1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 5

Chapter 05: You just rely on you to like me

Translated by Sakura Time

“Ahhhh!!!” Zhao Yan’s scream almost pierced the sky. Xiao Xiao hid behind Wang Wei, sighed, and said, “She sure has good lung capacity.”

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” The scream drew all the Wang family over, and Wang Laoda[1] 1 – Wang Laoda (王老大) can be both translated as Boss Wang or Eldest Wang. heard his wife scream so harshly that he was the first to run over in a hurry.

Wang Wei’s angry shout was also heard. Seeing the thick wooden stick at Zhao Yan’s feet, he immediately frowned and scolded, “Old Fourth, do you know who you are shouting at? You just hurt your sister-in-law! Are you even human?”

Wang Wei sneered and said sarcastically, “Me? Human? Only those who are born and raised by humans can be called human. I was born without a mother, so I am not a human. Oh, right, someone did raise me. I survived for a month, even after being thrown by your mother in the mountains. She left me there to die, but a female wolf[2]The characters ‘母狼’ can be translated as – mother/female wolf saved me and fed me her milk. Right, that wolf was my mother, so you better not mess with me. Piss me off and you’ll see! I will cut all of you and fucking feed you to the wolves!”

Wang Wei stood by the kitchen door. Something dark seemed to devour his thin body. With his vicious look coupled with his dark green eyes, he saw that the legs and stomachs of the members of the Wang family outside the door only trembled.

Zhao Yan has stopped howling now. The monster just across from her was someone who dared to use a knife to cut her father-in-law. She originally thought that the old fourth was cold-hearted, but as soon as the fourth daughter-in-law entered their family, she caused him to send her to the hospital overnight. She wasn’t sure why she was annoyed. But she definitely doesn’t want to see Xiao Xiao. Then she thought of taking the opportunity to suppress her, so that Xiao Xiao would not even dare to talk back to her in the future. Who would have thought that just by saying a few words, she would provoke this wolf cub? The stick almost hit her!

Zhao Yan touched her beating heart, took a few steps back with lingering fear, and hid behind her husband, Wang Laoda.

“You… you…” Wang Fu’s face paled in anger, but he couldn’t say anything after that. Wang Mu’s face was especially ugly. She was the one who threw Wang Wei down the mountain at the beginning. She didn’t expect that this dead cub, which should have been eaten by the wolf on the mountain, would instead be fed by it for a month. Now, this wolf cub has completely turned into a monster! Wang Mu had repeated visions of Wang Wei holding a knife to her head as she lay in her bed, his eyes flashing with green and icy light, and chopping it off.

Wang Mu gritted her teeth and said, “Then cut all of us here if you have the guts! You were born from my womb, but you had to be a monster rather than a human! Otherwise, why would the wolves on the mountain not eat you but instead feed you milk? You are an unripe white-eyed wolf![3]White-eyed wolf: Just by grasping the nature of the literal words used, you can get an idea that this is clearly describing someone who might be vicious. Wolves are known for being combative, … Continue reading What I regret is not that I left you on the mountain, but that I didn’t strangle you to death as soon as you were born!” Wang Mu took two steps back after finishing her words. When she felt safe, she gasped and stared at Wang Wei defensively.

The people outside the door looked at Wang Wei in fear, as if he was a hungry wolf.

Wang Wei also stared at them viciously. His whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of cold ice. He was surrounded by thick loneliness. In this world, except for his grandfather, no one saw him anymore. Maybe he really is like what Wang Mu said—a wolf in human skin…

At that moment, something lightly scratched the palm of his hand. The unfamiliar temperature in his palm caused the icy wall that had built all over his body to collapse abruptly. He then felt that his entire fist was grasped by a pair of small hands.

Wang Wei turned his head to look at Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao said with a smile, “You were just so handsome!” He was really handsome. Wang Wei’s thin figure suddenly became sturdy when he stood in front of her and threw the stick out and shouted loudly. She instantly felt a sense of security standing behind him.

Although the conversation was not much, Xiao Xiao’s clever mind still extracted a lot of useful information: Wang Wei was abandoned by his mother and thrown on the mountain when he was a child. These people outside the door are Wang Wei’s relatives, but now they are in conflict with each other. His mother even hates him to death. They all look at Wang Wei with hate, disgust, and fear.

Xiao Xiao grew up in a happy family. She really can’t imagine what it would be like to be treated like this by her close relatives.

This time, Xiao Xiao‘s heart really ached for Wang Wei. She knows that there is a soft heart under the fierce appearance of the young man. What a deafening family, the Wangs! They are foolish to take pearls as fish eyes.

Wang Wei’s throat twitched and his lips moved, but no words came out.

Xiao Xiao smiled at him again before looking at the Wang family outside the door: “Aunt, if you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense, okay? He…” Xiao Xiao wanted to say Wang Wei’s name, but before the words came to her lips, she remembered that she didn’t know his name yet. “My husband was born so well. Look at the people behind you. Who among them is as good-looking as my husband? His unique dark green eyes are just so beautiful. You guys are all just plain stupid and ignorant!” She was actually quite weak to people who had attractive faces. From the beginning, one of the reasons why she did not reject Wang Wei was because of his undeniably handsome face.

As soon as Xiao Xiao spoke, she immediately drew everyone’s attention to her.

Wang Mu’s eyes flickered. The main reason why she had agreed to marry Xiao Xiao into the Wang family was because of the rule Wang Wei’s grandfather made before he died; it was to raise Wang Wei well and for him to marry and have children. Only those who agreed to the old man’s request could get the money to raise Wang Wei.

As Wang Wei’s parents, she and her husband naturally had the advantage. She then cried in front of the old man, saying how much they regretted having left Wang Wei, which led to the dispute over his custody.

The old man also said that if they, the Second Wang family, did not do as they were told after his death, the Eldest Wang family would take Wang Wei over and take the money. Over the years, the Eldest Wang family has been eyeing the money, forcing them to give Wang Wei a meal and now give him a wife. Of course, Wang Wei himself is a thorn in their side. For reasons Wang Mu automatically ignored, the Wang family did not dare provoke him. She did not want to admit that now the bird[4]She was comparing herself to a bird. T/N: Not knowing that she was actually just a rat. Lol was afraid of this son who had been lost by their own hands.

On the other hand, the reason why she chose Xiao Xiao to be Wang Wei’s bride was because she was known in the Xiaoqian Village for being timid and diligent. When such a daughter-in-law marries into their family, she can not only be a mule, but also be easy to handle. Only then did she give the Xiao family 20 yuan as a dowry. 

The girl wouldn’t even dare look up at people when they first met. She trembled as she stood in front of them, wanting to retract her head into her chest.

But at this moment, the girl has suddenly become more eloquent, and dares to choke her directly.

Wang Mu took a deep look at Xiao Xiao and said, with a fake smile, “Fourth daughter-in-law, how can you call me aunt? I’m your mother-in-law. You have to call me mom.”

Xiao Xiao leaned against Wang Wei. Wang Mu smiled and her yellow teeth were exposed, even in the dim light. Xiao Xiao felt goose bumps all over.

“I married my husband, but since you do not recognize him as a son, why would I treat you as a mother-in-law?” To call such a sloppy and heartless woman a mother, it is better to kill her.

After finishing speaking, she looked at Wang Wei with a smile. Her eyes seemed to say, ‘I’m venting your anger out for you!’

Wang Wei laughed dumbly, thinking that Xiao Xiao looked really pleasing to the eye. He thought so in his heart, but he refused to show the slightest bit of it on his face. He glanced around and pretended not to care: “Call her whatever you like; it’s none of my business.” But the corners of his mouth can’t suppress the smile that reveals his true mood. Then there was a burst of enthusiasm in his heart. This girl is really, really unobtrusive. She keeps saying, ‘my husband, my husband’ – Does she like me that much?

Wang Mu, who couldn’t take seeing them being sticky in front of everyone, said with a dark face: “Whether you like it or not, since you are married into our Wang family, you must abide by the rules of our Wang family! Anyway, it was your turn to cook today, but you and the fourth child went to town for the day. You must make today’s dinner and work the shift for tomorrow. If you don’t do it, you and the fourth… won’t have any food to eat.”

Ah, cooking? She didn’t know how to do that.

Wang Wei grunted, “Whatever we should do, we will do it naturally. Take out the food!” He reached out directly to Wang Mu and asked for food. The food was locked up in the house where Wang Mu slept.

The Wang family then left. Not a moment later, another woman carrying grain came just outside the kitchen. She did not dare to enter the kitchen, so as she stood by the door, she just said to Xiao Xiao: “Fourth sister, mother said to let you make sorghum stubble, steam a basket of corn nest, and cut a bowl of pickled vegetable lumps under the rice for dinner.”

Then she put the grain by the door and scurried away like a rabbit.

Xiao Xiao giggled with her mouth covered, and was then saddened right after. The Wang family being so afraid of Wang Wei shows how fierce Wang Wei usually pretends to be. It’s too distressing.

Wang Wei didn’t know that Xiao Xiao regarded him as a kind and soft little white rabbit. He brought the grain and put it on the stove: “Do it.” Of course, he was not afraid of Wang Mu’s threat. It’s Xiao Xiao, who hasn’t eaten anything today. If she doesn’t do it, she will have to go hungry at night.

The taste of starvation is too unbearable. Xiao Xiao is so thin. If she continues to be hungry, she will really be blown away by the wind. He wouldn’t want to chase his wife in the wind, right?

The word “wife” tumbled on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed it silently. Xiao Xiao was so timid and contradicted Wang Mu for him. It can really be seen that she really liked him.

Alas, it’s so frustrating! Wang Wei pulled a handful of his hair melancholically. It’s all because of my great charm!

With a muffled laugh, he turned his head to see Xiao Xiao looking at the food without moving, and asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know how to cook.” Xiao Xiao raised his head and pointed his finger at Wang Wei.

Wang Wei’s face fell instantly: Here we go again. This girl keeps testing his patience. Saying she doesn’t know how to cook? Which person would believe that? Who doesn’t know that when she was at her parents’ house, she took care of the housework with her younger sisters?

“Do it by yourself.” Even though he knew she liked him, Wang Wei wanted to teach Xiao Xiao a lesson and tell her not to keep messing around in front of him. But on the second thought, thinking about how she just spoke for him just now, praised him for being handsome, and called him her husband…

Tsk! Just this once! She had better be grateful. If it weren’t for her little mouth, which was smeared with honey [5]Mouth smeared with honey – It basically means that she’s good at complimenting others.– sighs.

He took a deep breath and began to wash the pot with a dark face: “Xiao Xiao, you better remember this for I will only do it once. Watch it carefully. I won’t be helping you next time…” He had no idea what to do with her. She looked at him so eagerly, like a puppy begging for food, which made him want to bully her, but tsk! How can he scold her? He realized halfway through the ruthless words that he couldn’t do anything about Xiao Xiao, which made Wang Wei’s expression even darker. “I truly won’t help you next time,” he stated with a grunt, as if his earlier reminder wasn’t enough. 

The translator has something to say to Wang Wei:

You sure??? Hohoho… (*´∇`)┌θ☆(ノ>_<)ノ


1 1 – Wang Laoda (王老大) can be both translated as Boss Wang or Eldest Wang.
2 The characters ‘母狼’ can be translated as – mother/female wolf
3 White-eyed wolf: Just by grasping the nature of the literal words used, you can get an idea that this is clearly describing someone who might be vicious. Wolves are known for being combative, vicious, and fierce, not to mention unappreciative and cold.
4 She was comparing herself to a bird. T/N: Not knowing that she was actually just a rat. Lol
5 Mouth smeared with honey – It basically means that she’s good at complimenting others.
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