Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Group Photo

On the sofa, three children and one adult were staring at the kitchen together. They could hear the sound of flowing water clearly. They knew that the other party was simply washing fruits in the kitchen, but they were still very eager to see.

As soon as Shen Muan came out, he met four pairs of eyes, he was so frightened that he almost threw the fruit plate in his hand, “What are you doing?”

As soon as Shen Muan put down the fruit tray, the small ones quickly stuck themselves to him which made Chu Yi’s face become a little ugly. But his status as an adult prevented him from competing with the children, so he could only watch the group of kids stick to the person he liked.

“Teacher An An, are you uncomfortable?” Zhizhi grabbed Shen Muan’s clothes and asked. The last time he didn’t go to kindergarten was because he was feeling uncomfortable, so he subconsciously thought that Shen Muan was also uncomfortable so he didn’t go to the kindergarten.

“No, I’m fine, don’t worry.” Shen Muan held the little friend in one hand. Because Ruirui had been sticky with Shen Muan for a while now, he didn’t let these two younger brothers rush up directly.

Instead of telling the two children everything like he told Ruirui, he simply made up a lie.

Regarding Shen Muan’s words, the two children believed it deeply, and were even very excited. They wanted to know how they could help Teacher An An catch the bad guys.

Shen Muan didn’t want to continue talking about this topic, but even Ruirui, who knew the truth about the matter, kept staring at him, he also wanted to know the events that followed. Shen Muan had no choice but to continue making up a reason as if telling a story.

Chu Yi was listening and laughing beside him. Shen Muan was a little upset to see him smiling so happily, so he quietly raised his foot and kicked the other person.

Chu Yi hooked Shen Muan’s foot, which made the smile on his subside by a lot. Chu Siyuan lowered his head and saw this scene, so he jumped off the sofa and stepped on his uncle’s foot.

At this moment, Chu Yi couldn’t seem to laugh anymore.

This wasn’t just a dozen kilograms, but a weight of more than a dozen.

The other people there were frightened by Chu Siyuan’s actions, especially Shen Muan. Chu Yi thought for a moment, then immediately made a very painful look.

Shen Muan hurriedly lifted Chu Siyuan away. He checked the place where Chu Yi was stepped on by Chu Siyuan and found that it was still smooth, but a little red.

From the outside, it looked like there was no problem.

“Does it hurt?” Shen Muan pressed it lightly, staring at Chu Yi’s face, you could easily capture the emotional changes that were happening in Shen Muan’s face.

“A bit.” Chu Yi frowned slightly, as if he was really hurt by Chu Siyuan’s actions just now.

But only he knew what he thought in his heart.

Shen Muan looked at Chu Yi’s legs, it looked very strong. It seemed that he should be exercising regularly, so when it came to examining the injury, Shen Muan couldn’t tell at all.

“Is it just a little bit of pain?” Shen Muan asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” In the end, Chu Yi still couldn’t bear Shen Muan’s worried look. Although he felt very happy having Shen Muan’s concern, Chu Yi hoped that this person would always be happy.

After confirming that Chu Yi was not injured, Shen Muan pulled Chu Siyuan over and asked him to apologize to Chu Yi.

Chu Siyuan was naturally unhappy, his small mouth pouted so fast you could almost hang a soy sauce bottle.

Shen Muan slapped Chu Siyuan’s butt directly. He was very angry, but he only used a bit of strength when he hit him. Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Muan blankly, not realizing what had happened.

After the event settled in his mind, Chu Siyuan’s eyes quickly became red, big tears gushed out of his eyes and fell on his clothes.

Chu Siyuan didn’t cry loudly, tears just kept flowing from his eyes, and he couldn’t stop it.

Seeing Chu Siyuan crying, Shen Muan couldn’t help feeling a little distressed, but he restrained himself from showing his emotions.

“Does it hurt?” Shen Muan asked, looking into Chu Siyuan’s eyes.

Chu Siyuan wiped the tears from his face with his sleeves, and shook his head: “It doesn’t hurt.”

“……” Shen Muan didn’t know how to respond to this. It seemed that he was still too soft-hearted and only took it lightly.

Chu Yi looked at Shen Muan’s appearance, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, but he didn’t dare to go too far to avoid making the other person angry.

Both Ruirui and Zhizhi were a little overwhelmed, but with the two of them, one did whatever Brother An An said, and the other was a very attentive child. So neither of them spoke up, they even moved back a few steps. Shen Muan glanced at the other two children and gave Chu Yi a look. Chu Yi nodded and asked Ruirui and Zhizhi to play in another room.

“Do you think what you just did was right?” Shen Muan properly restrained himself and didn’t show his feelings. This time, he had made up his mind to make Chu Siyuan remember this moment.

Although Chu Siyuan was young, he could still perceive Shen Muan’s emotions. He shook his head obediently: “I’m sorry, Teacher An An, I was wrong.” Chu Siyuan admitted his mistake quickly, but he didn’t grasp the point at all.

“You should apologize to your uncle, not to me.” Seeing the child like this, Shen Muan knew that Chu Siyuan didn’t understand at all.

Ruirui stood at the door, a little worried about the situation outside. Zhizhi didn’t care much about the situation. He happily played with the toys in the room and completely forgot about his little partner.

Shen Muan looked at the little child, he couldn’t hold back and hugged him, then said softly: “Siyuan, promise Teacher An An not to do such dangerous things again, okay? Don’t lose your temper with your uncle. Everyone loves you very much. If you do this, they will be sad.”

“Ok…” Chu Siyuan said this word with a trembling voice. The whole person felt aggrieved, but still obediently agreed to Shen Muan.

“We have an agreement, will you stop crying?” Shen Muan’s voice was very soft, it fell lightly on Chu Yi’s heart like a feather. He thought, when would this person be willing to coax him like this.

Chu Siyuan wiped away his tears and nodded. He walked up to Chu Yi, sobbed in a low voice, and apologized, “I’m sorry, uncle, I was wrong.”

“I forgive you, but there will be no next time.” Chu Yi stretched out his big hand and rubbed Chu Siyuan’s head. He successfully rubbed the well-combed hair of the child into a chicken coop.

Shen Muan glanced at them and thought it was a bit funny. Why was such a big person looking at a child with such a strong desire for revenge?

After Chu Siyuan apologized, he slipped into Shen Muan’s arms and twisted around like a little loach.

Shen Muan was about to coax the little guy in his arms, when his mobile phone on the sofa lit up.

It was a WeChat notification, a name he had never seen before sent him a picture. When he opened it, Shen Muan froze on the spot.

It was a group photo, a group photo of Shen Muan and Zhuang Yiran when they were in college. Both of them were smiling very happily in the picture.

Immediately afterwards, another message came in.

‘We will be the same as before.’ 

TL Note: Zhuang Yiran! Go awayyyyy!

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