1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 6

Chapter 06: Getting Started

Translated by Sakura Time

Xiao Xiao got another important piece of information. It turned out that the original owner of her body had the same name as her. She listened to Wang Wei’s words: “Okay, I understand. Teach me first, and I will definitely study hard to learn it properly.” But she can’t guarantee whether she can learn or not.

The fact is that, for her, even folding a quilt can make the bed messier. Xiao Xiao does not have a single expectation of learning how to cook. Thinking about her own poor self-care ability, she inevitably felt embarrassed. Feeling guilty, she smiled more and more brightly at Wang Wei, and her eyes bent into crescent moons.

As soon as Wang Wei finished washing the pot, he looked up and saw Xiao Xiao smiling at him so much that he couldn’t see her teeth. He stopped, breathed slowly, and cursed in his heart, warning her, “Don’t go out and smile like that at other people in the future. It’s ugly!

Ugly? Xiao Xiao’s face suddenly collapsed. If this face was too ugly, wouldn’t it be a big loss for her? You must know that she is known as the most beautiful scientist in the universe!

She loves research, but she also loves beauty. She used to look in the mirror and almost pass out from the awe of her own beauty! If this face was too ugly, it would be a more serious problem than not being able to eat.

Seeing Xiao Xiao dejected right after his remark, Wang Wei couldn’t help but reflect. Xiao Xiao liked him so much that she would undoubtedly be concerned about what he had just said. Perhaps what he had said was… a little too much?

He touched his nose and said awkwardly, “Well, don’t mind what I said. It was just a casual remark. In fact, when you smile… you look really pretty.” Tsk! What am I saying

Xiao Xiao now desperately wants to know what she looks like, so she asked Wang Wei, “Do you have a mirror at home?”

“Wang Ying seems to have one.”

She wanted to ask who Wang Ying was, but she didn’t want to show timidity, so she nodded solemnly, thinking that she must borrow the mirror to have a look at her current face.

Her preoccupied appearance made Wang Wei feel that he must have hurt her feelings, so he deliberately softened his voice and said, in an unprecedented soft voice, “Xiao Xiao, I’ll cook, so you make the fire.”

“…… I can’t.” Xiao Xiao looked at Wang Wei innocently.

Wang Wei didn’t like how things are going right now. He felt that if he continued to indulge her like this, sooner or later, this girl would surely say that she couldn’t use chopsticks and would ask him to feed it to her mouth. Thinking of that scene, Wang Wei shuddered and said in a vicious voice, “Just so you know, I won’t make fire for you!” Does she think he’s an idiot? That if she looks at him with those round eyes, he won’t let her work?

However, after a while, Wang Wei’s unbearable roar suddenly rang out in the kitchen: “What the! Are you a pig? Tsk! You’re definitely a pig! You almost set yourself on fire! Seriously!”

“I said I couldn’t..” Xiao Xiao grunted in a short breath.

“Don’t whine at me. You know I won’t indulge you anymore.” If he hadn’t been quick, Xiao Xiao would have burned herself like firewood.

Xiao Xiao gave a whimper like a kitten, and her wet eyes looked at Wang Wei pleadingly: “I really don’t know how to make a fire; otherwise would I have burned myself? Look, I have a blister on my hand, help me husband, eh, eh?” She blinked her eyes, tugged on Wang Wei’s sleeve, and looked at him innocently. She had already noticed that whenever she called Wang Wei husband, his ears would slowly turn red.

Wang Wei took a closer look and found that there was really a blister on the back of her hand. He felt funny inside. Somehow, he can’t get angry at her whenever she calls him ‘husband’. It’s as if his whole body was lightened by two folds. Wang Wei couldn’t understand what emotion it was. He felt his voice was a little floating: “Ahem, sit… sit on the side.”

Xiao Xiao responded obediently. She propped up her chin to watch Wang Wei make the fire and cook.

Back in Xiao Xiao’s home, the housework was usually done by a machine housekeeper. But now, seeing Wang Wei working so hard, Xiao Xiao suddenly felt bad and sincerely said, “I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to learn.” But she knows she won’t be able to do the chores properly. She has an extremely high IQ, but she doesn’t have the basic ability to take care of herself. There were many ways to solve this problem when she was in interstellar space, and she didn’t pay attention to it at all. Looking at Wang Wei and seeing him work so hard, she realizes that such a flaw is extremely bothersome.

As soon as the meal was ready, Zhao Yan and Feng Chun came to serve the dishes. Their timing was just right, as if they had been watching from the side.

Seeing that Wang Wei was cooking while Xiao Xiao, on the other hand, sat on the side like a grandfather, Zhao Yan made an ugly expression. Hmmp! She was a woman too, but why was her life so different from that of the fourth daughter-in-law? Suddenly, an idea popped in her head. Well, since Wang Wei and Xiao Xiao had just gotten married, the reason why they’re doing fine as a couple as of now must be because of their fairly new relationship. Xiao Xiao was so lazy. It won’t be long for Wang Wei to see her bad traits. With this thought, Zhao Yan felt more comfortable.

The second wife of the Wang family, Feng Chun, looked quite amiable, and she smiled at Xiao Xiao when she served the meal.

A few moments ago, the two parties were arguing like a crow’s eye, but now they are sitting at the same table to eat.

Xiao Xiao found it difficult to comprehend how primitive society thinks. Looking at the large group of people around the table, she endured the discomfort and sat next to Wang Wei. Seeing Xiao Xiao sticking to him like a magnet, although Wang Wei was a bit uncomfortable, he didn’t want to scold her in front of other people. Just after Xiao Xiao spoke for him, Wang Wei regarded her as a person in a trench. Of course, the husband must cover for his wife. He can’t cut Xiao Xiao’s face with the Wang family.[1]What he meant was that since he and Xiao Xiao are on the same side, he can’t and definitely won’t embarrass her in front of the Wangs in any way. He doesn’t want Xiao Xiao to lose her face.

Seeing the fourth daughter-in-law being so clingy to the fourth, Zhao Yan’s white eyes rolled to the sky. She looked at Wang Laoda next to her and also squeezed towards him.

Zhao Yan has a strong body, whereas Wang Laoda is thin and tall. Now he was looking forward to eating and was staring at Wang Mu’s meal. Without paying attention, Zhao Yan squeezed in by his side, which pushed him off the bench, forcing him to sit down on the ground.

The whole family looked at him in unison, and Wang Lao Er[2] 王老二 is literally translated as Wang Lao Er. The word Lao er means “second-eldest child in a family” couldn’t help but laugh: “Brother, what are you doing? It’s too early for New Year’s greetings.” The children also giggled after him. Feng Chun actually saw what had just happened clearly, and she sighed in her heart. Sister-in-law still thinks she is an eighteen-year-old girl, and doesn’t even look at her physique.

Wang Laoda was so embarrassed that he yelled at Zhao Yan with a dark face: “What the! Are you crazy? Why are you squeezing beside me?”

Zhao Yan was also embarrassed: “Are you still a man? Why are you so weak? I just touched you lightly!”

“Come on, stop arguing and eat.” Wang Fu, who had a headache from the commotion, couldn’t help but scold them. The table has quieted down.

The sorghum stubble needs to be distributed by Wang Mu herself; two spoons for men, one for women, two corn buns for each person, and a plate of blackened pickles in the middle.

Xiao Xiao is already hungry, and although she knows these things are not delicious and remembers how dirty the cooking stove is, she has to force herself to swallow them in order to survive.

As soon as she swallowed it, her throat churned and she almost vomited. No, this strange taste can’t be ignored. The corn buns in the hospital looked very fresh, yet she couldn’t swallow them, let alone the meals of the Wang family. Her five senses, transformed by genetic medicine are so sensitive that she can’t even overcome hunger.

Speaking of it, she also invented this genetic medicine to unlock human genes and explore the hidden potential of human beings. After everyone drank it, the direction of gene unlocking was different. Some people could even sense some energy in the universe and absorb it, which was similar to the practice in myth. It was not so exaggerated, but there was a qualitative leap in physique, and some people developed the brain threshold. She, herself, had not only developed her brain threshold, but also had a special ability: she could ‘control’ anything growing out of the soil.

In the past, this ability was not very useful in the interstellar world, but now…

Xiao Xiao felt that she had finally seen a ray of light. If this ability was still retained, at least she would not have to suffer the pain of not being able to eat anymore.

Zhao Yan looked at Xiao Xiao, who had put down her chopsticks after only one bite and was acting like she wanted to puke, up and down suspiciously with eyes like a searchlight: “Oh, what’s the matter? You looked like you wanted to vomit. You’re not pregnant, right??” Zhao Yan covered her mouth and laughed, gloating. Others also looked suspiciously at Xiao Xiao.

The adults’ faces were not good, especially Wang Mu’s, whose face was almost pulled to the ground. The children looked at the newly minted fourth aunt in confusion, not knowing what Zhao Yan meant by that. When the Wang family’s youngest daughter, Wang Ying, heard Zhao Yan’s words, she immediately scorned, “Shameless!”

Wang Wei looked at the group coldly and warned them, “Xiao Xiao can’t eat until she has recovered from her cold. If I hear someone talk about it again, don’t blame me for slapping you.”

When he said this, everyone took back their sight. But Wang Ying was still unconvinced. Although she was afraid and disliked her fourth brother, she couldn’t see him defend Xiao Xiao like this: “Just lie to yourself. She’s obviously cured of her cold. Besides, even if she has a cold, it doesn’t mean she can’t eat anything. She’s clearly wearing a green hat, but you’re still willing to be a bastard!”[3]The term “Green hat” is figuratively, a symbol of being a “cuckold” – a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful

At first, when I saw Wang Ying, I thought she was a little more pleasing to the eye than the rest of the Wang family. At least she was clean and her face was relatively fair. But hearing her now, I deeply felt that people should not be judged by their appearance. The girl is only a teenager, but she can already say such a thing.

Xiao Xiao grew up being doted on in every possible way. Although she has a pleasant personality, how could she have no temper? But her throat was churning, and opening her mouth would cause her to vomit, so she had to keep her mouth shut. She was a delicate girl who had never experienced such difficulty, and her eyes were red.

Wang Wei saw Xiao Xiao’s red eyes and thought she was about to cry because of Wang Ying’s scolding. He put his hand on Xiao Xiao’s back and patted it, secretly giving her support, and looked coldly at Wang Ying: “It seems that you have turned a deaf ear to what I just said.” As soon as the words fell, the chopsticks in his hand were thrown out with a swoosh and smashed into Wang Ying’s face with a snap, which was fast and accurate.

“Oh, my god!” The room instantly resounded with Wang Ying’s miserable scream.

The translator has something to say to Wang Ying:

Zip your mouth kid!!! (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻


1 What he meant was that since he and Xiao Xiao are on the same side, he can’t and definitely won’t embarrass her in front of the Wangs in any way. He doesn’t want Xiao Xiao to lose her face.
2 王老二 is literally translated as Wang Lao Er. The word Lao er means “second-eldest child in a family”
3 The term “Green hat” is figuratively, a symbol of being a “cuckold” – a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful
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