1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Changing Faces

Translated by Sakura Time

Jiang Wenwen snorted coldly. “Li Zhixin, let’s break up,” she said, taking a deep breath since she didn’t want to look at this scumbag any longer.

“Break Up? Why do you suddenly want to break up?” Li Zhixin asked, his face changing. “Did I do something wrong?”

Jiang Wenwen didn’t want to say the reason, but her mind changed: “Don’t think I’m unaware of what happened between you and Xiao Xiao,” Jiang Wenwen continued, “You appear to be quite depressed now that she is married; otherwise, why were you staring at her like that?”

Li Zhixin’s face was gloomy: “Don’t make a backhanded shot; it’s obvious that you’re the one who’s looking at Wang Wei wrongly. What can happen between Xiao Xiao and me? I’ve always regarded her as my sister.”

Jiang Wenwen sneered, “As a sister? Don’t tell me you don’t know that Xiao Xiao likes you. You know she likes you, but you still deliberately get so close to her and accept the things she gives you. What were you thinking?” After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

“You were already aware of it ever since,” Li Zhixin grabbed her wrist, clenched his teeth, and muttered, “Didn’t I give you all of the things she sent? It’s amusing for you to speak these words now.”

Jiang Wenwen broke away from Li Zhixin’s grasp and looked at him intently. “I used to be blind, but now I understand. If you don’t like Xiao Xiao but still continued to hang out with her like this to ask her for something, then you really do have a shitty personality. If you liked her while dating me, then you’re stepping on two boats. From how I see it, no matter which side you are, there’s no reason for me to continue dating you.”

“Ha, you’re saying this to me now?” Li Zhixin asked, his face flushed with rage. “Didn’t you acquiesce to it before? Didn’t you eat the stuff Xiao Xiao provided for me? You know what? You are… ” Li Zhixin swallowed the words he was going to utter at the last moment. After all, he liked Jiang Wenwen and desired to have a positive relationship with her.

Despite the fact that he didn’t say anything, Jiang Wenwen clearly understood what he meant. “Think whatever you want,” she said, “But I’ve already decided; I’m just informing you, not discussing with you.” She then turned around and walked away.

Li Zhixin cast a dark and unsure glance at Jiang Wenwen’s back.

Wang Wei walked with Xiao Xiao for about half an hour, before reaching the edge of a frozen river. While she stayed on the side of the river, just as Wang Wei told her, Xiao Xiao noticed that the layer of ice wasn’t thick enough, so she pulled Wang Wei: “Forget it, this layer of ice is too thin.”

“We are here, so how can we go back for nothing?” Then he took out a straw rope hidden under the snow, tied one end to his waist and the other end to a tree trunk.

After tying it, he lifted a stone and slowly walked to the ice. His eyes scanned the area repeatedly until he found the best spot to break the ice. Then he delicately chiseled the ice with the stone…

As she watched him do his best, Xiao Xiao’s heart trembled. She swiftly placed her hand on the rope so that she could assist if something went wrong later.

In his hands, Wang Wei holds a homemade fishing pole. His hands are red from the cold, and he’s lying still on the ice, yet there are multiple cracks in the ice where he’s lying.

Xiao Xiao rubbed her eyes. In order for her to eat, Wang Wei actually did this.

“Wang Wei, come back!” For the first time, she spoke seriously to Wang Wei.

Wang Wei turned around and stubbornly shook his head.

She looked around, and there was a vast expanse of whiteness everywhere, and she couldn’t even try to extract any attractant that could lure fish.

Wang Wei was lying on his stomach quietly, and the hands holding the fishing rod seemed to be fixed and motionless. After looking around for a while, she saw that there was a straw rope in the snow. She took it, also tied herself like Wang Wei, and gently moved to Wang Wei’s side.

Wang Wei frowned on his side and asked softly, “What are you doing on the ice? It’s not safe here.”

Xiao Xiao did not pout as usual this time, but looked at him firmly, “Since you know it’s not safe, why do you still insist on doing it? Do you think if something happens to you, I can still eat the fish you caught without worry? If you don’t go, I won’t go either. If you die, we’ll die together!”


“I, what!?” Xiao Xiao raised her head with a cold face.

“If you don’t eat again, you’ll starve to death.” Xiao Xiao has always been as obedient as a cat in front of him. The waxy and sweet Xiao Xiao makes his entire body float like honey.

Wang Wei’s heart trembled as he saw this aspect of Xiao Xiao, her looking cold and resolute. He found that he also liked this side of Xiao Xiao very much.

“If you don’t go back, we’ll both fall into the river before I starve to death, either drowning or freezing.” Xiao Xiao calmly said.

When Xiao Xiao talks with her soft voice, Wang Wei is usually reluctant to obey, but hearing her cold and emotionless voice makes him feel guilty and he dare not refuse.

Wang Wei rubbed his hair in annoyance and stood up in anger: “All right, I’m not fishing anymore, okay? I don’t even know who I’m doing this for anymore!” He pulled Xiao Xiao up and dragged her out of the ice, pointing back at her and saying, “You said it yourself. Don’t think I’ll get you any more fish to eat. Just wait and starve to death!”

Xiao Xiao knows when to be gentle and when to be assertive. Being tough on occasion and allowing him to experience her different sides will seem fresh and exciting, but if she is always harsh on him, Wang Wei will erect all his thorns.

Her face flushed, and she sobbed inappropriately, “I’m only afraid that something bad will happen to you; I’m just worried about you! I’d rather starve than risk you, but you’re scolding me, huh huh huh…”she muttered, wiping away her tears.

Wang Wei was dumbfounded. He was at a loss for words, then wiped Xiao Xiao’s tears: “You… Why are you crying ah? I simply said it casually. I knew you were doing it for my own good. I’m only worried you’ll be hungry…”

“But even if I’m hungry, I don’t want you to do such a dangerous thing. Do you understand?” Xiao Xiao lifted her head and stared at him, tears in her eyes.

Wang Wei hurriedly nodded, “I understand.”

“Then you will listen to me from now on, right?” Xiao Xiao, who was close to Wang Wei, tugged on the corner of his shirt and looked at him expectantly.

Wang Wei fell into deep thought. He wanted to shake his head. If he listens to Xiao Xiao all the time, wouldn’t that mean that he’s the same as a man who is afraid of his wife?

“No?” Xiao Xiao pulled the corner of her mouth down, and was about to cry.

Wang Wei shouted in despair, then sighed, his head hurting. “All right, all right. I’ll listen to you from now on, so don’t cry.” He said. It’s no surprise there are so many rake ears in the world; if their women sobbed like this, who could possibly stand it!?

Xiao Xiao immediately burst into laughter, “You’re so kind~”

Seeing Xiao Xiao’s ability to change her expression, Wang Wei deeply doubted that he had been fooled, but he didn’t dare to go back on it. He could only sigh and simply shake his doubts off. He untied the straw rope from their bodies and buried them again under the snow. Only then did he drag Xiao Xiao away.

On the way back, Wang Wei could not help but sigh again: “It’s a loss this time; we didn’t get any fish. We waited so long in vain.”

Xiao Xiao hugged Wang Wei’s arm and smiled sweetly, “It doesn’t matter if I can eat fish or not. Knowing that you care about me can already fill my stomach more than eating fish.”

Wang Wei tsked: It seems Xiao Xiao really likes him a lot!

Because Wang Wei was not allowed to go fishing again, in order not to worry him, Xiao Xiao endured eating half a bowl of rice at every meal. That went on and on until the beginning of spring.

As if overnight, the earth came to life, the snow melted, and the sound of running water in the river coming from afar could be heard. The grass that had only just sprouted decorated the earth with green, birds began to chirp, and bare branches began to sprout…

When the weather gets warmer again, spring ploughing begins.

The author has something to say:

Wang Wei: Hey, my little wife has two faces!

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