Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Competition

After the success of the performance, the parent-child competitions were about to begin.

The children and their parents were moving their bodies together, preparing for the [big instep and small feet activity][1]大脚背小脚的活动 uhm something like this?? idk how to add the image directly i’m sorry QnQ that will be held later.

Zhizhi touched the fat on his belly, and then looked at his father. He felt that his father was even thinner than himself. If he stepped on his foot, would he break his father’s foot?

Fortunately, Xiao Qi didn’t know what his son was currently thinking, otherwise he would have laughed at this fat boy so much that he wouldn’t be able to talk anymore. How could he be worried about such things?

Although the children were round and cute, Zhizhi’s weight obviously exceeded the standard. For the health of the children, they had to ensure that his weight was within the normal range.

Overall, the father and son were quite harmonious.

But with Chu Siyuan, the atmosphere was the opposite.

Chu Siyuan hugged Shen Muan’s leg and refused to give up: “I don’t want to participate with my uncle. Teacher An An, accompany me to participate in the competition, okay?”

Shen Muan looked helpless: “Teacher An An is the referee, how can I participate in the competition?” He looked at Chu Yi and asked Chu Yi to take this clingy little guy away.

Of course Chu Siyuan didn’t let him, his temper rose up, and kept acting clingy.

“Stop it, the other children will participate in the competitions with their parents, and I am not your parent.” Shen Muan had a headache. Although the children were usually very cute, they were not so cute when they caused trouble.

Chu Yi stepped forward and carried Chu Siyuan to the side. He suppressed his desire to say, “You can be Chu Siyuan’s parent.”

He was afraid it would scare his person.

But this would not work either.

Chu Siyuan used both his hands and feet, trying to escape from Chu Yi’s clutches, but his strength was too weak to escape at all.

“The game is about to start, so hurry over.” Shen Muan glanced at the time and said quickly, he had to go over the field and preside over the game.

The children who were going to participate in the competition were all ready with their parents. Although Chu Siyuan was reluctant, he had no choice but to endure and be obedient.

“We must win!” Since there was no way to change the facts so they must at least win!

Chu Yi nodded, if you don’t want to do it, but you have to, then you must do your best in it.

Zhizhi stepped on his father’s feet cautiously. Xiao Qi looked at his son in horror. Why did he suddenly gain so much weight? Although it was still within his tolerance, his feet felt a little tired already…

Looking around, the most relaxed pair was the father and daughter Keke and Shan Liang. Keke was already very light, and Shan Liang exercised all year round, not to mention carrying Keke all the way. It wasn’t even a problem to do a hundred push-ups with her on his back.

Every parent’s situation was different. Some felt very relaxed, while the others were doubting their lives.

Chu Yi and Chu Siyuan didn’t belong to either, they felt that they would fight at any time.

Shen Muan didn’t know why a person of Chu Yi’s age could easily get serious with a child. Because of the two of them, Shen Muan had to pay constant attention to prevent them from quarreling.

It was just a competition, Shen Muan felt tired.

As soon as Shen Muan shouted to begin, Xiao Qi who was near him rushed forward with his son, but Zhizhi’s weight added a lot of resistance and slowed down his speed.

“Start losing weight tomorrow.” Xiao Qi made a quick decision. He would no longer let Zhizhi eat and drink casually. If this continued, he was afraid that Zhizhi would really become a ball.

Due to the stressful game, Xiao Qi couldn’t care about the game, but his son’s weight. Zhizhi almost cried during the game. He looked at his father and said aggrieved: “I don’t… Mom said I don’t need to lose weight. ”

“……” Xiao Qi saw that the people next to him had overtaken him, so he quickly followed up, running while complaining, “Do you not know your mother’s beauty? She still likes your softness now. But when you get older, she will definitely dislike you for being fat.”

Zhizhi hugged his father’s leg, he felt weak and began to cry. Which made them fall to the last place all at once.

Zhizhi didn’t expect that his mother would dislike him too, this broke his heart.

Shen Muan was originally waiting for the arrival of the children and parents at the finish line. He was cheering for everyone at the front, when he heard Zhizhi’s cry at the back.

Shen Muan told the other teachers he was going to check what happened. As soon as he was about to go over to see what was going on, he heard someone behind him shouting to be careful.

Shen Muan turned around subconsciously, and saw a figure rushing towards him. He didn’t even have the time to react and was directly thrown to the ground by the other. This made a loud noise which scared the children next to him.

It was too close…

Shen Muan stared blankly at the young man lying on his body. The familiar face of the other party was only a few millimeters away from him, he could clearly feel Chu Yi’s breathing.

The other party was so close to him, but Shen Muan didn’t feel against it at all. He found that the other party’s heartbeat seemed to be a little fast, but he didn’t seem to be frightened.

Chu Yi looked at Shen Muan’s face, his heart beating fast, his gaze couldn’t help but fall on Shen Muan’s crimson lips.

The two looked at each other, each with their own thoughts, but Chu Siyuan ran over and tried to push his uncle away, he wanted to help Shen Muan up.

With such a loud incident, Zhizhi stopped crying. He completely forgot that he was still in the game, he also wanted to run to Teacher An An.

After Chu Yi got up, he took Shen Muan’s hand and pulled him up.

This little episode passed by peacefully.

But Shen Muan still felt that something was wrong, why was Chu Yi so nervous, his heart was throbbing, and he thought it was… Shen Muan subconsciously looked at Chu Yi. At that moment, Shen Muan realized something.

When Chu Yi smiled at him, Shen Muan almost subconsciously looked elsewhere. He remained skeptical of his guess… Maybe he was just careless?

But recalling how he got along with Chu Yi, Shen Muan felt more and more that his guess was correct…

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1 大脚背小脚的活动 uhm something like this?? idk how to add the image directly i’m sorry QnQ

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