Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 34

TL: snaggletooth

​​Chu Yi thought that the Qin Yiheng tonight was a little strange.

But he couldn’t say what was strange.

Qin Yiheng was clearly still the same as before. He didn’t speak often and had no expression, but he somehow felt that the atmosphere around them was strange.

This strangeness was different from the awkwardness when they first met. It was a subtle strangeness that can’t be described.

He had a feeling that Qin Yiheng was in a bad mood.

Could it be that work wasn’t going well?

Chu Yi thought as he chewed and swallowed the fish ball in his mouth, he thought for a bit, then asked carelessly, “How’s work recently?”

Qin Yiheng put down the spoon when he heard it, and then looked up at Chu Yi. He had an expression that seemed a little confused.

True, he never cared about Qin Yiheng’s work, it’s indeed very sudden.

“Haha.” Chu Yi thought for a moment and went around the bush, “You didn’t mean to come back early, just wanted to ask if you coming back early will affect the work there.”

Qin Yiheng shook his head, “No.”

Chu Yi lowered his head and asked quietly, “Is work going well?”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Then if it’s not about work.

Chu Yi asked probingly, “Did something happen this evening?”

Qin Yiheng looked up at him again.

This glance was different from the previous one, Qin Yiheng slightly frowned.

Chu Yi almost thought he got exposed for probing.

Qin Yiheng, “Nothing happened.”

Chu Yi made an “oh” sound.

Just when Chu Yi felt he probably thought too much, Qin Yiheng suddenly said, “What did you hope to happen in the evening?”

Chu Yi was stunned for a few seconds, “Ah?”

Qin Yiheng’s tone was very heavy, “Why are you asking me about the matters in the evening?”

Chu Yi, “I… err.”

Qin Yiheng continued, “What do you want to know?”

Chu Yi, “Ah?…”

The topic became weirder and weirder. Chu Yi licked his lips and thought it was better to be straightforward.

Chu Yi, “Are you in a bad mood?”

When this sentence was asked, the table became quiet.

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi and didn’t move. Chu Yi didn’t move either, he waited for Qin Yiheng’s reply.

A few seconds later, Qin Yiheng tilted his head and asked Chu Yi, “Where do you see that I’m in a bad mood?”

Chu Yi paused for a moment and felt nosy. He laughed awkwardly, “No, that’s not it, haha, I misunderstood. I’m just asking casually.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t let Chu Yi go and asked, “I’m in a bad mood?”

Qin Yiheng seemed to be asking sincerely.

Chu Yi blinked.

He got him with this response.

Mr. Qin, you’re asking me whether you’re in a bad mood?

Chu Yi continued to laugh awkwardly, “No, that’s not it.” He lowered his head and scooped a spoonful of soup, then changed the topic, “It’s getting late. Let’s wash up and go to bed after eating, we still have to go to work tomorrow.”

Qin Yiheng didn’t pester him further, “Mn.”

After this conversation, Chu Yi felt that Qin Yiheng was increasingly strange.

First, Qin Yiheng, who looks very unhappy, was strange. Second, Qin Yiheng, who seems like he doesn’t know he’s unhappy, was also strange.

After eating, they took a bath one after another and went to bed.

After turning off the lights, Chu Yi began to make preparations in his mind. After all, they had been separated for two nights and one of Qin Yiheng’s preferences is sleeping with him.

So as he thought of this, Chu Yi silently reacted first.

Sure enough, before long, Qin Yiheng turned on the lamp.

Then with a very tacit understanding, they began.

Because they had work tomorrow, Chu Yi thought it would be over with one round, but he didn’t expect that not long after the first round, Qin Yiheng suddenly turned him over and bit him on the shoulder.

The idea that Qin Yiheng is unhappy immediately arose in Chu Yi’s mind.

However, this idea did not exist for a long time, because Qin Yiheng began again.

This time, Qin Yiheng did it for a long time, he did it slowly and methodically, and exerted all his energy into bullying Chu Yi.

When it was over, he didn’t turn Chu Yi over nor let Chu Yi turn himself over.

Chu Yi was both tired and sleepy. He felt that he might immediately pass out lying on his stomach.

But in the middle of the confusion, Qin Yiheng suddenly spoke.

Qin Yiheng asked, “Would you be unhappy if you knew I had someone I liked before?”

Chu Yi continued to be confused for half a second and suddenly cleared up his mind.

He wanted to look at Qin Yiheng, but Qin Yiheng pressed him down.

Chu Yi was confused.

Qin Yiheng, didn’t you tell me you didn’t like anyone before?

“Mn? Will you?”

Qin Yiheng was urging him.

Chu Yi’s mind was a mess. They had just finished a round. Now he has to think about such a difficult problem.

There’s no need for if. Chu Yi was already unhappy right now thinking about it.

But he didn’t know how to answer it properly, he didn’t know what was the standard answer in Qin Yiheng’s marriage law.

Should he mind or be generous?

“No.” Chu Yi said.

He chose to be generous and felt that Qin Yiheng should be satisfied with it.

If he wants mutual respect, then he shouldn’t pester the past.

After Chu Yi said this, his whole body wilted and he lay down on the pillow.

He lost the sleepiness he had just now. He waited for Qin Yiheng to hear what he would say.

However, Qin Yiheng didn’t give him feedback but suddenly turned him back around, pressed down his hands, and began again…

The next day, Chu Yi woke up three times.

The first time was from Qin Yiheng’s alarm, he thought about whether to get up with Qin Yiheng. He had a lot of orders today, but he was too sleepy.

The second time was when Qin Yiheng came out of the bathroom after washing. Chu Yi debated on whether to get up, but after struggling for a bit, he fell asleep again.

The third time, he woke up naturally. It was already past 10 when he woke up. He was alone in the bedroom and Qin Yiheng had already gone to work.

Chu Yi moved his body. It hurt everywhere and his waist was very sore.

He opened the quilt, looked at the scar that looked like a snail, and found it in a complete mess.

He felt that Qin Yiheng’s preference should also add the fact that he likes his snail.

After taking a bath, Chu Yi stopped delaying. He stuffed two pieces of bread into his mouth and went directly to the studio.

When he got to the office, he saw the words “Good night, little husband” on the screen as soon as he turned on the computer.

It was wise to make this into a desktop background that night. Every time Chu Yi clicks back to the desktop and sees these, his mood will naturally get better.

It’s just that the man who called him little gentleman was a little strange yesterday.

Chu Yi shook his head, no longer probing into it, and buried himself in his work.

This work lasted until evening. Chu Yi chatted with customers on Wechat, and suddenly a profile popped up.

It was his senior, Zhao Yao, who he hasn’t been in touch with for some time.

Zhao Yao: Little junior Chu Yi
Zhao Yao: Guess what?

While Zhao Yao was typing, Chu Yi scrolled up the chat and saw what he asked Zhao Yao about Qin Yiheng some time ago.

Time really flies.

It hasn’t even been that long.

Chu Yi scrolled back down again and Zhao Yao’s message was already sent over.

Zhao Yao: Today, someone asked me about the matters of you and Xu Zhiming
Chu Yi: ?
Chu Yi: Who asked?
Chu Yi: What matters between me and Xu Zhiming?
Zhao Yao: One of my school seniors came to ask about you guys. My senior isn’t familiar with you two at all, so I think it’s probably someone else that asked her
Zhao Yao: It was really roundabout, and here I was thinking what it was about
Zhao Yao: Has anyone been pursuing you recently?
Chu Yi thought for a bit: No
Chu Yi: What did you say?
Zhao Yao: Haha
Zhao Yao: I didn’t say anything
Zhao Yao: But I’m not the only one who knows about you and Xu Zhiming. I’m sure they’ll ask others about it
Zhao Yao: We have so many people in our union
Zhao Yao: How many people have witnessed how you guys came to be
Chu Yi: Stop it, xuezhang…
Chu Yi: There’s nothing between me and Xu Zhiming…
Zhao Yao: Hahaha
Zhao Yao: If you have any news, you have to let me know
Zhao Yao: There’s probably someone who wants to pursue you

Chu Yi was very helpless. In the past, during class and the student union, there would always be someone making fun of Xu Zhiming and him.

His relationship with Xu Zhiming is really as pure as snow.

First of all, he doesn’t like Xu Zhiming, he was just being a good friend. Secondly, Xu Zhiming is straight.

When Chu Yi was a sophomore, Zhiming got a girlfriend and even got another one just recently. It’s a fact.

At first, Chu Yi would still explain, but nobody listened. Later, he didn’t bother to speak up anymore.

The work in Chu Yi’s hand came to an end and he went out to get some water. During this time, he thought carefully about who would inquire about him.

After thinking about it for a long time, he even thought about all his blind dates, but felt that none of them seemed like they would do so.

A person who can even reach Zhao Yao should be someone from the school, right?

Who can it be?

Chu Yi was puzzled on his side while Qin Yiheng already got his hands on a bunch of information about Xu Zhiming and Xu Zhiming’s connection with Chu Yi from Zhou Xiao on this side.

At the moment, there are only Qin Yiheng, Zhou Xiao, and Xu Jing in the office.

Xu Jing was here because he initially had work and needed to stay. Zhou Xiao could actually leave right after delivering the things, but he was held by Xu Jing.

Xu Jing kept having a bad hunch and he needed Zhou Xiao to stand with him.

The materials in Qin Yiheng’s hands are divided into two parts. What’s exaggerated is that the materials about Xu Zhiming are as thick as the materials about Xu Zhiming and Chu Yi.

Xu Zhiming’s materials are all about his education, achievements ranging from small to large. There were a few stories, this and that.

The pile of Xu Zhiming and Chu Yi were mainly photos.

Qin Yiheng quickly finished reading Xu Zhiming’s copy.

Then he opened the other one.

It didn’t go very well. When he opened the first page, what leaped into his sight was Chu Yi, who was blindfolded, touching Xu Zhiming’s face.

Qin Yiheng’s hand suddenly paused. Xu Jing standing beside him immediately straightened up.

Sitting in the chair, Qin Yiheng looked down at the picture carefully and formed a still scene in the office.

This scene stood still for nearly ten seconds before Qin Yiheng finally looked up slightly and looked at the words written above it.

The text says that they were playing an activity of guessing people by touching their faces. As long as they guess one correctly, the team will win.

It also said that Chu Yi only touched him once and could guess it was Xu Zhiming.

But later, according to informed sources, it was Xu Zhiming who made a noise, he did it in order to not let Chu Yi touch the next person.

The two were clearly on opposite teams.

Qin Yiheng read it quietly and continued to turn to the next page.

But unexpectedly, this second one…

Xu Zhiming was carrying Chu Yi in a princess carry, while Chu Yi covered his face with both hands.

Here, the scene of Qin Yiheng being still appeared again, and this time, it lasted longer.

Xu Jing and Zhou Xiao dare not to breathe or move.

This photo also came from the activities of that day. Both Chu Yi’s and Xu Zhiming’s teams lost. One person was drawn from the two losing teams and one carried the other as they walked from the starting point to the end. Then the person who was carried had to feed cherry tomatoes to the other at the finish line.

What a coincidence, Xu Zhiming and Chu Yi were the ones that were drawn.

Qin Yiheng finished reading it expressionlessly and then hooked the paper with his index finger expressionless.

But he didn’t turn the paper over entirely and stopped halfway.

The next one was of the same background, with the same crowd.

Qin Yiheng can guess that it’s probably photos of Chu Yi feeding the other.

Qin Yiheng directly closed the document.

The two assistants beside him stood very straight.

Qin Yiheng silently zoned out for a while. Then he suddenly raised his head, looked at Xu Jing, and asked, “Would you be unhappy if you discovered that your wife had someone she liked before?”

Xu Jing, who was suddenly called, immediately entered the role and immediately imagined it.

Xu Jing nodded, “I think so.”

Qin Yiheng lowered his head, “Mn.”

Xu Jing felt that things weren’t going too well. He glanced at the two documents on the table and hurriedly added, “But husbands and wives live in the present. Mr. Chu and Mr. Xu are matters of the past, you don’t need to worry.”

Qin Yiheng threw the document aside as if it had nothing to do with him and as if he didn’t want to see it again, “I don’t care.”

Xu Jing turned and met Zhou Xiao’s eyes. Zhou Xiao shrugged at him, expressing that he also didn’t know.

Xu Jing also shrugged.

Maybe President Qin really didn’t care?

He was even too lazy to finish reading.

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