Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Accident

Shen Muan wanted to call 119 in advance to be prepared, but he wondered if this action would be too excessive.

Would they really end up in such a miserable state?

Shen Muan still felt uneasy. He wanted to see what the little guys would choose. He was a little afraid that the children would make some strange dishes.

Shen Muan had been standing in the seasoning area for a while now, so the salesperson next to him couldn’t help but step forward to remind him not to stand in the way.

But before she could, a man was one step ahead of her. The man stood next to Shen Muan and said what the salesperson wanted to say.

Looking at the two people, the salesperson sighed. A handsome guy’s friends were surely all handsome guys as well, these face values were really amazing.

“If you stand there, you will get in the way of others.” Looking at Shen Muan’s face, a man with an undiscernible emotion in his eyes appeared.

Shen Muan subconsciously wanted to say sorry, but when he saw the other person’s face clearly, he couldn’t say his apologies.

“What a coincidence, Muan, it’s been a long time since I last saw you.” The man smiled, the scene was like an ordinary reunion between friends.

But Shen Muan never wanted to meet this person again… this disgusting person.

Shen Muan pretended not to know the man in front of him, so he turned and left.

Zhuang Yiran seemed to be unaware of Shen Muan’s rejection and disgust for him. He wanted to grab Shen Muan’s wrist, but the other party avoided him.

Zhuang Yiran’s eyes dulled because of Shen Muan’s aversion towards him, how could he avoid him? Zhuang Yiran felt very dissatisfied with this, this outcome of events were very different from what he imagined.

Why can’t he do as he wanted?

“Don’t touch me.” Shen Muan threw down three words straightforwardly, and walked away.

Zhuang Yiran hurriedly followed, he was acting like a nice guy that was accommodating his wayward friend.

But this was just an illusion to outsiders.

Zhuang Yiran continued to follow Shen Muan, destroying all the original good mood he had accumulated from the events today. Shen Muan couldn’t figure out how his luck could be so bad. Actually meeting Zhuang Yiran here, Shen Muan felt that he should cross a brazier to get rid of the bad luck when he went back.

But right now he had to delay, he needed to get rid of this disgusting person first.

Zhuang Yiran kept talking next to Shen Muan, no matter what Shen Muan’s attitude was towards him, he only behaved very sincerely.

Shen Muan would never believe his nonsense.

He turned a deaf ear to Zhuang Yiran’s words. He chose to focus on what he needed to do and completely ignored the other party.

Although others didn’t know what happened between them, from the few words they could hear, they subconsciously thought that Shen Muan was at fault. His friend had already apologized so much, but he was still being so stingy.

Zhuang Yiran stood on the high ground of morality in an instant.

It wasn’t that Shen Muan didn’t hear the other people’s arguments, some people even came up to them to help persuade him. Shen Muan directly ignored everyone. They didn’t know anything. Coming up with a few words just to persuade him, this was really funny.

“Muan, don’t do this.” Zhuang Yiran wanted to grab Shen Muan’s wrist again, but this time he was the one who had his wrist grabbed so he was unsuccessful.

Zhuang Yiran’s wrist was grasped in a big hand that was well-defined. Chu Yi blocked in front of Shen Muan with a black face, and said indifferently: “This gentleman, please stop bothering my boyfriend, or I will call the police…”

Shen Muan glanced at Chu Yi subconsciously. He did not deny what Chu Yi said. The person next to him was confused by this outburst.

Some people with more imagination had already made up a complicated scenario in their brains.

“Muan doesn’t have a boyfriend.” Zhuang Yiran wanted to pull his hand back, but found that Chu Yi was much stronger than him. He couldn’t pull out at all, which made him a little irritable.

“Do you have Alzheimer’s? Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Chu Yi sneered, “I suggest you see a doctor.”

Shen Muan laughed behind Chu Yi, and the gloomy haze on his face instantly disappeared.

A few people who were eating melons nearby discussed the events in a low voice. They judged that in the current situation, Chu Yi and Shen Muan were boyfriends, while Zhuang Yiran was chasing Shen Muan because he didn’t love him.

It felt like a dog blood drama was being staged, but Chu Yi’s words just now were amazing.

Chu Yi had long been accustomed to the feeling of being watched by others. Even if many people looked at him, he could still directly confront Zhuang Yiran.

“Muan, is he really your boyfriend?” Zhuang Yiran ignored Chu Yi, but asked Shen Muan directly. He wanted to get the answer from him.

Shen Muan thought he wanted Zhuang Yiran to not entangle with him any longer, so he nodded and admitted: “Yes, we are boyfriends.”

Although Chu Yi knew that Shen Muan only said this because wanted to get rid of Zhuang Yiran, Chu Yi was still very excited. His heart was beating very fast, he didn’t expect that Shen Muan could influence him so much with just this simple sentence.

Zhuang Yiran’s face turned a bit ugly, but he knew in his heart that this was only a reason Shen Muan made up to confuse him. Seeing Chu Yi protecting Shen Muan like that, with the two of them being so close, and Shen Muan not feeling awkward at all. Zhuang Yiran couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Even when their relationship was at its best, Shen Muan had never been so close to him. Now, this Chu Yi was able to do what he couldn’t.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Zhuang Yiran told himself to stay calm.

He pretended to be heartbroken and looked at Shen Muan with tears in his eyes, “Do you really like him?” He looked like a person who had liked Shen Muan for a long time, wanting an answer that could make him give up.

“No matter who he likes, it will never be you.” Shen Fangqi walked over with Chu Siyuan in one hand and Ruirui in the other, looking at Zhuang Yiran with very cold eyes.

Shen Fangqi had heard about this person from Shen Muan’s mouth. In his eyes, this kind of person was a criminal in the making.

It wasn’t that he’s biased, but the possibility was relatively high.

Some murderers started by slaughtering animals, slowly developing to hunt humans… They had antisocial personalities, were very indifferent to everything, and most of their personalities were just disguises.

The two little guys let go of Shen Fangqi’s hands and ran to Shen Muan’s side, staring at Zhuang Yiran fiercely. Especially Chu Siyuan, with the look in his eyes, it was as if he was about to eat Zhuang Yiran alive.

When Zhuang Yiran saw the two children sticking to Shen Muan, he remembered the things back in college, the stray cats and dogs that stuck to Shen Muan like this.

In the end, they all disappeared.

Shen Muan pulled the two children behind him and looked at Zhuang Yiran with cold eyes.

“I don’t want to have any more contact with you, please don’t show up in front of me again. If you dare do something, I will definitely make you pay the price.” Shen Muan said coldly. Zhuang Yiran’s eyes just now, were exactly the same as the eyes he saw back then. Shen Muan realized that he was no different from the past.

If there was anything different, it was that his acting had become better.

Ruirui was a little scared, he hid behind Shen Muan and didn’t dare show his head. Chu Siyuan found that Ruirui was afraid, so he grabbed Ruirui’s hand and whispered to him, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Ruirui was taken aback for a moment. Chu Siyuan was younger than him. He should’ve been the one comforting him, he didn’t expect to be comforted by this younger brother.

At this time, Ruirui felt that he suddenly gained courage. He also held Chu Siyuan’s hand tightly. The two little guys seemed to have established their own connection in those few actions.

As they held hands, they didn’t seem to be scared anymore. The two of them looked at each other, as if possessing each other’s courage, they were not afraid of the strange uncle.

After Shen Muan dropped these words, he picked up the two children. His attitude made Zhuang Yiran see how much he valued the children.

But the current situation was very unfavorable for Zhuang Yiran, so he had no intention of making a move right now.

“Then I’ll go first. Muan, see you next time.” Zhuang Yiran greeted Shen Muan as if it was normal, and left the supermarket.

He came here today for Shen Muan… But in this situation, he could only leave first.

Zhuang Yiran came here because he learned of the parent-child activity day in Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten. He had been waiting for Shen Muan at the entrance of the kindergarten, and then followed him all the way to the supermarket.

At that time, everyone’s attention was on the children, so no one noticed that they were followed by him.

Although Shen Muan looked very unhappy, Zhuang Yiran felt that this was a good start.

But unexpectedly, Muan’s brother also knew him…

Zhuang Yiran smiled happily.

Shen Muan hugged the two children and kept silent. His state right now made the other people around him worried.

But Shen Muan couldn’t help but think about Zhuang Yiran’s expression just now. The look in his eyes when he looked at Chu Siyuan and Ruirui was like looking at a disposable object.

Shen Muan became worried about the safety of the two little guys when he saw this look.

“How are you?” Shen Fangqi patted his brother on the shoulder, but he was actually quite surprised. Shen Fangqi first knew about Zhuang Yiran when Shen Muan told him that Zhuang Yiran was his good friend.

And the second time Shen Muan mentioned Zhuang Yiran, it was when he saw him abuse animals and ended his friendship with him.

“Why are there such disgusting people in the world?” Shen Muan looked at his brother and asked, “I’m a little afraid that he will do something to Siyuan and Ruirui.” ”

“It’s okay, there is still me.” Chu Yi stretched out his hand and hugged Chu Siyuan. He was afraid that the two little guys would tire Shen Muan if he carried them together.

Chu Yi originally only collected Zhuang Yiran’s information, he didn’t plan on doing anything, but  now, people would usually make a reason for themselves.

It was very simple for Chu Yi to deal with a person, especially if he already had information about them.

Even Chu Siyuan and Ruirui comforted Shen Muan, saying that it was okay, they would not be easily bullied.

Shen Muan nodded and smiled, but he still felt that he should do something… In order to protect the people he valued…

Soon the time arrived for the group to meet up again. The three adults and two children were waiting for the others at the entrance of the supermarket.

During this time, Shen Muan took a look at the ingredients selected by the two pairs beside him.

Ruirui and Shen Fangqi picked up some chicken wings. There were also a few bottles of coke in the bag. It seemed that they were planning to make chicken wings marinated in coke.

Chu Yi and Chu Siyuan had a bag of vegetables, yes, a full bag.

“You guys… What did you buy so many vegetables for?” Shen Muan asked in a hesitant tone.

“Because I think it might be easier to just fry vegetables.” Chu Yi explained that he may have washed the dishes before but he really didn’t know how to cook, not to mention Chu Siyuan. So after a discussion between the two of them, they chose the most commonly cooked dish, stir-fried vegetables.

Shen Muan was speechless. He silently raised his head and said, “Vegetables could easily collapse when cooked in oil. Are you two sure?”

One big and one small head nodded at the same time. It looked like they had a tacit understanding. The two of them didn’t seem to know how scary it would be when the vegetables start bursting in the oil.

Shen Muan felt that he should really prepare for the rescue, since it is estimated that they have no idea of what they’re doing.

After waiting for a while, Shen Muan found that the slightly huge crowd in front of them suddenly parted by themselves and gave way. Keke was dragging her father as she ran over with a small bag and said excitedly to Shen Muan: “Teacher An An, I bought shrimp!”

“I like shrimp the most.” When Keke said this, she looked at the shrimp in the bag and drooled a little.

The live shrimp which kept bouncing in the bag was able to get out due to a hole suddenly appearing on the bag.

“Ah, dad, catch it!” Keke shouted at her father while clutching the place where the bag burst open.

Shan Liang helplessly picked up the shrimp from the ground and put it back in the bag. This action of picking up the shrimp had already been repeated several times.

“They are so energetic.” Ruirui stared at the frisky shrimp and poked it with his finger. As soon as the shrimp jolted back, he immediately retracted his hand.

He was a little scared.

“Of course, I specially selected the most energetic ones.” Keke felt very satisfied with the shrimps she chose, but because the shrimps she chose were too energetic, they continuously broke through the bag and escaped.

“Fighting shrimp!” Chu Siyuan said loudly suddenly.

Everyone looked at him in unison.

“You… What did you say again?” Shen Muan asked.

“He saw someone fighting crickets yesterday, so he thought it was okay to fight shrimps as well.” Chu Yi explained helplessly, “This shrimp is for eating.”

Chu Siyuan nodded, but still said to Keke, “I want one!”

“Then when we get to Teacher An An’s house, you can pick one.” Keke said very generously.

Ruirui looked at Chu Siyuan and joined in the fun: “I want one too!”

“Let them have their fun. I feel that in the end we can only watch the shrimp swim.” Shen Muan said. Children often had only a three-minute interest. He thought that when the other shrimps were served on the table, they would regret leaving two uncooked.

“Why haven’t the others come out yet?” Ruirui stretched out his neck and looked towards the exit. He hadn’t seen Zhizhi and his father yet.

Shen Muan glanced at the time, it had already passed the agreed time, so he called Xiao Qi.

The phone rang continuously, but no one answered.

Wasn’t this weird?

Shen Muan said to Shen Fangqi: “Brother, take them back first, and I’ll look for them and see what’s going on.”

The three children quipped instantly when they heard this, saying they wanted to go together.

Just when they were all clamoring that they should go look together, Zhizhi and Xiao Qi finally came out. One big and one small, empty-handed, and looking a little embarrassed.

What was happening here???

This question appeared in everyone’s mind.

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