Accidentally Entangled with the Rich
Accidentally Entangled with the Rich Chapter 3.2

In the next two days, Shiguang ran frantically to and fro the production crew. She went several times to check and see if they needed someone because she was desperately in need of money.

“There is a crew looking for a supporting role. Do you want to try out?” Wangmei said before heading to the bathroom.

Shigguang put down the book she was reading and immediately got up from the bed: “Where?”

“At the film and television base, there is a spy scene being filmed.”

“I heard that the protagonist is Lin Wei. My idol is so beautiful.” Wangmei added. Sound of rushing water came from the bathroom door.

” I’ll go after a shower.” Shigguang hurriedly got ready. She didn’t have money to buy good cosmetics and she didn’t want to use the drugstore brands. After hesitating for a moment, she put on some sunscreen and left the dorm with Wangmei. “I haven’t seen Xiaomei recently. She doesn’t come back at night. Is she moving out? But Chen doesn’t seem reliable.”

“Isn’t it better for her to move out? I don’t like to hear her on the phone in the middle of the night. She’s so loud.” Wangmei shrugged and said. ” Xiaomei can’t wait to marry that old man. She has been sleeping around with trash for so many years. It’s the first time she’s found someone decent. She’s not going to care if you think he’s unreliable. She’ll just think you’re envious.”

Shiguang had a bad impression of Chen but decided to hold back her opinion.

A bus passed them by. They were squinting under the scorching sun. It was hard to keep their eyes open.

“It’s so hot. I regret coming with you.” Wangmei continued babbling. “My dad just paid me a thousand yuan for my living expenses a few days ago. I don’t want to look for gigs anymore. This is too hard.”

“Don’t you want to be famous?” Shiguang bought two popsicles on roadside and handed one to Wangmei. “A star has to go through this.”

“Not all of them. Those with money have good backing. If they want a role, they just get handed it.”

Shiguang held her breath. It’s good to be rich. If she were rich, she could drop out of school and go star in an international movie abroad. Then when that’s done she could fund her lavish lifestyle by working in the family business, enjoy a high salary, a good position, and maintain a high standard. She’d have a car and a house without a single struggle.

“I’m jealous of their life.”

The old popsicle was so sweet and cloying, Shiguang didn’t want it anymore. She turned and threw it in a trash.

“What a waste!” Wangmei licked hers clean and said. “I’ll treat you to Haagen-Dazs when I’m rich.”

Shigguang laughed: “It’s all just the same.”

Wang Mei hooked Shiguang’s arm and glanced at her: “You poor girl, have you ever had Haagen-Dazs? Really?”

“I can’t afford it.” Shiguang swallowed and turned away from Wangmei to stare into the distance. “Kidding! I’ve never had it.”

“Where’s the senior who’s going to meet with us?”

“Let me make a call.”

The sun was scorching hot so she quickly stood under the shade by the side of the road. There were vendors selling souvenirs everywhere.

“Hey, we’re here, where are you? Can you meet us?”

“Ah? How long?” Wangmei’s fiery temper shown through in her loud voice. “We’re waiting for you at the south gate.”

After hanging up, Shiguang took out two fans given by Xiehe Hospital from her bag and handed one to Wangmei: “Do you want some water?”

“I’ll go buy some.” Wang Mei pushed the fan away. “Put that ridiculous fan away. It’s shameful!”

Shiguang didn’t care about the shame. “It’s better than dying of a heat stroke.”

Anyway, no one here knows me, so why be ashamed?

Shiguang continued to fan herself until she suddenly caught of someone. A flamboyant yellow Lamborghini stopped at the entrance of the film and television base and a tall man wearing sunglasses strolled out with a boquet of flowers.

She was stunned for a moment. She recognized him immediately and turned away.

Wang and Zhou families have a close relationship. She and Wang An were childhood sweethearts. He was a year older and he left to study abroad at eighteen. It’s been five years since she last saw him.

Shiguang was afraid of meeting her old friends. Fortunately, Wang An wasn’t looking her way.

“Shiguang, look at that cool Lamborghini!”

“Yeah.” Shiguang took her water bottle and chugged it down.

“If I had such a sweet ride, I’d die contentedly now.” Wangmei salivated greedily over the swanky sports car. “It costs millions! Can I even save up that much money in my lifetime to buy a car that expensive?”

“Yeah.” Shiguang squinted. She couldn’t explain the pang in her chest.


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