Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 30

TL: snaggletooth

Not long after Qin Yiheng left the house, he sent a message to Chu Yi, saying that he was on the high-speed train.

Chu Yi replied okay and be careful on the way.

Then Chu Yi scrolled up the chat a bit.

There wasn’t much in his chat with Qin Yiheng, and most of them were dull conversations. Even so, Chu Yi still looked at it for a long time.

Only after seeing that there was really nothing to see, did Chu Yi withdraw from the chat. There was a red dot in his Moments. He clicked into it and noticed that Zhang Kai had just posted something.

It was a picture of the snowy road, with the location at a northern city, captioned “Which dog are you trying to freeze to death?”

Chu Yi chuckled and opened Zhang Kai’s chat.

Chu Yi: Another business trip?
Zhang Kai: Yeah, I’m freezing to death
Zhang Kai: It’s also snowing
Zhang Kai: Snowing quite heavily
Zhang Kai: Why are you also up so early?
Chu Yi: Qin Yiheng went on a business trip today
Zhang Kai: I asked you why you’re up was so early and you’re here telling me that Qin Yiheng’s on a business trip?
Chu Yi: Sigh
Chu Yi: Isn’t this because
Chu Yi: He needs to get up early to take the train
Chu Yi: And I was awakened by him
Zhang Kai: Oh my god
Zhang Kai: God is freezing this dog[1]hes referring to himself
Zhang Kai: You’ve also come to freeze this dog
Chu Yi: Hahaha
Zhang Kai: But
Zhang Kai: How did you get awakened?
Zhang Kai: It can’t be that so early in the morning…
Zhang Kai: Hm? Hm? Hm?
Chu Yi: Not quite
Chu Yi: Just a little kiss
Chu Yi: I tied his tie this morning
Zhang Kai angrily sent over exclamation marks.
Zhang Kai: Doesn’t he have hands!
Zhang Kai: I’m not living anymore!
Chu Yi continued to show off: How can me tying his tie and him tying it himself be the same

Zhang Kai sent a crying expression.

Zhang Kai: Chu Yi, you have changed
Zhang Kai: You weren’t like this before
Zhang Kai: Look at you showing off now
Zhang Kai: I envy you
Zhang Kai: I also want to fall in love
Zhang Kai: I also want to get married
Chu Yi: You will
Chu Yi: But there’s one thing
Chu Yi: Do you think I like Qin Yiheng?
Zhang Kai: Fuck
Zhang Kai: If this isn’t like
Zhang Kai: Then you tell me what is like
Chu Yi raised his head and thought about it, then smiled.
Chu Yi: Okay
Chu Yi: Maybe it’s too quick
Zhang Kai: It doesn’t matter if you like someone quickly or slowly, it’s all like in the end
Zhang Kai: You’re probably just liking him a little at the moment, your husband is too good to you

People who have dated many times before are indeed different.

Chu Yi: Really
Zhang Kai: Don’t worry about this kind of thing, okay?
Zhang Kai: What’s wrong with you liking with your own husband
Zhang Kai: It has nothing to do with time
Zhang Kai: Liking someone either earlier or later, it’s still like in the end
Zhang Kai: How nice it is to like someone
Zhang Kai: It’s a problem only if you didn’t like him
Zhang Kai: If you don’t like him, it’s even difficult just to get along with them
Chu Yi: You’re right

That’s right.

It really is easier to get along with Qin Yiheng now that he likes him.

At least he doesn’t feel awkward staying with Qin Yiheng now. In fact, he likes it very much.

So be it, he’ll just like him then.


Chu Yi: But he doesn’t like me
Chu Yi: Don’t people say that unrequited love is hard?
Chu Yi: Secret crush is also hard
Zhang Kai: Then tell him
Zhang Kai: Find the right time, the right atmosphere, the right place, and stuff, then confess
Chu Yi imagined it.
Chu Yi: Don’t think I can
Chu Yi: He doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who needs to fall in love. It seems that he wants to live a life of mutual respect with me. I’m scared that if he knows, he might dislike me
Zhang Kai: What?
Zhang Kai: Don’t you guys often do that? How could he dislike you?

Chu Yi knew that Zhang Kai wouldn’t understand. If he hadn’t gotten to know Qin Yiheng, he probably wouldn’t understand either.

Chu Yi: How should I say it
Chu Yi: It’s every man’s need, you know
Zhang Kai: Ah

Zhang Kai understood.

Chu Yi: And he likes taking initiative and being in control
Zhang Kai: Then you also take the initiative

Chu Yi imagined it.

Chu Yi: I’m scared

He was still a little afraid of Qin Yiheng. If Qin Yiheng looked at him in a slightly serious manner, he would automatically feel scared.

Chu Yi: He doesn’t seem to like being passive
Chu Yi thought of something and suddenly laughed.
Chu Yi: I tried to flirt with him before
Chu Yi: And failed
Chu Yi: With him like this
Chu Yi: He’ll definitely be heartless when sending away his pursuers 

Qin Yiheng refused Chu Yi’s key before and drew a line with him.

They can live together, but can’t interfere with each other’s work. They can’t even sit together at home when working.

It’s okay to sleep together, but he can’t touch him, can’t move, can’t make a sound or disturb him.

Chu Yi’s head buzzed when he summarized up to this point.

Chu Yi: I thought about it. It’s so bitter
Chu Yi: Forget it
Chu Yi: The present situation is good enough

Chu Yi suddenly thought of Qin Yiheng’s nickname as the mountaintop flower.

He had to be very cold to get such a nickname.

Qin Yiheng is indeed very cold.

Zhang Kai: Is that right
Zhang Kai: I don’t know him very well
Zhang Kai: But your husband is very good to you
Chu Yi: As I said, that’s just his character
Chu Yi: He wants to do everything well in life
Chu Yi: Including marriage
Zhang Kai: Okay okay okay

Zhang Kai paused for a few seconds and suddenly began to comfort.

Zhang Kai: Actually, the current situation isn’t bad
Zhang Kai: Look at how sweet you guys are
Zhang Kai: There are also good sides to having this kind of character, isn’t that right?
Zhang Kai: At least, in terms of romantic feelings, he’s only like this to you
Zhang Kai: Also, since you are already married
Zhang Kai: You have a lot of opportunities
Zhang Kai: You don’t want to confess, then you can pursue him instead
Zhang Kai: Take your blazing heat and melt his cold heart

Chu Yi burst into laughter.

Zhang Kai continues: Look at who you are, Chu Yi
Zhang Kai: In the past, with only a simple wave of your hand
Zhang Kai: Did you see how many young maidens and men at your disposal
Zhang Kai: Not just before, even right now is the same
Chu Yi: …
Chu Yi: You’re too exaggerated
Zhang Kai: Listen to ge
Zhang Kai: Go after him if you like him
Zhang Kai: Pursue him silently if you’re scared of being found out
Zhang Kai: Pursue him until he confesses to you!
Zhang Kai: Believe ge, it will happen one day
Zhang Kai: Your husband will definitely fall in love with you!
Zhang Kai: Ge’s putting his words here
Zhang Kai: If he doesn’t love you, I’ll eat a table
Chu Yi smiled: Forget it
Chu Yi: How many tables do you owe that you haven’t eaten
Zhang Kai: You’re different
Chu Yi: Sure, sure, sure
Zhang Kai: OK, I have to work
Zhang Kai: Pursue him!
Zhang Kai: If you need anything, come find ge
Zhang Kai: Ge has experience in pursuing people
Chu Yi: Okay, okay

Lastly, Zhang Kai sent an emoji and the conversation ended there.

Today, Chu Yi came to the studio very early, which was rare, he came even earlier than Rongrong and Xiao-Zhan. When the two employees came and found that the door had been opened, they almost thought a thief had entered.

Then they saw Chu Yi sitting in the lounge, giggling at his phone.

Rongrong said, “Good morning, boss.”

Chu Yi raised his head and said, “Good morning.”

Rongrong asked, “Why so early today?”

Chu Yi said, “The one from home went on a business trip today.”

Rongrong and Xiao-Zhan aren’t like Zhang Kai. They immediately got the meaning from Chu Yi’s words.

The one from home went on a business trip, so I got up early.


Rongrong was excited, “Boss, you’re living with your boyfriend!”

Chu Yi worried about how to bring up the marriage. Since Rong Rong asked, Chu Yi might as well say, “I accidentally married him.”

Rongrong, “Ah!!!!! Boss, you actually married him! When did it happen?”

Chu Yi briefly summarized their story, “We actually went to get the certificate the day he first came. We met more than a month ago.”

Xiao-Zhan was holding a sandwich and laughed before swallowing it, “Boss, you’re unbelievable. How many times has that gentleman come here already? You’re only telling us now.”

Chu Yi, “We only got the certificate, so I didn’t tell you. When we hold a wedding, I’ll invite you guys.”

Rongrong suddenly lost interest in the breakfast in her hand.

“Boss is already married,” She was both happy and sad, “Boss, your husband is so handsome, he matches you.”

Xiao-Zhan, “I knew there was something going on when I saw you two interact. When did the boss ever interact with someone like this?”

Chu Yi laughed.

Rongrong suddenly asked, “Boss, can I gossip?”

Chu Yi, “No.”

Rongrong, “Okay.”

It’s not that Chu Yi doesn’t let them gossip, but that they have nothing that could be put on the table.

It was just a one-night stand that developed into marriage.

Rongrong didn’t mind, she wailed, then said, “Ah, you need to give me a minute. The news is too explosive.” This girl relaxed for not even two seconds and suddenly spoke again, “Boss, remember to buy flowers for your wedding at our place.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Sure, sure.”

Rongrong, “Yay!”

Xiao-Zhan also chuckled, “Crap, then what should I do to help boss?”

Chu Yi put down his task, “How about this, can you take care of all the designs for the wedding?”

Xiao-Zhan immediately lightened up and patted his chest, “Leave it to me!”

After chatting for a few minutes, Chu Yi took his bag and went into his office.

Because of the cold weather, fewer and fewer people came to the studio for consultations. Instead, more and more people added Chu Yi on Wechat.

Thus, Qin Yiheng’s chat quickly got pushed to the bottom.

Chu Yi thought for a bit, then simply pinned Qin Yiheng at the top.

If he plans to pursue Qin Yiheng, then Qin Yiheng is also his client.

The most important client.

For the entire morning, Chu Yi spent his time editing a design. Finally, when the customer was satisfied, Chu Yi saved it, added a logo, and posted it on his Moments.

He went out and poured himself a glass of water. In such a minute, he received a lot of likes and comments.

Initially, Chu Yi only wanted to quickly glance at it before exiting, but he noticed a familiar profile picture in these likes.

Qin Yiheng liked it.

Qin Yiheng liked his stuff for the first time in so many days.

Perhaps because Zhang Kai just confirmed for him that he likes Qin Yiheng a little this morning, plus now that he just pinned the other, from this single like alone, Chu Yi suddenly became overjoyed.

Bored, he opened the browser and began to search how to pursue someone you like.

He was dazzled by the variety of ways. Chu Yi simply opened a new document on his desktop and copy-pasted some feasible ones.

But after seeing a lot of this kind of thing, it becomes a little dull.

Chu Yi thought for a bit, then changed the search terms, how to pursue your husband.

What’s insignificant was that there is nothing about this question on the internet.

The closest thing is “how to make the person you like become your husband?”

Chu Yi directly skipped the entire process and jumped straight to the end, now he wanted to go back and experience the process.

He purely has a lot of free time.

As Chu Yi thought about this, he smiled.

He collected a lot of answers on the internet. After exiting the webpage, he rearranged the document by listing 1234 and so on. Then he renamed the document to “I don’t know when I’ll do it”.

He left it directly on the desktop, all alone in the blank space of the upper right corner.

Chu Yi was already so old, now that he suddenly wanted to start pursuing someone, his husband at that. It was a little strange now that he thinks of it.

He’ll leave it there first.

Who knows when it will be used.

Pursuing Qin Yiheng.

Making Qin Yiheng fall for him.

That sounds hard.

The sun rose and set, and a day’s work was completed again.

Chu Yi was the last to go home and dragged the time to 11 o’clock.

Since it’s 11, Qin Yiheng should be done with his work.

So Chu Yi lay in bed, cleared his throat, turned on his phone, and called.

From the moment he opened his contacts, Chu Yi’s heart was pounding.

“Hello.” There was a sudden sound that came from over there.

“Mn?” Chu Yi was confused, “You answered it so soon. I haven’t heard the beep yet.”

Qin Yiheng, “I was waiting for your call.”

Chu Yi made an “ah” sound and his heart started beating faster.

You really can’t blame him for falling for him so quickly.

Qin Yiheng forced him to.

Chu Yi calmed down, “Are you done with work?”

Qin Yiheng, “Not yet.”

Chu Yi, “You’re still working?”

“Mn.” Qin Yiheng said in a deep voice, with the quiet background, it was as if the other was right beside him, “I’m almost done.”

Chu Yi, “Are you back at the hotel?”

Qin Yiheng, “Yeah.”

Chu Yi, “That’s good.”

Chu Yi touched the quilt and pursed his lips.

There seems to be nothing else.

What should he talk about?

“And you?” Qin Yiheng asked him, “Have you washed up?”

Chu Yi, “Yeah, I’m ready to sleep.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

It was dead again.

Even like can’t avoid having nothing to talk about.

Chu Yi, “Then I won’t disturb your work.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Chu Yi, “I’ll go to bed first. You should also go to bed soon.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Chu Yi, “Then I’ll hang up.”

“Wait.” Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped him.

Chu Yi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Yiheng, “Say goodnight to me.”

Chu Yi’s heart skipped a beat, he said in a quiet voice, “Good night.”

Qin Yiheng, “Where’s the title?”

Chu Yi’s whole body burned, “Good night, lao-gong.”

Qin Yiheng, “Good night.”

Chu Yi almost cried.

Qin Yiheng, you might as well flirt me to death.

The translator has something to say:
*adds qyh to my list of smooth gongs*


1 hes referring to himself
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