Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Surprise or Fright

It was getting late, Shen Muan sent a message to Chu Yi saying that Chu Siyuan could stay with him tonight.

Chu Siyuan was a little excited. This was the first time he spent the night at someone else’s house.

Shen Muan almost turned over his house just to find that there were no clothes here that fit Chu Siyuan, so he instead found a clean white tee that Chi Siyuan could wear as a pajama.

“Let’s go wash together?” Shen Muan put the clean clothes he found in the bathroom first and got some spare towels left from his last trip, it turned out useful this time.

Chu Siyuan nodded vigorously. He followed Shen Muan closely like a small tail, Shen Muan was afraid of accidentally hitting him.

“You obediently wait for me here, okay?” Shen Muan brought Chu Siyuan outside and sat him on a small stool. He went in the bathroom to fill up the tub first, then beckoned Siyuan inside.

Although Chu Siyuan agreed quickly into taking a bath with Shen Muan, when he thought about it again he became a bit shy.

He clutched his clothes as his cheek flushed red.

Seeing Chu Siyuan shy, Shen Muan first went into the bathtub and sighed, “Oh~, it’s so comfortable, aren’t you coming?”

Chu Siyuan hesitated for a while, then took off his clothes slowly. Shen Muan stretched out his hand to support the little guy, he let him step on the stool, and slowly stepped into the bathtub.

Chu Siyuan sat down on Shen Muan’s stomach, Shen Muan almost jumped upright. Seeing Shen Muan’s reaction, Chu Siyuan couldn’t help but giggle. Shen Muan slapped the water, splashing Chu Siyuan into the face.

Chu Siyuan immediately began to fight back. The two said it was bathing, but it was more like playing in the water.

Shen Fangqi had come out twice to pour himself some water and found that Shen Muan and Chu Siyuan still hadn’t come out of the bathroom, he couldn’t help leaning into the bathroom to hear what they were doing. Hearing the laughter of Shen Muan and Chu Siyuan, it seemed the two were having a great time.

Shen Fangqi suddenly remembered that he and his younger brother also seemed to often play like this, when they were young. At that time, Shen Muan would often make him cry, and then his father would come in and teach him a lesson.

Shen Fangqi looked at the family portrait hung on the wall in the living room. He wiped it every day, and you could see his eyes were full of nostalgia.

Shen Fangqi was inspired to stay. Seeing that the time has been long enough, he knocked on the bathroom door and reminded: “Don’t play for too long, go to bed early.”

“Okay~” Shen Muan replied absentmindedly, turning Chu Siyuan to finish up washing away the foam on his body, they wiped dry and he placed Chu Siyuan in the white tee, then told him to go to the bedroom and wait for him. With a towel wrapped around his little head, Chu Siyuan ran to Shen Muan’s room obediently.

Shen Muan’s room is carpeted, so you can step on it barefoot. There are many dolls on the floor and the bed. The bookshelf next to the desk is full of figures and some dolls made by Shen Muan.

Chu Siyuan stood in front of the bookshelf with bright eyes. He seemed to like Shen Muan’s bookshelf very much. Although he liked it very much, Chu Siyuan didn’t reach out to touch it, but just watched by the side.

Shen Muan came in with a hairdryer. Seeing him standing next to the bookshelf, he beckoned and said, “Let’s dry your hair first, and then you can see it closer.”

Chu Siyuan reluctantly walked to Shen Muan, still staring at the bookshelf and the figures on it.

“Like it?” Shen Muan asked.

“Like it!” Chu Siyuan replied without hesitation.

“That’s….” Shen Mu’an dragged his voice, and said under Chu Siyuan’s expectant gaze, “You can look more if you like it.”

Shen Muan felt that Chu Siyuan was a little unhappy, as he stared at his back. Chu Siyuan stood in front of Shen Muan with the back of his head facing him. Shen Muan didn’t care, he first blow-dried his hair, and then stuffed the little person into the bed.

“Hurry up and sleep.”

Shen Muan waited for Chu Siyuan to fall asleep, then went to the living room with his mobile phone and hairdryer.

Shen Muan was lying halfway on the sofa, constantly swiping at his phone. Because of Chu Siyuan, he didn’t have time to scroll through his phone after getting off work today. This was unbearable for a severe phone addict.

After checking Weibo, Shen Muan found that it was almost ten o’clock, and the author of the novel he had recently read updated his work at nine o’clock, so he was finally able to read the latest chapter.

Just when Shen Muan opened the Jinjiang app expectantly, the network suddenly lagged, and a “server is looking for the text” popped up on the interface.

Shen Muan quit and re-entered the page before finding it turned back to normal, but shortly afterward, he discovered a very strange thing.

Where was the novel he was following?

Shen Muan wondered if the Jinjiang app was down again, so he changed to his computer and found that it still wasn’t there. Not only was the book he was reading missing, but the other ancient drama novel series he was following all disappeared in the column of the author.

He couldn’t find it on Baidu.

Shen Muan called the customer service number, and the other party said that they did not have the novels he was talking about.

Shen Mu’an was a little panicked, did he remember it wrong? Impossible…

He also revisited those ancient texts last Saturday and stayed up all night rereading it.

Shen Muan turned up the Weibo of the author who wrote the novel and sent her a private message, but the reply he got was that she had never written the books that Shen Muan said. Shen Muan also recalled some plots and sent them to the Author named ‘Mu**’, but the other party was at a loss and said that she would never write on her novels stuff based on reality.

Seeing this reply, Shen Muan was stunned.

Looking at the things he sent, Shen Muan suddenly understood why he thought Chu Siyuan and others’ names were familiar. He opened Baidu search in a panic and found that many companies he had only seen in the novel appeared in this world. He also saw the backgrounds of Chu Siyuan and Xiao Ruzhi, it matched perfectly.

Shen Muan sat motionless on the sofa, like a sculpture.

Shen Fangqi was taken aback when he saw Shen Muan. He just wanted to go to the toilet… Why did it have to be so scary?

“What’s wrong with you?” Shen Fangqi walked over and touched his brother’s forehead with a strange look. He didn’t have a fever. Could it be that he found out that he had dropped his clay sculpture and then glued it back together?

Shen Fangqi hesitated whether to apologize and saw that Shen Muan handed the computer to himself. The above were some reports from the Chu Group.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Fangqi looked around but didn’t see anything weird.

“Brother, there were no such companies before, right?” Shen Muan asked.

Shen Fangqi touched Shen Mu’an’s forehead again. He didn’t have a fever. He replied doubtfully: “No, these companies had always been here.”

Shen Muan was silent for a while and suddenly said, “When you were ten years old, you broke Dad’s vase and put me at the scene of the crime, only to be beaten and cry to Mom.”

“Nonsense, you crawled over by yourself!” As a result, he was beaten twice.

Okay, it’s his brother. Confirming this fact Shen Muan was relieved.

He felt that he needed some time to be able to accept what was happening.

Shen Fangqi felt that Shen Muan’s current state was not very good, he was about to ask but the doorbell rang.

“It should be Mr. Chu, here to pick up Si Yuan.” Shen Muan came back to his senses. He planned to open the door without even wearing his shoes, but Shen Fangqi pulled him back.

“Sit down, I’ll go.” Shen Fangqi convinced his brother, he was very reliable outside, but at home became a bit naive.

Chu Yi was carrying a box of strawberries. He looked at the man who opened the door, he was a few centimeters taller than him. He wondered if he had gotten the wrong house.

Isn’t this Teacher Shen’s home?

  1. midge e has spoken 2 years ago

    yo, i’m going to headcanon that the principal knew what they were doing by sending shen muan off to fetch the babies and putting them in his class. whether or not the principal knew about shen muan’s novel knowledge. i mean, look at that guy! he’s exactly what you want from a kindergarten teacher. he’s gonna put the fear of god and principles and morals in those babies so good they won’t ever think of commiting crime.

  2. theeggmonger has spoken 2 years ago

    Oh weird! Did the book and the world merge? So cute! Thank you so much!

  3. Lulu has spoken 2 years ago

    Wait so what happened? Did he just randomly transport to a timeline?

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    Oooohhh drama 👀


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