1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 4

Chapter 04: Fourth’s Woman

Translated by Sakura Time

It took more than three hours for them to reach the entrance of Xiaoqian village.

In the middle of winter, most people in the village are inside their homes, hiding from the harsh climate. Wang Wei walked into the village with Xiao Xiao on his back. On the way, they met a man. When the man saw Wang Wei, he deliberately took a few steps around and slipped away.

Wang Wei sneered at the corners of his mouth and continued walking with his head in his hands[1]It means the state of being in shock, or despair, or bewilderment: so that one might, literally, put one’s head in one’s hands.

It was Xiao Xiao, who looked at the man suspiciously: What’s with the look? It’s as if he had seen the god of plague. Could it be that my cheap brother and I are not very popular here?

Soon after arriving at Wang’s house, Wang Wei placed Xiao Xiao in front of their house: “Go in.” He also had to boil some hot water to soak his feet, otherwise they would really freeze.

Xiao Xiao looked at the dilapidated little house in front of her, the roof covered with grass, the broken wall, and the creaking door blown by the wind. Her heart felt as cold as the weather. She wished she could faint directly, and her lips trembled uncontrollably. Will she live here in the future? Even the most marginal planet in the most marginal interstellar system has two hundred square feet of government-issued high-rise housing.

Interstellar people pay the most attention to privacy, and most of them are single-family homes, encircling a piece of land and building houses according to their own ideas. The Xiao family even occupied a galaxy at the center of interstellar space.

Xiao Xiao had previously discovered that the people at the bottom of interstellar space require a large number of people to live in the same building. She couldn’t imagine that several households would share the same living space with each other, not until she got here.

Xiao Xiao sobbed. She would not have rushed to study the cross-dimensional space jump if she had known. Now she has no choice but to integrate herself into such a primitive society where she doesn’t have enough clothes and food and even lives in a place where wind and rain enter casually.

“Go in quickly, otherwise you will die if you catch a cold.” Wang Wei pushed Xiao Xiao, who was stunned, before turning around and leaving.

Xiao Xiao looked at the dark little room and subconsciously grabbed Wang Wei’s clothes. It may be because the first thing she saw when she woke up was Wang Wei, or because Wang Wei’s back is thin but extremely reliable, and Xiao Xiao sees through his cold-hearted disguise. In front of Wang Wei, she unconsciously showed how she is naturally when facing her family before she came to this place: “Brother, where are you going? I’m scared. ” The room was pitch-dark, and she felt that if she stepped in, she would be swallowed.

Wang Wei grunted his head irritably, “Why are you…” She’s so squeamish and clingy. Didn’t he just teach her a lesson back in the health center?

He wanted to scold Xiao Xiao for not entering: “Why are you so annoying? What are you afraid of? Is there something in the house that can eat you? “

Xiao Xiao nodded hurriedly and groaned: “Well, I’m afraid…” After that, she smiled pleasantly at Wang Wei. This skinny body of hers, coupled with the small face of the original owner, looked at Wang Wei with red eyes. Wang Wei wanted to harden his heart, but like a balloon, it burst with a puff. He sighed and couldn’t help but answer: “I’m going to the kitchen to boil water and soak my feet. You can follow me if you want.” Tsk, why is it so annoying to have a wife!

Xiao Xiao hurriedly trotted behind Wang Wei. After experiencing such an imagination-breaking event that the small dilapidated house would be the place to live in the future, she became much calmer when she saw the appearance of the kitchen.

Isn’t it just a pitted ground? Isn’t this a stove made of lumps of soil? Hmmm… the stove surface is quite dirty. If the food was cooked in such a place, wouldn’t it be more tasteless?

“Come and sit here. I’ll make the fire.” He hadn’t thought about it before, but when he looked at her again, Wang Wei realized that Xiao Xiao’s thin body was like a piece of paper that would float to the sky if the wind blew.

Xiao Xiao sat obediently next to Wang Wei in front of the stove and watched him raise the fire two or three times. Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up. Although she knew such a primitive way of making fire, no one used it in the interstellar world. People have more ways to obtain energy, more direct and more efficient, but looking at the dancing flames, Xiao Xiao feels that no energy source can be so vivid.

In order to keep warm, Xiao Xiao kept close to Wang Wei.

Wang Wei was so uncomfortable that he pushed Xiao Xiao and warned her, “You stay away from me.”

Xiao Xiao looked at him suspiciously, “What’s the matter?” Anyway, they are brothers and sisters. In the past, she was just this close to her own brothers.

What she had said was interpreted by Wang Wei as her saying: What does it matter? They are a couple anyway.

“You… Cough, just stay away from me anyway.” Wang Wei reached out and swatted Xiao Xiao’s hands on his arms several times like a fly.

Xiao Xiao pouted and put her hands in front of Wang Wei: “You’re hurting me.” Not waiting for Wang Wei’s response, she let out an “Ah! I forgot about your feet. Your feet have been walking in the snow for so long. We have to rub them up quickly.” After that, she held Wang Wei’s feet in her hands and rubbed them hard. The cheap brother walked in the snow with her on his back for so long. Helping him rub his feet was just a way to return the favor.

But this move scared Wang Wei very much. He kicked Xiao Xiao away on reflex, and was stunned afterwards.

Xiao Xiao was kicked and sat on the ground. She looked at Wang Wei with a confused face, “What are you doing!” Be kind as a donkey’s liver and lung[2] Refers to treating good intentions as bad intentions.. Do you know what her hands used to do? She’s Miss Xiao, the most popular technology leader in the Federation, who has no temper! But at the thought of her current situation, the flame of her little temper rose and suddenly went out with a puff.

She looked at Wang Wei and saw that the annoyance that flashed past after he kicked her didn’t seem to be fake. She then stood up, patted her buttocks, and walked over to Wang Wei. Xiao Xiao tugged at the corner of his shirt, softly speaking. He said to Wang Wei, “Brother, what are you doing? Don’t you like me rubbing your feet? You were walking in the snow with me on your back for so long. My heart ached as I saw your feet freezing.” In the past, as long as she acted coquettishly towards her older brothers, they would want to give her everything in the world. This cheap brother was a bit like her awkward second brother, so Xiao Xiao took out the means she used to coax her second brother.

Heartache? When he heard this word, Wang Wei had a moment of confusion. Except for his grandfather, no one else had ever felt sorry for him. Who does this girl think she is? She has no meat on her body, and her guts are as small as a mouse, so she doesn’t even dare go into a house by herself. She’s saying she feels sorry for him? What a joke!

Wang Wei suppressed the unfamiliar feeling in his chest, turned his head and pouted his lips deliberately with disdain: “I don’t need you to feel sorry for me! Look at you. You are as thin as a garlic sprout. And just now, you were even afraid to enter the house without me. Don’t you think you should worry about yourself first?” When he said this, his ears were stained with a thin layer of crimson.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes almost rolled to the sky. This cheap brother of hers has exactly the same arrogant look as her second brother! She coaxed him in a soft voice: “Brother is right, I’m so thin, so weak, and so timid. You have to feel sorry for me. Well, you will have to take good care of me in the future.”

Wang Wei didn’t know how the topic came to this point. No, he couldn’t be led by this girl by the nose, so he hummed, “That depends on your performance.” He couldn’t be fooled by Xiao Xiao.

“Oh, old fourth is back! Show your sister-in-law the precious lady you have married. It was just a puny cold, but you had to go and see the town doctor. She just came in yesterday and should have been the person responsible for today’s meals. She’s really good, ah. She gets to go to the town and stay there for a day. That’s nice! I bet you guys were happy; so happy that you forgot that someone would eventually have to clean your ass.” Before Xiao Xiao could even reply, there was a sudden sound at the door, and then a series of words came down.

Xiao Xiao stretched out her head from Wang Wei’s back and saw that the person talking was a woman in her thirties, wearing a cotton padded jacket with a blue cloth bag wrapped around her head. The woman has a strong figure and a round face. With her pair of thin eyes, she gave Xaio Xiao a glare.

The taunts that came over her face were about to overflow. Even if Xiao Xiao didn’t know the situation, she knew that this person was full of malice towards her and Wang Wei, and… wait! Did she hear it right? She just called them old fourth and old fourth’s wife!

Xiao Xiao was instantly struck by thunder; so she was not Wang Wei’s sister, but her wife! This is not good! How come? She didn’t even see any hints.

Just thinking of her coquettish behavior towards Wang Wei makes her cry. Ugh! I wish I could burrow myself directly into the ground… She whimpered twice, then retracted her head and buried it in Wang Wei’s clothes.

When Zhao Yan saw that Xiao Xiao didn’t even dare to show her face because of what she said, she was immediately elated. She was very dissatisfied with the Wang family’s second daughter-in-law, who often didn’t show any signs of fear. Finally, there is someone she can bully!

“Oh, so you know how to feel ashamed too, huh? Which girl is similar to you? You are just wasting your in-law’s money! Come and tell your sister-in-law what kind of ecstasy soup you poured into Wang Wei! Our family’s fourth is not the kind of person who loves fragrance and jade. You must be very good at seducing men. Did you practice at home? ” Later, when the family splits, she will also have a share of the money, and this little girl dared to spend her money? See if she doesn’t embarrass her to death!

Who dared to say such dirty words in front of Xiao Xiao before? Moreover, after the material civilization was extremely developed, the spiritual civilization naturally improved. Even the people at the bottom of interstellar space would not say such dirty words.

Xiao Xiao is willing to coax Wang Wei. She knows that Wang Wei has good intentions toward her. In such a strange place, of course, she should unite with people who are good to her. And this woman is obviously the enemy. Xiao Xiao felt like she was about to explode from the insult she received from the older woman.

But before she could even react, Wang Wei moved first. Only to hear a bang, a wooden stick smashed directly at Zhao Yan’s feet. A hole was smashed on the ground, and the splashed soil hit Zhao Yan.

“Shut your fucking mouth! You can’t just curse at my woman!” Accompanied by the smashed wooden stick was Wang Wei’s bellow of anger!

The author has something to say:

Wang Wei: Fourth’s woman, my woman… (shy)


1 It means the state of being in shock, or despair, or bewilderment: so that one might, literally, put one’s head in one’s hands
2 Refers to treating good intentions as bad intentions.
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