Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 29

TL: snaggletooth

In order not to let Qin Yiheng see his red face, Chu Yi quietly picked up the paper and lowered his head.

Qin Yiheng, are you serious?

Kissing Chu Yi?

This kind of thing is written here.

You’re really…

Too good at this, damn!

Chu Yi felt a little unable to recover. When he closed his eyes, his mind was full of these words written by Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng’s writing already looked quite good.

Now that he wrote these words, Chu Yi almost fainted on the spot.

His heart also beat wildly.

He took in a long breath, then slowly let it out before continuing reading.

Then, he closed his eyes again.

Qin Yiheng!

Chu Yi wondered if it would be too abrupt to invite Qin Yiheng to bed right now.

After recovering for a bit, he opened his eyes again and looked at the number 3 written by Qin Yiheng.

3, Making love with Chu Yi

Chu Yi gulped and calmed down a bit.

Gradually, Chu Yi was able to recover.

If ‘likes kissing Chu Yi’ was the only one written down, Chu Yi indeed felt that he was unable to hold on a little, but with this, Chu Yi only felt that Qin Yiheng was probably only craving for his body.

With this idea, Chu Yi’s face became not so red anymore. He put down the form and said to Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Chu Yi didn’t dare to look at Qin Yiheng, so he naturally missed out on Qin Yiheng’s expression at the moment.

It was an expression that seemed to be expecting what Chu Yi might say.

“I’ll take this form.” Chu Yi folded the paper several times until it was almost the same size as the other one. He asked Qin Yiheng, “You still have envelopes left?”

Chu Yi looked at the form, the envelope on the table, and the pen holder, but he still did not look at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng was a little disappointed, he could only first put the cap back on the pen and then put it into the pen holder.

He stood up a little, but after thinking about it, he sat back down and looked at Chu Yi’s hair, “Are there any problems with what I wrote?”

Only then did Chu Yi meet Qin Yiheng’s line of sight, “What problems?”

Qin Yiheng tilted his chin at the form, “You read everything I wrote?”

Chu Yi lowered his head again, “Yeah.”

Qin Yiheng, “You have nothing to ask?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “No.”

Qin Yiheng opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again, his tone was much duller, “Okay.”

He went to the cupboard to find the exact same envelope and handed it to Chu Yi. After Chu Yi put it in the envelope, he wrote “About Qin Yiheng” on the envelope.

Chu Yi took out his phone and looked at it, “It’s almost 12.”

Qin Yiheng nodded and received his signal, “Go wash up first. I have something else to do.”

Chu Yi paused, “You still have to work?”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi tilted his head, “Then why didn’t you just come home? You even accompanied me to play pool.”

Qin Yiheng raised his head and looked at Chu Yi, said, “You are more important than work.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Oh, okay” He smiled at Qin Yiheng, “Then don’t work too late, come back to our room soon.”

Qin Yiheng faintly, “Mn.”

Chu Yi felt that he was already used to Qin Yiheng’s way of speaking. The only thing he had to overcome was to not be self-indulgent.

It’s easier to understand if everything Qin Yiheng was doing was for managing his marriage seriously and often needed to solve his physical needs.

Chu Yi quietly withdrew from the study and went back to his room to shower. After he was done and came out, he found that Qin Yiheng had already returned to the room and was in the middle of taking pajamas from the closet.

Chu Yi passed by him and said, “I’m done.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

After taking a shower, Chu Yi got sleepy. Initially, he wanted to wait for Qin Yiheng so they could go to bed together, but his eyelids were getting too heavy. He fell asleep not long after laying down.

Because he had ‘Qin Yiheng hadn’t come to bed yet’ on his mind, he slept very shallow, sometimes awake and sometimes sleeping.

The first time he woke up was because he heard noises from the bathroom, and then he fell asleep again.

The second time he woke up, the bedroom light had been turned off, and Qin Yiheng was beside him.

Chu Yi felt a lot more at ease and was ready to sleep when he suddenly felt that Qin Yiheng seemed to have moved a little closer to him.

He was facing the side Qin Yiheng was on. When Qin Yiheng approached, he stopped moving. Chu Yi could not win over his sleepiness to open his eyes and ask Qin Yiheng what’s wrong. Before long, he fell asleep completely.

However, Qin Yiheng didn’t fall asleep so quickly. He faced Chu Yi and was looking at him.

Before long, Chu Yi started to breathe evenly. Qin Yiheng stared at him for a long time, suddenly stretched out his hand, and touched Chu Yi’s chin.

Then touched Chu Yi’s nose.

And touched Chu Yi’s hair.

Probably because his hair tickled his face, Chu Yi’s eyebrows wrinkled. Qin Yiheng immediately moved his hand away.

Only when Chu Yi quickly quieted down after frowning, did Qin Yiheng breathe out slowly.

Qin Yiheng took back his hand, but he still did not sleep. He found Chu Yi’s hand from inside the quilt and held it in his palm.

Chu Yi’s hands are smaller and shorter than his, but they are very slender and thin. Qin Yiheng can hold both his wrists with one hand.

Then, he can easily put it over Chu Yi’s head.

During those times, Chu Yi’s fingers would naturally bend and stretch, and his fingers would move along with his emotional changes, which stimulates Qin Yiheng’s visual nerve.

Qin Yiheng lowered his head and breathed heavily.

It doesn’t seem good to wake up Chu Yi at this time.

He no longer lay on his side and lay down flat. Then he put Chu Yi’s hand on his chest, grabbed his fingers, and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

Qin Yiheng didn’t know when he fell asleep, but he woke up earlier than Chu Yi the next day. The moment he woke up, he found Chu Yi nestled in his arms and his hand naturally rested on Chu Yi’s waist.

Qin Yiheng moved a little and found that the hand pillowed by Chu Yi was numb.

He wanted to awaken his hand, but when he moved a little, Chu Yi also moved.

Seeing that Chu Yi was about to move back, Qin Yiheng quickly put his hand around Chu Yi’s waist and pulled him back into his arms.

Chu Yi moved a few more times, then he found a comfortable posture and settled down.

Qin Yiheng didn’t care whether his hands were numb or not anymore. The alarm hasn’t rung, he lowers his head so that his chin touches Chu Yi’s hair. Then he continued to sleep.

When there was movement on the bed again, it was when Chu Yi woke up.

He first opened his eyes, then felt a little sore on his neck. Then he found that he was resting on Qin Yiheng’s arm and that his leg was even on Qin Yiheng’s leg.

Chu Yi suddenly panicked.

Then he quietly and slowly lifted his leg

Then quietly and slowly raise his head.

Then quietly and slowly moved back to his side.

In this process, he kept his attention on Qin Yiheng’s face fearing that he would be awakened.

He didn’t know when he started to pillow Qin Yiheng’s arm and didn’t know how he ran into his arms. Right now, he can only hope that Qin Yiheng doesn’t know all of this.

At the very beginning, Qin Yiheng told him not to move nor touch him when sleeping.

Great, he 100% moved. Such a big movement at that, he directly nestled in his arms.

Just before Chu Yi could retreat to his proper position, Qin Yiheng’s eyes suddenly opened.

Chu Yi immediately held his breath and felt that it was too late to pretend to sleep.

“Good morning.” Chu Yi spoke first.

Qin Yiheng didn’t look like he had just woken up and said, “Morning.”

Chu Yi subconsciously grabbed the quilt and smiled at Qin Yiheng, “Why are you awake? The alarm hasn’t rung yet.”

Qin Yiheng said truthfully, “I was awakened by you.”

Chu Yi’s heart went thump, “Sorry.”

Qin Yiheng also asked him, “Why are you awake?”

Chu Yi also told the truth, “My neck is sore.”

Qin Yiheng pulled his arm back, “Is my arm too hard?”

Chu Yi, “I don’t think so.”

Chu Yi bit his tongue after saying this.

Didn’t he just admit that he had been pillowing on Qin Yiheng’s arm with this?

No, he didn’t admit it first. It was Qin Yiheng who asked first.

So Qin Yiheng already knew.

Chu Yi looked carefully at Qin Yiheng. Seeing that he didn’t seem to be angry, he was relieved.

Chu Yi gulped and apologized, “Sorry, I don’t know how I ended up over here.” Chu Yi looked into Qin Yiheng’s eyes, “I used to have good sleeping habits. I don’t know what happened yesterday.”

Qin Yiheng was puzzled at first, then he smiled, “Did I say anything?”

Chu Yi pursed his mouth.

Qin Yiheng said, “It’s all right.”

When he finished saying this, he naturally stretched out his hand and pressed it on Chu Yi’s head, “What a tiny one.”

Chu Yi’s mood changed from panicking to palpitating.

Chu Yi really can’t grow immune to Qin Yiheng’s flirting method of stating facts. He gets shot in the heart every time he hears it.

And with a height of 178, this was the first time Chu Yi heard someone call him tiny.

Only you, Qin Yiheng.

What a tiny one…

What a tiny one.

Chu Yi secretly laughed.

Chu Yi’s alarm was five minutes later than Qin Yiheng’s, he set it yesterday. These five minutes are reserved for Qin Yiheng to wash so that when he gets up, Qin Yiheng would’ve just come out of the bathroom.

But now that he’s already awake, he might as well get up and change his clothes first.

Because he was scolded by Qin Yiheng before, the first thing Chu Yi does after waking up every day is to listen to the weather forecast and today’s news of City A.

Qin Yiheng went to the bathroom to wash, and Chu Yi went to the closet to get his clothes and change into them.

Today, the temperature was very low and there will be rain, so as soon as Qin Yiheng came from the bathroom, Chu Yi said, “It’s cold today. You should wear more clothes.”

Qin Yiheng nodded and pointed to the speaker that was still broadcasting the news, “Play the weather forecast again.”

Chu Yi walked over and let the speaker repeat the weather forecast before going into the bathroom.

When he came out, Qin Yiheng had already changed his clothes. Chu Yi saw him standing in front of the wardrobe, picking out a tie.

Chu Yi put his hands into his pockets, stood behind Qin Yiheng, and looked at Qin Yiheng’s actions in front of the mirror.


This was way too pleasing to the eyes.

He didn’t bring his camera, otherwise, any random shot he took could be used as a desktop wallpaper.

Thinking this way, Qin Yiheng has already picked out a tie. He noticed Chu Yi looking at him from the mirror.

Chu Yi didn’t hide and smiled directly at Qin Yiheng. Then he suddenly had a whim and said to Qin Yiheng, “Can I help you tie your tie?”

Qin Yiheng’s hand paused, he first smiled at Chu Yi from the mirror, then turned his head and said to Chu Yi, “Come here.”

Chu Yi immediately obediently walked over and stood in front of Qin Yiheng, holding up his tie.

Qin Yiheng lowered his head and looked at the person in front of him who seemed to be very delighted, he asked, “Do you know how to?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Yes.” He looked up at Qin Yiheng, “I bet you don’t know, I participated in a tie competition in college.”

Chu Yi lowered his head and continued to tie, “But it’s not any serious competition, it’s just an activity in our department. I was picked at the last minute and even learned it at the last minute.” Chu Yi laughed, “I was too slow.”

It was indeed slow. At this moment, Chu Yi was still looking for a way to get the tie around.

After all, tying a tie for himself is different from tying a tie for others. Chu Yi only had that one memory.

Chu Yi fiddled around for a while, then he tilted his head, “Crap, I think I forgot.”

He was about to give up and let Qin Yiheng do it himself when Qin Yiheng suddenly said, “The direction is wrong. Go around the other side.”

So Chu Yi went around the other side.

After going around, the details in Chu Yi’s memory suddenly appeared in front of him, “Yes, yes, it was like this. I also did it like this back then.”

Qin Yiheng looked down at Chu Yi’s hand and asked him, “You helped other boys tie their neckties that time?”

Chu Yi’s attention was all on his hands, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng blinked, “Who?”

Chu Yi led the tie over and said, “A senior.”

Qin Yiheng frowned. He almost let out the three words Xu Zhiming but was interrupted by Chu Yi, “I got it right this time.”

Chu Yi looked at it himself first, and then moved a little to let Qin Yiheng look at himself in the mirror.

Chu Yi patted the knot of Qin Yiheng’s tie, “Is it okay?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t answer his question. He suddenly lifted Chu Yi’s head and kissed him.

The kiss lasted for a long time. Qin Yiheng also used his hand to pillow Chu Yi’s head as he pressed him in front of the mirror.

Chu Yi’s hand was originally placed in front of the tie, later, it became a tight grip on the tie.

So early in the morning, jeez.

A little dizzy.

So it’s true that he likes kissing Chu Yi.

Chu Yi felt that Qin Yiheng was becoming addicted to him.

When they separated, it was obvious that the tie was a little wrinkled.

Chu Yi looked at it, said, “Uh, do you want to change it?”

Qin Yiheng shook his head and put on a suit.

The wrinkle disappeared from sight after he buttoned up.

Chu Yi nodded, “That works too.”

After Qin Yiheng put on his suit, he took out a long windbreaker from the wardrobe and directly put it on in front of Chu Yi.

Chu Yi couldn’t help praising? “President Qin is so handsome.”

President Qin looked at Chu Yi with a smile, lowered his head, and gently pecked Chu Yi’s lips.


He was rewarded by President Qin.

Qin Yiheng gathered up his coat and said to Chu Yi, “You’re not wearing enough.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn, I’ll add a jacket later.”

Qin Yiheng patted Chu Yi’s head, “Good.”


He was praised by his husband.

Qin Yiheng, “One more thing, I’m going on a business trip today.”

Chu Yi was still immersed in joy. When Qin Yiheng said this, he was stunned, “Ah?” Chu Yi blinked, “Suddenly going on a business trip, when will you come back?”

Qin Yiheng,!”Three days later.”

Chu Yi nodded, it wasn’t too long.

Qin Yiheng suddenly stared into Chu Yi’s eyes, “Stay well-behaved at home and wait for me to come back.”

Chu Yi knows that Qin Yiheng is hinting at the fact that he went home while Qin Yiheng was on a business trip before.

He immediately nodded three times, “Yes, yes, I’ll definitely be at home.”

Only then was Qin Yiheng satisfied.

Then he lowered his head again and gently pecked Chu Yi’s lips once more.

Chu Yi felt that if Qin Yiheng continued like this, he would really become addicted.

Qin Yiheng, “Call me if anything happens.”

Chu Yi, “Okay.”

Qin Yiheng, “You can call me for anything.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

Qin Yiheng thought for a moment and added, “You can call me even if you have nothing.”

Chu Yi smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

After a while, Qin Yiheng said, “How about this, at least one phone call a day, preferably in the evening, I’ll wait for you.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.”

Chu Yi almost couldn’t help laughing.

Fine, seriously managing marriage, so be it.

He’s enjoying it quite a lot anyway.

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