as well. He listened to the children’s discussions carefully, he had to pay attention because it could easily turn into a fight since they were too excited.

It was normal for friction to occur between children. If they couldn’t resolve the contradiction by themselves, they needed the intervention of the teacher.

But today everything was going okay, they were all very excited.

The parent-child activity day was not just a competition. There were other activities scheduled that day. Parents would be allowed to observe the kindergarten classes and see the children’s usual activities.

This was to enhance the parent-child relationship, especially for the parents who were unfamiliar with their children because of their busy work. Games and activities were a good way to develop stronger feelings.

Many parents would come in advance to help arrange the kindergarten. Chu Yi felt that this was a good opportunity, so he came to help Shen Muan first.

Chu Siyuan disliked his uncle very much, but the other children liked this handsome and powerful uncle.

The children were not like adults. They were still in a state of ignorance. They weren’t easily frightened by Chu Yi’s cold face, and didn’t care too much about some of the actions he made.

Although Chu Siyuan usually disliked Chu Yi, since there were other children who tried to grab his uncles, he was a bit distressed.

Chu Yi didn’t notice this at first, but later on he found that Chu Siyuan had been sticking to his side, with a smelly face, but didn’t say a word. Although he wanted the person next to him to go away, he couldn’t since he had to save face.

The adults saw his tangled appearance, so Shen Muan quietly whispered in Chu Yi’s ear while laughing: “You coax him.”

Following Shen Muan’s suggestion, Chu Yi took the initiative to grab Chu Siyuan’s hand. Chu Siyuan originally wanted to slap his uncle’s hand away, but he seemed to have realized something, so he obediently let Chu Yi hold his hands. Chu Yi looked at Chu Siyuan’s helpless gaze at him and was a little speechless. This child really had everything written on his face.

Shen Muan glanced at Chu Yi’s face, and realized that as long as he said so, Chu Yi would do it. This man seemed to listen to him better than most of the children.

Moreover, Shen Muan found that Chu Yi appeared by his side much more frequently than the other parents. It was really gratifying to have such a friend.

With the assistance of everyone, the kindergarten dress up was quickly arranged.

Shen Muan took the children in the class to wash their hands and eat fruits.

Taking advantage of this time, Shen Muan went to ask Xiaoyi and Keke about their progress. Because of the preparation, the two little girls had become familiar with each other and got along very well.

“We are all ready! ” Keke took Xiaoyi’s hand and smiled. She thought everything would be okay this time.

She wanted all the children in the kindergarten to know that her father was the best father in the world!

“Is it? This teacher is looking forward to it.” Shen Muan clapped his hands very enthusiastically. He was very curious about what kind of performance they would do.

Xiaoyi blushed, she was looking forward to it as well.

Soon, the parent-child activity day arrived.

Keke took her father to the kindergarten early in the morning, who was still a little nervous. He was usually careless and looked arrogant, but in fact, thinking about facing so many children, Shan Liang still couldn’t help but worry about whether he would scare them.

But for the sake of his daughter, Shan Liang felt that he could do anything.

In the past few days, Shan Liang watched the hard work of Keke and Xiaoyi. He wanted to help, but the two little girls rejected him. They wanted to write this story by themselves, because the father in Keke’s eyes was different from Shan Liang’s eyes.

In Keke’s eyes, Dad was the best person. But in Shan Liang’s eyes, he was not as good as Shan Keke thought, so if he intervenes, the feeling of the story would change.

It was only during the rehearsal that Shan Liang had the chance to read the story written by the two girls.

Shan Liang finished reading the story with a blushing face. In the story, he was described as a Superman-like father, it made him feel a burst of shame. At the same time, Shan Liang was also very happy and moved. He didn’t expect that he had such a great image in his daughter’s mind.

Although he felt ashamed, Shan Liang had the determination to cooperate with Keke and Xiaoyi. He wanted to make sure that he did not let their hard work during this period go to waste.

The program was before the event, otherwise Shan Liang would not be able to participate in the activities with Keke.

Before taking the stage, Shan Liang took a few deep breaths, and Shen Muan cheered on the few children beside him. Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi stood next to each other, wondering why they suddenly had to do an extra activity.

Because Keke wanted to maintain a sense of mystery, Shen Muan had not read the script until now.

All the children sat in rows in front of the stage, while the parents sat in the back. They were waiting for Keke and the others to perform.

Soon the performance began.

In the story of Keke and Xiaoyi, Shan Liang was a terrifying dragon. Everyone thought he was here to take the princess. In fact, he was the one who saved the princess from a dangerous situation. 

After bringing the princess back to the castle, the dragon happily played with the princess. He would tell stories to the princess, and would let the princess fly high while riding on his back. He even promised the princess that he would become her dragon knight.

It was Shan Liang who played the evil dragon, and of course Keke played the princess. The tacit understanding between the father and daughter was surprising.

Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi were also in the play, one was the king and the other played the brave man.

The princess and the dragon lived very happily in the cave. They went and played everywhere they wanted every day, and they were even happier than the Royal Family in the castle.

But the king was very worried about the princess. He thought that the dragon was bad, so he asked someone to find a brave man to kill the dragon.

After the brave man found the dragon, he drew his sword and wanted to fight the dragon to death. However, during the attack, the brave man almost injured the princess. In order to protect the princess, the dragon got injured and scars were left on his face and upper body.

After the brave man discovered this, he deliberately stabbed the sword at the princess. In order to protect the princess, the dragon blocked in front of her, and the brave man’s sword pierced the heart of the dragon.

The evil dragon was dead.

The princess cried loudly, praying that God would let the evil dragon live.

At this time, Xiaoyi, who played the fairy godmother, came out and used magic to turn the evil dragon into a human being, becoming the most loyal guardian of the princess.

Although the children’s acting skills were not very good, they performed very seriously. The children watching from below easily mobilized their emotions.

When they saw the dragon die, they cried super loudly, and couldn’t help being sad. After the evil dragon turned into a human with the fairy godmother’s magic, the children stopped crying and laughed happily. Only a few children still couldn’t stop crying and ran to the back to find their parents.

After the fairy godmother casted the magic, Shan Liang had to take off the dragon costume he was wearing. When he took it off, Shan Liang was actually still worried that the children would cry even more after he took it off. He didn’t want to take it off. But if he didn’t take it off, Keke and Xiaoyi’s efforts would all be in vain.

Therefore, Shan Liang took off his costume with extreme psychological preparation. But to his surprise, the children didn’t seem to be scared by him, they were even laughing…

Shan Liang’s mood became indescribably complicated. He wanted to laugh but he also felt like crying a little bit, but it really wouldn’t look good for such a big man to cry. So he held back, followed the children seriously, and bowed for curtain call.

As soon as they got off the stage, Chu Siyuan ran straight to Shen Muan. He grabbed Teacher An An’s hand with his face bulging, like a big meat bun with thin skin and a lot of stuffing.

“Teacher An An, I don’t want to play the villain.” Chu Siyuan was purely pulled out by the strong Keke this time, she made him agree without having the chance to ask clearly. Zhizhi was even more innocent, he was directly forcibly added to the performance.

The two of them didn’t even participate in any rehearsals.

“But Siyuan played very well.” Shen muan said in a very exaggerated tone, “Does Si Yuan prefer to play the princess?”

Chu Siyuan originally nodded non-stop because of Shen Muan’s praise. When he heard the last sentence, he also nodded subconsciously. Later on, he realized that this was wrong and shook his head vigorously.

Although he didn’t want to play the villain, it didn’t mean he wanted to play a girl!

Keke walked over happily with her father, and when she heard Shen Muan’s last words, she blinked and looked at Chu Siyuan carefully.

Chu Siyuan helped her this time, so she must repay him.

Thinking so, Keke patted Chu Siyuan on the shoulder: “If you want to be the princess, I will give it to you next time, and I will be the dragon!”

“No! Next time, I don’t want to be a princess either.” Chu Siyuan was very resistant to this. He didn’t want to act again at all, let alone be the princess.

Zhizhi stood quietly beside him, and nodded thoughtfully. He would remember this incident for the rest of his life.

When they were all grown up, Zhizhi would take out this matter from time to time and use it to attack Chu Siyuan.

If Shen Muan hadn’t intervened, sooner or later Chu Siyuan would have been stimulated by Zhizhi to become a real villain…

“Did I miss the show?” Shen Fangqi came late, he ran to the kindergarten as soon as he finished explaining the matter.

“Yes, but you have to go to the preschool section.” Shen Muan pointed to the other side and said, “Ruirui has been waiting for you for a long time, so go ahead.”

Shen Fangqi nodded, he glanced lightly at the little guys who were sticking next to Shen Muan. The little guys stiffened at an instant, as if frightened.

Shan Liang hurriedly stepped forward to greet Shen Fangqi. He saw that Shen Fangqi was still holding a grudge against him. After all, Shen Fangqi caught him last time, although it was just a misunderstanding.

The two said hello briefly, and Shen Fangqi went to find Ruirui.

Ruirui had been waiting for a long time. He was sitting alone. The children next to him were accompanied by their parents, but there was no one around him.

Originally, Shen Muan wanted to follow him first, but Ruirui refused. Shen Muan was very busy today, he didn’t want to cause trouble.

Ruirui waited and waited, and finally he saw Shen Fangqi, so he ran over excitedly to hug Shen Fangqi.

“Brother Fangqi, I have been waiting for you for a long time.” Ruirui was a little aggrieved as he hugged Shen Fangqi.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Shen Fangqi patted Ruirui’s head. He wanted to come earlier, but he didn’t expect he’d be delayed.

“It’s not too late, it’s fine as long as brother comes. ”

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