Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 22

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The second day Chu Yi saw Zhang Kai, he felt a bit ashamed.

Who knows what was with Qin Yiheng last night that made him work so hard. There were several marks on his neck, Chu Yi could only pull out a turtleneck sweater to wear.

Perhaps Qin Yiheng really wanted to know about the past between Chu Yi and Zhang Kai yesterday because he’s Chu Yi’s husband.

Even if he wanted to know, why must it be during that.

He asked him when they met.

He asked him how frequently they see each other.

He asked if Zhang Kai had similar hobbies with him.

He even asked if Zhang Kai was single.

Chu Yi answered them all. What was asked was what was answered, he did not hide a thing.

At the end, Qin Yiheng suddenly asked a very strange question. He asked Chu Yi if he’ll play games with him.

Chu Yi who answered right away to all the previous questions hesitated.

After such hesitation, it seemed as if Qin Yiheng was a little unhappy.

“You’re not willing to play with me?”

Chu Yi immediately answered, “I’m willing, I’m willing.”

The reason why he thought about it for a few extra seconds was mainly that it’s hard to imagine sitting on the carpet while playing these stimulation games with a man like Qin Yiheng.

As he recalled this matter, he sighed in his heart.

Qin Yiheng truly treats marriage seriously. He even had to be so serious about building their relationship.

Since it was a morning flight, Zhang Kai got up early. Chu Yi had to send him to the airport and also woke up early. As for Qin Yiheng, 7 o’clock was his usual alarm.

Thus, very coincidentally, as if it was planned, at 7:30, all three of them showed up downstairs.

Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng came downstairs together. Zhang Kai had already brought his suitcase to the living room. He was holding the magazine that came from under the coffee table when he saw the other two coming down. He raised his head and said, “Morning.”

Qin Yiheng, “Morning.”

Chu Yi, “Morning.”

Nothing was wrong with Qin Yiheng’s voice but Chu Yi’s voice was a little overly hoarse.

Zhang Kai immediately understood and immediately gave Chu Yi a meaningful look.

Chu Yi tidied his collar feeling very guilty, afraid of revealing something.

Yesterday, Chu Yi and Zhang Kai talked it over. Chu Yi agreed to make him breakfast in the morning and take him to the airport. He’s planning on making noodles for breakfast, and it was already bought.

However, Chu Yi wasn’t sure whether Qin Yiheng would eat noodles for breakfast. He hadn’t made breakfast at home for so long that he forgot to ask yesterday.

Qin Yiheng turned on the radio and was listening to the news at the moment. Chu Yi asked him, “Do you eat noodles? I’m making it.”

After Qin Yiheng heard it, he first glanced at Chu Yi, and then at the person on the sofa reading magazines.

Qin Yiheng asked, “You woke up so early just to make him breakfast?”

Chu Yi paused for a bit.

Well, that was correct.

But why did he hear a trace of ambiguity?

“Uh, yeah.” After Chu Yi thought for a bit, it seemed better to explain a little, “I bought noodles when I went to the supermarket to buy toiletries yesterday.”

Uh… this explanation doesn’t seem to be very good.

Qin Yiheng dully, “Mn.” It looked like he wasn’t going to put Chu Yi in a difficult position, “Count me in.”

Chu Yi felt that he must’ve thought too much.

Afraid of delaying Qin Yiheng’s time, Chu Yi quickly made preparations.

When he took out the noodles from the fridge, Zhang Kai walked into the kitchen.

Chu Yi and Zhang Kai were accustomed to joking around, so he said, “Don’t bother, I don’t need your help.”

Zhang Kai laughed, “Did I say I’m here to help you?” He lowered his voice, “Sitting with your husband in the living room is slightly awkward.”

Chu Yi laughed.

Sigh, he has also experienced this, he can relate.

Although he said he didn’t need Zhang Kai’s help, Zhang Kai still stood at the side and helped Chu Yi by handing him the ingredients and plates.

Cooking noodles is very easy, not even 10 minutes later, he finished making 3 bowls of noodles.

They brought out the noodles together. Zhang Kai helped prepare the chopsticks and Chu Yi called Qin Yiheng over to eat.

Since Qin Yiheng was here, Zhang Kai was slightly uncomfortable. Only when Qin Yiheng started eating, did he also pick up the chopsticks.

After the first mouthful, Zhang Kai immediately wrinkled his forehead.

Chu Yi also ate a bite, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Kai, “How long haven’t you cooked for?”

Chu Yi said, “What’s wrong? I cooked just yesterday.”

Zhang Kai sighed, “It’s a little bland.”

After a brief pause, Chu Yi ate another bite, “It’s fine?” He asked Qin Yiheng, “Is it bland?”

Qin Yiheng, “No.”

Chu Yi raised his head, “Your taste got heavier.”

Zhang Kai ate another bite, “Really? But I was quite used to the things you made before.”

Chu Yi repeated, “So it’s your taste that got heavier.”

Zhang Kai laughed, “Fine.”

Since the guest felt that it was bland, Chu Yi naturally had no reason to be neglectful. He went to the kitchen to get the salt, sprinkled it into Zhang Kai’s noodle soup, and then stirred it.

Chu Yi, “Try it again.”

Zhang Kai ate another bite, “Still bland.”

Chu Yi was helpless, “Then your taste really did get heavier.”

Chu Yi wanted to add more salt but was rejected by Zhang Kai, “Leave it like this, I’m not that unreasonable.”

So Chu Yi could only let it go.

During this process, Qin Yiheng had been concentrating on eating his noodles. Chu Yi was worried that he only said it wasn’t bland to be polite, so after a brief thought, he asked Qin Yiheng once more, “You really think it’s not bland?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t even raise his head, “Mn.”

Chu Yi nodded.

Chu Yi sat down and continued to eat, he asked Zhang Kai, “You’re leaving right after eating?”

Zhang Kai, “Yep.”

Chu Yi, “Are you returning straight to City B after leaving Province S?”

Zhang Kai, “Mn, I’ll come hang out with you next time I’m free.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

After eating, Chu Yi tidied up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Because Zhang Kai wasn’t familiar enough with Qin Yiheng, he followed Chu Yi around the entire time.

After Chu Yi finished cleaning up, they went to the living room and found Qin Yiheng standing next to Zhang Kai’s suitcase.

When they walked over, Chu Yi was about to take the suitcase but Qin Yiheng beat him to it.

Chu Yi was confused.

Zhang Kai was terrified.

The big shot Qin Yiheng, who was wearing a suit while dragging Zhang Kai’s old suitcase behind him, looked extremely incompatible.

Zhang Kai quickly reached out, “I’ll take it myself.”

Qin Yiheng was polite, “Let me.”

He didn’t give Zhang Kai a chance and went out the door with the suitcase.

Outside the door, Qin Yiheng’s driver, Xiao-Chen, had already arrived and parked the car at the door.

Qin Yiheng didn’t take the suitcase to the garage but stopped it next to his car. He turned to look at the two people next to him, and then asked Chu Yi, “Let Xiao-Chen drop Zhang Kai off at the airport, or are you going to?”

Chu Yi was stunned for several seconds.

Although Qin Yiheng asked a question with a very polite tone, he already pulled the suitcase to the trunk, obviously wanting Xiao-Chen to drop Zhang Kai off.

Chu Yi also used a polite tone, he asked back: “Won’t it be too troublesome for Xiao-Chen?”

Qin Yiheng’s answer to this question was Xiao-Chen already getting out of the car. After Qin Yiheng replied no, it won’t, he quickly let Xiao-Chen put the suitcase in the trunk.

Chu Yi maintained his smile.

And Zhang Kai behind him had frozen up.

Chu Yi, isn’t your husband too good?

However, Zhang Kai didn’t remain frozen for long, because he saw Xiao-Chen’s face.

A hottie.

Zhang Kai quickly went over and did not put it off any longer, “Then I’ll have to trouble you, driver Xiao-Chen.”

Zhang Kai was bewitched by beauty, but Chu Yi was not.

He looked at Qin Yiheng confused, “If Xiao-Chen takes Zhang Kai to the airport, what about you?”

Qin Yiheng said to Chu Yi, “You take me to my company.”

Chu Yi raised his brows, only replying after a long time, “Okay.”

So this, compared to him taking Zhang Kai to the airport and Xiao-Chen taking Qin Yiheng to work, was there a difference? Why twist it around?

At first, he thought Qin Yiheng purposely sent Zhang Kai away because he had something to tell him.

Oh well, Qin Yiheng has his own thoughts and plans, as long as he’s happy.

So like this, Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng watched as Zhang Kai left.

It was getting late. After Zhang Kai disappeared from view, Chu Yi also drove his car out. Qin Yiheng sat in the passenger seat and fastened his seat belt.

Chu Yi started the car, asked, “Don’t you think it’s cramped?”

Qin Yiheng, “A little.”

So why must you sit in my car…

Although Chu Yi didn’t understand the meaning of Qin Yiheng’s actions, he thought that Qin Yiheng might ride his car very often in the future. He contemplated whether to take out some time to go to the auto shop to change the seat.

It was still cold today, and it was around 8 o’clock when they came out, which was rush hour.

Chu Yi rarely came out at this time, so he was inexperienced and couldn’t take a detour. As a result, he was stuck in traffic on the highway.

The car moved little by little, Chu Yi had nothing to do, but that wasn’t the case for Qin Yiheng.

Our President Qin had already taken out his laptop and started working.

Looking ahead, there was no end to the traffic. Chu Yi thought for a bit and then asked Qin Yiheng, “Might be stuck for a while, do you have anything in the morning?”

Qin Yiheng said, “A meeting at 10.”

Chu Yi glanced at the time, “You’ll make it.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

The car continued to move little by little, but as it moved, Chu Yi suddenly smiled.

He actually didn’t feel awkward anymore.

Pretty good.

Not long later, Qin Yiheng closed his laptop and raised his head to look at the traffic light in the distance.

Seeing this, Chu Yi explained, “After this light, it’ll be more fluent.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t look like he minded, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng put away his laptop in the back seat and suddenly asked, “What’s the weather today?”

Chu Yi paused.

Wouldn’t you call it a coincidence, he actually did pay attention to it this morning.

Chu Yi said with a prideful tone, like he just happened to study for the tested material, “10 degrees.”

Chu Yi turned to look at Qin Yiheng after speaking and encountered Qin Yiheng’s smile.

Chu Yi asked, “Is it correct, Qin-laoshi?”

Qin-laoshi actually checked the weather in the morning too. But when Chu Yi asked him that, he also pretended to take out his phone, nodded, and said, “Correct.”

The car passed the traffic light and as expected, they were no longer stuck.

Perhaps because Chu Yi had a comfortable chat with Qin Yiheng, he felt that their relationship became much closer. He suddenly had the idea of not wanting to reach the destination so quickly.

However, he didn’t have the nerves to act on it. To show that his driving skills aren’t bad, he steadily arrived at Feiyun Company’s headquarters within his expected time.

Chu Yi parked the car, turned to Qin Yiheng, and said, “Passenger, please remember to take your personal belongings with you.”

Passenger Qin Yiheng was amused. He originally planned on getting out of the car right away but when he heard this, he turned around and put his hand on Chu Yi’s head.

Chu Yi shrank back his head and started laughing.

Qin Yiheng withdrew his hand, and patted his bag, “I took it.”

At this point, the melodrama should have ended, but Chu Yi may have been a little overly hyper, he even started flirting.

Chu Yi said, “You still have a personal belonging.”

Qin Yiheng asked him, “What is it?”

Chu Yi tilted his head, blinking to signal to him.

It’s me, it’s me.

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi very seriously, seconds later, “What is it?”

Chu Yi, “…”



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