We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

“What I heard is that when Tai Feng asked Ying Dragon to help run the Monster Bureau, Ying Dragon chose to attack the homes of several high monsters and robbed them of their treasures, which led them to fight back, and the sky above the Monster Bureau became a battlefield…….”

He saw the frozen looks on Cheng Hua’s face and paused, but Jiang Lan chose to finish the story.” I heard that they fought in their original forms and caused the destruction of many public facilities. The ordinary people almost saw their fight, which was narrowly avoided……in the end, the Director had no choice but to pay for the damage caused by this fight. That’s why the regulations forbid any monsters whose original forms exceed a certain size to return to their original forms in the city, and the airspace above the city is now off-limits to monsters except in an emergency. “

Cheng Hua.”…………”

This version of the story is now forbidden and long out of circulation. Where did the Little Monster hear it?

He said with a frozen smile.” Where did you hear it? It is far from the truth.”

Jiang Lan thought to himself: My fourth brother told me!

After Bi An and Ying Dragon got off on the wrong foot in their trip to Guang Province, Bi An collected Ying Dragon’s many dark histories. While idling in the Dragon Palace, Jiang Lan listened to all the stories his fourth brother told him.

“I heard these from a friend of mine. This might not be true.” He recalled that Ying Qiao adored Ying Dragon, and he suspected Cheng Hua might be the same. So he hurried to add.” Actually, I think the Ying Dragon is not as bad as he is made out to be…….”

The last part, he said awkwardly.

Cheng Hua originally planned to recount Ying Dragon’s legendary exploits and, in doing so, get Jiang Lan to warm to the Ying Dragon. After accomplishing this, he can request an extra reward from Ying Qiao.

But he didn’t expect this Little Monster to know this much about Ying Qiao’s dark history.

Suddenly he sensed a chill coming from behind and heard a splashing water sound. He turned to face the cold stare of Ying Qiao, who at that moment was walking towards them from the lake.

Cheng Hua.”……”

Why do you look at me like that?

It is not me who badmouthed you and how do I know this Little Monster knows about your dark history?

Cheng Hua guiltily hurried forward with a dry laugh.” Xiao Ying comes back, are you hurt? Jiang Lan and I were worried sick about you.”

Then he threw a look at Jiang Lan: Hurry, say some nice words.

But Jiang Lan didn’t pick up the hints. Instead, he wondered why he didn’t sense Ying Qiao’s presence until the last moment. Perhaps he was too preoccupied with the story.

While he was thinking this, he was slow to react to Ying Qiao’s return.

In Ying Qiao’s eyes, he interpreted his slowness to mean that the Little Monster suddenly didn’t care about him.

But he was so worried about me before I dived into the lake.

How come he was utterly changed during my absence?

Ying Qiao stared coldly at Cheng Hua. His gut feeling told him that this miscreant must have a part in this.

He moved his lips to Cheng Hua, so he can lip read: Forget your bonus.

Cheng Hua.”………..”

I made a mistake. Forgive me.

But Ying Qiao was not paying him any attention now. After dried his body, he said to Jiang Lan.” I just saw three Jin Pos underwater. One of them was eaten by the other two. I got its head; I think you will know if it was the one you met.”

Then he brought out a Jin Po head with a pair of dead eyes open!

Jiang involuntarily took a step backward, not out of fear, of course, but out of guilt.

He widened his eyes, thinking to himself that his luck can’t be so bad that Ying Qiao had already known it was he who ripped off Jin Po’s head and was here to demand an explanation.

As he was thinking fast to make up a story, Ying Qiao threw the wet Jin Po head to Cheng Hua and said to him in a soft voice.” I am sorry, I have scared you.”

Jiang Lan was relieved that he didn’t seem to demand an explanation.” This is the one. But the last time I saw it, its head was still on its body.”

His expression was so genuine and convincing to the point where he almost wanted to hold Ying Qiao’s hands and told him that he didn’t lie.

Ying Qiao nodded.” Its own kind pulled its head off.”

Ying Qiao didn’t doubt Jiang Lan’s words.” I followed the other two Jin Pos to Xun Yang Lake and discovered that they were feeding a gigantic egg at the bottom of the lake.”

He proceeded to tell them what he saw at the bottom of the Xun Yang Lake.

“There are around a dozen of Jin Pos at the bottom, and they were feeding that egg with human bodies and even the bodies of their own kind.”

He didn’t know what was inside that egg. But those Jin Pos were feeding it with their own blood piously, together with the dark heart they just dug out. Ying Qiao also saw several human remains in their caves.

He didn’t know what those Jin Pos were up to, but it can’t be good.

He didn’t make his move then and there because there were still some Jin Pos roaming out in the lake, unseen.

“They appeared to be preparing to move the egg to another location. If our timing is right, we can catch them all.”

He turned to Cheng Hua with a grim look.” Boss, we better go to Xun Yang Lake tonight.”

Cheng Hua let out a dry laugh.” There are many Jin Pos. Maybe we need a little reinforcement.”

With Jiang Lan here, Ying Qiao would definitely stay behind to protect the Little Monster while he fights. So he had to handle more than a dozen Jin Pos alone.

Even though he was perfectly capable of handling them alone, he might get bitten if he was not careful, and it was very expensive to have his skin mended!

Ying Qiao appeared to be trying to persuade him. In fact, he was threatening him.” We don’t have much time. Jiang Lan and I will help you. If we let even one vicious Jin Po slip away, it will be very hard to find it again. Now we have a perfect opportunity to catch them all while they are together in one place.”

Cheng Hua’s smile froze and cursed this dragon a hundred times, and then he forced a smile.” Then let’s go.”

The three of them left the park and hurried towards Xun Yang Lake.

Xun Yang Lake is different from Qing Yang Lake because it is located in the countryside with acres of farmland surrounding it.

After they got off the car, they followed Ying Qiao to a place facing the open water.

This place was in flat farmland. They chose a wooden shack built by farmers as their hiding place. Cheng Hua cast a spell to insulate the shack to prevent the sound and smell from leaking out. From an opening in the shack, they could keep an eye on the open water.

Ying Qiao pointed to a place he had marked.” They are just under the surface of that part of the lake. They most likely will try to move the egg to the lake surface.”

Then they waited in silence.

It was a little past eleven o’clock now. Jiang Lan raised his head to watch the sky. A full silver moon hung in the dark sky. And silver moonlight was reflected in the peaceful lake.

They were very patient, waiting in silence.

When it was twelve o’clock, a ripple appeared on the tranquil surface.

Jiang Lan saw patches of dark hair floating on the surface. Next, one by one, shapely shadows rose from the lake. They formed a circle with their backs to the shack.

Looking from Jiang Lan’s position, these figures seemed to be copied from the same model. Same height, same hair. The scene of them forming a circle in the silent dark lake was bizarre and scary.

He counted them, 18 in total.

It’s a pity they were not edible.

He could smell the decaying scent mingled with the strange fragrance.

Those Jin Pos appeared to be protecting something with great care. With their eyes wide open and fixed on a spot, they were waiting for something.

Under their gaze, a giant white egg rose to the surface.

The white egg was floating on the surface. Under the moonlight, the egg looked like a transparent white jade. Jiang Lan could even see a curled body inside. That body had the most perfect shape, with dark hairs spreading on its naked body. The half-concealed face was very delicate, and a black horn protruded from its forehead.

Judging by the pious way these Jin Pos acted around it, they thought this Jin Po with a black horn must be unique and powerful.

They began to hiss.

And the fragrance grew more intense.

Cheng Hua gave a Fu to Jiang Lan.” Ying Qiao and I will handle these Jin Pos. When they are not paying attention, you attach this fire Fu to the egg and burn it.”

This egg didn’t seem dangerous when compared with other vicious Jin Pos. Ying Qiao consented to this assignment and advised Jiang Lan to be careful. Then they moved towards the Jin Pos to start their attack.

Cheng Hua wielded a long sword, but today he chose not to use it. Instead, he shed his human skin as if he just took off a piece of clothing and folded it with great care. Now he was a white skeleton with a tint of dark red.

It was the first time Jiang Lan saw a painted skin monster’s original form, and he was interested.

In Jiang Lan’s presence, Ying Qiao paused for a second, and then he conjured up a snake tail from his body. With that, he moved deftly into the lake with the black snake tail splashing around.

Their ceremony was interrupted, and those Jin Pos turned to look at the two intruders.

Eighteen pale faces and eighteen pairs of vicious eyes without whiteness were on them.

Cheng Hua shook his bones and smiled.” Now those ugly creatures don’t get to bite my precious skin.”

Glancing at him briefly, Ying Qiao swung his tail towards the nearest Jin Po.

With the two in the fight, the scene became chaotic. As the most powerful Special Service Branch high monster, Cheng Hua took the lead, and his pointed claw started to rip off the flesh from a Jin Po’s body.

Ying Qiao remained behind, feeling constrained from exerting his full power. He had to show his braveness in front of the Little Monster while taking care not to exceed an ordinary snake monster’s power.

This balance was very tiring to maintain.

When Jin Pos was preoccupied with the fight, Jiang Lan silently dived into the water from the other side and swam straight for the white egg.

With an excited look in his eyes, he had the feeling that this white egg must taste good.

He must have a bite.

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