Your Pheromones Are Sweet
Your Pheromones Are Sweet Chapter 9

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Qiu Suo lay with his back on the bed, with his arms behind his head, staring at the snow-white ceiling, his legs swaying.

After waiting for a while, Gu Dian hadn’t come back yet. “Why is that guy taking a shower for so long?” Qiu Suo whispered, he propped up his body from the bed using his long legs, sat up, and was ready to go out of the bed. After thinking about it for a while, he leaned back, pulled out a mobile phone from under the pillow, and dialed a video call.

The phone rang for a while and was switched to a voice call. Gu Dian’s unnatural voice came from the microphone, “Are you uncomfortable again?”

“Ah? No, no,” Qiu Suo blushed, “Why are you washing for so long?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“Are you taking a shower? There is no sound of water.” Qiu Suo asked.

Gu Dian pressed his forehead against the light coffee-colored tiles in the bathroom, his phone stuck to the triangle basket, his back muscles showed obvious lines of the spinal groove [1]also known as the beauty groove, which is a delicate and smooth groove formed by the spine and the muscles on both sides. because of the force of his arms, he exhaled a long breath, “I’m done, I’m coming up.”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Dian turned on the shower, and the fine water curtain “brushed” from his head to toe. Gu Dian rinsed again, grabbed the bath towel and wiped his whole body casually, put on a dark gray bathrobe, and tied his waist belt loosely. He picked up his school bag and went upstairs to find Qiu Suo.

As soon as he opened the door of the bedroom, he saw Qiu Suo sitting up from a half-lying position with a “tang” sound.

Gu Dian raised his eyes to look at Qiu Suo’s expression, thinking about how to comfort this kid who became an Omega overnight. Of course, in Gu Dian’s perspective, Qiu Suo didn’t become one overnight, he was originally an omega.

“So, I’m an Omega?” Qiu Suo raised his head and asked Gu Dian. The little white face was covered with light and shadow by the sunlight from the window beside him.

Gu Dian couldn’t figure out what Qiu Suo meant for a while. The lively and agile small animal-like face looked very calm, and he (GD) didn’t know if there was a stormy wave under that calmness. So, he chose not to speak, sat down by the bed, and looked at Qiu Suo with a slight frown.

“I said, how I desperately trained my abs that I lost to you by two pieces less? It turned out to be because I am an Omega.” Qiu Suo laughed.

“Qiu Suo,” Gu Dian paused for a while. He didn’t know what to say, so he asked, “Are you still uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine. Oh, by the way, Gu Dian, you bit me just to mark me, which is temporary, right?” Qiu Suo asked Gu Dian.

“Well, do you want to read the Health Book? I brought it for you. I also took notes for you. Let’s take a look.” Gu Dian bent over and took out the book and notebook from the bag at his feet and passed it over.

“I don’t want to read it.” Qiu Suo took the book and notebook and threw them into the bed.

This was seen by Gu Dian, a kid pretending to be light-hearted indifferent, when in fact, his inner side couldn’t still accept the fact that he is an omega.

This was something that no one else can accept. He was following the growth path of an Alpha for more than a decade, then he suddenly became an Omega. He will be in heat, would need an Alpha mark, would also belong exclusively to a certain Alpha, and become an accessory. This was completely different from his previously imagined future, this thing simply makes Qiu Suo TM [2]他妈=ta ma=tm. 裂开 is a Chinese buzzword. It’s to express shock or when your mentality collapsed/mental breakdown, according to Baidu devastated!

However, he tried his best to maintain his composure. He is an Omega, and that is a fact.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with being an Omega. They are rare and precious. They are smart and beautiful, gentle and considerate. They bear the burden of reproducing offspring, and they are willing to stand behind an Alpha. Didn’t people say, that behind every successful Alpha is a great Omega?

But what does all this have to do with Qiu Suo? He does not have the appearance of an Omega, he is not weak or gentle, he never thought he would have children, and he had no intention to stand behind anyone…… Is it because of his new gender identity that he had to give up more than ten years of persistence?

Qiu Suo hung his head helplessly and stuck his fingers into his black hair, and pulled hard.

“Qiu Suo,” Gu Dian understood Qiu Suo as well as he knew himself. He sensed Qiu Suo’s confusion and sadness. He reached out and patted Qiu Suo on the back of his head. “You are still the same ‘you’ as you were before. Nothing has changed, just pay attention to spraying the pheromone blocker and remember to use the inhibitor every once in a while.” After a pause, he continued to say, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to remember, I’ll help you remember.”

“You’ve always known that I’m an Omega, why didn’t you tell me? And now, I’m neither an Omega nor an Alpha. What am I supposed to do?”Qiu Suo sniffed. 

“What made you think that? When have you been bounded by gender? First and foremost, you are Qiu Suo, not a person labeled by gender. Whether you are an Alpha or an Omega, no matter what you look like, you are our Qiu Suo. Your parents, as well as my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. They like you, not because of your gender, but because you are who you are.” Gu Dian helped Qiu Suo lift the back collar of his T-shirt upward and cover the gland that had receded into light red color. 

Qiu Suo put his arms on his knees and raised his head to look at Gu Dian, “What about you?” 

“What?” Gu Dian asked.

“My mom and dad, your mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law like me,” Qiu Suo’s eyes were clear, “What about you? Do you like me?” 

Gu Dian moved closer to Qiu Suo, “What do you think? Do you think I like you or not?” The faint smell of alcohol lingered around the two.

“I don’t know. You said you have a favorite Omega, and you went to see him this morning ……” Qiu Suo’s rosy lips tugged down.

“I also said I saw him last night too, I saw him every day.” Gu Dian simply threw off his slippers and got into bed, sitting face to face with Qiu Suo, “Qiu Suo, have you been kicked in the head by a donkey[3]This is a mocking remark, which means that ‘the head is not good.’?”

“Huh?” The pressure coming from Gu Dian was so strong that Qiu Suo stepped back a little, “What got kicked by a donkey?”

“You don’t know who I like? Who is the person I see every day? Who was the person I am with last night? Have you lost your brain from differentiation?” Gu Dian cried and laughed as he stretched out his finger and gently tapped Qiu Suo’s forehead.

Qiu Suo’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Qiu Suo, I like you. Gu Dian likes Qiu Suo since childhood, whether you are an Alpha or an Omega, or a Beta, none of this matters, I like that little friend named Qiu Suo.” Gu Dian said one word at a time so that Qiu Suo could hear every word clearly.

“Liar.” Qiu Suo covered his heart, his thick eyelashes fluttered nervously, “You lied to me about being an Alpha before, and now, you are lying to me so I won’t feel bad? An Alpha like you should like the most Omega of all Omega. How can you like me… an Omega that doesn’t look like an Omega.” 

“Then, would you like to test me?” Gu Dian straightened Qiu Suo’s shoulders. 


“You can come and test me to see if I lied to you or I really like you.” Gu Dian said, “What about you? Do you like me?” 

“Ah?” Qiu Suo’s eyes became more and more confused. This problem was more difficult than solving three-dimensional geometry, he had never thought about this problem. Long-term habits made him ignore it, and his world opened up unguardedly to Gu Dian only. 

Does Qiu Suo like Gu Dian? This does not seem to be a question, but a clear answer.

“Do you want to try?” Gu Dian asked.

“Try what?”

“Try to see if you like me?”

“How to try?”

“This way…” Gu Dian gently cupped Qiu Suo’s chin and pressed a pair of warm lips on the other, like a fledgling bird faintly vibrating its wings…

The author has something to say:

Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s the end of the short story ~ hehehe ~ I really want to prepare for the new novel, If you’re still happy, remember to come back to me next time! ~ The next book: 《冰山男主为我崩了人设(穿书)》 [The iceberg male protagonist collapsed for me (Transmigration to a book) [4]Unsure of the translated title Request for acceptance. ~


1 also known as the beauty groove, which is a delicate and smooth groove formed by the spine and the muscles on both sides.
2 他妈=ta ma=tm. 裂开 is a Chinese buzzword. It’s to express shock or when your mentality collapsed/mental breakdown, according to Baidu
3 This is a mocking remark, which means that ‘the head is not good.’
4 Unsure of the translated title
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