Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Having a Meal Together

After that thought appeared, Shen Muan began to subconsciously follow Chu Yi’s every move.

This was the first time that Shen Muan had separated Chu Yi’s identity from being Chu Siyuan’s uncle.

Chu Yi found that Shen Muan had been paying attention to him. He lowered his head and whispered in Chu Siyuan’s ear: “Teacher An An is looking at us. Please cooperate and let’s perform well together. ”

When Chu Siyuan heard this, he immediately looked at Shen Muan. After receiving a smile from Shen Muan, he nodded, which could be considered as agreeing with the alliance with Chu Yi.

Originally ranked first was Shan Liang and Keke, now Chu Siyuan and Chu Yi became ranked first together with them.

The competitive spirit of the two little guys were amplified, and the atmosphere became tense.

Xiao Qi looked at the children who were very competitive next to him, and then at his son: “Don’t you want to take first place?” Xiao Qi was a little puzzled. His son’s current state didn’t seem like he was here to participate in the competition at all, but more like he was here visiting and traveling.

“I’ll think about it.” Zhizhi replied very honestly. Although he also wanted to take first place, he didn’t want to fight at all.

“You want to take first place but still have to think about it?” Xiao Qi didn’t understand what this little guy was thinking. Other children would surely rush to be the first to make fire. His son’s attitude was opposite them. He also wanted to take first place, but why was he so calm?

Zhizhi said confidently: “It is one thing to want the first place, but it is another matter whether to take it or not.”

Considering Zhizhi’s logic, Xiao Qi didn’t even know what to say, anyway, as long as the child was happy.

With this attitude, Zhizhi and Xiao Qi participated in all the competitions. Although the two of them did not get into the top ranks, they were the happiest father and son duo among all the parents and children.

In the end, it was Keke and her dad who took first place, and Chu Siyuan took second place. Although Chu Siyuan was a little disappointed, he was still very happy to get this ranking.

On the other hand, Ruirui and Shen Fangqi easily won first place in all the competitions.

No one on the scene was better than Shen Fangqi in terms of speed and physical strength. Holding Ruirui was like holding a piece of tofu, he didn’t feel heavy and Shen Fangqi didn’t get tired at all.

After receiving the first-place award, Ruirui was very happy to take Shen Fangqi to Shen Muan. He wanted to show him the results he and Brother Fangqi got.

As soon as Ruirui appeared, Chu Siyuan immediately hugged Shen Muan. Zhizhi was like a little milk orange cat, hanging on Shen Muan’s body, he was looking at him with big watery eyes, looking very pitiful.

Shen Muan touched one head after another, showing a look that he had long been accustomed to.

Ruirui didn’t pay attention to the pendants on Shen Muan’s lap, and excitedly showed him the first place award that he and Brother Fangqi had won.

In fact, first place was already expected by Shen Muan, because Shen Fangqi was there.

“I really controlled myself today.” Shen Fangqi spread out his hands. He had suppressed his strength by alot today, he even ran half as slow as usual.

Ruirui nodded and raised his hand: “I testify that Brother Fangqi was only a little bit ahead of the others!”

“……You didn’t keep surpassing others by only a little bit, did you?” Shen Muan looked at the big guy and then at the small guy, thinking that they might have done just that.

When Chu Yi heard this, he thought to himself, this would’ve made people mad.

Shen Fangqi nodded.

Shen Muan covered his face silently, Xiao Qi couldn’t help but smile. Although Chu Yi held back his smile, the corners of his lips raised up slighly exposed his emotions.

Only Shen Fangqi and the few children were confused, they didn’t understand why the adults were laughing.

“Fortunately, you are a policeman.” Xiao Qi patted Shen Fangqi on the shoulder and said solemnly.

Shen Fangqi’s behavior was actually worse than directly surpassing the opponent by a large margin. Only Shen Fangqi could do this kind of operation, giving the opponent hope and then making the opponent feel desperate.

During the game, Shen Fangqi only remembered the words said by Shen Muan, to control himself a little bit. He completely forgot that his behavior was like a provocation.

The children may not think much of it yet, but the adults should be very upset.

Shen Muan looked over to the preschool section. Although the children did not win the game, they were still immersed in the joy they felt from playing the game. While the faces of the adults were already dark, especially the adults who were only off by little bit at the time.

They felt that they could win right away, but found that it was always only a little bit closer. They tried their best, but the opponent was at ease, as if he was playing with himself, anyone who saw this kind of attitude would have been angry.

Shen Fangqi only reacted under Shen Muan’s reminder. He didn’t think too much of it, but still, it was a bit unfair for him to participate in this kind of event.

After all, the other parents weren’t professionally trained.

“The game is already over, it’s no big deal.” Shen Muan said, anyway, it already happened, and it was a bit embarassing for Shen Fangqi to apologize for this kind of thing. It was normal to lose or win in a game, they could only think that they were out of luck.

“Why don’t we go for dinner together in the evening?” Xiao Qi suggested, “It’s my treat.”

“Eat, eat together.” Zhizhi hugged Shen Muan’s thigh and agreed with his father’s decision very much, but when he heard the next four words, his expression immediately changed. He quickly released his hand and clutched his small pockets and said, “I don’t have any money.”

“I have money!” Chu Siyuan raised his small hand and said very proudly, “I still have my New Year’s Eve money. I can invite you to dinner.”

“Eat?” Shan Keke pulled his father over, and only heard the words “Invite to dinner”, and immediately said excitedly, “I want to go too!”

Although they were all baptized by the story, the children still couldn’t help being a little scared when they saw Shan Liang, but the situation was much better than before.

At least no one in the kindergarten regarded Shan Liang as a bad person.

Shan Liang even met a little girl who leaned over and gave him a kiss just now, saying that the wound would not hurt anymore. Shan Liang’s heart almost melted because of the little cutie, and Keke’s mouth was about to be filled up by a vinegar bottle.

After discovering that her daughter was jealous, Shan Liang immediately coaxed her.

But now that he had to go to dinner with the children, Shan Liang felt a little uncomfortable.

Chu Siyuan looked at Shan Keke’s father. Shan Liang was the strongest-looking person among the adults here. He was a little worried about whether his New Year’s money was enough to invite him to dinner.

“Don’t be so stingy, don’t you have a lot of New Year’s Money as well?” Xiao Qi poked Zhizhi’s face, struck with a poke, the skin quickly bounced back. How many girls would envy such elastic skin?

Zhizhi shook his head abruptly. He didn’t have much money at all, he had been saving up so he could buy gifts. He couldn’t invite everyone to dinner. If it were just inviting Teacher An An to dinner, Zhizhi might have agreed, but he would definitely refuse to invite this many people.

“Cheapskate.” Xiao Qi stopped poking Zhizhi’s face, and poked Zhizhi’s belly instead. This little belly was softer than the face when poked.

Zhizhi covered his face with one hand and his belly with the other. He hid behind Teacher An An, unwilling to let his father poke and play with him.

“Chu Siyuan said he was going to treat.” After Zhizhi felt he found a backer, his voice became emboldened.

Chu Siyuan scratched his hair and looked at Chu Yi.

With this glace Chu Yi knew what Chu Siyuan wanted to express, and said, “You forgot, you lost all your New Year’s money to me.”

“……” With this reminder, Chu Siyuan remembered that all his New Year’s money was squeezed out by his uncle.

Chu Yi was just teasing Chu Siyuan at that time, but he didn’t expect that later, Chu Siyuan would really give him the bank card and all he had saved from the New Year’s Eve.

This surprised Chu Yi quite a bit. But since Chu Siyuan had given it to him, Chu Yi only helped him put it away for the time being. Now that Chu Yi had said this, he wanted to see how Chu Siyuan would react after remembering.

Seeing Chu Siyuan’s face flushed, Shan Liang wanted to say that he would simply treat them, but Shen Muan shook his head, and Shan Liang swallowed what he wanted to say.

Chu Siyuan didn’t know what to do for a while, so he asked Shen Muan for help. Shen Muan touched his little head and said, “Why don’t we all go to my house? Let’s cook and eat together?”

“Good!” Keke is the fastest person to agree. She hadn’t been to Teacher An An’s house yet. She could get acquainted with the environment this time!

Before Shan Liang could react, Keke had glued herself to Shen Muan’s side, and began to discuss with several other children what to make and eat.

“This… Won’t it bother you very much?” Shan Liang was a little worried about whether they would disturb him.

Shen Fangqi shook his head: “No.” He actually likes children a lot.

The children discussed happily, completely forgetting to ask their guardians for their opinions.

But today should be a happy day, so everyone had no negative opinion on this.

In this way, the schedule for dinner at Shen Muan’s house in the evening was decided.

“Before going, let’s go shopping for vegetables.” Shen Muan thought for a while. The refrigerator at home seemed to be almost empty. Taking advantage of the large number of people today, it was just the right time to replenish the goods.

“Buy groceries, buy groceries!”

“Let’s buy groceries together!”

“Eh, so many people going together?” Shen Muan looked at the few children and suddenly felt a little bit big-headed, “We don’t need to all go together, do we?”

“I want to go with Teacher An An!” Shan Keke hugged Shen Muan without hesitation.

Chu Siyuan also glued up: “I want to go together too.”

Not to be outdone, the remaining two little guys said they wanted to go too.

If he really took the four children to buy groceries together, Shen Muan felt that he would go crazy.

A few adults were watching the play next to them, and didn’t say anything.

Shen Muan rubbed his aching head, and already had an idea in his heart.

“Well then, everyone choose their own partners to choose a dish together. Each pair will make their own favorite food tonight, and we’ll see who makes the most delicious dish!” Shen Muan successfully turned this incident into a competition, so that the children would not have to follow him.

The children who heard the mission happily agreed, but each of them wanted to team up with Shen Muan. In the end they were pushed back to their fathers or uncle.

Shen Muan didn’t want to lift a stone and shoot himself in the foot, it was absolutely impossible for him to agree.

After everyone had reached the supermarket together, Shen Muan asked them to buy their ingredients by themselves, while he picked some spices and things that could urgently rescue the food they make later.

Standing near the seasoning area, Shen Muan suddenly doubted his decision…

Because… Chu Yi and Xiao Qi didn’t look like they could cook, coupled with the destructive power of the children……

Shen Muan felt that he would have no choice but to change his house earlier.

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