Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 31

TL: snaggletooth

Qin Yiheng, this man.

Can’t be justified.

Is it because he has never dated before? Why can he be so easily flirted with?

Or is it because he digs types like Qin Yiheng, those who flirts unknowingly?

Chu Yi put his phone down on its screen and on top of his stomach. He heard his heart beating, it wouldn’t slow down.

After a while, he raised his hand to look at his watch and noticed that only a few minutes had passed.

Chu Yi has been wearing this watch since the day Qin Yiheng gave it to him, but because of his thick winter clothes, it has always been hidden. Plus, he doesn’t have the habit of looking at it, so even he always overlooked the fact that he has a watch.

Then why did he suddenly remember now?

Because he was just on the phone with Qin Yiheng.

After that, he kept staring at the item as he thought of a certain person.

Next, he remembered the conversation with Zhang Kai this morning.

Then, he thought of Zhang Kai.

So Chu Yi picked up his mobile phone, took a picture of the watch on his wrist, and sent it to Zhang Kai.

Chu Yi: How is it?
Zhang Kai replied to him five minutes later.
Zhang Kai: Looks good
Zhang Kai: You want to buy?
Zhang Kai: Is this a picture from a buyer review?
Zhang Kai: Where did you get the picture? The lighting is so bad
Chu Yi: Yep
Chu Yi: From a buyer review
Zhang Kai: It looks good
Zhang Kai: This brand is quite nice
Zhang Kai: If even the picture from a buyer looks so good, then it must definitely look good
Chu Yi: Bro
Chu Yi: This is my hand
Zhang Kai: ? What you doing?
Zhang Kai: Are you going to buy it or have you already bought it?
Chu Yi: Already bought it
Zhang Kai:?
Zhang Kai: Wait
Zhang Kai: Wait
Zhang Kai: I feel like something’s not right
Zhang Kai: Mn?
Zhang Kai: You’re?

As a friend of many years, Zhang Kai naturally immediately understood what Chu Yi wanted to say and do.

Sure enough, Chu Yi said.

Chu Yi: My husband bought it for me
Zhang Kai: I knew it!
Chu Yi continued: He has the exact same watch on his wrist
Chu Yi: It’s a pair
Zhang Kai: He gifted it just now?
Chu Yi: No
Chu Yi: It’s been days
Chu Yi: He already gifted it before you came to my house

After that, Zhang Kai laughed like a foolish dog and then fiercely cursed fuck!

Zhang Kai: Are you sick!
Zhang Kai: Since when did showing off your love come with supplements?
Zhang Kai: Give the dog a life
Chu Yi: Hahaha
Chu Yi: I can only show off to you
Zhang Kai: Wow Designer Chu, I’m so honored!
Chu Yi: It’s good that you know

Zhang Kai on the other side hadn’t taken his bath yet. He was lying on the bed and was laughing till he wasn’t himself.

Although he was dissed with his mouth, he actually felt very happy in his heart.

From university to now, Zhang Kai has dated countless people, but for Chu Yi, there was nothing. After holding back for so long, the only person that could be talked about was Xu Zhiming.

Which was gossip that has no chance of happening, very boring.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yi came and gave him a big one.

Zhang Kai: I wish you deep love, from both the receiving and giving end
Chu Yi: Hahaha, where did this non-mainstream come from
Chu Yi: I’ll try

After putting away his phone, Chu Yi glanced at his watch again, then giggled as he opened the quilt and lay down where Qin Yiheng usually lay.

Qin Yiheng cleaned himself up every day and didn’t use perfume, yet he still had a unique smell that belonged to him.

Whenever the two are near, Chu Yi can feel it.

Chu Yi doesn’t usually go to bed so early in the evening. His orders vary in length, sometimes they end quite early, other times, he will stay busy until early in the morning.

The human constitution is that, once your body has the memory of sleeping late for a few days, it becomes very hard to change.

So although Chu Yi said good night, he was still very energized.

He flipped and turned on the bed and noticed the tablet on the nightstand on Qin Yiheng’s side.

Chu Yi was just too lazy to go down to get his laptop, so he simply took the tablet over.

Although Qin Yiheng said he could use it casually last time, Chu Yi still sent a message to Qin Yiheng before using it.

Chu Yi: I’m using your tablet
Qin Yiheng replied quickly: I left it there for you

Chu Yi chuckled.

Qin Yiheng asked him: You’re still not sleeping?
Chu Yi: Watching some TV first
Qin Yiheng: Okay

Chu Yi let out a breath, fortunately, Qin Yiheng didn’t tell him that he must go to sleep after saying good night, or else he would’ve been scolded again for the hundredth time.

Chu Yi thought for a bit, then also send: Say good night to me too.
Qin Yiheng: Good night
Chu Yi thought about it and asked: Where’s the title?
Qin Yiheng: Good night, little husband


Little husband!

Ahhhhhh Qin Yiheng!

Fortunately, Qin Yiheng can’t see his expression now.

Then Chu Yi asked him: Why is it little husband?
Qin Yiheng: You’re my legal partner and also my husband, you’re younger than me, so you are my little husband

It was a very serious, very dull explanation, but Chu Yi still felt good either way.

Isn’t he a little hopeless?

Chu Yi: Okay
Qin Yiheng said: If you don’t like it, I’ll change it

Of course Chu Yi likes it, but he wanted to see Qin Yiheng’s other option.

Chu Yi: Changed to what?
Qin Yiheng: Good night, Chu Yi
Chu Yi: Then
Chu Yi: Let’s go with little husband
Chu Yi thought for a bit and added: I like it

In front of Qin Yiheng, if you like it, you must express it. Otherwise, with Qin Yiheng’s thinking, he will not understand Chu Yi’s roundaboutness.

Qin Yiheng: Okay
Qin Yiheng: Then my little husband must sleep early after watching TV

Chu Yi’s fingers went numb.

Little husband, these two words are way way way too mesmerizing.

Chu Yi: Okay
Chu Yi: You too

Qin Yiheng didn’t reply again. Chu Yi scrolled back to the words “Good night, little husband” and stared at it for a long time, then he saved this message.

He might as well not watch TV anymore, he also became not lazy anymore. He went downstairs, brought up his laptop, and opened Photoshop.

Chu Yi went back to Wechat, took a screenshot of that sentence from just now. Then he took out the envelope of “About Qin Yiheng” from the cabinet and scanned preference 2 and preference 3 onto the computer.

Chu Yi is very inspired right now. He has many pictures in his mind. He wants to fix these three sentences up.

The less shameless one can be made into desktop wallpaper and screensaver, while the more shameless ones can be made into a chat background, solely used for Qin Yiheng. He’ll put the unspeakable words in the corner, so that it could only be seen when scrolling.

Chu Yi was working here on this side and Qin Yiheng was also working there on that side.

After Qin Yiheng confirmed that Chu Yi would not send another message, he put away his phone and looked down. He noticed that he had written some other words in the place where his signature should be.

Qin Yiheng stared at these words for a while, sighed, crossed them out, and called Xu Jing to ask him to print out the last page of the document again.

The boss wasn’t sleeping, so naturally, the employee didn’t have any reason to sleep first. Before long, Xu Jing brought over that page of paper.

Qin Yiheng opened the door for Xu Jing and handed the wasted page to Xu Jing, “Shred it.”

Xu Jing nodded and said yes. He handed the new one to Qin Yiheng and looked down.

Xu Jing suddenly paused with this glance.

“Good night, Chu Yi”


What is this? Why is it on the signature column?

What the? Such a mistake shouldn’t be appearing in the contract.

For a boss like Qin Yiheng who rarely makes mistakes, Xu Jing initially thought that Qin Yiheng might’ve spilled coffee or something.

With this, the images in Xu Jing’s head changed.

In the silent night, President Qin was alone and Mr. Chu was not around. So Qin Yiheng got distracted as he looked at documents.

He must be thinking about whether to say good night to Chu Yi and whether ordinary legal partners say these kinds of things? This is usually said in marriages, right?

Thinking about it, he wrote the words on the paper.

Good night, Chu Yi.

Xu Jing suddenly shivered. He had another idea.

Could it be that President Qin was thinking about Mr. Chu?

Xu Jing’s expression changed.

Xu Jing has been around Qin Yiheng for a long time. He can’t imagine Qin Yiheng falling in love.

“Anything else?” Qin Yiheng beat Xu Jing back to real life with one sentence.

Xu Jing, “Ah, nothing. I’ll go back to my room first. Call me if you have anything else.”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “Okay.”

Xu Jing was about to close the door of the room when Qin Yiheng suddenly called out to him.

“Wait,” Qin Yiheng looked at Xu Jing. “Is there a basketball game in the hall next door tomorrow?”

Qin Yiheng suddenly remembered that he saw a big poster in the morning, and the streets in the city were also advertising it.

Xu Jing thought, “It seems so. Quite a big game actually, an international one.”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “One thing.”

Xu Jing stood upright immediately.

Qin Yiheng, “Find someone who understands basketball to go watch the game.”

Xu Jing, “Ah?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t know much about this, he could only rely on his intuition, “See if there are any signature events for the players after the game. Buy the best ticket for that person, see what can be bought and signed, and then buy everything and get everyone’s signatures.”

Xu Jing nodded vaguely, “Yes.”

Xu Jing didn’t understand, “President Qin, this is?”

Qin Yiheng, “It’s for Chu Yi.”

Xu Jing understood now.

It’s easy to do if it’s not linked to business. And here he was wondering what this was about? He thought that President Qin was going to step into basketball.

Xu Jing smiled, “Mr. Chu likes basketball?”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn, he also likes to collect shoes.”

It’s just that he doesn’t know what he likes specifically.

Xu Jing nodded, “Okay.”

Xu Jing thought for a bit. He thought that he probably knew a little more than Qin Yiheng. He said, “My cousin also likes collecting shoes. I saw his Moments two days ago, he was saying he’s trying to snatch something.”

Qin Yiheng asked Xu Jing, “Snatching what?”

Xu Jing, “A pair of limited edition shoes that had so and so’s signature?”

Qin Yiheng looked at Xu Jing and said, “Can this be done?”

Xu Jing immediately understood what Qin Yiheng meant, “I’ll go ask, I’ll try my best.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Qin Yiheng made sure that Xu Jing understood what he meant before closing the door again.

Last time he gave Chu Yi a watch. Although Chu Yi looked happy, it was a very normal reaction overall, it was just an expression of receiving an ordinary gift.

This time, Chu Yi should be happy to receive something he likes.

Who knows how happy he will be.

Chu Yi is already a gentle person. He smiles politely around people, even when he feels awkward, he also uses laughter to ease the atmosphere.

Qin Yiheng turned his pen.

Chu Yi doesn’t often express happiness in front of him.

Don’t know how many things Xu Jing can get.

Don’t know how many of them Chu Yi will like.

Should he give Chu Yi one by one every day?

Or give them to Chu Yi all together?

The first one, he can have expectations every day.

But if it’s the second one, the excitement will be very high.

The expectation from the first one will form a habit. What will Qin Yiheng do after he runs out of gifts?

But the second one is delivered all at once, so the continuity becomes very short.

Qin Yiheng pondered for a while. Such a small thing, yet so hard to make a decision.

He gently pinched his pen. Then, as if feeling something was off, he looked down at the page of the contract that was just brought up. He paused, and then picked up the phone.

“Xu Jing,” Qin Yiheng looked at the two words Chu Yi on the signature column, “Print me another copy.”

The translator has something to say:
xu jing: 🙂 i love my job 🙂

  1. a3 has spoken 2 months ago

    I love how he’s improving gradually. in the beginning it was only xu jing who thought of giving courtesy to chu yi through gifts and others but not qin yiheng is able to think by himself

  2. fleurdelays has spoken 8 months ago

    I used to have a kind of job like Xu Jing’s so I feel for him. Everyday I think what kind of insane request will I get this time. You’ll never know when you’ll be asked to buy an island for them or something 😂

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    Praying Xu Jing doesn’t get diabetes being stuffed full of sugar everyday 🙏🏼

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    I just love the novels in which we see how the leads slowly fall in love so deeply!!!

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