1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Harvest

Translated by Sakura Time

After Jiang Wenwen left, Xiao Xiao squinted at her back.

“Don’t be confused, second sister!” Xiao Simei jumped out from behind, pulled Xiao Xiao down, and murmured softly, “I know you liked Li Zhixin before, but you’re already married; although I didn’t like my brother-in-law at first, he now loves you so much, you can’t do him wrong.”

“Did you hear that?” Xiao Xiao was a little surprised.

Xiao Simei snorted, “You’re stupid to the point where I couldn’t even take my eyes off of you for even a second. That woman is not good at all! Do you know that she and Li Zhixin were originally a couple? The rations you saved with great difficulty just to give to that scumbag were handed by him to Jiang Wenwen in the blink of an eye. They aren’t as good as you thought. We’ve told you this many times already. Why won’t you listen?” Xiao Simei can’t help but feel frustrated. Her second sister may look weak, but she’s actually a very stubborn person. She just doesn’t know when to stop!

Xiao Xiao was speechless; even the younger sister could see how blind the original Xiao was. Not to mention how she also jumped into the icy well just because she couldn’t marry Li Zhixin.

“But aren’t Jiang Wenwen and Li Zhixin a couple? In that case, why would she encourage you to pursue Li Zhixin?” Xiao Simei stroked her chin, giving off an elusive look.

Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but pinch Xiao Simei’s face, saying, “Ahh.. You really wouldn’t understand.” That girl already knows what will happen in the future, both good and bad. And she’s already planning ahead of time.

I see, so Wang Wei will be very successful in the future. Xiao Xiao shrugged; she doesn’t really care about that. In any case, Wang Wei is still Wang Wei to her.

Xiao Simei thought about it for a while until she remembered that she had to warn her silly second sister about Li Zhixin. She repeatedly told Xiao Xiao: “No matter what, you must not come to Li Zhixin in the future! Live a good life with your husband. Just think about his violent temper. If he knows what you think of Li Zhixin, he will… ” Xiao Simei shuddered just thinking about it. It’s over! If Wang Wei really found out, her second sister would probably be dead!

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Jiang Wenwen greet Wang Wei, who was walking towards them. Jiang Wenwen appeared to interrupt Wang Wei, and Wang Wei seemed to be irritated.

Xiao Simei screamed in a low voice, “It’s over, it’s over! That woman must be telling him that you liked Li Zhixin before you got married. Seriously, does she want to destroy your relationship with your husband? She is so bad!” Xiao Simei was angry and anxious.

Xiao Xiao’s lips were pursed and her gaze slightly squinted. Anyone who knew her, knew that this indicated that she was furious and in a bad mood!

Over there, Wang Wei was about to go, but Jiang Wenwen didn’t give up. She stretched out her hand and seemed to be handing Wang Wei something. Wang Wei didn’t even look at it. He pushed her, at which point she staggered, and then strode towards Xiao Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Simei shrank her neck. Although she wanted to help her second sister fight, Wang Wei’s reputation was so well known that she felt that her small body could not carry it. She hurriedly threw a sentence: “Second sister, come on, admit your mistake properly.” Then she leapt away like a rabbit.

When he saw that he had scared his sister-in-law into fleeing, Wang Wei was a little concerned. After all, it was Xiao Xiao’s maiden family. He was afraid that if they all disliked him, Xiao Xiao would be caught in the middle.

“What were you talking about?” Wang Wei pulled Xiao Xiao’s hand away and examined it as he approached, only to relax when he realized that her face was neither hurt nor tense.

Xiao Xiao meekly spread her hands and let him look at them, guessing from the way he just looked what he was thinking. She pretended to complain, “That little girl said I was too useless, that I was too spoiled by your kindness. Since you were so good to me, she asked me to be nice to you.”

“Really? Your sister thinks that about me?” Wang Wei was pleasantly startled, and his eyes were filled with laughter.

“Of course, you’re so good! As long as they’re not blind, everyone can see it!” Xiao Xiao said, her eyes wide open as if it were second nature.

Her words and appearance greatly appeased Wang Wei, who pressed the corner of his mouth, looking a little shy: “I’m not as good as you say…”

Xiao Xiao did not expose him, but snickered in her heart. The more she spent time with him, the more she found Wang Wei cute.

She looked at Jiang Wenwen, who was still looking over, and casually asked, “What is Jiang Wenwen stopping you for?”

“Who is Jiang Wenwen?” Wang Wei was at a loss.

“That female-educated youth you just met.” Xiao Xiao’s mood improved, seeing that Wang Wei didn’t even remember that girl’s name.

“Ahhh, that girl. I don’t know why she just stopped me in the middle of nowhere, asked if I was hungry, and handed me a steamed bun. I don’t really know her. Why would she give me something to eat?” Wang Wei was puzzled, then suddenly came to a realization: “I get it now. She must be in the same group as those who dislike me. Could it be that she laced the steamed buns with rat poison in an attempt to kill me?”

I don’t blame him for speculating in the most extreme direction. Even his mother wanted him dead, so for him, it must not have been surprising for others to have the same idea.

“Damn, I didn’t mess with her, but she still wants my life. Okay, come at me, see if I don’t kill you!” Wang Wei sneered.

Xiao Xiao: “….”, drug you to death? There’s still a legal system, so killing is not that simple, right?

Poor Ms. Jiang, who thought she was being attentive to her beloved but was mistakenly thought by him to be asking for his life!

But Xiao Xiao will never correct this misunderstanding. After all, it is better to be wary of people with bad intentions!

After work, they hurried back to get the nutrient solution and sneaked up the mountain. On the way up the mountain, Wang Wei still reassured Xiao Xiao: “Since this is just the first time, even if it doesn’t work well, it’s all good, okay? Remember, we can always try a few more times.”

Xiao Xiao is concerned about the effect, but the effect mentioned by Wang Wei on reality differs from heaven to earth. When they arrived at yesterday’s piece of open space, Wang Wei was stunned and speechless on the spot.

Wang Wei was shocked to see that the ground, which was bare yesterday, is now full of large crops growing lushly. The potatoes have flowers on their leaves. The corn seedlings have grown to adult height. At least four corn cobs have been born on each corn stalk. Wheat and rice have ears as well, which appear heavy, so the stem is bent.

Yesterday, Xiao Xiao personally sowed the seeds on the ground for fun. At present, each vine is full of fruit. The cucumber is full and green, and the pumpkin is almost as big as a grinding plate. Because there are too many fruits, the melons are almost crowded and stacked on the ground. Even the cabbage was wrapped extremely well, each one looked like a grand flower blooming.

However, Xiao Xiao was somewhat dissatisfied with the yield since it did not achieve the desired effect.

She casually picked a cucumber and handed it to Wang Wei: “Try it.”

Wang Wei mechanically took the cucumber and put it into his mouth. The sweet juice made him drift back to his senses, convinced that the scene he saw before him was indeed real.

“Why didn’t you say that the effect would be so amazing?” Wang Wei saidwith difficulty. 

Xiao Xiao hummed in confusion, “Ahh, but I did.. I told you the solution we’re making can ripen grain.”

“Yes,” Wang Wei responded, his jaw clenched, “but do you think I’d believe it if you told me in such a casual tone?”

Xiao Xiao giggled, “Now that you see it, would you believe me now?”

“These melons and vegetables can already be eaten. Those grains need to be watered with the nutrient solution again today. They will almost mature tomorrow. In the future, you won’t have to be hungry anymore.” This is what Xiao Xiao feels most satisfied with.

Wang Wei took a complicated look at Xiao Xiao. He thought he would be the one to raise this delicate wife of his, but now he didn’t expect that she would be the one to feed him!

He put aside his slight frustration and said to Xiao Xiao, with a straight face, “Except for me, you can’t tell anyone about the nutrient solution, not even your maiden family.”

Xiao Xiao nodded obediently and blinked her eyes, “I’ll do as you say.” Her eyelashes were long, and when she blinked like that, it was like a small brush, brushing directly on Wang Wei’s heart.

Seeing her so well behaved, Wang Wei couldn’t help but pat her head.

Xiao Xiao has been hanging on for dear life by forcing herself to eat some food these days. Now that she has grown food with the nutrient solution, she finally doesn’t have to put up with those peculiar smells anymore.

They picked the cucumbers and vegetable melons, washed them in the stream next to them, and took a bite. The juices flowed and the pulp was fragrant. With her eyes closed, Xiao Xiao happily hugged herself in satisfaction.

It wasn’t easy, but finally! She could eat something fresh with a normal taste.

While Xiao Xiao was eating, Wang Wei carefully poured the nutrient solution he brought into the ground again. This time he was very careful and couldn’t bear to waste a drop. In his opinion, it was like divine water!

His wife is more powerful than Empress Nuwa. What does it matter if Empress Nuwa can use mud and turn it into a human? It’s no use if she can’t make food for humans since they will just starve to death!

After they had a full meal, they picked a basket of melons and fruits on their back, and then went down the mountain.

On the way down, Wang Wei’s eyes were sharp like eagle’s eyes, searching for the ingredients that Xiao Xiao used to develop the solution. Xiao Xiao joked: “Why don’t you say I’m fooling around today?”

Wang Wei glared at her, “Say that again and I’ll leave you behind.”

Seeing his bravado, Xiao Xiao held her stomach, laughed and murmured, “This paper tiger husband of mine is talking big again”

As soon as they returned to the Wangs’ house, they stayed locked up in their house and continued to make the nutrient solution.

Shandong, who lost the fight with his brother and sister, stood in front of the small black house and spoke tremblingly: “Fourth… Fourth uncle, have… dinner.”

He was ready to turn around and run away as soon as Wang Wei answered.

The door creaked open, but instead of his fourth uncle, who made his legs shiver, it was the smiling fourth aunt of his that came out. Xiao Xiao looked at the little bean in front of her and said, “Shandong is such a good boy. You even came here just to call me and your fourth uncle for dinner.”

Shandong sneaked behind Xiao Xiao. Seeing that the fourth uncle didn’t come out, he breathed a sigh of relief. There was only the thin and weak fourth aunt. Of course, he was not afraid. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He thought his fourth aunt’s voice was strangely pleasant. She even praised him for being good! No one has ever praised him for being good at this age. His mother would only call him a bastard…

Shandong felt that the fourth aunt was very insightful, so he reminded her aloud, “Fourth aunt, I saw grandma stewing bone soup. Come on, or it will be gone in a while.” Then he would run away. He had to watch, or the bone soup would be drunk up.

“Wait.” Xiao Xiao turned around and took a few vegetable gourds and cucumbers and handed them to Shandong: “Share them with your younger siblings.”

As soon as he got them, an attractive fragrance penetrated Shandong’s nostrils. What’s more delicious than meat? Shandong’s throat rolled and his mouth was watering.

“Fourth aunt, where did this come from?” Shandong clutched the object in his hand and looked up to ask Xiao Xiao.

The author has something to say.

Xiao Xiao: How pitiful, ahh..  Wang Wei thinks you’re going to kill him hoho ~

Jiang Wenwen: You’re pathetic. I am a reborn person. An independent, strong woman who will control the general trend of the world in the future. Just wait a while, and you’ll be an abandoned woman!

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