Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Initiative

“Weren’t you angry?” Shen Muan looked at Chu Yi with a smile. He was obviously still angry a while ago, Shen Muan didn’t expect him to ease his anger so quickly.

This sentence seemed to have made Chu Yi realize something. He understood why Shen Muan asked this question suddenly, and he had no plans in letting this opportunity go by so he deliberately answered, “I’m still angry.”

Shen Muan knew that the other party was doing this on purpose, but he was curious on what would happen next, so he then asked, “Then excuse me, Mr. Chu, how can I coax you?”

How can you ask the person who is angry, the way to coax themselves?

Chu Yi didn’t know how to answer. Then suddenly, he remembered Shen Muan kissing Ruirui in the car today, which made his ears slightly red, “Just like how you coaxed Ruirui, you should be able to coax me like that.”

“Is that so?” Shen Muan touched his chin and thought for a while, then stretched out his hand to touch Chu Yi’s head, and asked seriously, “Is this okay?”

The smile on Chu Yi’s face stiffened. This was completely different from what he expected. This wasn’t anything like how he coaxed Ruirui, how come it changed when it was him?

“No.” Of course, Chu Yi would not be swayed like this by Shen Muan so easily. He felt that today might be the breakthrough they needed to further their relationship. Therefore, Chu Yi would never let this good opportunity go. He decided to take the initiative and strike first.

But before Chu Yi could do so, Shen Muan suddenly leaned closer and kissed Chu Yi’s face, and asked with a smile, “Is it okay now?”

Chu Yi’s pupils dilated, he could almost hear his heart beating abnormally. He didn’t know how many times faster it was than usual.

“Why are you so slow?” Shen Muan thought this person was very funny. He had obviously done what he wanted, but still, he reacted like this. It was really interesting.

In fact, Shen Muan had been considering his relationship with Chu Yi for a while now. He thought about when this person would make a move, and he also seriously thought about whether he sincerely liked the man in front of him.

Chu Yi was a very good man, he treated him very well, and they also liked each other very much. But Shen Muan didn’t know whether his feelings for Chu Yi were love or not. Although he had read many dog-blood romance novels, when the word “love” really fell on him, he was at a loss. 

After all, Teacher An An, who was especially popular with children and animals, had been a single dog since birth. This was the first time he felt this way.

But if he had to choose someone he thought he could see a future with, the first person who appeared in Shen Muan’s mind was Chu Yi.

He thought that he may really like this man.

It had nothing to do with their gender, age, or identity.

It was simply because the other party was Chu Yi.

What of it, if they resembled the characters from the novels he had read.

Shen Muan only knew that they were all living people standing in front of him, not some fictional characters.

Shen Muan thought how Chu Yi had already made so many advances to him before, so now it was his turn to take the initiative.

That’s why the scene just now came out.

Since Shen Muan had already taken the initiative, Chu Yi would be a fool if he let this opportunity go.

Although the current scene was different from how Chu Yi imagined his confession to be, at this time, who cared! They should first clarify the relationship between them!

“An An, I like you.” Chu Yi held Shen Muan’s hand, his heart thumping wildly. His eyes only stared at Shen Muan, he didn’t want to miss any trace of his expressions.

Shen Muan had known about this a long time ago, even if the other party only said this now, he shouldn’t have felt too excited. But when the words actually came out of Chu Yi’s mouth, Shen Muan’s mood was like a stone thrown into a calm lake, and it caused great waves.

After seeing Shen Muan’s expression, Chu Yi knew that the other party felt the same as him.

When Chu Yi heard the sentence, “I like you too.” At that time, he blushed hard, he didn’t even know where to put his hands and feet. He could only instinctively hug the young man in front of him.

When Chu Yi was about to kiss Shen Muan, he heard the sound of coughing from behind.


“Brother, you haven’t slept yet.” Although he was a little embarrassed, Shen Muan felt that there was nothing to be ashamed of when facing his brother. On the other hand, Chu Yi was stiff all over and felt very uncomfortable.

Shen Fangqi just wanted to drink a glass of water. He didn’t expect to see this confession scene, and his mood regarding it was extremely complicated. But still, his brother liked this person so there was nothing he could do about it.

Although Chu Yi was reluctant to let go of Shen Muan, since Shen Fangqi was already there he could only let go first. Even if he was interrupted this time, there would still be another time! It was better not to provoke Shen Fangqi now, after all, he robbed him of his younger brother.

“I was going to drink some water.” Although the words were said to Shen Muan, Shen Fangqi’s gaze was on Chu Yi. He was eager to throw this brat out. But he was afraid that his brother would be unhappy with this, so he could only suppress his thoughts.

Shen Muan stood in the middle of the two, poured a glass of water for Shen Fangqi and urged, “Brother, go and rest. The others had told me that you have hardly slept in the past few days.”

“Those brats.” Shen Fangqi took the cup and felt a headache as he thought of the young people in the Bureau. The young people there were turning the incidents upside down one by one. Shen Fangqi had only realized that he had put himself in the position much like his old father. He wasn’t even 30 years old yet and he already felt like this.

If Shen Muan found out, he might tease him about it all day.

As a newly appointed boyfriend, Chu Yi was very excited. As for resting, he had long forgotten, his heart and eyes were only full of Shen Muan. No matter what Shen Muan said, he refused to go to sleep.

Shen Muan had no choice but to let Chu Yi rest in his room.

He pressed the person to the bed and said in a very serious tone, “Take a good rest and don’t run around.”

This time, Chu Yi was very obedient. He changed into Shen Muan’s pajamas and slept on Shen Muan’s bed, his state of excitement reached an unprecedented level. Although he nodded obediently, his eyes were still staring at Shen Muan.

“Go to sleep, I will watch you from the side. Close your eyes and don’t open them.” Shen Muan stretched out his hand to cover Chu Yi’s eyes. His tone sounded a bit tough. He thought to speak like this so Chu Yi would not refuse to close his eyes, he was really like a child.

Feeling the temperature of Shen Muan’s palm, Chu Yi slowly closed his eyes, but he also grabbed onto Shen Muan’s other hand with some anxiety. He was afraid that the other would suddenly disappear again.

Shen Muan allowed his movements, humming softly in his mouth, he coaxed Chu Yi to sleep like a child.

After a while, when Shen Muan was sure that Chu Yi was asleep he took away the hand covering his eyes. But his other hand did not let go of Chu Yi.

The two of them stayed in the room in silence. Shen Fangqi who was lying on the bed in another room was still thinking about what he had just seen.

“You and I have been abandoned.” Shen Fangqi patted the little guy who was sleeping beside him, then he sighed, feeling uncomfortable.

Shen Fangqi felt that he couldn’t be uncomfortable by himself. Since he was like this, he had to make sure Chu Yi wasn’t feeling all that good as well.

For robbing him of his brother, he had to pay a price.

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