Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – I Want to Give Uncle an Unforgettable Memory

Chu Siyuan watched the tank for a while to see why the cat came.

He then suddenly saw a fish float up, its belly slowly facing upwards, motionless. The chubby orange cat immediately meowed.

The boss yawned, put his phone aside, picked up a net, and fished out the dead fish. He placed it in front of the orange cat and said disgustingly, Eat, eat. And go while you’re at it.”

The cat meowed at the boss a few more times, ran to a corner with the dead fish in its mouth, and started to eat.

Chu Siyuan suddenly realized, he finally understood!

Shen Muan felt that they should now be able to leave. But Chu Siyuan continued to look at the fish in the glass tank.

“…Aren’t we leaving?” Shen Muan was a little unsure about it when he saw Chu Siyuan had returned to his original position.

Chu Siyuan shook his head and said, “I want to wait for a fish too!”

“……” The boss who heard this silently looked at Shen Muan. The meaning in his eyes could not be more clear, hurry up and take your child away!

Shen Muan smiled embarrassed, he leaned over to Chu Siyuan and said, “We can buy whichever one you want.”

Chu Siyuan continued to shake his head.

Shen Muan probably understood Chu Siyuan’s thoughts, and he reluctantly said, “Even if the fish is dead, you still have to pay.”

“Why?” Chu Siyuan looked back at Shen Muan fiercely, “The cat didn’t pay!”

“The cat is soliciting business for me.” The boss couldn’t help but interject, “Child, there is no free lunch in this world.”

Chu Siyuan looked at the fish tank and then at the fat cat next to him. He turned and threw himself on Shen Mu’an, and said unhappily, “Then let’s go.”

“Don’t you want to eat fish? The boiled fish made by this teacher is delicious.” Shen Muan deliberately prolonged his voice trying to make it sound confident.

Chu Siyuan thought about it, but he hesitated because of what happened just now. In the end, he couldn’t hold back and said, “I want to eat.”

There is no need to be so troublesome with food.

Shen Muan rubbed Chu Siyuan’s head with a smile and asked him to pick the fish he wanted. Shen Muan first told Chu Siyuan how to pick the fish, and then watched him pick next to him.

Chu Siyuan remembered Shen Muan’s words, it took a long time to pick a fish that he was satisfied with.

The boss took out the fish very neatly, processed it quickly, and handed it to Shen Muan. “Twenty-three yuan and seven cents, WeChat or Alipay?”


Shen Muan scanned the QR code to pay and carried the packaged goods. He led Chu Siyuan to look at other dishes.

From time to time, Chu Siyuan’s gaze fell on the fish that Shen Muan was holding. Shen Muan shook the black bag in his hand and asked, “Do you want to carry it? It’s a bit heavy.”


Chu Siyuan took it very seriously. He looked at the bag, the fish inside, and held it in his hand contentedly.

It seemed that because of the fish, Chu Siyuan was not very interested in other things. Shen Muan picked some vegetables and meat then took the little guy back home to eat.

Shen Fangqi had no cases to handle during this period, so he came back quite early. He heard the sound of the door opening and walked over to pick up what Shen Muan was holding, but he didn’t expect to be stuffed with a child in his arms.

“Brother, take care of Siyuan, I’ll take the things to the kitchen.” Shen Muan went into the kitchen after speaking.

Shen Fangqi watched Chu Siyuan become silent. Could this child be the one who was sent to the wrong kindergarten today? Why are you still following?

Chu Siyuan didn’t say a word either, he still held the bag of fish in his hands. He kept looking at Shen Fangqi blankly.

After Shen Muan put the things away, he remembered the fish in Chu Siyuan’s hand. As soon as he came out, he saw the two of them standing in a stalemate.

“What are you doing?” Shen Muan dried the water on his hands and walked over to pick up the fish from Chu Siyuan. “Brother, you take Siyuan to wash his hands and rinse his mouth. Don’t just keep standing here. “

Shen Fangqi nodded stiffly. He moved like a robot, taking a disposable cup for Chu Siyuan, and bringing him to the toilet to wash his hands and gargle.

Shen Fangqi rarely encounters children. He is exposed to criminal cases, even if he sees children, they are usually no longer of this world. Now that such a soft little guy stayed in his arms obediently, Shen Fangqi felt extraordinarily uncomfortable. He feels he could hurt the child just by touching him.

Although Shen Muan is a kindergarten teacher, he has never brought a child back. This is the first one.

Chu Siyuan blinked his eyes and was very obedient. He would do whatever Shen Fangqi asked him to do. But he actually hopes for Teacher An An to take him away. He can clearly feel the muscles on this uncle’s body, his butt felt uncomfortable, it seems to be in an awkward position.

Shen Fangqi didn’t know how to treat children. He had taken care of Shen Muan since he was a child, but Shen Mu’an could take care of himself most of the time as he was growing up. Such a little child would he be able to take care of himself?

“Do you…watch TV?” Shen Fangqi can only recall the occasional complaints from his teammates in the office, saying that his little nephew at home likes watching TV, and can watch it for two or three hours.

Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Fangqi, felt the muscles he had touched, and nodded.

Shen Fangqi breathed a sigh of relief instantly, put the child on the sofa, and gave him a remote control, regardless of whether he would use it or not.

Chu Siyuan pressed the remote control randomly pointing it at the TV. The two sat on the sofa 20 or 30 centimeters apart, silently, as if they were focused on only watching TV.

Shen Muan saw this scene when he came out carrying the food, a little amazed.

“Let’s eat.” Shen Fangqi, who heard these three words, rushed into the kitchen. It looked like he was about to run a marathon.

Seeing that he was gone, Chu Siyuan instantly ran to the side of Shen Muan, holding his thigh, and refused to let go.

“…” Speechless, Shen Muan placed the food down, picked up Chu Siyuan, and found him a higher chair to sit on, and then put the child next to him.

Shen Fangqi had brought out the dishes and meals, and he waited for Chu Siyuan and Shen Muan to sit down before taking his place.

Shen Muan wiped Chu Siyuan’s hands with a wet tissue, and gave him a spoon: “What kind of food do you want to eat, the teacher will hand it to you.”

“Okay.” Because of Shen Muan, Chu Siyuan regained a little bit of vitality. Shen Muan thought that this looks very interesting, looks like the child is already very at home with him.

Chu Siyuan refused to follow Chu Yi, and he didn’t even dare to express anything in front of Shen Fangqi, but he was quite obedient in front of him.

After eating, Shen Fangqi went to wash the dishes, and Shen Muan watched TV with Chu Siyuan for a while.

Shen Fangqi knew that he would make Chu Siyuan uncomfortable here, so he went back to his room to play games after washing the dishes.

Chu Siyuan riggled back and forth on the sofa like a caterpillar, and slowly rubbed next to Shen Muan: “Teacher An An, your brother is so fierce.”

“Can I grow up to be as strong as him?

“I want to give my uncle an unforgettable memory.”

“……” Shen Muan looked at this little boy, patted his belly, and said solemnly, “If you want to give your uncle an unforgettable memory, My Brother should also be able to give you an unforgettable memory.”

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