Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – [Untitled]

Their new home made Shen Muan, who had been in a tense state recently finally breathe out a sigh of relief, especially after knowing that the person who had been watching him before had already been arrested.

Because Shen Muan and his family were about to move over, Chu Yi specially strengthened the management of the community and made access inside more strict. All the people living in the community had undergone a basic review. Recently, no one had moved in except for Shen Muan’s family.

And the houses in the community would not be rented out.

This would greatly limit the flow of people and was very effective in preventing situations such as theft.

Moreover, monitoring was installed in the public areas of the community, which could effectively monitor the situation in the community. Once something happens, the security personnel could respond as soon as possible.

Therefore, this community was widely praised. Many people chose to buy a house here because of its high safety factor. Although the price was a bit high, it was still very popular. The reason why Shen Muan was able to buy a property here was thanks to Chu Yi’s blessing. He was smoothly able to get the current house at a relatively favorable price.

Chu Yi originally wanted to give a big discount, but he knew that if he did so, then they would definitely not buy it. Therefore, Chu Yi only gave Shen Muan an internal employee price according to the company’s standards.

Although the price was not that cheap, it would still save them a lot.

In order to buy this house, Shen Muan’s small vault was emptied. Originally, Shen Fangqi planned to take out a loan. After all, as a public servant, it was better to take out a loan. In the end, Shen Muan took out his small vault, plus the money Shen Fangqi had also stored, the amount was just right.

When Shen Fangqi saw the balance of Shen Muan, he became speechless for a while.

“How did you save this much?” Shen Fangqi spoke out his inner doubt. Shen Muan had been generous ever since he started making money. Some of the games he bought were actually quite expensive. Shen Fangqi always thought that he had no money.

Unexpectedly, his brother actually saved up so much money, and he didn’t know anything about it.

“I’m really out of money.” Shen Muan felt Shen Fangqi’s gaze, and grabbed his pocket very simply, but there was nothing that could be taken out.

Shen Muan had saved up all this money in his small vault little by little. The money earned from drawing, publishing and adaptation of his comics were all used up in one breath.

Since he knew Shen Fangqi had a bottom line, even if he didn’t have a penny on his body, Shen Muan didn’t panic at all. 

Shen Muan now wanted to know more about what happened to the people monitoring him. He was afraid that he would cause trouble to the kindergarten, so he explained the situation to the dean and asked for a period of leave.

When the children learned of this news, the entire classroom exploded. They all asked why Teacher An An had asked for leave. Everyone wanted to know and kept asking questions, the classroom was too noisy.

In the end, the other teachers finally calmed down, but the children’s emotions were low, they acted listless even for class activities. The teachers also looked sad, but there was nothing they could do.

In fact, they were also not clear about what happened, but since the director had already said his reason then they could only say this to the children the same way.

When school ended in the afternoon, the other children were very excited to see their parents. Only the children from the Rose Class were in a listless state. Their parents were confused not knowing what happened. After asking, they breathed a sigh of relief.


When Ruirui got home, he saw Shen Muan on the phone which kept ringing non-stop. He was explaining to the others that he had something to deal with at home. Although he had already sent a notice in the group, some parents and children still kept calling him.

Listening to the children on the other side of the phone, they told him with tears that they wanted Teacher An An to come back to class. Although Shen Muan was distressed, he could only refuse cruelly. But with him comforting them, the children were not as frustrated as they were at the beginning. They looked forward to Teacher An An’s return after finishing his things. Some children even told him to remember to bring gifts for them when he came back. After speaking this, the child was slapped on the butt by his parents.

“What a face you have, even having the teacher bring you gifts.”

Shen Muan couldn’t help but laugh when he heard the parents scolding their children on the phone. The initial feeling of being irritated disappeared.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Muan looked up and saw a glass of warm water in front of him. It was Ruirui who had just seen him talking that poured him a glass of water.

“Thank you Ruirui.” Shen Muan finished drinking the water in one breath, and Ruirui quickly took another cold water bottle and poured it into the glass.

Shen Muan drank another half a glass before feeling that his throat felt much more comfortable. Ruirui’s thoughtful actions made him feel cared for.

“Brother An An, will you still go back to the kindergarten?” Ruirui leaned on Shen Muan’s lap, he only looked at the texture of the sofa, and asked the question in his heart.

“Of course.” Shen Muan touched the little guy’s soft hair and said, “When the matter is resolved, I will go back to the kindergarten.”

“Speaking of which, Ruirui, you are about to enter elementary school.” Shen Muan took Ruirui into his arms, and the two of them laid down on the sofa. He had actually helped Ruirui pick a school, but he didn’t know if Ruirui liked it or not.

Elementary school…

Ruirui looked at Shen Muan nervously, his long eyelashes flickering, revealing his mood completely.

“It will be fun in elementary school.” Shen Muan patted Ruirui lightly on the back, and whispered to him about some things that happened when he was in elementary school. This made Ruirui have a lot more interest and expectation for elementary school.

The two of them laid on the sofa and talked in low voices. There were only two of them at home, but they were still whispering, as if they were afraid that others would hear them.

Just as they were talking, the doorbell rang.

Shen Muan was stunned for a moment. He let go of Ruirui and walked to the door but did not rush to open it. Instead, he looked out through the peephole.

It was Chu Yi.

Shen Muan breathed a sigh of relief, he opened the door but before he could speak, Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi rushed up to him, one latched on each leg.

“Why are you two here?” Shen Muan looked at the two little guys in surprise, then he looked at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi shook his head helplessly and said, “I had no choice but to let the two of them follow, if I didn’t let them come, they would keep crying and make trouble.”

“Come in first.” Shen Muan turned around and asked Chu Yi to come in. After closing the door, he said to the two little guys holding his legs: “Okay, okay, let go, you two go to the sofa for a while. I’ll get you some fruit to eat.”

Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi glanced at each other, they were very reluctant, but still obediently let go of Shen Muan’s legs and ran to the sofa to sit with Ruirui.

The three little guys sat on the sofa. They kept quiet looking well-behaved and an extraordinarily harmonious air seemed to surround them.

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