Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Voyeur

When his parents came back, Chu Siyuan was very excited. He finally didn’t have to live with his uncle anymore. The day after Chu Siyuan’s parents returned home, Chu Yi quickly packed up and moved out.

His speed was incredibly fast.

“This uncle and nephew have been together for so long and they are still like this.” Chu Siyuan’s mother, Ming Yao, shook her head helplessly. To think the two still haven’t gotten along well after all this time.

Chu Siyuan’s father, Chu Feng laughed as he said, “Isn’t this something expected? Just get used to it, I have given up forcing the two of them to have a good relationship.”

After Ming Yao coaxed Chu Siyuan to sleep, she whispered to her husband: “I want to go to Siyuan’s kindergarten to meet that Teacher An An. Siyuan seems to really like him. It has made me so curious.”

“Not only does Siyuan like him, but Chu Yi also likes them very much.” Thinking of what his father had said to him, Chu Feng’s face showed a faint smile. For many years, he had always thought that Chu Yi would stay as a bachelor for the rest of his life. He didn’t expect that going abroad and letting Chu Yi take care of Siyuan would lead him to meet someone he would like.

“Husband, tell me about it.” Ming Yao’s gossipy heart ignited, she leaned nearer to her husband, urging him to talk.

The two seemed to have forgotten Chu Siyuan, who was sleeping right beside them. Their voices became louder and louder, waking Chu Siyuan up. Chu Siyuan listened to them in a daze. After hearing a bit of the conversation, he found that his parents were talking about Teacher An An, so he immediately shouted, “Teacher An An likes me the most.”

After speaking this, Chu Siyuan immediately fell back and fell asleep again.

This series of actions startled the husband and wife, Ming Yao couldn’t help but laugh as she covered her son with the small quilt, “It seems that your brother has a ‘love rival’.”

“It’s too sad.” Chu Feng rubbed his son’s hair and said, “Siyuan probably feels uncomfortable.”

The two of them also decided to send Chu Siyuan together to the kindergarten tomorrow morning.

But early the next morning, Chu Yi quickly ran in and hawled Chu Siyuan to the kindergarten. He didn’t give the husband and wife any chance at all.

“This…”Chu Feng and Ming Yao stared at each other baffled, then both laughed at the same time. “It seems that we have no chance.”

“It’s okay, we still have a chance when Chu Yi successfully chases him.”

Chu Siyuan sat in the safety seat and looked at Chu Yi angrily. His parents were already back, why is his uncle still the one to send him to school?

“I want my mother to take me.” Chu Siyuan buckled his seat belt unhappily. Finally, his parents had come back, he really wanted to introduce Teacher An An to his parents.

But unfortunately, his uncle intercepted this.

Chu Yi glanced at him and said, “Save it, wait until you’re able to resist me. ”

Yesterday, after Chu Yi packed up his things and moved away, he remembered that if he didn’t send Chu Siyuan to school, he would miss the chance to see Shen Muan. So he decided to rush over early the next morning to send Chu Siyuan to school.

Chu Siyuan was now being used by Chu Yi, he had clearly been arranged for this role.

On Shen Muan’s side he had just taken Ruirui out of the house. He subconsciously looked at their opposite building but it was no different from usual. Though recently Shen Muan felt that someone was looking at him from there.

And this feeling, it wasn’t the first time it happened.

This feeling usually occured when Shen Fangqi was not at home. But as long as Shen Fangqi was at home, the feeling would disappear. At first, Shen Muan thought he was just hallucinating, but due to it happening again and again he thought otherwise.

Shen Muan watched Ruirui as he held his hand tightly. He didn’t know the enemy’s purpose, he didn’t know whether the opponent’s goal was him or Ruirui. If the target was him, Shen Muan could easily solve it, but he would be more worried if Ruirui was the one being targeted.

For now, Shen Muan resisted the impulse in his heart to investigate and went to kindergarten like usual.

When Chu Yi arrived at the kindergarten with Chu Siyuan, he looked at Shen Muan’s face and found that the other was not in a very good mood. He was a little worried about whether he was feeling uncomfortable again. But Shen Muan only shook his head. 

Shen Muan hesitated for a while before whispering his thoughts to Chu Yi.

Hearing Shen Muan’s words, Chu Yi’s first suspect was Zhuang Yiran. Although Shen Muan had some doubts, he felt that something was wrong.

When he went back in the evening, Shen Muan felt that the other party was watching him again. But when Shen Fangqi returned, this feeling disappeared.

This made Shen Muan realize that the other party seemed to know them well.

He didn’t dare peep when Shen Fangqi was there because he knew that Shen Fangqi, as a criminal police officer, had strong anti-investigation ability and could easily detect him. And although Shen Muan was a bit more vigilant than ordinary people, he hasn’t learned these things systematically, so his detection ability would not be that strong. His sense of being peeked at should not be too obvious.

The only reason why Shen Muan found out was because the other party was too bold. As long as Shen Fangqi was not there, the other would always look at him. Whether it be walking on the road or at home.

Being so blatant, it was hard for Shen Muan not to find out.

Usually, Shen Muan would hide trivia matters from Shen Fangqi. But with this matter, Shen Muan had no intention of concealing it at all. He told Shen Fangqi his doubts.

Shen Fangqi’s expression became serious. He didn’t expect that someone would be eyeing Shen Muan again.

“The other party should know us well and know our schedule, otherwise, he wouldn’t easily avoid you and know when you aren’t here.” Shen Muan crossed his legs on the sofa, his tone was very flat, but it was not difficult to hear the disgust for the voyeur from his voice.

“Leave this matter to me.” Shen Fangqi was particularly angry about this matter. Although he was very angry right now, he spoke in a low voice. Both of them were afraid of waking Ruirui, who was already sleeping.

They wouldn’t let Ruirui know about this, they were worried that Ruirui would be frightened.

“OK.” Shen Muan nodded. He was silent for a few seconds, then tentatively asked, “Do you think… could it be him?”

Shen Fangqi of course knew who Shen Muan was referring to.

“He is highly suspected.” Shen Fangqi quickly went through it in his mind, and felt that the possibility was very high. Except for Zhuang Yiran, he could not think of anyone else who would do this kind of thing.

“But we shouldn’t make a conclusion yet.” Shen Fangqi didn’t easily draw conclusions just because of what a person has done in the past.

Shen Muan nodded. He leaned on the sofa and suddenly felt a little tired.

“Go to bed if you’re tired.“ Shen Fangqi put his hand on Shen Muan’s shoulder and squeezed it gently, “You should be more careful in the following days. I’m afraid that the other party would notice something, and will take the risk to make a move.”

“I know. Brother, go and rest first. I’ll sit here for a while.” Shen Muan hurriedly urged. He knew that Shen Fangqi hadn’t had a good rest since two days ago because of a case, and he felt a little distressed for him.

Shen Fangqi was not in the mood to sleep, but he still nodded and said to Shen Muan, “You should go to bed early as well, everything will be fine.”

After speaking, he went back to his room and examined the map of their community. He must catch this voyeur.

On the other side, Chu Yi had also begun to investigate the matter.

After Shen Muan returned to his room, he looked at Ruirui and a bold idea appeared in his heart.

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