Accidentally Entangled with the Rich
Accidentally Entangled with the Rich Chapter 3.3

They waited at the door for about half an hour before the senior came over with their permits.. Sweat caused their top to clang to their body.

“Hurry up, I’m busy.”


“Don’t talk nonsense when you enter and don’t run amuck.”


Shiguang wiped away her sweat. Thankfully, she wasn’t wearing makeup or her face would be a mess. She has heard of this movie before. The director is talented and the lineup is made of A-list celebrities.

Today, everyone on the set was in a groggy state, sweating profusely from the heat.

“Where did Xiaohu go!?” As soon as she entered the door, there was a loud commotion on set: “Do you want this job!? If you don’t want it then scram! Xiaohu! Xiaohu!”

“You guys wait here first.” The senior stopped them solemnly and ran to meet the man. “I’m here.”

The weather had everyone in a foul mood. The famous assistant director was so angry, he wanted to throw everything within vicinity. “Where the hell did you go? Do you know how expensive this venue is? I could kill you!”

Shiguang and Wangmei stood on the side. The extras sat on the ground, covering the whole floor. All looked very ashamed. Shiguang brought out her fan. It was so hot, she was getting dizzy. If this gets any worse,  she could get a heat stroke.

“Life is so hard.” Wangmei pouted unhappily. “Fan me a little bit.”


After waiting another five minutes, Xiaohu approached them. “Do you want to try out? This is a once-in-a-lifetime gig. It’s a stand-in position.”

“Okay.” Wangmei said eagerly. “What are the details?”

“Go see the director. If he’s satisfied with you then the job is yours.”

Shiguang rolled her eyes. A substitute? What stand-in?

She wanted to ask for more information. But seeing how anxious the senior is and how excited Wangmei is, she swallowed her words. A group of people passed by and the assistant director looked as angry as ever. He continued scolding Xiaohu. This time he looked up and his gaze fell on Shiguang. His eyes lit up instantly.

“Have you done acting before? Tell me your past works.”

“Shooting commercials—”

“Stop, what’s the show?”

“Inside the banquet—” A lady dressed in an ancient dress was reciting her lines kneeled on the ground. Her face couldn’t be seen, only her butt was in the shot.

“Okay, go inside and let the director take a look.” As soon as the assistant director closed his notebook, he hurriedly walked inside.

“Eh?” Shiguang was dumbfounded. Her friend who overheard was also stunned. She pursed her lips: “Shiguang, what a great opportunity!”

She pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled. “Take it and go.”

“What are you dawdling about!” The assistant director became shouted before Shiguang hurriedly followed him.

She entered an old building that was reminiscent of the infrastructures seen in Shanghai a century ago. The mahogany furniture in the living room was outdated but luxurious. So beautiful. She took a step further inside. Immediately, her eyes widened. The one with his back to her was Xu Dewen, the winner of the Golden Horse award for best actor. His profile was perfect and he was more handsome in person than on screen. At this time, he was flipping through his script with a stoic face. He seemed cold and unapproachable.

“Director.” The assistant director’s demeanor changed in an instant. He flatteringly approached the director and said softly, “Here she is. Take a look.”

The director was a bearded old man. He glanced up at Shiguang who’s thin and tall. Her face is extraordinarily delicate. He starred at her for a while before leaning back on his chair.

Her heart thumped rapidly under his intense scrutiny. Feeling uneasy, she bit her lips and introduced herself. “Hi, director. I’m Zhou Shiguang.”

She quickly took out her resume from her bag and added. “Here is my resume—”

“No need.” He interrupted rudely. “Take your clothes off. Let’s have a look.”


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