1970s Gangster Couple
1970s Gangster Couple Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Same Bed

Translated by Sakura Time

Wang Wei stiffened a bit and said, “Go to sleep.”

“Oh, okay.”

After Xiao Xiao laid down, Wang Wei got up and blew out the light.

After a while, a rustling sound rang out in the room, and then Wang Wei felt his back being pressed against a warm body.

Wang Wei’s whole body immediately tensed up, his face bursting red, stammering: “You… what are you doing?”

Xiao Xiao did not retreat, but even wrapped her arms around Wang Wei’s waist: “I feel cold. But it will be warmer if we stick next to each other.” She was transported to a place she barely knew about and hadn’t eaten for a day. So, her spirit has long since gone. Soon after, Xiao Xiao closed her eyes.

Wang Wei: “….” He was like a corpse who didn’t dare move. His face was flushed, and his eyes had been wide open for some time. Maybe it was just too hot for the two of them to stay together. He was used to sleeping alone, so he wasn’t used to the warm sensation. Wang Wei didn’t fall asleep until the second half of the night.

When Wang Wei opened his eyes the next morning, he was shocked to find that he had wrapped his arms around Xiao Xiao, who was sleeping peacefully against his chest.

Wang Wei quietly pulled his arm out from under Xiao Xiao’s head with all the care of his life, put on his clothes, and went out the door, breathing a huge sigh of relief.

At this time, Wang Mu also opened the door and came out to wash his face. Seeing Wang Wei, he asked coldly, “Where’s your wife? Ask her to cook.”

Wang Wei still felt that his body was full of the residual temperature of Xiao Xiao’s body at the moment. He casually replied to Wang Mu, “She hasn’t recovered from her cold yet; she’s still sleeping.” He answered calmly, with neither the usual sarcasm nor the gut-wrenching harshness.

Wang Mu was stunned. Wang Wei always looked like he wanted to kill her. Seeing his calm demeanor, it took Wang Mu a while to say, “Anyway, it’s still your family’s turn to cook. If she doesn’t do it, then you’ll have to do it.”

Wang Wei still felt like he was floating at the moment. He gave a hum and went straight into the kitchen.

Wang Mu was stunned at the door for a long time before entering the house.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Xiao to wake up. No one held her. The cold wind poured directly into the damaged quilt from the crack in the wall. She was awakened by the cold.

Seeing Wang Wei absent, Xiao Xiao hurriedly got up and was relieved to see him in the kitchen.

When Wang Wei saw her, his face was a little unnatural. He rigidly gave her water to wash her face, and then finished cooking the meal with a stiff face under her gaze.

What he cooked this morning was no longer sorghum stubble, but a bowl of gnocchi made of fresh flour that was distributed this year. Although it still challenged Xiao Xiao’s five senses, it was at least better than last night. She endured and finally ate the bowl of gnocchi. Eating a meal is nothing less than torture.

When she was eating, Wang Wei glanced at her from time to time. Seeing that she finally ate something, Wang Wei didn’t even notice that he was relieved.

Xiao Xiao did not touch any of the salty lumps that didn’t look very clean.

She did not touch it, but the rest of the Wang family ate it very happily. They were very satisfied with the fresh noodles and lumps. She had no idea how Wang Mu was so willing today. Several children, holding their own bowls, ate without lifting their heads. Others also quickly clipped the pickled vegetables and lumps together and gobbled them up.

Others had already finished eating, but Xiao Xiao was still holding her bowl, slowly and methodically eating. She had to endure every bite so as not to show any strangeness. Otherwise, she would still be in pain when eating something good in the eyes of others, she thought to herself. They’ll surely think it’s very annoying.

So she slowly ate the gnocchi with a calm expression under the gaze of everyone in the Wang family.

She was the eldest daughter of the Xiao family and had received the best education available in Interstellar. Even though the food wasn’t to her liking, the way she eats is indescribably elegant and seductive in the eyes of others.

For a moment, the members of the Wang family were stunned. Wang Ying pouted. She had already eaten her share of the gnocchi, but there was still soup in her bowl. With indescribable envy, she picked up the bowl again and followed Xiao Xiao’s example. It looked like she was eating slowly.

Afterwards, she felt unlike herself and drank all the soup in one gulp.

When she finally finished eating the bowl of gnocchi, Xiao Xiao let out a long sigh of relief. At least she won’t have to worry about starving to death for a few days.

After the meal, the bowls… were naturally washed by Wang Wei again.

It was only after Wang Wei finished his work that he realized that now he seemed to be helping Xiao Xiao very smoothly. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel tired at all, even though he wasn’t able to sleep well that night.

After several days passed, Xiao Xiao finally got a rough idea of ​​the situation here. Of course, most of them were obtained through Wang Wei. At first, she thought she was in the era of the earth recorded in history, and then she realized that this planet is not called Earth, but Blue Star.

This country is also called China, but it was founded in 1950. Other events are similar, including China’s difficult domestic and international environment.

It is now 1972, and it is reasonable to say that the three-year famine has passed for so long. Even if the food is not good, the bare necessities should not be a problem. But the bad thing is that Yuncheng County, where Xiaoqian Village belongs, has had a much lower temperature since the beginning of spring this year than in previous years. It seems that winter will soon enter after the end of summer, resulting in most crops being directly frozen, and the result of the autumn harvest was far less than last year.

This is also the reason why everyone lives so frugally. They are really frightened by the famine in the past. As long as they can breathe, they must save food, so they will not panic when winter comes.

Xiao Xiao sat on a pile of straw under a quilt and analyzed the current situation. For the time being, she found that she could only take one step at a time. After all, she is still in an environment where she has to have a letter of introduction wherever she goes. Even though she is a genius from the interstellar, she can only adapt to the general environment. After thinking clearly, she felt a bit disheartened. She then looked at Wang Wei, who was making straw sandals.

“What’s the use of you making that? It’s freezing cold now. Who would wear those kinds of shoes?” In such cold weather, what is the difference between wearing that and not wearing it?

“The weather isn’t always like this,” Wang Wei continued without looking up. “It’s going to be spring soon, and as soon as the weather gets warmer, these straw sandals can be worn.” He didn’t have to worry about not being able to eat enough food as he used to when he was alone. But not right now. He now has a delicate wife. Others may not be aware, but he can see that his wife has difficulty eating even the fresh white gnocchi.

The thought of being the breadwinner from now on and raising such a delicate girl made Wang Wei’s hands move even faster.

Xiao Xiao always felt that after she asked, Wang Wei’s movements of weaving straw sandals carried a tragic meaning.

But she noticed another point: “Spring is coming soon? Will the snow melt and all the plants grow again?”

Wang Wei sighed after hearing this. Aside from Xiao Xiao having a fever and losing her memories, it seems like her brain is also emptyt. She’s now plain stupid, ahh. Isn’t it obvious? He nodded calmly, “Unn.”

Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up immediately. She didn’t understand this world’s natural weather. Now the earth is covered with white snow, but as long as the snow melts, the plants will grow again, and the animals will come out more often. Aside from that, she thought of the nutrient solution she used to make back in her world. Despite the fact that she lacks the necessary equipment, she was convinced that she would be able to produce it because the materials required are not uncommon and the extraction technique is simple.

The food grown with that solution is more nutritious and tastier. With that, she won’t have to endure the torture when eating in the future. Looking at Wang Wei, who was knitting straw sandals seriously, she smiled. This little husband of hers can finally fill his stomach.

This is really the first good news that I have heard since I arrived here. Xiao Xiao, who cheered up and couldn’t wait for the beginning of spring, lifted her fist in the air.

Before spring could come, the new year came first. In an era of extreme poverty, there is not much difference between the New Year and the usual one. If your family lives in better conditions, it is nothing more than being able to eat a slightly decent meal and pulling a piece of cloth to make a new dress.

Only Wang Ying and a few children in the Wang family have this special treatment.

Wang Ying’s indigo cloth was heard to be brought back by Wang Li, the Wang family’s eldest daughter who married in the county, who bought it in the county’s only department store. On the morning of the New Year, Wang Ying put on her clothes, with her head up high and straightened her chest, looking very proud.

Especially when walking in front of Xiao Xiao, Wang Ying gave a special hum, then looked at Xiao Xiao’s whole body, tutted twice, and turned her mouth in disgust.

Xiao Xiao really didn’t think her new clothes were that great, both in style and quality. They were just too rough.

She doesn’t know why Wang Ying purposely wants to show off in front of her, but she just thinks the girl is quite interesting.

Xiao Xiao might have thought of it as interesting, but Wang Wei, on the other hand, looked black and took her look at Wang Ying as “envy”. Holding Xiao Xiao back to their little dark room, he spoke to Xiao Xiao in a very serious tone for the first time: “Don’t envy others. I’ll buy it for you later.” Although he was quite averse to getting married as he could not imagine what it would be like to have someone who would eat and sleep with him, it was his grandpa’s last wish. He hoped for him to marry, have children, and live a normal life. Wang Wei doesn’t want to go against Grandpa’s wishes.

But who would have guessed that the wife he married would be like this: coquettish, tricky, difficult to feed, and fond of being spoiled? Ah, she couldn’t do anything. But… She is also small. She speaks softly, as sweet as sugar. Her eyes curve into a pair of crescents whenever she smiles. She’s very trusting of him. She’s so timid yet she dared to talk against Wang Mu for him.

Wang Wei felt that if it was such a wife, he actually didn’t hate it at all.

“But I wasn’t…” She wasn’t envious. But before she could finish talking, Zhao Yan appeared outside of their door, shouting: “Old fourth sister-in-law, come out quickly. Mother asked us to cook New Year’s Eve dinner together.”

Xiao Xiao answered in distress and looked back at Wang Wei.

Wang Wei: “Unn… Let’s go. Just follow me.”

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