1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 3

Chapter 03: Carrying the Wife Home

Translated by Sakura Time

Xiao Xiao was awakened by hunger. Her stomach kept growling. Naturally, she had never been hungry before. She never thought that the taste of hunger would be so unbearable.

With just a glance, you can tell that the body she is in is malnourished. It’s hard for her to imagine what a difficult environment it is when she can’t even fill her stomach.

Just as she was pressing her stomach to get ready to get up, Wang Wei came in with a big open bowl. He went to the bed and directly handed the bowl to her: “It cost twenty cents. Remember to return the money to me in the future.” He bought it from the small canteen of the health center, although he had already eaten half of it. In his defense, he has also saved Xiao Xiao’s life, so what’s the matter with placing the 20 cents under her name? In that way, Wang Wei didn’t have any psychological burden.

Xiao Xiao picked up the bowl, which held two pieces of unknown meat, a slightly yellowing rice, and two yellow round things next to it.

Xiao Xiao picked up the corn bun and asked sincerely, “What’s this?” She knew she should be quiet, but she didn’t want to swallow anything that was going to be in her mouth until she could figure it out.

Wang Wei was astonished: “Are you out of your mind? You don’t even recognize the corn bun?”

Xiao Xiao let out a cry and looked up to Wang Wei and smiled, “I lied to you. Of course, I’m familiar with the corn bun, brother. I just want to see if you are worried about me.”

Wang Wei took two steps backwards, as if terrified, as soon as she said these words and shouted, “You… what the hell are you talking about? Eat it immediately.” After stiffly turning around, he hastily exited the room in three strides. It appears that she truly did refer to him as her “love brother.” If Xiao Xiao didn’t like him, why would she care whether he would worry about her? Wang Wei wiped his face in annoyance. Alas, this girl is too shameless.

No matter how smart Xiao Xiao is, it is impossible for her to know Wang Wei’s tortuous mental activities. She glanced at the door suspiciously, then withdrew her gaze and poked the two corn buns with her fingers. People’s recipes in the interstellar era also have corn, but after various complicated cooking methods, corn doesn’t have much nutrition compared with other foods. It’s just something people occasionally adjust their tastes for.

Xiao Xiao picked up the corn steamed bun and took a bite. The corn flour was not finely ground at all, and it smelled a little moldy. Xiao Xiao frowned as soon as she swallowed it.

Is this human food?

Xiao Xiao endured the discomfort, ate the steamed corn bun, and took a few mouthfuls of yellowed rice. The odor of the rice was even stronger. It stands to reason that since she has changed her body, her sense of smell and taste would follow the body. Xiao Xiao can feel her body’s desire for the food in front of her, but she just can’t bring herself to eat it. Back in the Federation, she had already been picky about food, even when the meals had been specially cultivated with nutrient solutions, so what more here where the food has a peculiar odor?

Although I know that this body doesn’t allow her to be picky about food, and from the reluctant eyes of her cheap brother when he handed her the bowl just now, I’m afraid this kind of food is already good here.

But she can’t eat any more. If she eats any more, she will vomit.

Xiao Xiao put the bowl aside, covered her stomach, and fell into sorrow. She didn’t know anything. Forget about slowly trying to find a way out of this mess, she couldn’t even swallow the food here. Xiao Xiao was afraid she would starve to death before she could even come up with anything.

Wang Wei stayed outside for a while. Thinking that Xiao Xiao should have finished eating, he went into the room to collect the bowl. When he saw it, he immediately frowned: “Why is there so much left?”

Xiao Xiao, with a reddened eye, said, feeling wronged, “I don’t like the taste.” She’s not pretending this time. She really felt aggrieved. She had never suffered like this. Fortunately, she’s rational enough. If another 22-year-old from the Interstellar era came to this place for no reason, she might have collapsed long ago.

Wang Wei frowned even more and leaned over to probe Xiao Xiao’s forehead: “Your fever has gone down, so why can’t you taste it?”

Back home, several brothers spoiled her more than their parents. Wang Wei carried her to the health center. Although he looked fierce, his heart was not as cold as it seemed. Moreover, she felt inexplicably safe when she attached herself to her cheap brother’s back last night. At the moment of the outbreak of grievance, Xiao Xiao unconsciously revealed her ‘spoiled sister’s attitude’ which she usually does in front of her brothers back home: “It’s just tasteless. These things are terrible…” she shrank into a ball, her palm-sized face looked at Wang Wei with her eyes filled with tears, and her tone was soft, waxy, and pitiful.

Listening to her grievances, Wang Wei withdrew his hand from Xiao Xiao’s forehead. What is this? This girl is pushing her nose in the air, right? No wonder all the married men in the village get together to talk about their wives and say that women can’t be spoiled too much. They should show the authority of the masters, otherwise the wife will go out of hand and make a fool of themselves.

Look, look, he was just a little nicer to Xiao Xiao, and with that, she went overboard. Is the food unpalatable? The white-flowered rice and the yellow corn buns are the best things. Who doesn’t know that although the old Xiao family has many children, their children are mostly composed of girls who can only do a little labor? They eat less than other people in the village. This kind of food is only available to the old Xiao family during the festivals. Isn’t it funny how this girl just told him that the food tasted bad?

Wang Wei believed that Xiao Xiao was doing it on purpose, and his face turned cold: “If you don’t eat it, I will eat it myself.” Thinking that she was pretending to be pitiful, he said a few more words in a whimper. Does she think she can do whatever she wants? In his heart, Wang Wei snorted. Even if she pretends to be pitiful, don’t think that he will be soft-hearted.

Xiao Xiao saw Wang Wei taking a big bite out of the bowl and immediately stared at him. That was her leftovers! Seeing that he even ate leftovers with such relish, she was even more saddened. Although the Federation has records from this period of history, they are only a few words. As early as the earth’s great escape, the previous history was almost lost. There was only one sentence about this period of history: After the founding of the new China, the government and people experienced arduous struggle.

Xiao Xiao stared at the ceiling with her eyes open: I didn’t expect it to be this hard!

Wang Wei finished his meal and saw Xiao Xiao staring at the ceiling without moving, so he clicked his tongue: “Have you already reflected? Don’t do these weird things again in the future. We are from the same village, so who doesn’t know who ah? Get up, we have to go back.” The girl now knows his power and will not dare be a little demon in the future. This old man’s prestige is very stable, ah!

Xiao Xiao turned her neck: “Back?”

“Otherwise, do you still want to stay here all the time?” Wang Wei pulled Xiao Xiao out of bed.

Coming out of the warm quilt, Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but shiver. Looking at the vast white snow, she couldn’t help but ask Wang Wei, “How do we get back?”

“We’ll walk back.” Wang Wei answered casually and bent down to bind the rags wrapped around him by the female doctor. Although it can’t be used as cotton shoes, at least it’s much better than wearing straw sandals.

“Wait a minute, will you wear this to walk in the snow?” The temperature must be more than ten degrees below zero. If you went back like this, would you still feel your feet?

“So what? I came here in straw sandals while carrying you. Hurry up. We’ll go while it’s warm, otherwise it’ll be even chilly later.” Wang Wei grumbled.

Xiao Xiao pursed her lips and looked at her feet, wearing shoes sewn with some kind of cloth. They were pitch black. Dirty cotton wool fell out of the torn cloth. The soles of my shoes seemed to have holes in them. She sobbed in her heart. I wanna go home!

Seeing Xiao Xiao hesitant, his feet stretched out and retracted. Wang Wei’s frown can kill mosquitoes. If only he had known that marrying this girl would be so troublesome, he would not have agreed to this messy marriage.

“Come up!” Wang Wei handed Xiao Xiao the quilt in his hand and squatted down in front of her. If they dawdled any longer, it would be dark, and Xiao Xiao had only just recovered from her cold. If she walked in the snow, it would be a problem if she had a relapse.

Without waiting for Xiao Xiao to respond, Wang Wei hugged her legs, and Xiao Xiao fell uncontrollably on Wang Wei’s back.

“Let me down. I can walk by myself.” Xiao Xiao came back to her senses and blushed. This cheap brother is still a child. He’s not as old as she was, and he looked like a bamboo pole. She’s afraid that the man will suddenly break from the middle when they get halfway there.

Wang Wei snorted, “If you really want to leave, will you still be dawdling?”

Xiao Xiao blushed. She had no intention of letting this cheap brother carry her on her back, but then again, she couldn’t fathom seeing herself, a little interstellar princess who grew up in brocade clothes and jade food, walking in the snow with ripped shoes.

Just as he was about to struggle down, Wang Wei said again: “Besides, if you go back and get sick again, I don’t have the money for you to see the doctor again. You will just burn to death.”

Xiao Xiao immediately fell on Wang Wei’s back and didn’t move. Anyway, it’s important to keep my life first.

The quilt is on her body, but the cold wind is still pouring in from time to time around her neck. Looking at the tattered old cotton clothes worn by Wang, it must have been colder for him.

Xiao Xiao spread her arms to prop up the quilt…

Wang Wei heard the sound of movement behind him. Before he could even ask what she was doing, he felt the cold wind that kept hitting him blocked by something. He looked down and realized that Xiao Xiao had wrapped him up with the quilt.

Wang Wei froze for a moment before he spoke out, “What are you doing..?”

“It’s warmer for two people to wrap together.” Xiao Xiao ambled over to Wang Wei’s ear and said softly.

Wang Wei looked down at Xiao Xiao’s hands holding the quilt. The quilt was not big. It was difficult to wrap the two people. Xiao Xiao had to struggle to pull the two corners of the quilt together to wrap the two people.

But in this way, her hands were inevitably exposed.

Wang Wei took his eyes away from her frozen red hands. In his life, no one has ever been kind to him except Grandpa.

“… I want you to do more.” Wang Wei buried his head and whispered, but his voice was so small that it scattered when the wind blew.

“What did you say?” Xiao Xiao didn’t hear clearly, so she bowed her head and asked.

The warm breath made Wang Wei feel his ears tickle a little and said with a stern face, “I told you not to move around.”


Xiao Xiao really stopped moving and stuck herself firmly on Wang Wei’s back, which can also make them warmer.

Wang Wei carried Xiao Xiao, feeling her like a cat. Whether it was her palm-sized small face, her soft tone of voice when talking, or her obedient appearance on his back, he frowned: I didn’t think of this before, but isn’t she too thin?

The translator has something to say:

Ahhhh!!!! You’re both thin!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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