1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Fairies Don’t Swear

Translated by Sakura Time

“Is it something that suddenly came to your mind?”

Xiao Xiao nodded, “Well, would you be afraid if I said yes?”

Wang Wei shook his head and said, “Why would I be afraid?” But he still asked solemnly, “Do other scholars also have this kind of ability?”

Xiao Xiao blinked, “Of course not, the knowledge in my head is unique.”

Wang Wei stroked her head. Since his wife is too innocent, he had to give out a solemn reminder, “Then this skill cannot be revealed.” He had not read many books, nor did he know any great truths, but his childhood experience made him understand: when a person is different from everyone else, it is a sin in itself, even if this difference is harmless or even beneficial to others.

“Well, I will listen to you~”, Xiao Xiao rubbed her head into Wang Wei’s arms again.

Wang Wei was comforted by the fact that, no matter how capable she is, Xiao Xiao is still his obedient, kind, and gentle little wife.

The two of them huddled and talked for a while, then looked at the pond. The fish and shrimp had grown very large.

Wang Wei suddenly said, “Wait, I will make you a delicious meal.”

Xiao Xiao gave a cry: “I don’t even have a pot with me. How can you do it?”

Wang Wei snorted, “Your man is of great ability!”

Xiao Xiao smiled and nodded, “Okay, then hurry up, I’m starving.” Then she propped her chin up and started waiting for Wang Wei to get her something to eat.

Wang Wei made a few bamboo tubes, built a fire, grabbed some rice, and took off the husk. Without it, the rich fragrance of rice rose to the surface. Wang Wei took a deep breath and suppressed the drool that was about to flow out. He must not make a fool of himself in front of Xiao Xiao!

Xiao Xiao watched as Wang Wei put the bamboo tube filled with rice and water on the fire. He also fished two more fish, then went to the side for a while to get some grassroots and smeared it on the fish. Afterwards, he put the fish on the fire with the bamboo tube and roasted them together.

Xiao Xiao saw it interestingly and said, “I want to try it too, I want to try it too…” and stretched out her hand as she spoke, but the bamboo tube was already extremely hot, so she was scalded as soon as she stretched out her hand.

“Be careful…”, Wang Wei warned, but wasn’t able to stop her.

“Ungg…” With hot tears, Xiao Xiao showed Wang Wei the blister on her hand.

Wang Wei looked at the blister on the tip of her index finger. His brows furrowed, and he somewhat felt irritated: “Are you stupid? Didn’t you see me turning it around with a branch? It’s obviously hot, so of course, it will hurt!” While saying this, he held Xiao Xiao’s hand very carefully. His face may look fierce, but the action of him blowing air into Xiao Xiao’s hand was very gentle.

Wang Wei’s heart twitched as he felt that he had said too much, so he continued to blow on her hand again: “Wait.” He got up and went to the grass nearby to find a few grasses, chewed them in his mouth, put them on Xiao Xiao’s hand, and wrapped it up for her with grass roots. “Just sit here and don’t move.” Ahh.. he can’t really take his eyes off of his wife for even a while. What’s the use of suddenly having so many things in your head? In the end, she’s still a silly girl, ahh.

“Oh.” Xiao Xiao replied obediently, dozing off with her back against Wang Wei.

Wang Wei knew that Xiao Xiao was dozing off to sleep against his back, so he was reluctant to move and turn the fish over. He was afraid that he would make a big noise and disturb her.

“Roar!” A tiger whistle suddenly woke Xiao Xiao up.

Wang Wei hurriedly took her into his arms and said, “It’s all right, I know him.” Then he blew a whistle with his finger in his mouth.

A tiger leapt out from the back of the cave, but Wang Wei was happy and waved at it, “Zhuang Zhuang, come here!”[1]Zhuang literally means “strong”

The tiger walked up to Wang Wei with gentle steps and stuck out its tongue to lick Wang Wei’s hand before taking a look at Xiao Xiao.

Wang Wei smiled and said to the tiger, “This is my wife, my wife. You are not allowed to bully her.”

The tiger snorted and went to the mouth of the cave to lie down and pretend to sleep.

“You call it Zhuang Zhuang?” Xiao Xiao couldn’t complain about the name.

Wang Wei was obviously very affectionate with this tiger, and even sat next to it to smooth its fur: “Yeah, it has breastfed with me, and has grown strong since childhood.” The tiger was as docile as a big cat, and rubbed its head against his palm.

There are also tigers in interstellar space, but they have already mutated into another species. Facing this primitive tiger, Xiao Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and she wanted to study it.

“How come I didn’t see it before?”

“It went deep into the mountains. There is nothing in this mountain in winter, so one must go to the mountains further inside to find food.” Wang Wei seems to have really regarded the tiger as a brother and rolled around on it.

The tiger looked very comfortable with Wang Wei tickling it. Xiao Xiao was also happy to see Wang Wei looking so happy, but also felt that he seemed to be too close to this tiger…

“Well, I’ll give it a present.” Xiao Xiao poured out the rest of the nutrient solution and brought it to the tiger, “Drink it.”

“Can he drink that?”

“Of course, he can. This liquid can not only accelerate maturation but also improve the physique and develop the brain threshold. However, since Zhuang’s physique has grown to its limit, he will not get any bigger, but instead he will be much stronger and smarter.”

The tiger sniffed the nutrient solution in front of him and looked at Xiao Xiao before he lowered his head and drank it up, slowly speeding up. After drinking it, he suddenly let out a long roar, and the sound had more vitality than before.

He looked at Xiao gratefully and rubbed his head on her leg.

Wang Wei’s face instantly darkened: “Hey, why are you being so affectionate with my wife?” As he spoke, he pulled the tiger back away from her.

Xiao Xiao looked at them with a smile and her eyes curved: see if you dare to be so affectionate to others, even with a tiger.

Before heading down the mountain, the two of them ate and stayed with Zhuang Zhuang for a bit. Wang Wei carried a fully matured fish down the mountain with him and asked Zhuang Zhuang to keep an eye on the food in the cave while they weren’t around.

Zhuang Zhuang roared, not knowing whether to agree or refuse.

When the two arrived at the foot of the mountain, it was completely dark. As soon as the two entered the village, they saw two people standing in the night like tree stumps. One of them was pulling the other: “Wenwen, I really like you. We won’t break up, okay? If you think Xiao Xiao and I are close, I’ll just ignore her in the future. Don’t ignore me…”

Xiao Xiao, who was lying on the gun for a moment, said, “He’s talking nonsense.” She blinked hard, trying to let Wang Wei see her sincere eyes. Unfortunately, she forgot that it was too dark for Wang Wei to see anything.

But she knew that Wang Wei was angry, and the air pressure around her body dropped instantly.

Before Xiao Xiao could say anything more, Wang Wei jumped out, caught the shadow, and punched out without hesitation: “Why are you fucking drilling in the woods with someone and pulling my wife’s name? See if I don’t beat you to death!” The sound of a hammering fist against flesh could then be heard.

Jiang Wenwen yelled, “Stop fighting, stop fighting…” and began yanking them apart.

Wang Wei was furious that his wife had been slandered by others. Jiang Wenwen attempted to stop them but was elbowed to the ground by Wang Wei.

Through the moonlight, Jiang Wenwen noticed Xiao Xiao standing on one side and exclaimed, “Don’t simply stand there! Stop them!”

Xiao Xiao walked up to her and squatted down. She said innocently, “Li Zhixin talked nonsense. He should have been taught a lesson.” Turning back to Wang Wei, she said in a sweet, cloying voice, “Honey, be careful not to hurt your hand. I’ll be heartbroken.”

When Jiang Wenwen heard her soothing voice, she became enraged: She’s just acting! Li Zhixin is clearly still the person she likes! I really feel bad for Wang Wei!

Jiang Wenwen calmed down and looked at Xiao Xiao for the first time after her rebirth. She was soft and weak. She looked like a white lotus, which made people angry.

She is now more and more determined not to let Wang Wei be deceived by her.

Thinking of her plan, Jiang Wenwen softened her expression and lowered her voice: “Are you afraid that Wang Wei will know about what happened between you and Li Zhixin?”

Xiao Xiao let out a puzzled cry, “What’s going on between me and Li Zhixin?” But she didn’t lower her voice, deciding that she would be the one to pick this puss apart. The original Xiao was the one who liked Li Zhixin, and she didn’t even have memories of the original Xiao, so why should she take the blame?

Wang Wei dragged the beaten Li Zhixin to their side and threw him in front of Jiang Wenwen. After seeing Jiang Wenwen, the anger that didn’t go down on his face got heavier: “It’s you!”

Jiang Wenwen naturally did not understand Wang Wei’s mental activities. The moon was not bright at all. She couldn’t see the expression on Wang Wei’s face, so she thought he was pleasantly surprised when he heard her voice. Wenwen hurriedly gathered her hair to reveal her beautiful side: “It’s me.”

“Say, what were your intentions when you gave me a bun that day? He asked angrily, and he had already determined in his heart that Jiang Wenwen was someone he couldn’t trust.

For a moment, Jiang Wenwen was dumbfounded. What could she say? Can she say that she likes him and wants to be with him? But at the moment, the relationship between men and women is very strict. If she, an unmarried girl, seduces another woman’s husband, that will be the same as being a loose woman, a slut! Her life will definitely be ruined.

“What? Why would you give him buns? Wenwen, you…” Li Zhixin, who was lying on the ground, seemed to be wearing a cuckold with grief and indignation.

Jiang Wenwen didn’t even bother to look at Li Zhixin. She smiled at Wang Wei and said, “What else can I do to you? I just happened to have a bad appetite that day, and I happened to meet you. You were so thin, so I figured I should give it to you.”

But Jiang Wenwen’s momentary silence had already confirmed what Wang Wei had in mind, and he sneered, “You think I’m a fool!”

Xiao Xiao tugged on Wang Wei’s arm and said aggressively, “Why did they misunderstand me?”

Wang Wei’s attention was instantly withdrawn from Jiang Wenwen. He was so upset that he stomped on Li Zhixin even harder, yelling, “Say, why are you dragging my wife into your problem?”

Xiao Xiao also asked Li Zhixin, “Didn’t you have a good relationship with sister Wen Wen? You’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Even if you quarrel, don’t involve others… Don’t include me. Do you really want to ruin my reputation?”

Jiang Wenwen almost vomited blood.This Xiao Xiao is without a doubt the best white lotus bitch in the world! Even before she was reborn, she hadn’t met a such a shameless person like Xiao Xiao.

What can Li Zhixin say? He definitely can’t say that he clearly knew that Xiao Xiao liked him, but chose to ignore it so that she would continue to send him gifts. He is always conscious of his appearance in order for others to think well of him.

“There’s nothing going on between Xiao Xiao and me. It’s just Wen Wen who misunderstood.”

“You fart!” Jiang Wenwen laughed angrily. Seeing Li Zhixin lying with his eyes open, she couldn’t hold back from uttering foul language.

“Ah, sister Wenwen is swearing!” Xiao Xiao opened her eyes wide and looked shocked.

Wang Wei tsked, looked at Jiang Wenwen with disgust, then covered Xiao Xiao’s ears with both hands and whispered, “Good girl, a fairy such as you don’t have to hear that. Never learn such dirty words, ah.”

Xiao Xiao stifled a laugh and nodded her head obediently.

Jiang Wenwen’s eyes darkened. Fairy? Xiao Xiao, this thin-faced, yellow-haired girl! What fairy!? Aren’t I better than Xiao Xiao, who’s only good at pretending? Jiang Wenwen deeply doubts that this is still the same Lord Wei. Why are his eyes so blind!?

The author has something to say.

Jiang Wenwen: Lord Wei, why are you so blind?

Translator’s Note:

Hello! I’m here to explain some things. Wang Wei received help from two animals. The first one is the female wolf who breastfed him for a month when he was just a baby (until his grandfather found him). Then there’s the tiger that saved the eight-year-old Wang Wei from falling down a cliff (at this point, his grandfather had already died). It was also mentioned by Wang Wei that he had grown up with Zhuang Zhuang. They were both fed by the mother tiger with her milk.

Also, I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but the mound in the cave that they were in (which was mentioned in the previous chapter) was actually where Zhuang’s mother, the female tiger who fed Wang Wei, was buried.

I hope this clears everything up.


1 Zhuang literally means “strong”

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