1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Refining Nutrient Solutions

Translated by Sakura Time

When Xiao Simei got home from work today, she told Xiao Sanmei about Xiao Xiao. Xiao Sanmei was getting ready to wash her hands. She had worked a day’s worth of feces, and her entire body reeked. Her palms were covered in cuts caused by wood chips in the fire excrement.

“You think I don’t know?” Xiao Sanmei rolled her eyes. “Everyone in the production crew saw it today: an adult such as second sister, pulling weeds with a group of children.” The girls who tossed dung with her continued to sigh. They had previously avoided looking at Wang Wei because they were terrified of him. Unexpectedly, he was so kind to his wife. After a closer look, they found that Wang Wei was clearly good-looking.

But she was still worried about Xiao Xiao: “Second sister too, since that wolf… brother-in-law loves her so much, she should be more diligent. In marriage, it’s only blissful at first since they’re newlywed. When the freshness passes in the future, she will certainly fall out of favor.”

Xiao Wumei asked curiously, “Third sister, what does it mean to fall out of favor?”

“Shoo, shoo! Why do children ask so many questions?”

Xiao Wumei pouted, “Where am I small?”

Xiao Sanmei and Xiao Simei looked at each other and laughed: “You’re small everywhere.”

Xiao Xiao, who was worried by her sister that she would fall out of favor, was stumbling along the mountain with Wang Wei. She bent over, holding a magnifying glass made by Wang Wei according to her request, and carefully identified all kinds of flowers and plants around her.

Sometimes she had to pull up some and put them in her mouth to taste them.

“Are you stupid? Do you know what it is? Why would you just put it in your mouth? I swear, when the day comes, that you will truly be poisoned, don’t expect me to retrieve your body!” Wang Wei exclaimed as blood rushed to his brain after seeing Xiao Xiao stuff grass leaves into her mouth.

Xiao Xiao had long seen through his paper tiger nature and did not take his ranting seriously: “It’s not poisonous, don’t worry.”

“How do you know it’s not poisonous?” Wang Wei grunted, thinking that Xiao Xiao was sometimes as timid as a mouse and as bold as a fool.

“I just know.” Xiao Xiao gave him a narrow-eyed smile.

Wang Wei: “……” Damn it! I can’t curse out!

Every time Xiao Xiao found a material she wanted, she asked Wang Wei to write it down and help her find it together. When the sky was about to get dark, Wang Wei came home with a basket of various flowers and plants on his back.

Xiao Xiao classified and marked them. Then she took out the bottles and cans that Wang Wei helped her find everywhere. She crushed these flowers and plants and put them into all kinds of marked cans. While doing this, she also recorded the data.

When she did this, she was like a different person. She looked very serious, and her eyes were bright. She was not the usual waste who couldn’t do anything at ordinary times. Her actions were flowing, and the whole person seemed to be glowing.

Wang Wei was mesmerized by her for a moment.

For half a month in a row, Xiao Xiao and Wang Wei ran up the mountain as soon as they finished their work and brought back a large basket of flowers and plants every time.

This strange behavior caused the Wang family to speculate, one after another.

Since Xiao Xiao married into the Wang family, Wang Wei’s eyes have been on Xiao Xiao, as if a tiger had put away its sharpest claws and teeth. The Wang family has almost forgotten how violent Wang Wei used to be.

In the past, Zhao Yan would never have dared stand at the door of Wang Wei’s house to look in, but now that Wang Wei has not fought with the Wang family for a long time, Zhao Yan’s boldness has grown.

She was very curious about what the old couple were doing in the house as soon as they came back, so she stood outside the hut and peeped in through the crack in the door.

She saw Wang Wei holding a wooden mallet, putting the flowers and plants in a wooden basin and banging them continuously.

Xiao Xiao added some juice to each jar from time to time, and then observed the changes in the jars while observing and writing in a notebook.

Just what are they doing? Zhao Yan muttered.

Zhao Yan was startled when the door was suddenly opened from the inside. When she looked up, she saw Wang Wei’s green eyes without a trace of temperature, staring at her coldly.

Zhao Yan’s heart shuddered and her legs shivered: “Fourth, it’s time to eat. I came here to call you.” She came up with a reason in a hurry.

Wang Wei looked at the sky, frowned, and asked, “This early?”

Zhao Yan said, “Then I’ll ask Lao Er’s wife to wait for a while. You guys get busy first.” After saying this, she immediately turned around and ran away like a ghost.

Wang Wei looked at her back and snorted. He slammed the door and went back to pounding the grass.

Xiao Xiao said that these juices can quickly ripen crops, and the food produced is not only nutritious but also delicious. Naturally, Wang Wei has serious reservations about such a fantasy.

If such a thing existed, no one would ever go hungry again.

Despite his reservations, he could tell that Xiao Xiao enjoyed tinkering with these items. When she was working on these things, seeing Xiao Xiao’s eyes light up and her face glow, even if he refused with his mouth, his body was extremely honest. He helped meticulously according to Xiao Xiao Xiao’s requirements.

“Old Fourth, it’s time to eat!” Zhao Yan shouted at them from a distance. I hate myself for having long legs, and now I have to really call Wang Wei and Xiao Xiao for dinner.

“Stop doing that now. Let’s eat first.” Wang Wei pulled Xiao Xiao, who was still engrossed in refining the cultivation solution. Xiao Xiao did not respond. She recorded another piece of data before looking up at him, confused: “What?”

Wang Wei said helplessly, “It’s time for dinner.” He looked at the bottles and cans and suddenly felt like it was an eyesore.

“You can go first. I’ll just record the last set of data.” Xiao Xiao said, and she lowered her head again.

Wang Wei: “…..” Sure enough, these cans are really annoying.

After a while, Xiao Xiao finally put down the pen and paper and looked up to see Wang Wei standing next to her with a stinky face.

Xiao Xiao snickered and suddenly jumped up.

Wang Wei’s expression tightened, and he subconsciously embraced her: “What, are you ready to eat now?”

Xiao Xiao looked up at him with a smile and asked softly, “What are you mad about?”

Wang Wei turned his head away and said, “What am I mad about?”

Xiao Xiao reached out and cupped his chin: “Your mouth is almost hanging on the oil bottle, but you’re still saying that you’re not angry. Come on now, let’s eat dinner.” These days, she has learned a lot of dialects and slang here, some of which are very interesting. When she returns to interstellar, she can sort them out and include them in the historical language compilation.

Back to the interstellar space…

When Xiao Xiao thought of this, she realized that, unlike before, she didn’t feel compelled to return, and she had no idea when it began.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Wei immediately asked.

“Nothing. I’m hungry. Let’s go.” Forget it. Anyway, the conditions can’t be met now. I don’t know when I can return; more like, I’m not even sure if I can really go back. Maybe I’ll be trapped here all my life.

At the dinner table, Wang Mu looked at the two people who were late and couldn’t help but mock: “You really think you’re a grandfather, making so many people at home wait for you two.”

Xiao Xiao then realized that the dishes and rice on the table had not been touched, and everyone was waiting for them. She thought for a moment. Her eyes flicked around the Wang family and pulled Wang Wei back when he was about to sneer back, “Sorry, it’s my fault. Wang Wei was late because he was waiting for me.”

Since she had already apologized, Wang Mu also couldn’t say anything more. After everyone had divided the meal, Wang Mu asked Xiao Xiao, “What the hell are you doing all day? As soon as you get off work, you urge Fourth to go to the mountain? What? Don’t tell me there’s gold on the mountain waiting for you to dig!”

Wang Fu touched Wang Mu and muttered, “What’s the point of all this? Couldn’t we just eat a meal in peace?”

Wang Mu also regretted it, but she was used to talking to Wang Wei in such a tone. Now that Xiao Xiao is Wang Wei’s wife, she automatically brought her attitude towards Wang Wei to Xiao Xiao.

Wang Wei couldn’t stand it anymore. “No matter what we dig up, gold or silver, that’s still none of your concern!”

“I gave birth to you, so why can’t I care!?” Wang Mu blurted out.

As soon as the words were spoken, the Wangs all changed their faces.

Hearing this, Wang Wei suddenly burst into laughter. He laughed so hard until tears came out of his eyes. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his fingers, and said in a cold, heart-pounding tone, “How dare you say that I was born from you? You know what? The worst thing that happened in my life was letting you give birth to me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he suddenly burst up and kicked over the bench in front of him, making a loud noise that made everyone in the room turn white.

Wang Wei slammed his hands on the table, his voice thin and cold, his eyes full of restrained violence: “But didn’t you fucking leave me in the mountains? You gave birth to me and sent me to die with your own hands. Let’s be clear! I don’t even owe you anything! If I hear your nonsense again, I’ll fucking screw your head off and use it as a chamber pot!”

Wang Wei was completely overwhelmed by anger. Looking at Wang Mu’s face, a voice in his heart kept screaming: Kill her, kill her! This cheap life is already dirty, might as well go to hell together.

“Wang Wei, Wang Wei…”

Suddenly, there was a soft voice, a voice that kept calling him gently in his ear, with firm strength and warmth.

Wang Wei followed the voice and looked sideways at Xiao Xiao, his eyes full of confusion.

Xiao Xiao smiled sweetly at him, firmly and slowly put her hand into Wang Wei’s hand, then interlocked it with his fingers. Her hand was small and thin, but it seemed to be the most powerful pillar in the world. In an instant, Wang Wei’s anger disappeared like a tide, and his heart felt peace.

“Let’s go…” He pulled Xiao Xiao in a hoarse voice and was about to turn around and leave.

“Wait a minute, even if we quarrel, we still have to eat.” Xiao Xiao pulled her hand out of Wang Wei’s hand, and directly picked up their meal, “Let’s go, let’s go back to our house to eat.”

Wang Wei wiped his face and gave a low hum.

Only after the two had left did the rest of the Wang family return to their senses.

Wang Laoda looked at Wang Mu, whose face was a little pale, and said, “Mom, what are you doing? Finally, the fourth has little by little retracted his thorns. Why do you have to mess with him again?”

Wang Mu’s lips trembled, and she gritted her teeth, “What? He was born from my womb! So I can’t even say that, huh?”

The rest of the Wang family looked at each other, lowered their heads, and stopped talking. Wang Laoda muttered in his heart: How can you still have the guts to say that?

The author has something to say.

Xiao Xiao: Husband, quarrelling is okay, but you can’t be hungry!

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