Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – [Untitled]

This was Chu Yi’s most stable sleep during the past few days. It was also the most comfortable.

Chu Yi even had a beautiful dream, in which he and Shen Muan went on a date together, and the two of them were inseparable. Later on, with the blessing of their relatives and friends, they walked smoothly to the wedding hall. But on the wedding night, Shen Muan suddenly turned over and sat on top of him, crushing him and almost making him run out of breath.

Just when Chu Yi felt that he was about to be crushed to death, he finally woke up from his sleep. When he opened his eyes, what greeted him was not his new boyfriend, but a big fat cat.

“White Gloves, go down.” Chu Yi stretched out his hand and patted White Gloves’ butt, making it get off from his stomach.

White Glove reluctantly jumped to the ground, it turned its head and meowed dissatisfied at Chu Yi. It then trotted along sassily not caring about him anymore.

Chu Yi sat up slowly, no wonder his dream just now turned into a nightmare halfway through. When he recalled the events in his dreams just now, Chu Yi’s face became a little hot. Maybe this dream was a reminder to himself that he should exercise more.

Shen Muan was no longer in the room. Chu Yi glanced at his mobile phone and found that he had actually slept until the next morning, no wonder he felt so soft like his body was breaking apart.

Chu Yi put on his slippers and tidied up his messy hair before leaving the room.

As soon as he came out, Chu Yi heard the sound of the TV. He walked over to take a look, and found that Shen Muan and Ruirui were on the sofa together watching the latest popular TV series.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Shen Muan turned his head and smiled brightly at his very fresh boyfriend, “You’re awake, there is still some porridge in the kitchen, you can eat first. I will make whatever you want for lunch.”

Chu Yi felt his heart melt when he saw that bright smile. He subconsciously wanted to give the person he liked a kiss, but stopped halfway, because he remembered that he hadn’t brushed his teeth yet.

Just as Chu Yi hesitated, Shen Muan took the initiative and gave him a good morning kiss.

When he turned his head, Shen Muan found that Ruirui had been staring at him. The child’s eyes were wide open, and his expression looked very serious. Those who didn’t know what happened would think that he had encountered some earth-shattering problem.

“Is Brother An An and Uncle Chu Yi in a relationship?” Ruirui grabbed the corner of Shen Muan’s clothes, and seemed to be a little nervous. Shen Muan’s attention was immediately attracted by this.

Ruirui’s simple sentence just basically split Chu Yi and Shen Muan’s seniority, making Chu Yi’s face blacken. He had to make this little guy change his words.

“That’s right.” Shen Muan admitted this very happily. Since he had agreed to Chu Yi, he didn’t plan to hide it. It was just a normal relationship, there was nothing shameful about it.

Hearing Shen Muan’s answer, Ruirui’s eyes changed when he looked at Chu Yi. Even with all the thousands of defenses they raised, they still failed to prevent the weasel from entering.

In Ruirui’s eyes, Shen Muan was a pure and lovely little white rabbit, but unfortunately, the wolf had already taken the little white rabbit away. He needed to meet with his teammates to discuss what to do next.

Shen Muan asked Chu Yi to have breakfast first, while he comforted Ruirui by himself. Maybe for a child, this sudden change made him feel uneasy?

But Shen Muan really did seriously consider the matter of being with Chu Yi so he decided to be open and honest about it, and made it clear to Ruirui. 

In fact, he was also worried whether his decision would affect Ruirui, especially since the child was too sensitive and he was afraid that his actions would cause misunderstandings. So from the beginning, he thought everything should be made clear.

Ruirui didn’t dislike Chu Yi either. He just felt like Brother An An had been suddenly snatched away, and he was extremely uncomfortable. Coupled with what Chu Siyuan said before, he had even less confidence in Chu Yi. Although Brother An An had already said so, Ruirui felt that Chu Yi should still be tested!

Just like how the brave man must defeat the evil dragon before marrying the princess!

Even if there were no difficulties, they had to create the difficulties for Chu Yi!

Chu Yi, who was eating breakfast at this time, suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He felt that someone was planning something bad to him.. But this should be an illusion, right?

Compared with Chu Yi’s sleep that lasted until the next morning, Shen Fangqi seemed much more energetic. He got up early in the morning and left for the police station. The case had not been closed yet, Zhuang Yiran still hadn’t been caught, so Shen Fangqi had no time to rest.

But before leaving, Shen Fangqi still couldn’t stop worrying about Shen Muan and Ruirui. If possible, he really wanted to take these two people with him to work. But police protection had already been arranged around their house to prevent Zhuang Yiran from suddenly appearing again and doing anything dangerous.

It was a bit of an overkill to let Shen Fangqi protect him. What he was better at, was solving cases and tracking criminals. So now, catching Zhuang Yiran was his top priority.

The news of Shen Muan being rescued spread like wildfire on the same day. If it weren’t for certain conditions, it was estimated that many people would’ve come to his door. Especially those little guys who haven’t seen Teacher An An for a long time.

He wanted to come to the kindergarten but the parents refused to let him go. The whole parent group was anxious and worried that Teacher An An was still not fully recovered. Finally, Shen Muan calmed down everyone by making video calls one by one.

When Shen Muan was on the video calls, Chu Yi glued to his side as if he was taking a claim of ownership. This almost made countless children cry. They could only meet Teacher An An on the video, but Chu Siyuan’s uncle could stick close to Teacher An An, this directly caused the public’s anger.

In the end, Shen Muan forcibly pushed Chu Yi away and forbade him from appearing in the video again. Only then did the children calm down and began to coquettishly ask Shen Muan when he would be able to go back to kindergarten.

Although Shen Muan really wanted to go back to kindergarten to work and play with the children, Zhuang Yiran hadn’t been caught yet so he didn’t dare run around. But still, he felt that it was only a matter of time before Zhuang Yiran was caught. Now that it was still not entirely safe, it was better to be calm so as not to cause trouble to the police.

He just didn’t know when his wish would come true, but it should be soon.

He believed in his brother and the police.

After Shen Muan finished with his video calls, Chu Yi leaned over again. Ruirui wanted to push him away, but his strength was too weak and Chu Yi was too heavy. He couldn’t push him even by an inch.

When Shen Fangqi got home, what he saw was the picture of two big and small people entangled together. Shen Fangqi, who was originally in a heavy mood, relaxed when he saw this scene. He took off his coat and walked over to rescue Ruirui.

Then told them the good news.

“We caught Zhuang Yiran.”

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