After the shower, Jiang Lan suddenly realized that this was Ying Qiao’s home. There wouldn’t be any fresh clothing here waiting for him.

Luckily there was a new towel in the bathroom. Wrapping it around his waist casually, he walked out of the bathroom, planning to change into Jiao Tu’s clothing. Sitting in the living room, Ying Qiao’s eyes were instantly glued to Jiang Lan’s body.

Above the waist, his body was uncovered.

Jiang Lan’s skin was very white, not the unhealthy pale, more resembling the color of milk with a healthy tone. After the shower, a little pink color lingered on his skin. A few water drops hung at the end of his hairs, about to drip down.

Ying Qiao’s eyes were fixed on those water drops. The hairs gently shook. Finally, the water drops fell into Jiang Lan’s body. The water continued to move down on his milky white skin and disappeared into the towel.

Ying Qiao always treated Jiang Lan as a young cub. At this moment, it suddenly dawned on him that he had a grown man’s body. His lean and muscular body was filled with youthful energy and strength.

Ying Qiao’s adam apple moved up and down, swallowing hard. He grabbed a bottle of water and drank. While doing this, he realized he had been staring too hard and dropped his gaze awkwardly.

Jiang Lan opened Jiao Tu’s suitcase and found a t-shirt, which was a little small and tight for him.

Jiang Lan took off the t-shirt and asked Ying Qiao casually.” Can I borrow your clothing? My cousin’s clothing is too small for me.”

His eyes were bright, and his attitude was candid and casual, not a trace of awkwardness on his face and in his voice.

After all, he was not a human. In ancient times, all the monsters conducted their public affairs with just a layer of scales or furs on their bodies. In the eyes of a human, they might as well run around naked.

So Jiang Lan thought it was not a big deal to appear before Ying Qiao scantily dressed.

Ying Qiao paused for a second before rising.” I will get it for you.”

He brought a set of pajamas and underwear for him.” It is brand new.”

Then he added.” You can sleep in my room, I don’t need to sleep.”

Jiang Lan no longer acted polite around him. Giving him a wink, he walked into the bedroom. Then his head popped out.” I will sleep now. Please keep an eye on Nini, don’t let them play video games behind us.”

Pausing for a second, he added.” If you want to sleep, just come in. I am not easily disturbed during my sleep.”

The bed in Ying Qiao’s bedroom was big enough for two of them.

Ying Qiao nodded.

He was very fidgety right now.

Ying Qiao’s eyes lingered on the closed bedroom’s door. After a while, he rose and walked back and forth. He had already finished a bottle of water, but that was not enough to quell the disturbance in his mind.

As he was growing visibly irritable, his phone chose this moment to ring. He saw it was Tai Feng’s call.

Taking another look at the closed door, Ying Qiao untied his collar button and went to the staircase outside the door.

His voice was not friendly.

“What’s the matter?”

Tai Feng instantly detected the mood in his voice and toned down his words.” Last night you flew to the Three Water Village in your original form and summoned a storm, which was filmed by a human. Now this video clip has gone viral on the internet.”

Ying Qiao said.”Then ask the Public Information Surveillance Department[1]A department within the Monster Bureau in charge of containing the spread of information regarding the Monster race, also mentioned in Chapter 30.1 to delete this video.”

Tai Feng erupted in anger at this.” Do I need to wait for you to tell me this? The Surveillance Department had been busy for the whole night trying to contain the spread of this video! But it was an impossible task. This video has gone viral!”

Then he cursed.” What’s wrong with these people? The comment section below this video was filled with comments asking for the dragon deity’s blessing, wishing for getting rich quickly or leaving single lives.”

It’s insane to ask for the blessing of this crazy dragon.

Ying Qiao was unperturbed.” You call to just tell me this?”

Tai Feng suddenly raised his voice.” I am telling you that you are only a few points away from being denied the right to live in a city! Flying without permission and your flight had caused significant public disturbance. For which, you have been awarded twenty demerit points[2]This demerit system was explained in Chapter 38.1!”

“Twenty points?” Ying Qiao straightened up.” How many demerit points have I got so far?”

Now it’s Tai Feng’s turn to sound cold.” 95.”

“That’s five points to 100.”

“I think you have a clear idea how dangerous your position is right now.”

Ying Qiao furrowed his eyebrows.” Ok, as usual, I will ask my financial department to transfer a sum to you.”

This appeased Tai Feng.” Then you have better hurry. So I can reward my surveillance department with bonuses.”

Knowing that a large sum of fine money was about to enter the Bureau’s account, Tai Feng’s mood lightened slightly. He even started to gossip.” I heard you acted like this because of that Little Monster? You looked so worried. How long have you been together? You are really attached to him. I don’t know you can be this affectionate to someone “

Why did a cold, inhuman dragon like Ying Qiao suddenly act emotionally for a little monster?

This was so unnatural.

Ying Qiao didn’t answer, but he didn’t hang up.

Tai Feng was waiting for more details of his relationship with that little monster.

Finally, Ying Qiao said.” If that someone is you, I don’t care if you are in danger or not.”

Tai Feng…..

Before he said anything, Ying Qiao hung up the phone.

Tai Feng threw away his phone in anger, thinking to himself that once your demerit points reach the limit, I wouldn’t do anything to help you.”

Ying Qiao hung up the phone, but he didn’t enter the flat.

Leaning against the wall, he felt the Little Monster had already occupied his mind and thoughts.

Dragon race was an amorous race. Ying Dragon was no exception. But his aloofness forbade him to choose his lover lightly, and he would take offence whenever someone he held in low regard dared to ask him out.

That’s why he remained a virgin dragon for thousands of years of his life.

Geng Chen once suspected that there was something physically wrong with his reproductive organs. Otherwise, there was no explanation for his conspicuous lack of mating drive.

Ying Qiao responded to his young uncle’s silly suggestion with sneers.

He just hadn’t met his match yet. And quite possibly, the person he could fall in love with didn’t exist.

But today, he was easily seduced by the Little Monster.

Trying to calm himself, Ying Qiao banished all the impure thoughts from his mind.

His world had begun to unravel since the events in the Three Water Village.

Thinking hard, Ying Qiao tried to recall exactly how old the Little Monster was. But he gave up after a while, although he was certain he must be much older than the Little Monster, who was still a cub.

He was old enough to be the Little Monster’s ancestor.

Ying Qiao rarely criticized his behavior, but today he blamed himself for allowing himself to be seduced by his cub. How could a responsible parent tolerate his impure thoughts towards his cub?

Turning this over in his mind, he returned to the flat.

Jiang Lan was still sleeping. After their iPad was confiscated, Jiao Tu and Suan Ni had nothing better to do than watch TV with sound volume turning to a minimum so as not to disturb their brother’s sleep.

After washing his face to quench the flame in his mind, Ying Qiao glanced at the closed bedroom door and went to the balcony.

Typing on his phone screen, Ying Qiao desperately tried to rein in his thoughts and turned everything back on the right track.

But sometimes, the more you try to control your thoughts, the more your thoughts want to break free of your control.

Pausing his fingertips, Ying Qiao stared at the phone screen with a gloomy look; then, he opened the dialogue box with Jiao.

They both had a younger brother. Jiao might provide some valuable advice.

Thinking for a moment, Ying Qiao sent a message:[Do you like your younger brother?]

Jiao answered: [Of course I do.]

Ying Qiao asked: [Do you like your brother’s hug?]

Jiao was speechless at this:[We share the same body.]

Oh, yes. Even though they both had a younger brother, there were some minor differences in their circumstances. Ying Qiao asked another question: [ I have a friend who recently adopted a cub. This cub was very cute and understanding. He liked him and treated him like a younger brother. But a few days ago, an event that they both went through changed the dynamics between them. When the cub hugged my friend, my friend would feel something else….. In short, his feeling towards that cub was not pure anymore.]

Jiao said: [ That friend is actually you, right?]

Ying Qiao:?????


Then he added:[ How come I have this impure thought? I asked this question on behalf of my friend.]

Jiao thought that every question asked on behalf of a friend always turned out to be asked for oneself. But Ying Qiao wouldn’t admit it. So he said: [It’s not a big deal. They are both consenting adults.]

Ying Qiao had never thought about this from this angle: [ Don’t you think his impure feeling is a little inappropriate? After all, my friend is as old as mine, almost old enough to be that cub’s ancestor.]

[Jiao: So does your friend mind the age gap between them?]

Ying Qiao gave this question a little thought. He felt he didn’t mind the age gap that much. But he couldn’t reconcile his impure feeling with his moral standards, which made him feel like a weird uncle who likes to seduce young cubs.

[Ying Qiao: No, he doesn’t mind that. He felt a sense of guilt after his thoughts became a little impure.]

Jiao thought that he didn’t expect Ying Dragon to set a high moral standard for himself: [ Jiang Lan had a job and was independent. He was not a young cub anymore.]

Ying Qiao was surprised by this message. He typed on the phone screen with a straight face: [ This chat is about my friend. It doesn’t concern Jiang Lan.]

Feeling this little chat had become pointless, Ying Qiao added.” something come up, talk to you later,” and closed WeChat.


1 A department within the Monster Bureau in charge of containing the spread of information regarding the Monster race, also mentioned in Chapter 30.1
2 This demerit system was explained in Chapter 38.1

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