We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single
Chapter 58 Barbecue

Jiang Lan slept until the late afternoon.
The curtain was shut while he was sleeping, and the room temperature was very comfortable. He sat up and walked out on his slippers.

Ying Qiao was watching TV with Suan Ni, Jiao Tu in the living room. Suan Ni was squeezed between Ying Qiao and Jiao Tu with his belly up.

Hearing the door open, the three of them turned to look at him.

Ying Qiao said.” Sleep well?”
Wagging his tail, Suan Ni seemed to be in a very good mood.” Ying Qiao brother said we will have barbecues tonight!”

Jiang Lan bent down to stroke his hair.” Are you hungry now?”

Suan Ni rubbed his palm with his head.” I want to have barbecues!”

Jiang Lan straightened up.” Ok,ok, I will dress up now.”
Then he turned to Ying Qiao.” I will go home to get my clothing.”

Ying Qiao scanned his body.” Why not putting on my clothing? It is a waste of time to make a trip to just get your clothing.”

Jiang Lan was a little shorter and leaner than him. But he was not weak. With a well-proportioned body, Ying Qiao’s clothing didn’t seem ill-fitted on him. Rolling up his sleeves and pant’s hem casually, Jiang Lan appeared sexy without striving to be.

Ying Qiao’s thought returned to that hug. If he could hold him from behind, he could wrap Jiang Lan’s body in his arms. If he lowered his head a little, he could touch Jiang Lan’s neck with his chin…….

“All right, your clothing fit me well. I will return it after cleaning it.”
Jiang Lan’s voice brought Ying Qiao back from his wandering thoughts. He smiled and rose to walk to the bedroom.” I will get more clothing for you.”

After entering the bedroom, leaving Jiang Lan’s sight, he allowed himself to appear a little uneasy and took a deep breath.

Now it was out of the question to rein in his thoughts and desire with his mind spiraling deeper into Jiang Lan’s seductive body.
He had already noticed that Jiang Lan was very good-looking. But at that time, his attitude towards Jiang Lan’s outer appearance was limited to that of a parent admiring his cub’s handsomeness, nothing more. It was not until today that he suddenly discovered the Little Monster’s attractiveness as a grown man.

He still thought the Little Monster was cute and perfect. But now, a feeling of greed, a desire to possess this perfection overwhelmed him.

It was the nature of a dragon to be selfish and greedy. Ying Qiao couldn’t resist his nature’s calling. While his instinct clamored for the possession of this cub, his remaining sense struggled to contain himself, telling himself it was too outrageous.
The Little Monster was so young and had total trust in you.
How can you betray this trust and harbor these impure thoughts about him?
It was simply outrageous.

Closing his eyes, Ying Qiao suppressed his boiling dark thoughts and started to pick out suitable clothing for Jiang Lan, and went out.

He tried to appear normal in front of Jiang Lan.

After Jiang Lan changed into his clothing, Ying Qiao took in his appearance with a look and smiled.” Let’s go. I have already made a reservation.”

Jiang Lan led his younger brothers out of the door while Ying Qiao followed them out and locked the door. After this was done, he turned around to face them with his usual self, that upright and reliable old brother he strived to be.
The only difference was that he no longer dared to meet Jiang Lan’s eyes.

A private box was reserved for them in the restaurant. After they entered the box, they saw a rectangle barbecue table surrounded by soft sofas.

Jiang Lan sat opposite Ying Qiao. Jiang Lan unbuttoned the top two buttons of Ying Qiao’s shirt.

Ying Qiao thought about why he had always treated Jiang Lan as a young cub before.
On the way here, a girl even found a way to ask his phone number. Would girls ask a cub for his phone number?

The stove was now ignited. This barbecue restaurant was not a Korean-style hotplate barbecue restaurant. Here they served grill barbecue with smokeless charcoals burning underneath. After applying a thin layer of oil and turning over the heat, the freshly sliced beef was already delicious enough without any sauce.

Jiao Tu and Suan Ni had already begun grilling the beef in high spirits.

The sight of grilling meat suddenly brought to Jiang Lan’s mind those dead Gu Diao and Tu lou.
The taste of those raw meats was so plain after his palate was fully developed in human society. If only he could bring them back and thoroughly clean them. Sliced and grilled, the taste must be fantastic!

Regrets filled Jiang Lan’s mind at this thought. The blame all went to Tao Wu. If not for his untimely appearance, he had already devoured those Gu Diaos and Tu Lous, avoiding such monstrous waste of perfect food.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Qiao asked him.

Jiang Lan naturally couldn’t bring himself to tell Ying Qiao that he forgot to pack his prey. He said.” I was thinking about what happened in the Three Water Village. Have they finished the work at the scene?”
Then he added casually.” What happened to those creatures found at the burial ground?”

Cheng Hua had actually reported to him the progress of their work in the Three Water Village. Still, Ying Qiao didn’t have the mind and time to read his message. Picking up his phone, Ying Qiao scanned Cheng Hua’s message.” Yes, the work was done. Some miasma still lingered here. The Buddhist monks and Taoist Monks next door were out in force, performing spiritual service for the dead. All the villagers in the Three Water Village were taken into custody by the Police, on allegations of murder and profiteering on the sale of corpses.”

The Special Human Bureau didn’t meddle in human affairs. Cheng Hua just mentioned it in passing. Ying Qiao then shifted the focus to those man-eating creatures.” The bodies of Du Diaos and Tu Lous have been removed from the scene, together with Tao Wu who had attacked you.”

Munching on the meat, Jiang Lan thought about his fragile friendship with those four devils.” Tao wu? That evil monster? What’s the Bureau going to do with him?”

“I don’t know.” Ying Qiao passed him some roasted meat and probed him.” Tao Wu is an ancient high monster after all and was ranked among four devils. My boss said Tao Tie might vouch for him and try to get him released. Considering the influential Dragon Palace behind him, the Bureau would agree to his release if such request was made from Tao Tie.”

Then he paid close attention to Jiang Lan’s face.
Tao Wu almost killed Jiang Lan. An episode Jiang Lan wouldn’t easily forget and forgive. If Tao Tie pulled the string to get Tao Wu released, Jiang Lan might reverse his favorable opinion of Tao Tie.

The Little Monster’s idolization of Tao Tie was still fresh in Ying Qiao’s mind. He definitely wouldn’t pass over this opportunity to tarnish Tao Tie’s image in the Little Monster’s mind.

As expected, Jiang Lan furrowed his brow, saying.” Tao Tie wouldn’t do that!”
The most he would do was just pay Tao Wu a visit in the detention center and mock Tao Wu if he had the chance.

Ying Qiao thought his reaction was natural, given his genuine admiration of Tao Tie. Once Tao Tie gets Tao Wu released, Jiang Lan wouldn’t be greatly disappointed.
So he didn’t contradict Jiang Lan.” This is just speculations. I will tell you once I have more news.”

They returned home after their good barbecue dinner.
Jiang Lan still had one day off, and his poverty alleviation work in the countryside was now put on hold. After packing their suitcases, he left with his little brothers.

Ying Qiao drove them home. Ying Qiao was reluctant to leave them, but he still took a breath of relief after they went home. If Jiang Lan remained in his sight a moment longer, he would have more difficulty suppressing his desire.

He didn’t leave until the three brothers entered the building.
Instead of returning to his borrow flat, he went back to his villa.

In his villa, surrounded by his favorite gems, he transformed into his original form, trying to cool down his boiling desire. But it just kept growing stronger. Under its influence, his favorite gems seemed to lose their luster.

Swinging his tail in irritation, Ying Dragon knocked out his gems in all directions. Setting loose his thoughts, he was convinced that only the Little Monster was his match in heaven.

Even though he was young, he could wait for him to grow up. Actually, the Little Monster was not that young. He only appeared younger when compared with Ying Qiao.

The age gap between them was not a big deal, for he didn’t appear old. If he didn’t mention his age, the Little Monster had no way of knowing how old he was.

What Jiao said actually made sense to him now.

And……Ying Qiao suddenly rose up and swung his tail. A long-forgotten but very important point suddenly struck him that the Little Monster was originally his date….

With tail swinging wildly, Ying Qiao’s mood was suddenly lightened, and all his anxieties were gone in an instant.
It was perfectly all right to find one’s date desirable.
Why didn’t he think about it at first?

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