1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Revealed

Translated by Sakura Time

Xiao Xiao: “…” although Wang Ying screamed miserably, she was relieved. This little husband of hers was so handsome. She smiled gratefully at Wang Wei and again squeezed next to him.

Wang Wei was wrong again and thought she was startled by Wang Ying’s pig-like screams, so he put his hand on her back to pat it again.

“Ow, I’ll kill you bastard…” Several of her sons had already gotten married, as had her eldest daughter, so Wang Mu was no longer intimate with them. Now the only person left in the family is her youngest daughter, Wang Ying. Wang Mu’s eyes scorched with anger. The bastard is now doing something to her young daughter in honor of a woman who has recently joined their family. Wang Mu went instantly crazy.

She went crazy and shouted fiercely, but she never dared cross the table and really fight with Wang Wei. She used all kinds of foul language to scold Wang Wei. Wang Wei, on the other hand, just sat firmly on the bench and looked at Wang Mu sarcastically, like he was watching a play.

Wang Fu grabbed Wang Mu and said, “Alright, look at the girl’s face. She’s not that hurt. Don’t disturb the others in the village.” In the end, it was still the youngest daughter who spoke loudly. And a girl who has not yet married but keeps talking in such a manner would not be good for their family’s name.

Wang Fu perceives Wang Wei as someone who’s desperate to live. When he first arrived at their house, they thought of him as an easy target, so they bullied him hard. But Wang Wei chased them off with a knife. He was like a ferocious ghost, demanding their lives with his incredible might. When Wang Fu thinks about it, his hair stands up. Later, they fought a number of wars, both large and small, but Wang Wei didn’t suffer any loss to their family. People were frightened by his overwhelming strength. Finally, with tremendous regret, the Wang family understood the truth. They could only build a safety line around Wang Wei and dared not provoke him easily.

Wang Mu pushed Wang Fu away and threw her anger at him: “What’s the use of you? Your daughter was beaten up, and you, the father, didn’t even dare to say a word! Also you…” she pointed at Wang Laoda and Wang Lao Er. “Why did I give birth to you two losers? What the hell, a family of men being ridden on the neck to shit and piss…”

As they were being scolded, Wang Laoda and Wang Lao Er lowered their heads, slandering Wang Mu in their hearts. She knew how to scold them, but she herself did not dare provoke Wang Wei. 

Wang Wei burst into laughter when he heard this.

Wang Wei’s laughter was like slapping Wang Mu’s face one after another. She couldn’t go on anymore. Wang Mu sat back with a calm face and looked at Wang Ying’s face carefully. She found that there was a big dark blue bruise under her left eye. Wang Ying was still crying, and although Wang Mu was still upset and angry, she tried to appease her. “Okay, don’t cry. Let’s ask your sister to bring some medicine back from the county. Then I’ll pull some cloth for you to make a dress.”

Hearing that she was going to make clothes for her, Wang Ying finally stopped crying.

Xiao Xiao was so overwhelmed by the drama that she never thought there was such a way for family members to get along with each other. After such a fuss, everyone ate in silence again, as if this kind of bickering was a daily operation and that nothing was as important as eating.

Xiao Xiao looked at Wang Wei. Like other men in the Wang family, he had more porridge than women and children. There were two steamed buns. The bowl turned twice in his hand, and the porridge disappeared in an instant. The steamed buns were eaten one by one. The speed of eating was amazing. When she was in interstellar space, she did a lot of research on the human body in order to study the genetic drug solution. Wang Wei is the kind with a good physique. Such people generally need more nutrition, so this thing can’t make him full. It is no wonder he is so thin and hungry.

Xiao Xiao pushed her share of porridge and the rest of the untouched steamed bun to Wang Wei.

Wang Wei was stunned: “You’re not eating?”

Xiao Xiao said with some pain, “It doesn’t taste good.”

Wang Wei frowned, “Even if you don’t want to eat now, keep the food, otherwise you won’t even be able to sleep when you are hungry.” Since he was a child, his appetite was different from that of ordinary people. He was suffering from hunger all the time.

In Wang Wei’s heart, nothing is as significant as eating a full meal. Naturally, food has become the most important thing in his eyes.

Xiao Xiao smiled and whispered, “Just eat it. I know you’re not full. I can’t eat this stuff, so it’s a waste to leave it.”

Wang Wei looked deeply at Xiao Xiao, picked up the bowl and drank her porridge, but the steamed bun was hidden in his sleeve.

After eating, he had to wash the dishes, which was still Xiao Xiao’s job. Looking at Xiao Xiao’s blank face, he knew she was going to say no again. He wanted to scold her, but remembered the bowl of porridge he had just swallowed.

Wang Wei sighed, “You just watch from the side and learn.” Anyway, he made up his mind. For the past two days, Xiao Xiao was sick, and she didn’t eat. For the sake of taking care of her, he will do all her tasks for the time being. After all, he is that good of a husband. But don’t think of him doing these jobs again in the future. A man working around the stove? It is definitely not decent!

Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly, only to turn a deaf ear to Wang Wei’s words.

After washing the dishes, the two went back to the small dark room.

Wang Wei took a torch to light up the kerosene lamp in the house.

They don’t even have electricity!?

Xiao Xiao followed Wang Wei and poked her head out to see the kerosene lamp. She simply wanted to cry. No, according to the historical chip records she read, at this time, mankind had invented electric light long ago.

“Why is there no electric light?” The light is dim. The shadows of her and Wang Wei were magnified and swayed around the wall. Xiao Xiao gave a cry and grabbed Wang Wei’s clothes. “I’m afraid…” Although in the professional field she is a big winner, other times she is a delicate little lady who loves to be pampered and is also afraid of ghosts. Watching a holographic ghost film could scare her to the point of almost fainting. She would shiver in the quilt for many nights.

Wang Wei’s heart jumped. He wanted to laugh at Xiao Xiao’s cowardly remark, but his words became, “Just follow me if you’re afraid.”

“Okay.” Xiao Xiao nodded solemnly. As expected, she stuck to Wang Wei like a dog skin plaster. He held the straw to make the bed, folded the quilt, and closed the door. Xiao Xiao seemed to be growing on him and could not be torn apart.

“Okay, let’s go to sleep.” Xiao Xiao didn’t receive any new clothes when she married into the Wang family. The Xiao family didn’t even want to change the shoes on her feet. They didn’t have anything, just the two quilts reserved by Grandpa Wang for when Wang Wei married. The bottom is padded with straw, but at least they have a bed with a quilt, so in the winter, they will not be frozen to death.

Xiao Xiao swallowed her saliva and asked, with difficulty, “Will we sleep here at night?”

Wang Wei asked her back and looked at Xiao Xiao like an idiot: “Otherwise? Xiao Xiao, enough is enough. I think the place where you and the rest of the Xiao family live is also not that good. Why are you being hypocritical with me now?” He saw through Xiao Xiao’s expression: “I know what you’re thinking, but I’m telling you, it won’t work on me. I’m not one of those men who is afraid of their wives. As you can see, I’m very fierce!” After that, he bared his teeth at Xiao Xiao and squeezed his fists, looking like he wanted domestic violence.

However, what he faced was Xiao Xiao, an interstellar high-IQ bigwig. She could not only extract information and analyze it rationally and quickly, but also had a very keen intuition. In a short time of contact, Xiao Xiao had already analyzed his personality. Eight and nine are inseparable from ten.

Xiao Xiao wanted to laugh in her heart, but she had a frightened look on her face. She shrank her neck and looked at Wang Wei timidly: “Okay, I’ll listen well.”

Seeing that she was really frightened, Wang Wei resentfully put his hands down: “It’s just for fun. Don’t take it seriously. I don’t hit women.” As if the person who just boomed in Wang Ying’s face was not him.

The corners of Xiao Xiao’s mouth curved, and she said in a soft voice, “Well, I know you can’t afford to hit me.”

Wang Wei felt uncomfortable and touched his nose: “What kind of golden baby do you think you are? I said, I don’t beat women. It’s not like I’m reluctant to beat you.”

Xiao Xiao nodded her head and grinned: “It’s all the same.”

Wang Wei is grumpy. Why can’t this girl understand people? How is that the same?

Before Wang Wei could yell at her, Xiao Xiao bit her lip and whispered, “In fact, when I woke up from the hospital, I realized I didn’t remember anything. I only recognized you.” She felt secure with Wang Wei, and after spending time with him, it was impossible not to reveal the horses. Rather than let Wang Wei himself find out and suspect, it was better to reveal some information to him in seven parts true and three parts false, to gain his trust.

Wang Wei was taken aback: “What do you mean?”

Xiao Xiao sighed: “I don’t know. I don’t know if my brain is burned, but I really don’t remember anything when I woke up. Do you remember me calling you brother in the hospital? It was actually because the female doctor told me you were my brother. I seem to have a lot more things in my head.” Xiao Xiao pretended to be distressed and touched her head.

Wang Wei was startled: “What thing? Can you get it out?” He thought that what Xiao Xiao said meant something was growing inside her head.

Seeing Wang Wei, Xiao Xiao was not that curious at first, but she just couldn’t help but ask now, “Have you ever been to school?”

“Well, I went to primary school in the town for a few years.” When his grandfather was still around, he sent him to study. But when Wang Wei came to the Wang family, every day he fought with wit and courage with the people of the Wang family in order to feed his stomach. He had to go to work in the fields, so there was no time to think about reading.

Xiao Xiao gently clasped his palm: “It is those things you learn, but it seems that the content of my brain is much deeper.”

Wang Wei was naturally skeptical: “Are you telling the truth? I’m not sure if I can believe that.”

Xiao Xiao’s spread her hands and said, “I do not know ah. I, for one, do not believe such a strange thing. But.. you don’t know how scared I was. I didn’t know anyone, but I didn’t dare to say it. I was afraid of being regarded as a monster.”

“Monster” That is what they call Wang Wei. Based on her analysis of Wang Wei’s character, plus such a phrase, Xiao Xiao had full assurance that Wang Wei would take her into the same camp.

Sure enough, once the word “monster” came out, Wang Wei’s entire body stiffened for a moment.

He wiped his face in frustration and said, in a hateful voice, “Who said you were a monster? It’s none of their business!”

Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly, echoing Wang Wei: “I don’t care about what others think. I’m fine as long as you don’t dislike me….”

Wang Wei was overwhelmed by her care and trust. Pointing at Xiao Xiao, he lowered his voice and said, “Are you stupid? Why are you telling me such a thing!”

Xiao Xiao looked at him seriously and said, “I don’t want to lie to you, and I believe you.” After that, she smiled at Wang Wei sweetly, with her eyes bent into a pair of crescent moons.

Wang Wei: “……” Shit, how fucking cute!

The author has something to say.

Wang Wei, who had just been trapped, covered his chest: Ah, my wife is so cute, so simple, so trusting, and so timid. What should I do? Do I have to put her in my pocket to protect her?

The translator has nothing to say: (ಠ_ಠ)

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    Gracias por el cap re Tsundere el esposo

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    Lol..hahahhaha…seems like it’s harder for someone from the interstellar era to adjust than the 21st century women and men who crossed.
    The 70’s was also turbulent times in my country but I guess it wasn’t as worse as in China.

    • Sakura Time has spoken 2 years ago

      Hi! Thanks for reading 1970s Gangster Couple. I just opened chapters 8 and 9, so you can now read it for free. Enjoy (^o^)/


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