We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Xun Yang Lake lies on the outskirt of Jiang City. The surrounding area is sparsely populated and consisted mostly of farmland. In the evening’s encompassing darkness, only the moon provided some light.

Like a jade plate, moonlight shone on the lake surface, casting a layer of fragmented silver.

This silver layer was broken into thousands of fragmented pieces by a strong snake tail swinging wildly. Ying Qiao deftly controlled his tail and swung at a Jin Po pouncing from behind and sent it flying away in the direction of Cheng Hua.

Cheng Hua narrowly dodged the flying Jin Po and pierced the Jin Po’s chest with his blade-like claws at lightning speed. The spraying blood instantly covered him.

His snow-white skeleton was now smeared with filthy blood. Cursing under his breath, he turned and ripped off the head from another Jin Po.

In the splashing water, the tranquility of the countryside was broken by Jin Po’s furious hiss. These evil creatures were vicious but simple-minded. When provoked, they all pounced on the two without a second thought.

No one remained behind to guard the white egg floating on the surface.

Silver moonlight shone on the white egg, making its jade-like body even more transparent and more….appetizing. 

At this moment, Jiang Lan silently dived under the white egg. With Ying Qiao and Cheng Hua having Jin Po’s full attention, not a single Jin Po noticed him secretly approaching the egg.

Jiang Lan poked the white egg. 

It was so soft. Like a rice roll he had tasted before.

Jiang Lan’s heart was racing, full of anticipation and nervousness. Holding the big white egg with care, he turned to glance at Ying Qiao and Cheng Hua in the heat of a battle. He intended to put some distance between him and the battle before he acted.

A Jin Po lied inside the white egg that hadn’t hatched yet. The egg was so light, floating in the water as if weightless. While Jiang Lan was moving it, it didn’t make a sound.

He still paid close attention to the battle while moving away with the egg. So he didn’t see the Jin Po was slowly opening its eyes in the egg.

A pair of pure black eyes was watching him silently.

Then it moved.

Thin, pale arms easily pierced the eggshell that wrapped around it and touched Jiang Lan’s shoulder.

Arms first, followed by a pale, beautiful face…..its upper torso closely attached to Jiang Lan’s back with black hairs falling down, swaying gently in the water. With its long neck curved unnaturally, it turned to face Jiang Lan.” Where are you taking me?”

It had a beautiful voice.

Jiang Lan turned slightly to face it.

After it saw Jiang Lan’s young body, it licked its lips and said in a soft voice.” I am hungry….”

Jiang Lan was watching its face. His Adam’s apple moved slightly. Then he smiled.”Me too.”

The Jin Po was surprised. A look of confusion appeared on its beautiful face.

This reaction wasn’t what it expected.

This food wasn’t afraid of a Jin Po.

Glancing at the battle to make sure no one was looking in his direction, Jiang Lan quickly dragged the Jin Po from his back and shoved it back inside the egg.

This Jin Po struggled fiercely but found to its dismay that it couldn’t get out of the egg that used to nourish it. All its struggles were doomed to failure. Its claws and teeth couldn’t even leave a scratch on the soft eggshell.

A look of fear appeared in its pitch-black eyes.

It finally realized that the food it had chosen a moment ago was much more powerful than it.

Jiang Lan dived to the bottom of the lake with the big white egg. While nobody was looking, he swiftly kneaded the egg, trying to shrink its size, and opened his mouth to devour it.

The taste was exactly what he imagined. He felt the taste was more like a milk-flavored rice roll, soft and yummy.

It’s a pity he didn’t have much time to savor every delicious mouthful.

He belched loudly in satisfaction and squinted his eyes to savor the aftertaste.

While he was enjoying himself, he suddenly heard a loud, anxious cry.” Jiang Lan—“

It was Ying Qiao’s voice. Constant splashing sounds started to reverberate around the lake. That must be Ying Qiao looking for him.

Alarmed, he fumbled in his pocket for the Fire Fu Cheng Hua gave him and ignited it. In an instant, blue flames exploded underwater, illuminating the whole lake.

Under the light of the flame, Ying Qiao, at last, caught sight of Jiang Lan emerging from the water.

The little Monster was wet; his face was very pale under the light of the blue flames. Ying Qiao suddenly became worried and instantly moved across the lake to his side. Picking him up from the water and wrapped him in his snake tail, Ying Qiao asked in a nervous voice.” Are you hurt?”

Being wrapped in the tail, Jiang Lan was at a loss for words.

Ying Qiao moved so quickly that Jiang Lan took a while to react to it. Shaking his head, he said.” I am all right.”

At this point, Ying Qiao had already gone through his body, making sure he didn’t have a wound.

He looked at the flames in the water that was gradually going out and furrowed his brow.” What happened?”

Because of the chaotic battle, he didn’t notice the Little Monster was so far away from him.

Jiang Lan tried to control his guilty feelings, and he even managed to brag to Ying Qiao.” I just burned that strange egg.”

As he was talking, Jiang Lan observed Ying Qiao’s face. After he could be sure Ying Qiao didn’t doubt his story, he continued.” The Jin Po in that egg became alive and wanted to escape. I followed along quietly, caught it off guard, and burnt it with the fire Fu Boss Cheng gave me.”

Then he appeared to be a little grumpy.” Boss Cheng didn’t tell me how powerful that fire Fu is. I almost got burned.”

Ying Qiao was amused by his looks. He wrapped Jiang Lan’s waist with his snake tail and raised him up to praise him.” You are a smart boy.”

Jiang Lan smiled. When he was about to ask Ying Qiao to drop him down, he opened his mouth and burped.

He widened his eyes and covered his mouth hurriedly with a guilty look in his clear eyes.

Ying Qiao was puzzled.” What’s the matter?”

Jiang Lan shook his head. After making sure he wasn’t going to burp again, he uncovered his mouth.” You shook me so hard that air escaped from my stomach.”

Ying Qiao didn’t look dubious. He loosened his snake tail a little but still wrapped him, and then they moved towards the lake bank.

Jiang Lan was anxious to change the topic. He pointed in the direction of Cheng Hua.” Aren’t we going to help Boss Cheng?”

Ying Qiao said.” My boss said he has been idle for a long time, so he needs this opportunity to practice a little. He asked us to leave him alone.”

Jiang Lan.” Is that so?”

Ying Qiao.” En.”

So they swam to the bank, leaving Cheng Hua alone to deal with the last two remaining Jin Pos.

After he finished the job, he pulled his claws from the chest of a Jin Po in disgust and rinsed it in the lake. But this area had already been polluted by Jin Po’s filthy blood, smelly and black. His white bones were dyed black after washing them in the water.

Cheng Hua was furious but couldn’t vent his anger. He pulled Jin Po’s bodies from the lake and stacked them on the bank, and then he walked to a place with clean water to wash.

Jin Po’s blood was like ink, black and smelly. What’s more, it was very sticky.

After getting himself clean again with much difficulty, Cheng Hua climbed back to the lake bank, only to see Ying Qiao was drying the Little Monster’s hair.


I am not sour[1]TL’s note: the original text is 酸, which means literally sour. Chinese Slang word, means jealousy..

Cheng Hua acted like a jealous woman, making a lot of noises while donning his skin.

Ying Qiao was heartless.

Because he gave his heart to the Little Monster.

Ying Qiao totally ignored him, so Cheng Hua dressed himself with a miserable look and called the Bureau to request auxiliary service to clean up the battlefield.

Finally, Boss Ying shifted his attention to his miserable employee, but he didn’t speak kind words to him.” Now the Bureau will send more hands here, can we let Jiang Lan come home now? He has to work tomorrow.”

Cheng Hua.”……”

He tried very hard to fake a smile.” Ok, Jiang Lan could come back now, and Xiao Ying, could you send him home? I will wait here for the Bureau people.”

Pausing a second, Cheng Hua added to Jiang Lan.” I will apply for a bonus for you.”

Midnight snacks plus a bonus, what a marvelous evening!

Jiang Lan was so pleased that he offered to stay here and wait with Cheng Hua as his thanks.

Because of this, Ying Qiao threw more cold glances and looks at Cheng Hua. Finally, they managed to persuade the Little Monster to leave for home.

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1 TL’s note: the original text is 酸, which means literally sour. Chinese Slang word, means jealousy.
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