1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Going to the Field

Translated by Sakura Time

The members of Xiaoqian Village, who had been sleeping for the winter, walked out of their homes one after another. The Xiaoqian Village, which had been quiet for a winter, finally became lively.

“The food distributed last year was not much, so we had to wait until the autumn harvest for some food. This year, no one will be left at home. Everyone will go to the field to earn work points!” Early in the morning, Wang Mu called everyone in the Wang family to one place.

“No, Xiao Xiao can’t go to the fields.” As soon as Wang Mu’s voice fell, Wang Wei coldly retorted that Xiao Xiao didn’t even eat much. She has lost weight since then. How can she still have the strength to work in the field?

Wang Mu was stunned. After regaining consciousness, she angrily scolded, “Why can’t she go to the field? Has she become a female Bodhisattva or a hen who can lay golden eggs? Not only couldn’t she do the work at home, but she also couldn’t do the work in the fields? If she doesn’t earn work points, does that mean you want all of us in the Wang family to just support her and give her ours? You sure are thick-faced! That’s like taking advantage of our Wang family! You sure have the guts to ask us to help you raise your wife now?” This time, Wang Mu felt she had the upper hand, and her voice was extra loud.

Wang Wei did not even move his eyebrows, but his voice was as cold as ice: “I will not take advantage of your Wang family. Since Xiao Xiao doesn’t have to go down, I will naturally earn back her share of the work!”

When this was said, everyone was dumbfounded. Wang Wei was planning to do the work of two people by himself.

Zhao Yan skimmed her mouth. This old fourth is really attached to the little girl. She bumped into Wang Laoda beside her, who in return gave her a confused look: “What are you bumping me for?”

Zhao Yan gritted his teeth and glared at Wang Laoda: “Look at how people treat their wives!”

Wang Laoda looked at Wang Wei and smacked his lips. It seems like his fourth brother has become more human now after marrying his wife and is no longer that frightening.

Feng Chun’s eyes flashed with envy after she heard Wang Wei say that he wanted to earn work points for Xiao Xiao. Regardless of whether he succeeded or not, you can see that his feelings were sincere. Wang Lao Er’s thoughts moved considerably more quickly than Wang Laoda’s. “Listen to the old fourth boasting and talking big.” he said, gently patting Feng Chun’s hand. “Chun’er, I’ll help you with your work later.”

Feng Chun blushed, “What are you talking about…”

Xiao Xiao has been hungry for such a long time. She feels dizzy in the morning, but she doesn’t dare sleep in the house alone. She always thinks that there may be snakes, mice, and so on under those grass mattresses.

After Wang Wei got up, she got up with him. She stood in the courtyard with Wang Wei and rested her head on his shoulder with her eyes half closed.

When her spirits were just a little better, she saw that the atmosphere in the courtyard was already tense.

She tugged Wang Wei’s sleeve and looked up at him: “You think you’re made of iron? How can one person do two people’s work? I’ll go too.” She can’t bear to see Wang Wei working so hard. Of course, the more important thing is that she doesn’t want to stay alone in that small, dark room.

“But you…” Looking at Xiao Xiao’s face, which was obviously smaller, Wang Wei frowned irritably.

Xiao Xiao raised her head just to reach Wang Wei’s neck. The warm feeling of her breath seemed to circle around his neck. She was hungry and had no energy, so her voice sounded even softer: “I don’t want to stay in the house alone.”

When Wang Wei heard this, he automatically understood it as Xiao Xiao couldn’t leave him for a moment.

Xiao Xiao’s words were like a spell that instantly thawed Wang Wei. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows softened to the naked eye, suppressing the corners of his mouth that were about to rise and pretending to be annoyed. “Silly, you should’ve just enjoyed life at home.”

Now he couldn’t care less about arguing with Wang Mu, and casually dropped a sentence to the Wang family, “I’ll take Xiao Xiao to the field first.” Then he dragged Xiao Xiao out of the courtyard.

The Wangs exchanged glances, particularly Wang Mu, who hadn’t recovered for a long time. She thought this time would be like the previous one, and that the trouble would be uncontrollable.

Wang Laoda quietly touched Zhao Yan, full of doubts, and asked, “Is that person really Fourth?” Who is Wang Wei? The people in the village said he was a wolf. Wang Mu also often called him a wolf cub. His rage is as colossal as the sky. He would lift a knife to cut people at the slightest argument. He relentlessly instills fear in everyone’s hearts. At the least provocation, he will retaliate aggressively.

With regards to what Wang Mu said today, it’s strange that Wang Wei wouldn’t have an earth-shattering confrontation with her!

But today, with just a kitten-like hum from that little girl, Wang Wei’s rage was quickly smoothed out.

Wang Laoda sighed, “This fourth sister-in-law is really capable!”

Zhao Yan muttered sourly, “Seems like it.” She thought Wang Wei was really powerful, but it turns out that, like those rake ears, he was also afraid of his wife.

Wang Mu was stunned. After a while, Wang Fu coughed: “What are you doing here? Go down to the ground.”

Wang Wei led Xiao Xiao all the way to the field. The people who met them on the road avoided Wang Wei at a distance. Wang Wei was used to it, but Xiao Xiao looked very unhappy.

What is that for? Why is everyone so cold and violent towards Wang Wei? Isn’t Wang Wei’s kindness being ill-treated?

She held Wang Wei’s hand tighter and said, “I’ll stay with you from now on.”

Wang Wei hummed in confusion. Only when he saw Xiao Xiao glaring dissatisfiedly at the person who avoided him did he realize what she meant. But Xiao Xiao had already softened his heart. In a way, he felt like he had been immersed in warm water.

He pretended to snort in disdain, but could not hide the nasal voice that came out: “I don’t care.” He used to want to play with everyone when he was a kid. Later, when he understood that they would go to any length to avoid him, he abandoned those ideas. He would thoroughly clean up anyone who had provoked him, regardless of who it was. Gradually, no one dared to antagonize him again, much less call him a monster in his face. Whether in the Wang family or Xiaoqian village, he has become a frightening and disgusting existence.

He thought he didn’t care about this long ago, but Xiao Xiao’s promise to stay with him in the future made his nose sore.

Wang Wei cursed in his heart, but said: “You are so timid, of course I’d have to be with you.”

Xiao Xiao hummed, “You definitely have to.”

The corners of Wang Wei’s mouth went up like crazy and could not be suppressed.

He took Xiao Xiao directly to the production leader of their team and asked him to arrange grass pulling for Xiao Xiao. The production captain, who is just past middle age, is not only unable to explain to the top brass the reason for the sharp drop in food last year, but also has to worry about the starvation of the community members and has gray hair at his temples.

He looked at Wang Wei with a frown and said, “Weed-pulling is done by children as young as seven or eight years old. Xiao Xiao is already an adult, but will still be doing this work. Is that it?”

Weeding was the simplest task, but it also yielded the fewest work points. The captain worked hard to increase community members’ enthusiasm, so he didn’t appreciate such slacker behavior, which made him frown.

Wang Wei pulled Xiao Xiao behind him. “My wife is too skinny; any other work will tire her out. Let her do this first, and then do other things when she is healthy. If you don’t agree, then I will just let her stay on the side and do nothing.” It’s best to do nothing and just let her stay by his side.

The captain frowned more tightly. Wang Wei was a thorn in Xiaoqian village. He went crazy regardless. He was really afraid that Wang Wei would go crazy again. Looking at Xiao Xiao behind him, he noticed that she really was too thin.

“Why is she so thin? Are you not giving your wife something to eat?”

Xiao Xiao quickly poked her head out, “No captain, I just caught a cold once and it took me a long time to recover.”

The production team leader relaxed his eyebrows and waved them away, which can be regarded as him agreeing with Wang Wei’s request.

Wang Wei brought Xiao Xiao to a group of seven- and eight-year-old kids, saying, “You just follow them and do what they do. That’s it. Can you do it?” He plucked up a handful of grass to demonstrate it.

Xiao Xiao nodded her head busily.

“Can you really do it?” These days, Xiao Xiao’s hands-on ability has cast too much shadow on Wang Wei. He couldn’t help but ask again.

“Of course, I can. This will be pretty easy.” She witnessed how Wang Wei pulled up the grass with ease, but when it was her turn, she discovered that the job was not so simple. The grass was thick and thorny. She had soft feet and hands and was hungry. And because she didn’t pay attention, the force she used to pull up the grass bounced back at her, causing her to fall flat on her back on the ground.

Wang Wei: “……”

The little children around: “……”

There is also Xiao Simei and Xiao Wumei, who are also pulling weeds: “……” Is this their second sister? They felt embarrassed and couldn’t help but cover their eyes.

Wang Wei was not surprised at all. He calmly pulled Xiao Xiao up and looked at her palm to see if she had been cut before breathing a sigh of relief.

Seeing Wang Wei’s long expression, Xiao Xiao replied, “I used too much force, really.”

“You… Forget it. Just pluck whichever grass you can. It’s no big deal if you don’t earn much work points.” Sure enough, it’s all up to him now. Wang Wei gave another worried instruction: “Remember, take your time, and don’t cut your hand.”

After Wang Wei went to work, Xiao Simei and Xiao Wu Mei went to Xiao Xiao’s side and plucked the grass side by side with her.

Xiao Simei was speechless: “Second sister, you used to be a good worker; why are you pulling weeds with us now?” Not only did you pull the grass, but you also pulled your own ass along.

Xiao Wumei also nodded in agreement: “Second sister, why have you become so delicate?”

Xiao Simei is thirteen years old and Xiao Wumei is eight years old. Being looked down upon by these two little ones, although Xiao Xiao has thick skin, she still felt a little embarrassed. “Your brother-in-law loves me so much that he won’t let me do heavy work. You are still young, so you won’t really understand, but women will naturally become delicate when held by others.” says Xiao Xiao, a dignified intergalactic high-IQ talent.

Xiao Simei and Xiao Wumei were dumbfounded.

The two of them don’t know what it means to spread dog food, but they feel their teeth are sore when they look at the showy expression on their second sister’s face. They are still worried that the second sister will be abused by the wolf… brother-in-law. But who would have thought that their second sister would instead show them such a face?

Xiao Simei looked at Wang Wei, who was not far away from them. Wang Wei was turning the ground at the moment. As soon as he went down with a hoe, the soil splashed everywhere. At first glance, she knew that he had great strength.

Wang Wei was turning the ground, but he also looked at Xiao Xiao from time to time.

Xiao Simei touched Xiao Xiao: “It seems that brother-in-law really loves you. He just peeked at you.”  She would be fourteen years old this year. Girls and boys in the village began to see each other around the age of fifteen or sixteen. She would almost certainly be married off by the time she was seventeen or eighteen, so she was quite well-versed in these matters.

Xiao Xiao hurriedly looked over and gave him a sweet smile. When Wang Wei was caught, he pretended to cough, then immediately buried his head.

I originally thought that my second sister was a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth, but I didn’t expect my brother-in-law to love my second sister so much. Looking at Wang Wei again, she suddenly feels that he is not as scary as everyone said. How can he be a bad person if he loves his wife so much?

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Xiao Simei and Xiao Wumei: Why are you saying such things to your sisters, ahh!?

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