Your Pheromones Are Sweet Chapter 3

Chapter 3

When the car drove to the entrance of the district, Qiu Suo stared out of the car window, turned his head, and showed a pair of curved eyes from the gap between the seat and the window, “Gu Dian, do you want to eat watermelon?”

“No.” Gu Dian hurriedly lowered his eyelids as if he saw through something.

Qiu Suo was not sitting still, as if he couldn’t fit in the co-drivers seat. With his legs slanted, his body tilted, the back of his head and the white back of his neck were sticking out of the side of the seat, and was being stared at by Gu Dian.

Qiu Suo’s glands were covered by slightly long strands of hair, and that small piece of skin was light pink, which shows the kid was about to be differentiated.

Gu Dian rubbed his eyebrows. He was really worried about Qiu Suo’s differentiation, more than his parents.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lied to Qiu Suo since he was a child, saying that he would be a superior Alpha in the future. He never thought Qiu Suo never doubted his words, and would actually believe him for so many years. He was just coaxing Little Qiu Suo so that he would stop crying.

Now that the situation become like this, what else can he do? He can only watch and figure it out.

Gu Dian prepared everything for Qiu Suo, Omega special blockers, inhibitors, and he keeps it in the compartment of his book bag every day.

The shelf life of those medicines was only one week, and he would always remember to replace them with new ones every weekend.

Gu Dian even went to tell Qiu’s father and Qiu’s mother to not worry about him, that he would take care of Qiu Suo in case he got differentiated at school.

These things for external use were easy to say. What Gu Dian worried about most was what would Qiu Suo thinks? After being an Alpha for more than ten years, and one day becoming an Omega. Gu Dian was afraid that Qiu Suo would be upset.

In this world, Alpha and Omega have completely different paths, and parents and teachers have different expectations of them.

Alpha is born to lead everyone, while Omega can only depend on Alpha.

How would Qiu Suo be willing to depend on someone? Even if that person is Gu Dian, whom Qiu’s father and Qiu’s mother have recognized, it won’t work. Gu Dian thinks it’s impossible. Qiu Suo was proud like a small poplar[1]Poplar – Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States.. How could he be dependent on someone?

Gu Dian propped up his forehead and tapped his fingers on it. He never had anyone else in his eyes. Who made the two of them have such a good relationship and live so close?

From kindergarten to high school, both of them were classmates. It was not enough to be together when they were in school. They were also together on vacation. They went abroad to study and watch competitions. The two were like a Siamese[2]Siamese – Conjoined twins – sometimes popularly referred to as Siamese twins – are identical twins joined in utero. twin.

Gu Dian raised his eyes again, and the silly hair on top of Qiu Suo’s head wobbles, making his eyes itchy.

“Why don’t you want to?” Qiu Suo suddenly turned around.

“Huh?” Gu Dian was stunned for a moment. “What?”

“Watermelon, why don’t you want to eat it? I even saw you ate one yesterday.” Qiu Suo asked.

Gu Dian smiled, “If you want to eat, buy it, I’ll accompany you.” He said then pat the driver’s seat back, “Uncle Wang, stop at the small supermarket. You go back first, we’ll buy a watermelon before we return.”

” Yes, young master.”

Gu Dian and Qiu Suo got out of the car. Qiu Suo shook off his long legs and stepped onto the small steps at the entrance of the supermarket. He stood at the door and smiled with his hands on his hips. “Gu Dian, hurry up, you’re so slow.”

“Your legs don’t hurt anymore?” Gu Dian took one step up.

“Well, that little injury is nothing.” Qiu Suo said.

“Don’t let me apply medicine next time.” Gu Dian climbed the steps and walked over to hold Qiu Suo’s shoulder.


The two people entered the supermarket and went straight to the fruit section. The watermelons were lined up and they all looked the same. Qiu Suo patted this, patted that, “Oh, which one is better? I can’t tell. Gu Dian, you pick it.”

“I don’t know how to choose watermelon, buy that one.” Gu Dian pointed to a small box of already cut watermelon on the shelf.

“No, I don’t want that cut.” Qiu Suo stubbornly said.

“Then let’s have this one and pay the bill.” Gu Dian picked up a medium-sized watermelon and walked to the weighing cashier counter.

“Hey, won’t you knock? What if it’s not ripe?” Qiu Suo followed.

“I can’t knock it out,” Gu Dian said. “Whether it’s ripe or not, I won’t eat it.”

Qiu Suo: …

After paying, the two walked home along the road.

Qiu Suo put his hands in his trouser pockets, humming an untuned song in his mouth, and reached out to Gu Dian, “Is it heavy? Let me carry it.”

“It’s not heavy.” Gu Dian switched to carry the watermelon in his left hand and blocked Qiu Suo’s hand away with his right hand.

The kid’s wrists were thin and narrow, with prominent wrist bones and light-colored veins pulsating slightly beneath the pale skin.

Although Qiu Suo is tall, has long legs, and exercises all year round, compared with ordinary Omega he is indeed taller and more upright, but compared to Gu Dian who is an Alpha, he would look delicate. Not to mention that his muscles were not that big.

Qiu Suo didn’t take his body shape to heart. It’s no big deal to be shorter and thinner than Gu Dian, as long as he had enough strength, he is indispensable to the soccer team.

Gu Dian also did not think Qiu Suo could not carry the watermelon, he was just used to it. He’s used to Qiu Suo not having to do anything when he’s with him, with both hands in his pockets, chattering around him, and laughing constantly. Gu Dian thought this was good.

They went to Gu Dian’s house together, and the aunt had already made dinner. Eight dishes, two soups, and two main dishes were made in delicate shapes in a gold-rimmed white bone China plate, and they were neatly placed on the table.

There was already a person sitting at the table. Qiu Suo changed his shoes at the door, and waved at that person, “Hello, big brother.”

“Well, Little Suo is here.” Gu En lifted his head from the phone screen and smiled at Qiu Suo and his own brother.

“Yes, brother, I’m here for dinner, why didn’t you accompany Brother Nan to go out for Qixi Festival today?” Qiu Suo walked in and sat down at the table.

“He got two surgeries today. He’ll have to stay up all night.” Gu En raised his eyebrows at Gu Dian, who was following behind.

Yu Nan was Gu En’s wife. Both of them were doctors. They were usually very busy. Although they have obtained the marriage certificate and live together, they have no time for the wedding.

Gu Dian carried the watermelon into the kitchen, and after a while, he came out and asked Qiu Suo, “Do you want to cut the watermelon now?”

“Ah, don’t, don’t, I’ll cut it later, don’t worry about it.” Qiu Suo waved his hand.

Gu Dian walked out after washing his hands, and pulled Qiu Suo’s arm, “Have you washed your hands?”

“No, I forgot.” Qiu Suo smiled and stood up.

“You should just take a shower. You played soccer until you’re sweaty. Are you comfortable?” Gu Dian said.

“Oh, okay, then you eat first, I’ll eat after I take a shower.” Qiu Suo familiarly walked towards the bathroom on the second floor.

Gu Dian shook his head and sighed, followed Qiu Suo upstairs, went to the bedroom and carried a set of short-sleeved shorts out, knocked on the bathroom door, and handed it to him, “Not taking clothes again.”

Qiu Suo showed half of his face by the bathroom door, reached out, and grabbed the clothes, the corners of his mouth curled, “Thanks.” The bathroom door closed with a click.

Gu En watched as his brother finished delivering clothes to a person, went downstairs, and sat back. Pursing his lips with a deep smile, “I can eat first, you wait for him.”

“Yeah.” Gu Dian took out his mobile phone and swiped through it.

Gu En picked up dishes to eat, and the table was quiet.

“Hey, did I bother you?” Gu En suddenly asked.

“What?” Gu Dian looked up.

“Qiu Suo just asked me why I didn’t go to Qixi Festival. Are you planning to spend Qixi Festival at home?” Gu En put a chopstick of tender sprouts into a bowl. “Why don’t you go to his house? No one is in his house. “

Gu Dian glanced at his brother,” Brother, you go to the hospital to accompany Brother Nan. “

“Hey, brat, you’re starting to drive your brother out, ah. “Gu En laughed,” Okay, I’ll leave after eating, you two have a good Qixi Festival.” After a pause, he pointed to the second floor, and asked Gu Dian, “Still not differentiated?”

“Is it important?” Gu Dian said.

“Important or not depends on from which side to say it. I have reminded you a long time ago that you can’t coax Qiu Suo so much. How can he accept himself when he is differentiated into an Omega? I’ll see what you’ll do then.” Gu En looked at his younger brother.

Gu Dian lowered his head and raised it again after a while, “Brother, can you help me ask Brother Nan if it’s particularly hard when an Omega is differentiated, what should I pay attention to?”

“It’s not taught in your school’s health and hygiene class?”

“It was taught, but was purely a theory, I’ll relate it to the actual.”

“Okay, I will ask when I meet him later.” After eating, Gu En wiped his mouth with a napkin and said, “Gu Dian, I want to ask you something. Does Qiu Suo know what you think of him?”

Gu Dian smiled and shook his head, “What can he know? He’s just a kid.”

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1 Poplar – Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States.
2 Siamese – Conjoined twins – sometimes popularly referred to as Siamese twins – are identical twins joined in utero.

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