1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 18

Chapter 18: This is Science!

Translated by Sakura Time

“I picked it from the mountain.”

Shandong understood it clearly and didn’t dare ask again. He knows that his fourth uncle used to run to the mountains alone. He dared to enter the old forests in the deep mountains that others dared not enter.

Carrying things back to the main house, with a heavy heart, he gave some to his younger brother and sister. He didn’t even want to eat the bones at the moment, so he again picked up another cucumber and gnawed on it.

At first, the little ones just watched as the adults brought the dishes to the table. Later, they smelled the fragrance and saw the sweet food being eaten by Shandong. They couldn’t help but try it also. Just after a bite, their eyes lit up.

All three children stood in a row from Shandong to Shanbei, each clutching their own melons and chomping them busily to the point where they wouldn’t even lift their heads.

Only then did the adults notice the melons in the children’s hands, and Wang Mu was surprised and asked, “How can there be cucumbers at this time of the year? Where did it come from?”

Shandong took the time to reply, “Fourth aunt gave it to me; they picked it in the mountains.”

Hearing that, the Wang family no longer asked. Wang Wei is a frequent visitor to the mountains. He dares to go anywhere, so it isn’t unusual to encounter some wild melons and wild fruits. What is strange is that he willingly gave food to the children. Because Wang Wei doesn’t like the adults in the Wang family, he also takes an indifferent attitude towards the children.

The adults silently glance at each other. Wang Laoda happily whispers to Wang Lao Er: “After all, Fourth is still their uncle.” Wang Lao Er looked at the children and nodded.

Seeing the children eating food that was out of season, Zhao Yan cut a piece of cucumber from Shandong. Her eyes widened as she took a bite and exclaimed, “This is too good!”

Wang Mu felt uncomfortable: “It’s just a few melons, what’s the big deal? Don’t be too short-sighted! Eat real food!” How the heck could that melon taste better than the “meat” she cooked?

“Wait a minute, the fourth brother and his wife haven’t come yet.” Wang Laoda said hurriedly.

“Why wait for them? Whether they’re here or not, it doesn’t matter!” Wang Mu said in a hateful voice.

Zhao Yan brushed her lips. Although Wang Wei was so cruel to the Wang family, especially to Wang Mu, she felt that it was justifiable. Her own mother even wanted him dead at some point. Which person could bear that?

How can you give up the flesh that came from your own body? Not to mention dreadful, the mere thought of her children, Shandong and Shanxi, suffering minor injuries breaks her heart. As she stared at Wang Mu’s cold face, she felt her mother-in-law getting more and more cold-blooded in her head.

Wang Wei and Xiao Xiao finally arrived late. Wang Mu wanted to say a few sarcastic words, but after thinking of the last time Wang Wei wanted to strangle her, she finally closed her mouth.

On the other hand, Wang Laoda tried to say hello to Wang Wei: “Fourth, come here, sit down. Mom made stewed bone soup today. You can drink more in a while.”

Wang Wei looked at Wang Laoda and nodded his head.

Wang Laoda felt ecstatic as soon as he saw Wang Wei nod, so he actively attempted to chat with them as he served the soup.

This unprecedented attitude made Wang Wei very uncomfortable. “Just take care of yourself,” he said, frowning.

Wang Laoda, who had just been excited, instantly resembled a frosted eggplant that had died with the naked eye. Shandong gave his father a sympathetic look before burying himself in the soup.

Seeing Wang Laoda’s exuding goodwill towards Wang Wei, Xiao Xiao looked at him and said, “Thank you, big brother.” She is not thanking him for greeting Wang Wei, but thanking him for at least having a little bit of guilt for Wang Wei. With this, Wang Wei could look back later and remember that he wasn’t born to be hurt, and that not all of the people who had hurt him were at peace with themselves.

“No… no… don’t thank me.” Wang Laoda waved his hands hastily.

Seeing Xiao Xiao thank Wang Laoda, Wang Wei also reluctantly nodded to Wang Laoda again, which made Wang Laoda’s eyes suddenly light up. Although he didn’t dare start another conversation with Wang Wei, everyone could see that he was very happy.

Xiao Xiao took this scene in her eyes, but did not say much.

She was not in a position to persuade Wang Wei to forgive.

Wang Wei may appear to be covered with thorns, but his heart is gentler than anyone else’s. If people could just look at him fairly, they would see that he’s actually a very sincere person. He’s the type of person that would repay you tenfold for a single good deed. That’s why she despises the Wangs so much! You can imagine how much harm the Wang family had previously caused him. The closer people were, the more painful the wound would be.

Wang Mu is beyond a doubt the perpetrator, but what about the rest of the Wang family? Wang Fu has averted his gaze ever since. Wang Laoda and the others would undoubtedly be influenced by Wang Mu when their minds were still maturing. Now that they have matured, they realize that they were wrong in the past, and they now feel guilty.

But what is the use of guilt when the damage has already been done? Wang Wei has no obligation to forgive them generously. If one day, Wang Wei really lets go of his hatred for the Wang family, it will be because he wants to let go of it himself. She would never say one more word.

The two of them had already eaten enough before they came to dinner, so Xiao Xiao only picked up the chopsticks for a moment.

Wang Wei used to be in a hurry every time he ate. Usually the rice was gone as soon as the bowl was turned, but this time, he ate very calmly. Compared with the Wang family’s war-like eating, he looked extraordinarily civilized.

Wang Wei’s heart swells with pride: I married a fairy, a very sweet, loving, and smart one at that. They better not mess with us anymore. I don’t have time nor patience for those scums.

Xiao Xiao’s understanding of Wang Wei is getting deeper and deeper these days. With just one look at him, she can already tell what he is thinking. She wanted to laugh at first, but then she felt sad. She grew up in a honey pot, where everyone loved her unconditionally, whether it was her parents or her brothers.

Wang Wei, on the other hand, had nothing.

She quietly sighed to herself: the poor little thing…But he’s got her now. In the future, they will be together. She will spoil Wang Wei so that he can be as proud as he is now at any time.

Seemingly wanting to amplify this satisfaction in his heart, Wang Wei didn’t even touch the bone broth. Xiao Xiao kept it in her heart that even if they were full and had enough food to eat, there wasn’t any meat.

Wang Laoda felt uncomfortable after Wang Wei and Xiao Xiao left. Isn’t it horrible that while knowing how much Fourth despised them, he[1]Wang Laoda is talking about himself still had the guts to speak with them? Now what? Fourth didn’t even touch the bone soup.

When he went back to the house, he talked to Zhao Yan, who was furious when he saw him on the bed: “You treated him so badly when he was a child, so of course what would you expect? It wouldn’t be strange for him to hate you all! Come on, if you have time to think about things here, you might as well help me sweep the floor. Look at how Fourth treats his wife, and look at you…”

Wang Laoda got up, picked up the broom, and sighed in his heart. He sure has a tiger of a wife.

After arriving at their house, Xiao Xiao didn’t want to rest. Instead, she asked Wang Wei to turn on the lights, and then she began to write and draw in the notebook again.

“You can do that tomorrow. It’s already this late; we’d better sleep.” Wang Wei made the bed as soon as he returned. When he thought that Xiao Xiao would shrink herself into a ball in his arms, the temperature on his face wouldn’t go down.

Who would have thought that after he had already figured out what his sleeping posture would be as they slept, Xiao Xiao had no intention of resting at all?

“Wait, you are so thin, you need to eat more meat to make up for it properly. I will refine some more nutrient solutions suitable for meat.” Xiao Xiao stared intently at her book without raising her head.

Wang Wei silently sat next to Xiao Xiao. He knew Xiao Xiao must have seen his previous lingering eyes on the bone soup.

Wang Wei also did not rush; the two of them worked until midnight, and there were several more bottles filled with cultured solution by the window.

Because she had only slept for a few hours after midnight, Xiao Xiao yawned a lot when she was in the field the next day.

Xiao Wumei, who knew nothing, was anxious behind her. If the second sister did this again, the captain would scold her.

But Xiao Simei, on the other hand, who didn’t know what to think, blushed, walked to Xiao Xiao’s side, and in a lowered voice asked: “Second sister, you… brother-in-law didn’t beat you?”

Xiao Xiao’s mind was still confused at the moment, and her brain short-circuited for a while: “No, why would he beat me up?”

Xiao Simei breathed a sigh of relief: Good! Brother-in-law didn’t beat sister… Good, that’s good! It seems that they have a good relationship, otherwise second sister wouldn’t be so… tired.

Oh, what is she thinking!? Xiao Simei stamped her foot and ran away shyly.

Xiao Xiao looked puzzled. What was this girl so shy about?

Xiao Xiao and Wang Wei went to the river after getting off the ground. Wang Wei had made a makeshift fish net with a narrow gaps, but all he managed to catch were a few tiny shrimp and fish fry. Unconsciously, he frowned.

Xiao Xiao asked him to fish using the net. He thought Xiao Xiao wanted to eat meat. But as soon as the river thawed, people from several villages would come to the river after work to try their luck, both adults and children. All the big fish were caught, and the only ones left were shrimp and fish fry.

Wang Wei was extremely annoyed. Xiao Xiao could grow food to feed his stomach, but he couldn’t even satisfy Xiao Xiao with a single fish.

Xiao Xiao looked at the shrimp and fish fry in the net, but was very happy. “These are enough. I’ll let you witness the miracle later.” Her cheerful appearance finally comforted Wang Wei.

Wang Wei also felt happy; his little wife is too easy to satisfy.

The two of them went up the mountain again with the spoils and the nutrient solution.

When they arrived at the place, Wang Wei was even more shocked than yesterday.

Both the corn, rice, and wheat were ripe. Each ear of wheat and cereals is heavy and full of grains. You can smell the fragrance of the grain as you approach.

There were at least five corn cobs on each corn stalk, each as thick as his calf.

Wang Wei swallowed his saliva and unconsciously looked at Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao carefully observed his reaction. There was shock, surprise, and satisfaction in his eyes, but there was no fear or strangeness.

Xiao Xiao sighed in relief: “Don’t just stand there, come and help me collect the food so we can plant the next crop.”

“The next… next crop?” Wang Wei stammered unconsciously.

“Yeah, so you can eat as much as you want! It’s even okay to eat a bowl and then throw another bowl away~” Xiao Xiao smiled and hugged Wang Wei’s arm.

Wang Wei shook his head without thinking: “No, how can we waste food?” For people who are always hungry, a grain of food is extremely precious.

“Okay, we won’t waste food. We’ll do whatever it is that you say~”, Xiao Xiao leaned on Wang Wei’s shoulder. Her voice was still soft, but Wang Wei always felt that something had been reversed. Shouldn’t this be what the husband would say to his wife, who was unreasonable and helpless?

Wang Wei shook his head, dismissed the unreliable thought from his mind, and began to collect food.

In the evening, looking at the food piled almost halfway up the cave, Wang Wei felt relieved that at least he and Xiao Xiao would not go hungry again in the near future.

This is not all. Xiao Xiao asked Wang Wei to dig a small pond near the stream, put the fish and shrimp fry into it, and then pour the solution made overnight last night into it.

In the next scene, Wang Wei almost drops his eyeballs. As soon as the cultured solution was poured in, the little fish and shrimp swallowed it like crazy. Under Wang Wei’s eyelids, these little fish and shrimp began to blow air. It only took half an hour for them to grow, and they have grown to the size of an adult’s palm.

Wang Wei asked Xiao Xiao stiffly, “Is this a fairy method?”

However, Xiao Xiao was incredibly serious as she answered word for word, “No, this is science!”

The author has something to say.

Wang Wei: Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway!


1 Wang Laoda is talking about himself

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