1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Thoughts

Translated by Sakura Time

Jiang Wenwen froze when she heard Xiao Xiao’s question. She didn’t expect Xiao Xiao to be so sharp. But after spending many years in the business world in her last life, she suppressed the shock in her heart, recovered her naturalness, and apologized to Xiao Xiao. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything else. I just heard that you were sick, so I thought you were still recovering. I didn’t expect you to come to your parents’ house, so I was a little surprised.”

Xiao Xiao trailed off and said, “You heard that I was sick? Who told you that?” She looked at Jiang Wenwen with open eyes, as if she had really just asked out of curiosity.

Li Zhixin and Jiang Wenwen came with a man and a woman. After listening to Xiao Xiao’s words, another girl also asked Jiang Wenwen curiously: “Yes, Wenwen, haven’t you had a fever these last few days and didn’t even get out of the house? How did you know Xiao Xiao was ill?”

Jiang Wenwen secretly hated the mistake she made just now. Back then, whenever she told a lie, she would often panic, but not anymore. She isn’t the same as she was in the past. With a very calm face, she lightly replied: “I don’t really remember. Maybe one of you accidentally talked about it, or maybe I heard it wrong. But anyway, I’m really glad that Xiao Xiao is fine.”

Xiao Xiao had already gotten the information she wanted. She pursed her lips and said with a smile “Thank you for your concern, but I did get sick a few days ago and had a very bad fever. It was Wang Wei who carried me to the health center overnight. If it wasn’t for him, maybe I would have really burned to death by now.” When she said this, she smiled sweetly at Wang Wei, and then, like a kitten, she rubbed herself against Wang Wei’s chest.

Wang Wei was flustered by the rubbing. His whole body seemed to be on fire, even his ears turned red. He pressed Xiao Xiao’s head, and then felt that the force was too heavy, so for fear of hurting her, he quickly let go. Wang Wei leaned against her lightly, gritted his teeth, and said, “Don’t curse yourself like this. Also, don’t make faces.” Can’t you see that so many people are watching, especially that Li Zhixin!

Thinking of this, he directly pressed Xiao Xiao into his chest, preventing Li Zhixin from seeing Xiao Xiao’s uncontrollable charm and naive appearance. He then stared viciously at several people: “What are you looking at? See if I don’t dig your eyes out!”

They had minimal contact with this small village bully in the past. They now realize that Wang Wei’s alias ‘wolf cub’ didn’t come in vain after seeing how he acted just now. “Wenwen, let’s go back,” the other girl said, shivering in horror. It was said that Wang Wei’s reputation in Xiaoqian Village had the effect of putting an end to children’s night cries. He is the living bully of the village.

Li Zhixin and another man put the bucket inside the gate of the courtyard and hurried away with the two other girls. Only Jiang Wenwen could not help but look back at Wang Wei when they were being pulled away.

Only when Wang Wei saw that Li Zhixin and the others had left, did he let Xiao Xiao raise her head.

Xiao Xiao looked at him teasingly, punched Wang Wei with her small fist, and complained with a smile, “Do you want to suffocate me?”

Wang Wei shook his head and looked at Xiao Xiao solemnly: “Stay away from those people in the future, especially that Li Zhixin! You can see right away that he’s up to no good. Although he looks good, he is clearly a gigolo!”

Xiao Xiao blinked: “Is he good-looking? I think you are much better looking than he is!”

Wang Wei couldn’t help but grin at that, “It goes without saying.” It is said that in the eyes of a lover, their spouse is the most attractive. Xiao Xiao likes him so much that she certainly thinks he is the most attractive.

Wang Wei dismissed his thoughts about the few individuals he’d just met, but Xiao Xiao was silently thinking about the somewhat eccentric Jiang Wenwen, who, at first glance, appeared to be in love with Wang Wei. Not to mention, the look of certainty that she shouldn’t still be alive…

Xiao Xiao made the assumption that if she had not come here, then Xiao’s body, this body she is in, might really have died of fever. Since she was able to enter Xiao’s body without any problems, it means that Xiao’s consciousness has completely dissipated.

But the question is, how did Jiang Wenwen know? Unless she had already experienced something and saw a major change in what was established, that’s why she was so shocked.

“You haven’t even eaten anything today. I’ll go catch you two fish, so go home first.” Wang Wei suddenly said when they were about to reach the door of Wang’s house.

Xiao Xiao tugged Wang Wei’s arm and didn’t let go: “Don’t go, it’s okay for me to be hungry.”

“What do you mean ‘it’s okay’?’ Look at yourself. You’re as thin as a stick! If you continue to starve, wait for me to collect your body!” Wang Wei says, a little enraged.

Wang Wei’s words have always been unpleasant, but Xiao Xiao has the ability to see through the meaning behind his words. She squeezed Wang Wei again, “Well, if you want to go, take me with you. I’ll watch from the side, otherwise I won’t feel at ease.”

Not at ease? What is there to worry about? Wang Wei tsk: “You sure are nosy.” But the corners of his mouth formed a smile that he couldn’t suppress. Even with his tattered clothes on, he feels warm all over.

While Wang Wei’s body fluttered as he took his wife to catch fish, Jiang Wenwen’s mood, on the other hand, was quite bad.

On the way back from Xiao’s house, Jiang Wenwen was silent the whole time. She couldn’t understand why the person who was obviously dead in her previous life was still alive and well at this time.

She can remember it so clearly because the Xiao family and the Wang family had a good quarrel when Xiao Xiao died in her last life.

“Wenwen, what’s wrong with you today? You’ve been ignoring me since early in the morning, and how come you looked so excited about seeing Wang Wei earlier?” Jiang Wenwen thought about things and walked absent-mindedly, so she fell behind a few people.

Li Zhixin purposefully waited for a while before grabbing Jiang Wenwen, who was walking in front of him.

Jiang Wenwen returned to her senses. Seeing that it was Li Zhixin, she immediately frowned and pulled her hand back.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” No matter how good-tempered Li Zhixin is, he can’t help but get angry at the moment.

What the hell is wrong with her? Jiang Wenwen sneered at the man who had been married to her for nearly 20 years in her last life. In her previous life, she and Li Zhixin were engaged to be married next year. Then, after the resumption of the college entrance examinations in 1975, they were both admitted to the University of Beijing.

After graduating, they were assigned to a state-owned enterprise in the capital as a grass-roots cadre. At that time, working in a state-owned enterprise was more beautiful and more prestigious than any industry.

She also thought she was the happiest woman. Her husband was a talented, gentle, and considerate man. They were a match made in heaven.

But then came the bad luck.

The reform of state-owned enterprises and large-scale layoffs were carried out. Because of their lack of background, both of them were laid off. They were desperate, so they gritted their teeth and learned from others to go into business.

They are, however, the last group of workers to be laid off. So they’ve missed out on a lot of business prospects.

She and Li Zhixin hit their heads against the wall, and when they were about to despair, they met Wang Wei at a party.

At that time, Wang Wei was already a person who could shake the Haicheng business circles. The moment she saw Wang Wei, Jiang Wenwen couldn’t connect him with the bully in Xiaoqian Village, who was called “wolf cub”.

He was extremely handsome, mature, and charming. His green eyes seemed to be drowning people. Countless celebrities vied for a word with him, and countless women were eager to jump on him.

She and Li Zhixin found a chance to contact Wang Wei and told him about their situation in Xiaoqian Village. Jiang Wenwen could see that Wang Wei was actually not very impressed with them, yet he agreed to invest in them.

She and Li Zhixin were overjoyed because everyone at the party saw that they and Wang Wei seemed to be old acquaintances. So when they went to talk about business later on, it went incredibly well.

With Wang Wei’s investment and the reputation of being old friends with him, they finally got their footing in Haicheng.

But, just when she thought she’d gotten over everything, she discovered that Li Zhixin had been cheating on her for a long time and that he already had a teenage child. What exactly does that imply? It means that the scoundrel has been in a relationship with someone even before they started working at the state-owned enterprises.

She was enraged and disappointed. Jiang Wenwen sought to divorce Li Zhixin, only to discover that the scum had already taken precautions. All of their joint assets had already been transferred to him.

After the divorce, she got nothing but her children.

During that time, the first thing I thought of when I woke up every morning was to kill myself, but I couldn’t bear to look at my children. She gritted her teeth and resolved to get back on her feet, but she was kicked out of the company by Li Zhixin and had no capital on hand, so it was not easy to make a comeback.

Her hatred for Li Zhixin and love for her child kept her going, and after repeated failures, she stomped her feet and brazenly went back to Wang Wei.

Hearing her story, Wang Wei didn’t seem to be surprised, and sneered indifferently: “You guys can actually share the same bed with another person for so many years.”

At that time, she thought Wang Wei was saying she had a bad eye, and she sighed dumbly: Yes, her eyes were probably blind, and she had slept with that scum for so many years without even realizing it.

It was only later that she realized that Wang Wei was talking about himself. He seemed to be extremely distrustful of people’s hearts, so he sighed about married life, where two people could share the same bed.

When she received the investment as she desired, she realized that Wang Wei’s previous investment in them was not based on friendship or the fact that they were from the same village. Wang Wei had no regard for them or the village. They were simply fortunate to have met Wang Wei when he was in a good mood. It was merely a charity for him.

Later, she came into contact with Wang Wei one after another. The more she saw him, the more she became enamored with him. The man’s physical appearance alone is enough to captivate any woman, let alone his charisma and assertive demeanor. Numerous women came after him, wanting him to fall under their skirts, and she, a lady who had clearly been divorced and damaged by a scum man, became one of these ladies as if she had lost her mind.

There are so many women around Wang Wei, but Wang Wei has never been married and has no fixed partner. Even if he was playing around, he would not let anyone stay overnight.

She began working hard again, but this time not to exact revenge on Li Zhixin but to establish more contact with Wang Wei and to show him that she was different from the other ladies. And that, despite the fact that she was no longer young, she was the most qualified person to stand on the same level as him.

With her unremitting efforts, she and Wang Wei finally had the opportunity to have frequent contact. One time, during dinner, she seemed to inadvertently ask him, “Why not get married?”

Wang Wei looked like he had heard some big joke: “Marriage?” He laughed for a while before saying carelessly, “Because I don’t dare guarantee that someone will not get my head blown off in the middle of the night when they share a bed with me.”

At that time, she knew that Wang Wei completely no longer believed in people’s hearts because of his childhood and his experience after leaving society. He would not fall in love with anyone. She couldn’t even say her love for such a man, because she knew that she wouldn’t get any results if she said it, except to push Wang Wei further.

Until her death, she could only make use of her job to get in touch with Wang Wei.

She clearly remembered that when her life was coming to an end, Wang Wei came to see her. Despite the fact that her disease had tormented her, Wang Wei remained as attractive and charming as ever. She realized at that point that she shouldn’t have been silent about her feelings for him while she was still living.

But she didn’t expect to be able to open her eyes again and was transported back to a time when she was just an educated youth in Xiaoqian Village. And at this time, she and Li Zhixin were not yet married.

She was ecstatic. Perhaps this is another chance that God has given her. In her previous life, Wang Wei didn’t get married because he had suffered too many wounds. But if she was there for him in this life, she would gradually melt Wang Wei’s icy heart. Then she and Wang Wei might have a chance.

But I never thought Xiao Xiao would still be alive!

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