Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Discovery

Shen Muan’s idea was a bit risky. He wanted to use himself as bait to draw out the person who had been hiding in the shadows. The other party had only been looking at him and observing him. After thinking of this, Shen Muan felt disgusted.

He didn’t know who the other person was, and he actually didn’t want to know who it was.

For Shen Muan, the opponent was like a mouse in a stinky ditch. Doesn’t dare show up, and can only hide and peep at him.

He wanted to catch this person quickly and let him know that there was a price to pay for doing such awful things.

Everyone should be responsible for what they do.

Shen Fangqi had already started an investigation. His many years of experience in handling cases allowed him to quickly judge the best location someone could monitor their home. Coupled with the map, he was sure that only the two buildings on the same floor would be the best place.

Their room was on the 5th floor of Block B, and the 5th floor of Block F and Block D next to them were exactly on the same level as theirs. But Block F was facing towards them with the balcony on the side. If the other party monitored from there, it would be extremely easy. While Block D was facing the window side.

From the property owner, Shen Fangqi learned that the third to sixth floors of these two buildings were being rented out, but the tenants on the fifth floor had never been changed.

Haven’t changed?

Shen Fangqi felt that there must be a problem inside, it was very likely that the residents had changed, but the owner didn’t know.

But if he went there to inquire, he was afraid that he would move the grass and scare the snake.

After going home and telling Shen Muan about his findings, Shen Muan said that it was very simple to solve. Taking advantage of an evening walk, Shen Muan took Ruirui out.

Shen Muan took Ruirui straight to the nearby pavilion. There were many grandparents, uncles and aunts there taking their grandchildren out for a walk. Several residents of the nearby buildings would bring their children here.

They usually gossip while watching children, so there were many things they knew, they even knew better than the property owner. Shen Muan mixed in and chatted casually, he then changed the subject to the fact that the people in the community were a bit messy recently, and it feels like it’s all messed up.

As soon as these words came out, it instantly resonated with the group of uncles and aunts, and they complained one after another.

“Yes, recently, the resident downstairs was changed to a young man. I saw him once when he moved here. Then he didn’t go out at all. Now every day there’s express delivery coming there, the garbage at the door had already piled up so high. I feel like it could attract all the cockroaches. ”

“I really don’t know how these young people can leave like this.”

With the old ladies’ words, Shen Muan found out all the news that Shen Fangqi wanted to know. It’s not that Shen Fangqi didn’t know that these aunts knew a lot, but if he was the one who went to inquire, it would be very eye-catching. In comparison, Shen Muan already had a schedule of taking Ruirui downstairs from time to time to play with the other children, this seemed much more normal.

And usually at this time, Shen Muan would still feel that someone was looking at him.

Always… Always… Looking at him.

It was difficult for Shen Muan to ignore this, so he raised his head and glanced up.

At this glance, the other side was frightened.

The man hiding upstairs subconsciously took a few steps back. He knew that Shen Muan couldn’t see him from below, but he still couldn’t help but hide.

The man leaned on the side of the bed and calmed down. He walked slowly to the window and looked down with his binoculars. Shen Muan was still smiling and chatting with the aunt next to him. It was like the glance he did just now was an accidental move.

The man breathed a sigh of relief and continued to observe Shen Muan’s every move.

His task was to monitor Shen Muan.

Shen Muan took out his mobile phone, sent all the information he got to Shen Fangqi, and told him about his moves just now. His action just now was a bit reckless, it may have frightened the snake a little bit.

Shen Fangqi was standing by the curtain, replaying the scene that happened on the 5th floor of the opposite side on his mobile phone.

In the video, there was a telescope at the window of the opposite floor, then the curtains moved a few times. The breeze blew making the curtains slightly raise up, he was just in time to capture the opponent’s movements. Although it was not particularly clear, Shen Fangqi still photographed half of the opponent’s face.

It was not Zhuang Yiran.

When Shen Muan found out about this, he was not surprised, but he also thought that the other party could have been a hired person.

Knowing the appearance of the other person, the identity was easy to find.

Before Shen Muan returned with Ruirui, Shen Fangqi already had the other party’s information on his mobile phone. Although it wasn’t very detailed, it was quite thorough.

“Brother An An, let’s take a walk somewhere else next time.” Ruirui said, clutching his somewhat red cheeks. He wasn’t shy, but the uncles and aunts were a little too cruel. Both sides of his face were being pinched and squeezed the whole time. Ruirui felt that if this continued, his face would turn into a pumpkin.

Shen Muan stretched out his hand and touched Ruirui’s face. He held back a smile and nodded, “Okay, let’s take a walk in another place next time.”

Ruirui was good-looking, very popular, and usually acted like a small adult, so the aunts and uncles couldn’t help but tease him.

However, everyone knew their limits and didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said.

Although Ruirui’s situation had never been brought up to the surface, everyone knew the general situation and felt sorry for the child. So they became a little too enthusiastic.

“Everyone likes Ruirui very much.” Shen Muan held the little guy in his arms as he slowly walked upstairs.

Ruirui obediently hugged Shen Muan’s neck, rubbed his head habitually, and said softly, “But I don’t like them pinching my face.”

“Next time, why don’t you just tell them that you don’t like being pinched?” Shen Muan said, “If you don’t tell them, not everyone will be able to notice your discomfort. If you tell them that you don’t like it, and they still do it, then we will stay away from them in the future.”

Ruirui nodded. He put his chin on Shen Muan’s shoulder, and kept running his hand through Shen Muan’s hair.

But when they got to the 3rd floor, Shen Muan felt that something was wrong.

In addition to the sound of his own footsteps, there was another.

The other party’s walking pace was very steady, it didn’t feel like he was nor slow. It was because of this that Shen Muan felt that something was wrong.

Shen Muan didn’t think for too long, and quickly ran upstairs with Ruirui in his arms. Although he didn’t know who was following them, as long as he was able to go back, he would be fine since his brother was there.

As Shen Muan carried Ruirui and reached the fifth floor, the footsteps behind them disappeared. When he looked down the stairs, there was no one, was he being over sensitive just now?

“Brother An An, what’s the matter?” Ruirui looked at Shen Muan in a panic. Although Shen Muan was silent, he could perceive a trace of uneasiness and fear from him.

Shen Muan shook his head, “It’s okay.” He was afraid of scaring Ruirui, so he hugged the little guy tighter in his arms and went inside.

After Shen Muan left, a man in a black windbreaker walked slowly up the stairs with a cigarette in his fingers. He glanced at the hallway of the fifth floor, and then started walking up again.

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