Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Relationship

“Ah, hello. Is this Teacher Shen’s home?” Chu Yi glanced at the house number, making sure that he was not at the wrong place. He could feel a faint sense of oppression from the man in front of him, it was completely different from Shen Muan’s temperament.

“Yes, you are Mr. Chu?” Shen Fangqi looked at Chu Yi. His brother was just reading the information about the Chu group, then the person in charge of the Chu group actually came to his door, which made him wonder if something happened today.

“Yes, I’m here to pick up Siyuan.” Chu Yi said.

Shen Muan waited for a while and found that they hadn’t come in, so he walked over and took a look, “Why haven’t you come in yet?”

Shen Fangqi immediately moved aside to let Chu Yi enter.

When Shen Muan was giving Chu Yi slippers, he could clearly feel that the man behind him was looking at him, he felt like he was being stared at by a beast.

This feeling isn’t good. Chu Yi felt like he was gonna be hunted.

Shen Muan took Chu Yi to his room: “Siyuan is already asleep, make sure to not be too loud.”

Chu Siyuan slept soundly, and his sleeping posture was a bit bold. He had one leg on the pillow, his clothes were scrunched up above his stomach, and half of the quilt was on the ground. If you look closely, you will even find that the corners of his mouth were a little shiny.

“…” Chu Yi didn’t know what to say, it was embarrassing, he felt like throwing the child out.

The original descriptions of Chu Siyuan in the book Shen Muan read were all broken by this picture. Even if he will become a villainous overbearing president in the future, he was just a baby now.

Shen Muan felt that he didn’t have to think so far because the characters in the book were still children.

Chu Yi couldn’t help but lean forward and pat Chu Siyuan’s chubby belly. Chu Siyuan waved his hands unconsciously and accidentally slapped Chu Yi’s face.

The scene felt distressing for a while.

Chu Yi’s face turned dark, but Chu Siyuan didn’t even notice that danger was approaching. He rolled over, scratched his belly, and continued to sleep deeply.

Chu Yi also wanted to wake up Chu Siyuan, but before he got the chance to, Chu Siyuan suddenly jolted. He finally seemed to sense the danger, and so he slowly woke up.

Chu Siyuan was still a little confused, he subconsciously avoided Chu Yi, buried his head in the quilt, but forgot his butt could still be seen outside.

The typical covering your ears to steal the bell. (TL’s Note: Covering your ears won’t make a ringing bell silent, roughly means ignoring things to avoid the consequences)

Fearing that Chu Siyuan might get suffocated, Shen Muan tugged at the quilt. “Siyuan, your uncle is here to pick you up.” But the little guy held the quilt tightly with both hands and refused to let go.

Chu Siyuan groaned in the quilt, and Chu Yi roughly pulled the child out of the quilt and held him in his arms. Chu Siyuan was completely awake now. He stretched out his hand towards Shen Muan for the first time, but only saw a ruthless back.

The kid felt he was betrayed.

Chu Siyuan struggled to get out of Chu Yi’s arms, but he couldn’t break free, he was just about to cry from anger.

“Calm down.” Chu Yi patted Chu Siyuan’s ass and warned him.

He was obviously well-behaved in the photos taken by Shen Muan, but he was actually still a little devil.

Chu Yi put Chu Siyuan on the ground, and Chu Siyuan ran directly to Shen Muan without looking back. He completely forgot that when he just stretched out his hand, Shen Muan refused him.

Chu Yi looked helplessly at the little guy who vowed to be Shen Muan’s leg accessory, “Okay, we should go back. You have troubled the others enough today. ”

“Siyuan.” Shen Muan touched the back of Chu Siyuan’s head, “You can’t do this, Mr. Chu is talking to you.”

Chu Siyuan was a little reluctant, but he slightly let go of Shen Muan and said sullenly: “I don’t want to go back. ”

“I’m going to sleep with the teacher today.” Chu Siyuan clung to Shen Muan’s trouser legs tightly, and Shen Muan only pressed his hand on his pants, for fear that Chu Siyuan would pull it off all at once.

He doesn’t know whom this kid learned from, why does he like to pick on his trouser legs so much. Shen Muan felt that he should correct this bad habit, otherwise he might be the one who would lose face in the end.

“Chu Siyuan, come here.” Chu Yi frowned and said sharply.

Shen Muan could feel Chu Siyuan’s body stiffen. He tried to pull his legs away, but Chu Siyuan hugged him tighter.

Seeing that Chu Siyuan was so reluctant, Shen Muan touched his nose: “Why don’t you two rest with me tonight and go back tomorrow.”

“…” Chu Yi hesitated but still refused.

They had already caused a lot of trouble to Shen Muan today, and he doesn’t plan to follow Chu Siyuan.

In Chu Yi’s eyes, this kind of disobedience is no use to him.

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Chu Yi stretched out his hand to pull Chu Siyuan over, but Chu Siyuan patted his hand away without hesitation. “I hate you!” Chu Siyuan turned his head and shouted to Chu Yi.

Chu Yi was stunned. He knew that Chu Siyuan didn’t like him, and he didn’t really care, but he didn’t expect Chu Siyuan to hate him this much.

“Siyuan?” Shen Muan could feel his clothes getting wet as Chu Siyuan cried.

There was no wailing, no screaming, and no rolling. He just opened his eyes and didn’t say a word, but tears kept streaming out, and he couldn’t stop. Chu Yi didn’t speak. He didn’t quite understand why Chu Siyuan would say that. He was at a loss.

Shen Muan squatted down and hugged Chu Siyuan, made a mouth shape to Chu Yi, and pointed to the door. Chu Yi understood what Shen Muan meant. He glanced at Chu Siyuan and walked out in silence.

Shen Muan had his clothes slowly get wet with tears as he lightly patted Chu Siyuan on the back. After a while, Chu Siyuan’s cry became softer, his eyes were red like a rabbit.

“Do you want to cry some more?” Shen Muan asked. Chu Siyuan grumbled, embarrassed.

“Then can you tell me why you hate your uncle?” Shen Muan wiped the tears from Chu Siyuan’s face and asked softly. Chu Siyuan choked and said, “I just hate him.”

“Uncle hates me the most.”

“…Does Siyuan miss Mom and Dad?” A guess suddenly appeared in Shen Muan’s mind. “Yeah.” Chu Siyuan nodded.

Missing his parents, coupled with Chu Yi’s way of taking care of him, made Chu Siyuan rebellious. He even thought that because of Chu Yi, neither of his parents wanted to go home.

Chu Yi has been behind the door, listening to Chu Siyuan’s words, his eyes started getting colder and colder. He wondered whether someone had deliberately said something in front of Chu Siyuan, otherwise, why would the child think this.

“Did someone tell you something?”Just when Chu Yi was suspicious, Shen Muan asked the doubts in his heart. Finally, he got a name from Chu Siyuan’s mouth.

After Shen Muan coaxed Chu Siyuan to sleep, he went to talk to Chu Yi. Children at this age are very easily influenced by others, and they cannot clearly distinguish which words are true and which are false.

Chu Yi sincerely thanked him, “Thank you, Teacher Shen, I was negligent.” Looks like he needs to sort out the Chu family.

“You’re welcome, I’m Siyuan’s teacher after all.” Shen Muan smiled softly, like the winter sun, warm and brilliant. Chu Yi was in a daze, he seemed to understand why Chu Siyuan liked Shen Muan so much.

Because this was a person who deserves to be liked.

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